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Diabolik Lovers episode 2

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Just cooking with my new best friend
Look a wild anime post!!! Yeah this anime seems...special. But before I got kidnapped by the Pokemon X game this episode was the most finished so....yeah. Not sure how long this series is going to stick around if this keeps up but here is episode 2 anyway. Spoilers for....well a lot of assholes. THE END!
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That won't last for long.....
Episode Summary: Yui wakes up in a nice fluffy bed. She is relieved to have no bite marks on her body but is alarmed that her clothes have been changed. She realizes that she needs to call her father and escape this crazy bin when Ayato appears on top of her. Ayato starts saying lovely things to Yui, really making her not fear for her life or anything. MMMHHHMMMM. Before Yui can get molested too bad Reiji appears and tells his brother to get off Yui so she can get changed. Yui is confused and Reiji is like changed for school? Duh! Yui points out how late it is and Reiji acts like Yui is dumb. Of course they are going to school at night. Yui has to live like them now and if she doesn't like it she can leave. Yui points out they threatened to kill her if she left. The brothers don't understand what the point is. The boys leave so Yui can get changed. Yui instead tries to leave to go find her father's diary but Ayato is blocking the door. She eventually gets dressed and gets into the limo where all 6 brothers are waiting. She notes that none of them are really friendly with each other. Most of the boys say nothing. Kanato does talk about how delicious Yui smells and Ayato is like she is mine bitches. Reiji hands Yui a juice box of friendship which at first she is grateful for. But then Reiji explains it is to keep Yui's blood count up and Yui is like okay hating life. They arrive at a grand school and Reiji tells Yui to stay with Kanato and Ayato as they are in her class. They go to homeroom but shortly afterwards Ayato makes her skip class to make him some squid balls. She is upset but decides the food is delicious. She is afraid of missing another class and tries to hurry in cleaning the dishes. She asks Ayato for help but he gets way too close. She tries to run away but Ayato corners her and decides to break her neck virginity. He bites her and Yui is in shock, pulling away and hurting herself in the process. Ayato basically declares this the best blood ever and goes back for more. Yui struggles but Ayato holds her down. Reiji walks in and tells Ayato to stop. Yui us basically passed out. Reiji is upset with Ayato and his clothing challenged self. He demands that Ayato take her home now. Yui wakes up later near a pool. Ayato is there and Yui is upset. Ayato says she needs to start listening and obeying him. He then throws her in the pool. Yui surfaces briefly to tell Ayato she can't swim and proceeds to sink again. Ayato watches her drown as he has a memory of himself drowning and an older woman refusing to help him. He reluctantly dives in and breathes some air in her lung. When she opens her eyes he then bites her again. When they surface he has crazy eyes, saying her blood is amazing and going through him. As Yui shivers on the ground Ayato tosses her a towel. When she recovers she manages to make it to the room where the diary is. Only when she picks it up up all the pages are blank. THE END!
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Wake up sleeping beauty, time to be tortured!
So weird. Watching such a short episode is so weird. I mean is 23 minutes going to be that much different from a 13 minute show? The answer seems to be yes. Now imagine how weird this show would feel if it had Shingeki epic recaps? Then nothing would get done. Why is this show so short?
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That might be the least of your problems but you know...
Ayato made Yui pass out last episode. Apparently nothing bad happened to Yui. Well unless you count the fact that someone got Yui undressed. Given the situation that is basically nothing. A big deal to me? Yes. At least Yui acknowledges that. Like where are my clothes?! But then she set right to work trying to escape. Maybe Ayato made Yui pass out so he could eat her but then was an argument on who got her first so no one got her? Way to end the episode dramatically.
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Okay it was Raito being bad.
I say this episode is short but now I can't remember who woke Yui up. In the summary I said Ayato but not I am remembering Little Bitch. Hmmm maybe it was Raito, the other fashion victim. I shall check when I get home. If I ever get home. I love work so much. Either way Yui woke up to wearing different clothes than she was wearing when she passed out and there was a boy threatening to do things to her. I probably should be remembering better since each boy is...different. All creepy, weird, and want to hurt Yui but different.
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Well when you are being confusing YES!
