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Nagi no Asukara episode 3

Hello there!!! Here is post number 6 that I promised last night. Because counting is hard. Work was super busy today. It was like everyone wanted to spend their lovely Saturday bringing me tons and tons of pullovers and jeans to the dry cleaners today. So this was the only anime post I got finished before beddy time. XD I know, me going to midnightish. Still late for some people but slightly early from how I used to be.
 photo naginoepisode34_zpsc8b6adbc.jpg
Bring peace where ever he goes.
I got to catch up on Cute Girls R Ships anime next. But for now have another episode of Little People In the Sea. Or the real name Nagi no Asukara. Spoilers for episode 3 include...some rather fun times despite it looking a bit sad?
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Let me out of the net Pops!
Episode Summary: Akari is taken inside to talk to Uroko and her father. Hikari and Manaka are told to go home so they wait outside near the door. Chisaki and Kaname run up, having heard about the news. Hikari hushes them as they watch what is going on. Akari is basically sitting there and looking at the ground as the adults talk. Hikari gets upset and they end up going to their old school for a group meeting. The gang looks around at the salt covered rooms. Their entrance exam picture still hangs...with just the 4 of them. Everything is super quiet. Hikari opens up with that all of this is the boy Akari kissed fault. He must have done something to Akari. So Hikari decides he is going to hit the boy in the face. Chisaki says Hikari shouldn't do that. Hikari then decides he will talk to the boy, then sneak punch him. Chisaki and Manaka think that violence is not the answer so Hikari banishes them from the meeting. Not much happens with Hikari talking to just Kaname. Just the man is at fault. Chisaki and Manaka go to music room. Chisaki asks Manaka how she feels about Tsumugu. Manaka doesn't know but what about the future? Will she kiss Tsumugu? Will they get married? What will happen? Chisaki says that Manaka needs to sort out her feelings first. She gets all blushy and sad at the same time. Hikari and Kaname overhear most of the conversation and Hikari gets pensive. The kids then go home for the night. At dinner Akari is in high spirits, laughing at the T.V. The father is quiet and Hikari is like what is going on? Later that night Hikari hears his sister crying softly. Hikari thinks back to when their mother died. He was crying away at the funeral while Akari hugged him, being strong but really shaking. Hikari gets upset that Akari is pretending to be an adult when she is a kid and sad too. Hikari grows more upset when he learns that Akari isn't going to manga artist college. Instead she is going to the fish place to work. Hikari wants to know what is going on. Akari says there isn't enough money to send both of them to college. Hikari says he doesn't even want to go to school and will drop out. Akari hugs her brother with shaky arms saying she loves him. In the present Hikari is not pleased with how things are going. So the next day they stalk outside the man's store. He ends up driving away so Hikari steals a bike and gives chase. The other aqua kids run after Hikari. He stops at the hill spying. When Manaka catches up she says this is Tsumugu's house. Sure enough the man is making a delivery to what appears to be Tsumugu's grandfather. Hikari immediately rounds the corner to start a fight but a net is thrown on him by the old man. Tsumugu doesn't make things better by coming around as well. Once Hikari is free he is like why are you making my sister cry! The Boyfriend tries to explain his side but Gramps is like are you going to make babies with her? Hikari almost loses his mind but it is then explained if a sea person and land person have a baby it won't have ena, it will be stuck on land. That is why the kicking out of the sea rule exists.
 photo naginoepisode312_zps4ba83d8c.jpg water babies?
The kids slowly start to put this together as Boyfriend is like I didn't know this. Then Hikari gets pissed Boyfriend doesn't want to commit. Hikari loses his mind and beats on Boyfriend for a while until Gramps body slams him. Tsumugu takes care of him with some salt water rubs. The others are soaking off screen. Tsumugu asks about their ena and Hikari explains ena pulls all the moisture off their clothes to store later. Hikari asks why Tsumugu is so interested and basically the boy starts singing Part of Your World. As Tsumugu takes care of Hikari the aqua kid realizes that the land kid is a nice person....That night Akari teases Hikari about the fight. When Hikari tries to point out how this will end badly for Akari she says she knows. She intends to end it with him but wonder who she will marry since there are so few sea men. HAHAHA. Hikari starts to get mad but sees Akari is shaking again. At school the next day the 4 kids greet Tsumugu. Manaka is like why are you calling him by his first name?! Hikari says it's okay when bros do it. Manaka insists the girls can do it too. Tsumugu doesn't seem to care but the other land kids are staring. After school the group works on the ceremony doll. Their teacher wants to take the kids out for ramen but the time will be too late for the sea kids. Tsumugu is like let me show you want I made. He shows them the world's largest puddle and everyone is like AMAZING! Now the kids and knee fish will be okay. Manaka runs away but then comes back. She explains she lied about the fish and that he swam away. But if he comes back or if she gets cursed again Manaka will show Tsumugu. Tsumugu starts to laugh at Manaka being insane. Manaka blushes and Hikari gets a little jealous. He throws Tsumugu in playfully and they wrestle friendly. The other water kids jump in and yay friendship. On the way home Hikari sees Boyfriend driving sadly by. He tells the others he will catch up later. He goes to the shop and sees the rude little girls. The quieter one asks Hikari to help break up THAT woman and her dad. DAD?! Wtf?! THE END!!!
 photo naginoepisode317_zpsc13d8dba.jpg
Say what?!
