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Makai Ouji: devils and Realists episode 10

Today will be the night of posts. XD I hope I don't break anyone feeds too bad. This will be post 2 of 6. Then it will probably be pillow to head time.
 photo realistepisode1016_zpsa15ae53f.jpg
Cooking is not fun, this episode is a lie!!!!
Even though I wanted to jump right into the new anime season I realized I need to finish what I started. That means finish the Summer 2013 anime. I got really behind on Makai Ouji: devils and Realists because the series was making me frustrated. But I kinda wanted to see how it ended. So here is episode 10. Spoilers for...special.
 photo realistepisode105_zps26baf130.jpg
Everything revolves around me weeee!
Episode Summary: All the mains are in the cafeteria eating the lovely food. Not. Dantalion is the most unhappy about the situation. Williams tells him to buck up or go back to hell. Isaac agrees the food is terrible but never fear, the school festival! Williams looks surprised at this news. They walk through the halls talking about how this would be a great way to eat better food. William is more concerned on how this affects him. Camio/Nathan approaches the boys and is like you know this is part of your grade right? Everyone has to do something. Sytry immediately leaves. Isaac is beyond happy he can raise his grades while William is like I can make money and keep my top position? They walk around the festival which is right now. Dantalion is like look at all this amazing food!! William is balking at the idea of doing work. They notice there is a long line so they head to that booth. It's Sytry's. Basically he is selling pics of himself and if you buy enough you can have a pic taken with him. Dantalion runs off all jealous. He vows to have a better booth despite his bat minions saying he needs to get back to hell and do paperwork. William is jealous of all the tokens Sytry has collected (signifying if a person liked your booth best) and Issac runs off to run his own booth. Dantalion sets up his booth....and I have no idea what he was doing. Literally he was wearing a strong man outfit and flexing his muscles with people going ahhhhhh and ohhhhhhh. William is like curse you asshole. Isaac has set up a tea shop and is lying about all the different things the teas can do so he has tons of customers and buttons. William starts to worry that he might have to do some real work. He sits down and realizes he can't compete with those three booths. Suddenly he has a plan. He approaches Sytry first. He tells him Dantalion has an amazing booth and he is worried Sytry won't win. He tells Sytry he wants to work with him, so they can be the best together. Sytry is all blushy at this and shakes hands shyly. William is all internally YES SUCKER! He then goes to Dantalion and says that since the cultural festival has started he has come to see how amazing and wonderful Dantalion is. So macho. But what if Sytry wins?! We should work together and beat him. Dantalion blushes and shakes hands while William is like HAHAHA Loser! William then approaches Isaac.....and throws him on the ground. William demands Isaac give him all the tea. In return William promises to tutor Isaac until he passes to the next grade. A terrified Isaac says yes.
 photo realistepisode1011_zps5957caf6.jpg
This comes from a place of lies.
William then.....opens a maid/butler cafe. Gilles, who was running Sytry's shop, is a maid along with Sytry and Dantalion is a butler. Both have tons of customers but are pissed William tricked them. William is like we shook, get to work. Dantalion ends up serving what might be his bat minions while William is like victory is mine. In hell Baphomet is looking human and shopping for food. Unless he is on Earth shopping for food. Either way he is lalalaing when another demon looking human approaches him. His name is Leonard and he is Sytry's lamb cook. Basically the two hate each other and think they are the best. After some squabbling it is decided they will have a cooking contest. So naturally they go to William and ask him to judge. He is like no suckers. Dantalion gets involved and says William has to. So magically a set is made for the cook off for people who don't go to this school. Everyone is excited. Dantalion are judges as well as Isaac and William. Leonard and Baphomet set to cooking which consists of flashy throws, fires, and Gilles dramatically giving recaps. Soon all the dishes are served looking amazing. Gilles eats first and loses his mind about how wonderful everything is. Isaac eats next and he also has the same over the top reaction to the food. William is like is this how hell food tastes? Dantalion is like don't be stupid. Both eat the food and have crazy reactions to the loveliness as well. Sytry just chews. The first three boys give Baphomet and Leonard ten's. Sytry only gives Baphomet a 10, because Baphomet made desserts. Leonard cries because he went to China to study for his master. Everyone is should have went to Paris. William then makes Leonard and Baphomet work at his cafe to pay back the cost of the stage. Both are X___X but get competitive. William gets super competitive as well and is sure he has won. But of course it is announced that Camio won despite no one really knowing what his booth was. In hell Balberith decides it is time to stop playing games and strike. THE END!!!!
 photo realistepisode107_zpsaa667077.jpg
Don't call me easy!
