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Makai Ouji: devils and Realists episode 12 FINAL EPISODE!

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You do a bunch of anime episodes in one day and you want a cookie? I see.
YAWN! This is post 4 of 6. I am fading fast folks. But I was blogging all day and promised I get all 6 of these episodes up before I went to bed. So finally...finally here is the FINAL for Makai Ouji: devils and Realists. Episode 12. Spoilers for....nothing really Earth shattering happening.
 photo realistepisode122_zps9f755864.jpg
This is rather odd....
Episode Summary: After a brief recap Dantalion is seen asking who Dantalion is again. Everyone is like this is so horrible, poor Dantalion! Why does Solomon remember everyone but Dantalion? Since Solomon doesn't know who Dantalion is and Dantalion is trying to take his ring he attacks Dantalion several times. Dantalion cries out for William but soon lays really broken on the ground. The others worry that Dantalion might die if he is hit again. Solomon turns his attention to the others. Mainly Balberith who approaches Solomon like he didn't just try to attack him. He greets Solomon warmly and says that much has changed since Solomon passed on. His kingdom is gone and now Hell is in trouble if they don't pick a temporary King. So.... Balberith tries to take the ring. But it quickly blasts Balberith away when he tries to touch it. Balberith orders all his minions to attack Solomon. So in one of the cheapest moves in history the same demons keep attacking Solomon over and over again, at least 5 times the same sequence is shown. Balberith and his frog moves keep attacking too. Solomon blocks all attacks and destroys the same demons over and over again. All the other Kings, Camio, and Sytry look on in awe as this not even Solomon's full power. While everyone else is doing nothing Dantalion slowly wakes up and sees the battle. He then has the longest flashback in history. Solomon contracted with him when he was just a child. Dantalion was the first one and was quite mouthy with Solomon. Dantalion wants to know if Solomon is trying to gather up a demon army. Solomon looks confused as he told Dantalion he was gathering all these demons up so they could be together. Dantalion informs the audience that Solomon is currently chained up. His father the king slept with a servant's wife and Solomon was the result. Now Solomon has to live in this state and Dantalion assumes the boy wants revenge. Solomon cocks his head like that never occurred to him. Sometime in the future Solomon has a birthday party and all his demons are there, looking younger of course. They are all having great fun but Dantalion who hangs back. Solomon asks for some grapes and for Dantalion to join them. Dantalion continues to watch everyone have a good time. Balberith walks up to him and says how disgraceful it is to be contracted to a human but no one can resist Solomon. If only he didn't have that ring.....Eventually Solomon's dad attacks Solomon and he has no choice to but attack back. With a heavy heart he takes the throne in one foul swoop. He goes to visit the imprisoned King to ask for acknowledgment. The old King refuses, saying he will never claim this sin as his son and now it is worse that Solomon uses demons. Solomon leaves very sadly. He keeps on keeping on, being King and reading his books. Dantalion wants to know why Solomon wants him around. Solomon says he will see one day, that it is something only Dantalion can do.
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Well it is a good thing William doesn't remember you.
Dantalion then wakes up in the present to see Balberith getting his ass kicked. Solomon basically tells Balberith he is going to kill him and powers up. Dantalion thinks he doesn't want a repeat of history. Yet the flashback shows Dantalion killing any event Dantalion leaps in front of Balberith and protects the demon King before Sytry can die from not doing anything. Solomon is surprised but keeps on attacking. Dantalion fends him off alone because no one is helping at all! Dantalion begs for William to wake up which causes Solomon to falter. He starts to remember who Dantalion is when a magical door opens and bunch of feathers fly around everyone. It is Lucifer and he has awaken. All the demons are in shock as Solomon picks up a feather. He seems to hear Lucifer and decides to listen to his friend. He then allows Dantalion to take off his ring which causes him to pass out. Dantalion catches him and the other demons note that now that Lucifer is awake finding a replacement King isn't so important. Michael is also chillin and realizes they have more time to go through with their own plan. Kevin seems relived. William takes his final exams and receives the top mark in his class. Isaac goes to praise him but notices William isn't praising himself which is weird. Isaac asks what is wrong and William asks if Isaac knows anyone named Dantalion. Isaac is like not a student but in legends there is a demon named Dantalion. He walks to the church and asks Kevin if demons exist. Kevin says they do but they try to turn mankind evil. William doesn't think so. He thinks if there are demons they would be hot headed sweethearts, cookie loving freaks, and head boys who get perfect grades. William walks outside and nearly loses his family ring. Dantalion picks it up and tells William to be very careful with it. THE END!!!
 photo realistepisode1216_zpsdbf147a9.jpg
So....season two yes?