There is still a high concentrate of fluff in this show. I don't think it will end in tears and three dead friends and a busted down village. Maybe it will and it will surprise me. For now things are....okay. Not perfect but things will work out positively in the end. That is the feeling I am getting. Despite there not being enough girls for the boys. A happy slice of super natural life with a side of romance and a drizzle of drama. Sound delicious anyone?
 photo naginoepisode3_zps305cc877.jpg
We must watch all the sadness.
Despite being told to hit the road Hikari and Manaka stuck around and despite the village looking big Chisaki and Kaname both heard what happened and made it there in record time. Gossipy fish humans. Even though Hikari was a little spy face he didn't really witness a lot. Really anything. Akari just sat there while Uroko and her father lectured her. But even then it didn't appear to be harsh. Not like how the villagers were treating Akari. Like rarw time for a flogging. More likely Akari was just told how serious this was. The consequences of her actions. Since Akari isn't dumb I am sure she already knew it. Just she had to sit there and be caught. Sometimes a person can known the truth and pretend to live in a bubble of denial. Akari just had her bubble popped.
 photo naginoepisode36_zps3c61ef0b.jpg
You better get sure!
Being Hikari this was awful and unacceptable. Time for a meeting where no one will find them. The middle school of abandonedness. Now I can start to see the real issue at play. The picture of the entrance photo explains it all. The school shut down because there are only 4 kids. Perhaps the teacher did die and this was their solution for the time being. But yes folks. It appears there are no other kids who went to this school. This village looks pretty big from the surface but those places are either empty or lack children. The sea people are dying out. Oh woe is the old Japanese way of life which is clearly what the underlining message is. No wonder there are such strict rules. This is serious business folks!! People keep leaving the ocean and there isn't enough people left to populate. You think there would be a rule, that no one is allowed above the surface before 30, would help this situation but NOOOOO. Allowing anyone to go above surface will clearly create no temptations at all.
 photo naginoepisode35_zps19f814c1.jpg
Gently hitting gosh!
This is what Hikari has decided. That Akari was tempted. And it was all this surface man's fault. Now I am sure super deep down Hikari knows Akari was at fault too, if there is fault at all. And that some of Hikari's anger is misdirected at Tsumugu for “tempting” Manaka. Because it is easier to blame the surface people than the girls close to him. Hikari's solution to the situation is hitting. Even if the Boyfriend turns out to be a nice guy. He will just hit him gently. Don't you hit people gently all the time? This is all super unacceptable.
 photo naginoepisode37_zps82d1e61b.jpg
I like how Chisaki really is trying to help despite how she feels too.
Since Chisaki and Manaka took the we shouldn't be fighting at all stance they were kicked out of the meeting. The meeting that was probably just Hikari saying he as going to him Boyfriend and Kaname nodding his head. This meant the girls were left to explore the music room. Sorta sad to see this place empty. Also why isn't anyone taking care of the salt problem? Anyways while Hikari was worrying about losing his sister Manaka was talking about maybe leaving home, kissing Tsumugu, and starting a family. You know, once Manaka figures out if she likes Tsumugu or not. This is me sighing. Love at first sight. See the Little Mermaid is different because she ALWAYS wanted to be part of their world. Prince Eric was just icing on the cake. It wasn't like she went WHELP I see a guy, peace out ya'll. With Manaka she seems...nice. The kind of nice that can only happen in animes because if she was real she either be dead or annoying. So as sweet as Manaka is HER love at first sight is just too...special. She seems blinded by the idea of love and not the ramifications. Sometimes love is enough but there is still suffering.
 photo naginoepisode39_zpsb607333c.jpg
Memories of sadness.
After hearing Manaka talk that way Hikari decided they all should call it quits. Because going home to awkward normalcy is better ya'll. Only this is an act. Akari really is heart broken. Guess the talk didn't go well. This causes Hikari to think back to other times when Akari was tough and brave on the outside but really upset and hurt on the inside. The specific time period was when their mother died. Hikari was crying and crying but Akari held him and said it would be okay. Only she was upset too. Akari really noticed his sister's brave face when she gave up going to college so one day he could go. Now I could point out how...Akari was planning on leaving the sea anyway unless there are magical manga colleges under the sea or her bathtub would always have to be full of salt. Also I could point out Hikari is just in middle school and maybe Akari could have worked part time and went to school to help out. But I won't. I will just point out how Akari was saying drawing tiny little fish on signs was enough for her and how Hikari didn't buy that bullshit. And he isn't buying it now. All his life his sister has thought of the family. So he is upset she picked this dude but is happy she was thinking of herself for a change.
 photo naginoepisode313_zpsa4501988.jpg
See the ass kicking?!