Well that was an easy episode to summarize. I am sure I have tons of mistakes as my brain was trying to get more typed than my fingers could handle. Also this episode had nothing to do with anything and almost no plot at all. Like oh we are all serious demons trying to rule hell? Lets have fun!!!
 photo realistepisode102_zps783a9cd2.jpg
Give me some real food or else.
Food is horrible everywhere. At a school, on a plane, and at work catered events. That's just how it is. But it really sucks when the food sucks and you pay for it. A lot. I am sure tuition is expensive at that school. It should be better than army slop. That might just be me being crazy. Dantalion hates the food the most. That might be because he is the most spoiled. I am sure William had it good though. Why not be like Sytry and eat snacks all the time? Also you are demons. Pop into hell, eat dinner, and comeback. Simple yes?
 photo realistepisode103_zps35ea70b8.jpg
Oh the entire school hasn't been getting ready for it for days!
So...this show has demons and angels and super powers. But it is also special. Super special. Aren't school festivals announced months in advanced? School basically shuts down for a week so they can make booths, practice plays, and buy supplies. Posters all over the place. But in this show Isaac is just like this food sucks hopefully the festival will better. William is like festival? Oh you know...the one going on RIGHT NOW?! I mean...maybe William has been busy with school and demon but still isn't this a bit too special?
 photo realistepisode104_zps2de4ebae.jpg
Thanks for that memo!
There was more special to come though. Camio is like by the way you all have to participate. Because you know how William was going to let that slip his mind, a chance to raise his grades. We couldn't have a scene with all the characters being preoccupied when this was announced? William loves great grades, making money, and being the best (earning the badges). So how could he and Isaac the Failing miss this? Oh and by the way it really is going on RIGHT NOW!!! Like go outside and see. William the Prefect wasn't approached by anyone to do something together? No one had to ask him for approval? Hmmm....a lot of special. Also I didn't see any people besides students there....boring.
 photo realistepisode108_zps5d1f6ab4.jpg
Did you bring me cookies?
The special kept on coming. I mean besides the students getting to keep the money. The grades and medals should have been enough. In a school that needs donations to run the kids can keep the money? Okay then. But yes more...special. Everyone is walking around looking at booths and suddenly Sytry has his own? I am not sure how much time had passed but saying one hour might be too generous. I know they are demons and Dantalion can make illusions. But it was almost instantaneously. Like were there spells involved? Like poof this booth just came into being and everyone forgot it was poofed? How does that explain Isaac then? Last time I checked he was just a normal kid who wants to be magical. Yet his booth was set up five seconds after seeing Dantalion's. Does he have pounds of tea in his room just sitting and waiting for this day no one knew about? Did I mention this episode was special?
 photo realistepisode109_zps5488e578.jpg
What the hell is all of this?
So whose booth was best? Isaac had a simple but effective booth. He was being a bit of a liar but the kid is desperate and he sold something tangible and useful even if it was slightly predictable. Go with what you know right? Sytry probably would have made the most money. His fans may either be actually gay or going after the boy who looks most like a girl since this is an all boy school. Either way Sytry already had an established club so this seems obvious. A play on how Japanese like to buy pictures of their idols and getting deals. Buy a full set and get a picture weeee. Dantalion had the stupidest booth. I still don't know what he did. Pay people to watch him be awesome? Pay him to watch him beat up your friends or you? Not sure here folks. Maybe all those boys are in love with Dantalion because they want him to dominate them and it doesn't matter what he was selling.
 photo realistepisode1010_zps4d9e25c2.jpg
Sex appeal...does William need some?
William looked at all these booths and was like aww hell no. This looks a lot like work. And magic and special but mostly work. No no, William can't be working. He is an intellectual. But I thought he was a realist?! Lies. He can't stand not winning. Even if it was obvious Camio would win. Now what is William to do? At first I thought he was going to offer to do homework or sell test questions. But that isn't William. No no, William likes fine things. Something that looks grand. Something others can do for him and he can look like the amazing one. Now what can he do?!
 photo realistepisode1012_zps44acf8ad.jpg
Why so mean to Isaac?!