I am not sure what I was expecting. I mean this series was only 12 episodes long and even not reading the source material I could tell the pacing was off. Way off at times. So this flat not really ending...should it both me? A lazy way of waiting til season two to make things make more sense? Lala hurry up the final episode is here. Wrap things up and we will worry about the fact that barely nothing happened in 12 episodes and the ending is so open ended a freight train could go through it.
 photo realistepisode124_zps162f194c.jpg
And then I will blast you five seconds later.
Solomon does not remember Dantalion. And it is never explained why. Again is this going to be season two stuff? Why could Solomon remember everyone else and not Dantalion? Was it because he killed him? I will talk about that later but it just seems odd that Solomon would forgot the first demon he contracted with and the one he seemed closest with. Heart breaking.
 photo realistepisode1212_zpse52b6f36.jpg
I say normal and this is what Solomon wanted in his previous life.
Then again was Solomon acting his normal self? I mean he must have always been kinda weird if he was super friendly with demons but he almost seemed....out of it. I guess that is what happens when you are reborn after so many years and the first thing that happens to you is an attack. He just seemed so...okay with it. Like oh you want to hurt me. Goodbye. No emotion or anything. Not trying to reason with them. Just blast blast blast.
 photo realistepisode123_zps2b40a882.jpg
We shall stand here and do nothing weeee.
In this episode a great many people were useless. The only people who did anything were Balberith and Dantalion. Gilles did attack last episode but this time he spent most of his screen seconds looking pissed off. No no, everyone else just sat around and talked about how awful all of this was. Please don't do this Solomon. Watch out Dantalion. No Uncle don't die!!! Just everyone was beyond useless. Maybe it was like watching a train wreck. Still one of them could have I don't know restrained Balberith and explained to Solomon the situation that one of them needed to be elected King or Hell was going to go to Hell in a hand basket. Even if they couldn't contain Balberith they could still yell out to Solomon what was going on. Like hey I know you are confused but let me explain why everyone is so ticked off.
 photo realistepisode125_zps6638631a.jpg
But....Dantalion killed Solomon and Balberith could attack....
Balberith was able to attack Solomon. How is that possible? How are any of them able to attack Solomon that have a contract? Dantalion never attacked, he just tried to remove the ring which is a no no. But Balberith was all blasting away. If he had a contract with Solomon how could this be? Also earlier dialogue in the series made it sound like the 4 kings had contacts with Solomon first, that the young ones are still new to the contract game and that is why they still feel so close to Solomon. But now we know Dantalion was first. It doesn't matter. Balberith is still attacking that makes no sense and Solomon doesn't look as angry as he should. One of my pillars is attacking? Go right ahead, I will attack you back. All of this is dumb. I know Balberith doesn't want to listen to a human but had he been calm and explained things to William maybe he could have gotten Sytry elected. Way to screw that up.
 photo realistepisode1213_zpsfd96a8b7.jpg
Not only did this look stupid but we saw it like 4 times.
This show really sucked today in terms of attacks and scenes. I swear to you they recycled the same exact scene at least 5 times. Can we say lazy? I know animation is expensive and people have to save money and maybe they ran out of cash 5 seconds before this show was going to air. But that was just pathetic. The lame blasts were just....lame. I am glad I didn't take the time to download these episodes. Enjoy them ripped from the internet because I rather get caught up on new stuff that download these 3 last episodes when the quality is so poor, especially in the battle.
 photo realistepisode1211_zps80df4a3d.jpg
Why is Dantalion so important?