Still the boyfriend needed an ass beating. Duh. It took a little while to get to said ass beating. First we had to stalk the boyfriend. Then we had to steal his bike to chase after him, up a mountain. Then before the landing blow could be's net time. Thanks Gramps. Like really? Was there any other way to stop Hikari? So many jokes folks.
 photo naginoepisode311_zpsbf25b156.jpg
That....almost makes sense....
Gramps is from the sea ya'll. I think I forgot to mention that in my summary. But Hikari spotted some shiny ena. Which explains a few things. One is why Tsumugu is so interested in the sea. That's where his peoples come from. Although he might be unaware of it. Two...when you get banished from the sea you can still LIVE in the sea if you wanted to. Which makes sense. It might take a lot of effort but it's not like they are going to go all Pirates of the Caribbean on you. And three this explains why Gramps knows what he knows. Like how a baby from a sea parent and land parent will be born with no ena. He has experience. This is horrible folks. If Akari had a baby it couldn't live in the sea. Goodbye population of the sea people.
 photo naginoepisode315_zpsaeb7b0da.jpg
And then the moon crashed on Hikari's face.
Boyfriend didn't know this. And he worded it wrong, how he would have acted had he known. Thus Hikari beating his ass. That's my sister!! Gramps knocks Hikari (which he thanks later for) and Tsumugu tends to Hikari (who he thanks begrudgingly). I think it's odd that ena acts like a sponge but I guess it makes sense. Like a camel, keeping them hydrated while they are out of the water. This is here Hikari asks why Tsumugu cares so much about the ocean. Again I don't think Tsumugu likes Manaka romantically (yet). It's just the idea of her. From the ocean folks!! Seeing Tsumugu talk about the ocean so made Hikari realize Tsumugu isn't a jerk. A rival maybe. Don't you hate it when your sworn enemy is nice?
 photo naginoepisode316_zps22850d1c.jpg
Oh okay then.
Akari continued to demonstrate how bad her poker face is. I do wonder what happened though. Who called Akari? Boyfriend? Gramps? Someone else who works at the store? And who broke up with who? Both Akari and Boyfriend looked so sad later I assume the breaking up happened already. Maybe it was just pre break up sadness. Akari said she WAS going to break up with him. But then why did the Boyfriend call? Your brother beat me up after I learned the truth about our possible future but I love you and I know we can make it work? HMMMM. Either way Hikari is in love and this hurts. Plus it doesn't sound like homegirl has a lot of options. This village truly is dying out. Poor Akari for actually developing feelings and not...well I don't see how with end well for anyone unless the kids find a way to grow ena back on people.
 photo naginoepisode319_zps6b469f13.jpg
WOOHOO we all like each other now weeee!
Turn that frown upside down though. Small miracles are happening. Hikari may or may not hate Tsumugu. Might have even called him by his first name. Which you know drove Manaka crazy. They are bros yo!! The fun times kept on coming. Their teacher was so impressed with their doll making he offered to take them out for ramen but....oh their ena. Never fear Tsumugu is here with Friendship Pond. That is what I named it folks. Why it looks big enough for one person to lay in it but in anime reality you can throw someone in it and they won't die and you can flop in it and not break your back. A soup for 5 please. Yay Friendship Pond.
 photo naginoepisode318_zpsfaf364a3.jpg
That fish swam away from insanity....
Oh and Friendship Pond may or may not have been brought to you buy Manaka's insanity. For some reason Tsumugu thought the fish knee was permanent. Oh silly boy. Manaka and her inability to lie self couldn't handle the moment and ran away. She came back in like 5 seconds but it was too late. She is weird. Almost too weird to live. She explained her lie to Tsumugu and made it sound like she wanted to get cursed again. Don't cast me out!! know is insane. Tsumugu cracks a smile, Manaka blushes, and Hikari wants to get mad. But deep down he knows that Manaka is infectious and he really can't blame Tsumugu.
 photo naginoepisode320_zpsd4f43895.jpg
Wait your dad?!?!
The episode ends with Hikari knowing he has done Boyfriend wrong. I don't think Hikari should feel guilty about crying. I mean it's not really his fault it turned out this way. Punching boyfriend bad but I guessing Uroko and Dad told her about the baby situation so...not Hikari's fault there. Still Hikari wants to make things right even though there is nothing he can really do about it. It is what it is. But I think spending time with Tsumugu has made him realize that not all land dwellers are bad. So....onward he goes to do something. He never gets there of course because the brat are in his way. Spying too. So...I was wrong. They weren't picking on Akari because that is their brother. Wrongo. One is....his daughter? Oh snap Akari is about to be a step mommy? Not if the little girl has anything to do with it! Stay tuned for....relatives trying to make things better but actually making them worse.

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