William does what the best money hungry people do. Steal other people's ideas, change them slightly, and call it your own. Hire others and pay them little (or in handshakes) and watch the profits roll in. Brilliant! Such brilliance! And William made sure it didn't cost him a penny. Instead he gave everyone what they needed. For Sytry and Dantalion that was their need for William to love them. Like me?! You want me?! You think I am special? Oh and the need to beat the other. Because someone who offers to take down my enemy must be my friend. With Isaac it was a bit different. William sorta...strong armed Issac. Not a fan of bullying. :( Like William needs to nicer to Isaac he doesn't have many friends. I think had William just offered to help Isaac the boy would have agreed. No need for threats.
 photo realistepisode1014_zps8bf28672.jpg
Don't you love me or something? Go serve tea.
In the end William manages to manipulate all his friends (without making them resent him too much), mash their ideas into one, and take advantage of all the fan clubs to open...a maid/butler cafe. I find it slightly humorous that William was all X___X over Sytry's idea but it took it a step further. XD Like hey look I have gathered the hotties and they have to serve you. Because we shook hands!!!!! That way William really doesn't have to do any work yet looks super successful. Bringing in all the ideas together and reaping the rewards. Don't like it? Well aren't I your Elector? Don't you love me? Now do it!!!
 photo realistepisode1015_zps220858a5.jpg
Has it been?
Elsewhere....there is shopping going on. Shopping folks. Baphomet should stay in his human form more often, he's hot. XD I am sure that's not the point though. He was all minding his own business when Leonard the Lamb Chef approaches him. That was special too. Of course there is a rivalry between Dantalion and Sytry. But we have never seen Leonard before now. So yeah this interpersonal rivalry seemed out of the blue. Cooking is serious business folks. Who has it best, Sytry or Dantalion? As their chefs they must feed them the most amazing food and not be outdone. Is your house no better? Um yes better! Leonard seems to be more of a trouble maker than Baphomet though. Like psht you want a battle, I will give you one!!! And guess who has to judge? Just guess, I know you know.
 photo realistepisode1013_zps7c3c363d.jpg
Work smarter, not harder.
William!!! Cookies for all. And despite the fact everyone is basically doing him a favor William was like um no. Because that is how William rolls. From a place of no. But he didn't put up much of a fight. Probably because he had dollar signs and buttons on the mind. Like hmmmm how can I make this benefit me again? Oh and there was more special. William mentions that the stage cost money....even though it appeared out of thin air. And of course all the students losing their minds over people they shouldn't know. Like woohoo elaborate sets and weird looking adults? Lets go folks!!!
 photo realistepisode1017_zps66aee770.jpg
The best thing I have ever eaten.
Everything about the competition was silly and over the top. Leonard and Baphomet were like BAM! Baming all over the place. I can use whatever words I want, you can't copyright words!! They make cooking look so easy. And fun which means this entire episode was a lie. But what could top the XO cooking of amazingness. The @_@ of the judges reactions. Gilles is just...Gilles. So that was expected. Isaac ...well he is just happy to be there. No the real funny moment was Dantalion and William making fun of their silly reactions then....being over the top themselves. All floaty in that world...this is heavenly. Or maybe in Dantalion's case helly? And then Sytry was like munch.
 photo realistepisode10_zpsa096e07a.jpg
William can't catch a break can he?
The end of this episode had much disappointment for all. Leonard lost because his master was the only one not to give him a 10. How sad...and impartial of Dantalion? Next time make some cake? Both animal chefs then had to cook for William as he is like you owe me. More humiliation. But William might have gotten what was coming to him. Maybe. He did put together a dream team even if the only work he did after the lying was minimum. It was not to be though. Camio pulled a win out of nowhere. What did he do? Um it doesn't matter. He is head boy/head demon and he automatically wins. And William is dumb for thinking he had a chance. Woe is William. There is more woe to come though. In the last 30 seconds of the show Balberith is seen looking all Balberithy and he is tired of all these games and nonplotness. Like we need to actually pick a ruler for Hell? Crazy talk. Doesn't he know the festival is RIGHT NOW?! How rude.

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