Dantalion manages to wake up from his near death blasting. Like oh crap I need to take a second and have a flashback that lasts half the episode. The stuff in the flashback was important though. Not like the RECAPS from a certain show that took a million minutes to get through. This show is really has an.....interesting take on history. Dantalion was not too happy about being contracted by a human either. In his flashback however he seems willing to help Solomon in what he assumes is his task. Now Solomon was the product of the King having sex with his servant's wife. Interesting. Interesting take indeed. But instead of being raised like the proper Prince/King he will become Solomon is chained his entire life in a giant library. Because killing the kid would take too much work? I don't even know folks. What was the purpose of keeping him around? Solomon was like oh I guess I could get revenge.......
 photo realistepisode1210_zpsb3f824d7.jpg
Be apart of the party!
But really all young Solomon wanted was friends. Or at least that is how it was presented. I am sure he could have gotten some angely friends as he was blessed by God. Maybe something else was happening but to me it looked like Solomon wanted to help others out, especially Dantalion. Dantalion and his bandaged self did not like that though. Neither did Balberith. They were at the party being sticks in the mud. Balberith seemed more upset that a human had some kind of control over him. Dantalion seemed upset that Solomon didn't care about his own life. Only when push came to shove did Solomon become King. And even after that Dantalion was wondering why the heck he was still there.
 photo realistepisode1214_zpsf86c561d.jpg
I am not sure how any of this is the same as last time....
So...yeah...what is going on? Dantalion wakes up from his walk down Solomon lane to see Balberith getting his ass kicked. Why did Dantalion stop him? Wouldn't that be one less person to worry about? One less threat against William/Solomon? Well it looks like Dantalion had other reasons for saving Balberith. For some reason he was worried about William/Solomon? He didn't want the same thing to happen again. It looks me...since it wasn't explained...that Solomon wanted Dantalion to kill him. So he must have acted all crazy and when Dantalion was able to break free from the spell he saw that he had killed Solomon. Does Dantalion think that is what is happening here? That Solomon is trying to kill Balberith in an attempt to kill himself? That's not what it looked like to me but clearly I am confused.
 photo realistepisode1215_zps0f0fb3d4.jpg
Errr...hello there Lucifer?
Dantalion was slowly breaking through to Solomon. Unlike the others because they weren't saying anything at all. But then....something super special happens. Lucifer wakes up. X_____X How did that happen? Did he sense that hell was going to be in big trouble if he didn't do something? I know this limits his life span as he needs to rest but this seems rather odd. My buddy Solomon is in danger so I will wake up and give him a super secret message. know...from my point of view frees William/Solomon forever. If Lucifer is awake he himself can elect a person in his place right? None of this well guys I am taking a nap, figure it out yourself. That must be what he was doing right? That is how he was protecting William/Solomon. Not sure what Solomon was understanding but gone he goes and back William goes.
 photo realistepisode1218_zpsc8afb796.jpg
It all feels so empty....
William in the real world is wondering what is missing from his life. Isaac is worried that he isn't excited about his high grades. Heck getting a scholarship didn't even excite him. What Uncle?!?! No no he needs to talk to a priest about if demons exist. I am pretty sure that demons have to exist if one is a Christian. Slightly special there. Kevin tries to plant some seeds into William's head but somehow William can't shake the feeling he knows demons.....And to end the series (season?) William sees Dantalion outside. Because Dantalion likes William for William, not just being the elector. Or unelector at the moment.
 photo realistepisode12_zps19818f1a.jpg
And then the show was over. X___X
So in conclusion....not much came from this show. William saw evidence of the crazy around him and barely acknowledged it was happening. He didn't pick anyone on principle. Like if I pick someone I am acknowledging this is actually happening. But that is also illogical as he wanted everyone to go away and by not picking he was making them stay longer. The battle scenes were special and the series didn't flow well. Lots of unanswered questions so I am going to assume that Lucifer is going to put himself back to sleep AGAIN without picking a successor AGAIN and poof everyone will be back in school. Probably even a 4th demon as Samael never really got around to picking. So...yeah this series was special and I got pretty behind on it. All caught up and wondering if it was worth watching. You live and learn. I will never get Luvs though. XD Until next time!

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