What I remember for a fact is Reiji showing up. No one really stops the others from hurting Yui. Well unless they want to hurt her too. Reiji doesn't really have much interest in Yui. Like she is a nuisance and I will interfere when things involving Yui also become a nuisance. Take it to your room unless it is time for school. I don't blame Yui for being confused. School? Aren't you vampires? What's with vampires wanting to go to school? Are they going to enter the human work force? How old are they anyways? Looks can be deceiving. I mean, we could have a bunch of 100 year old sparkling vampires going to school for the hell of it. Vampires going to school is special.
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Run for it!!!
Yui must think so too. Yui seems to be thinking a lot of things. Which is positive, a heroine that can think. Please don't be sending me to a school that only operates at night. This sounds like an entire school full of vampires. How did you get my records? How did this all get set up? Let me go. Reiji is like you know what....if you don't like it you can leave? Um didn't you say Yui would be killed if she left? I like how Yui pointed this out and the guys were Are you saying that our choices are not good ones? How dare you not be more grateful!!!! One last ditch effort to make it to the diary? I mean....she isn't going to make it to the phone but is knowing what is going on going to help Yui? Maybe but I doubt it. Trapped is trapped.
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So....the oldest one and youngest one are the nicest ones?
Don't you all travel to school in a limo?I did all the time. What an uncomfortable ride to school. And they all go to the same school? Are we dealing with one father, lots of mothers? Or are we dealing with turned vampires? They said brothers know...what is going on with this? They all seem like jerks anyway so maybe that's why none of them are talking. I know from experience, you don't always get along with your family. Like I will just sit here and look pissed off/live with you because I have to. Or maybe the tension is worse because now everyone wants Yui. Kanato truly is the creepiest brother. So delicious. Shuu and Subaru look the least interested in what is going on while Reiji appears to be helpful on the surface but really is just...well....protecting his own interest.
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My fashion is amazing bitches!!
I feel as if Ayato's outfit needs its own paragraph. I just...what is this? Can someone explain it to me? Aren't there other things the brother can do to look unique? Apparently not. Ayato's and his one leg rolled up looks ridiculous. So special indeed. Now there is even more specialness for me to mock because his shirt isn't buttoned up and tie is trying to run away from this fashion trainwreck. Kanato looks like a Victorian doll and Raito has his hat. Those looks I can live with. Ayato...not so much. Can not handle.
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Which one of these crazies will be my classmate hmmmmmm!
After the amazing limo ride of non amazingness Reiji informs Yui she will be in a classroom with Kanato and Ayato. I mean...4 out of 6 brothers were okay with attacking her. I guess it doesn't really matter who she is in a classroom with as they all might hurt her. It seem this show is based on a video game which means there was probably a chance for Yui to end up with any of these guys. For this series it will probably be like they combined all the arcs but Ayato is the main character. Thus he is in the same classroom as her. HMMMMMM.
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Wonder if Yui will be dressed in funeral clothes soon.
Kanato was a nonfactor this episode though. Because Yui technically didn't go to school. She was at school but no classes were attended. Ayato decided that he wanted some food. And since Ayato is the greatest vampire Yui is his servant. In this magical school there are no teachers to monitor this. No rules. No snitching classmates. This is an all vampire school so why is Ayato getting away with it? Is his family one of specialness? Like oh great Ayato-sama. I really don't blame Yui for going along with this. What was she supposed to do? Threats all over the place. Maybe I should be more impressed she got all this cooking done in only one class period. It looked pretty complicated to me. It would have taken me forever. Good job slave Yui.
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Ayato then loses his little mind. Or really he was overwhelmed as he stated later. Yui asked for help (which was probably a bad idea) and Ayato is like I don't do dishes, I make messes and proceeds to suck her blood. I think it was a bit surprising. I am not sure why. Just thought going by the vibe of the first episode it was going to be more threatening, not actually doing it. Like building up but never quite biting her. Well clearly that juice box of friendship was not for show. It is time for drinking. That noise. X___X Barf. Ayato and the others better be careful. Human beings don't magically replenish their blood that fast, no matter how many juice boxes you give them. And since there are 6 of them I can see Yui having some closer calls. A few. And dying...maybe.
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Be grateful or else!
There was no dying today. Reiji was gross, doing this at school. Off with you now, take her home since you can't control yourself. Because that will make Yui safer, leaving her alone with Ayato!!! So Ayato took her back to a pool. I think he meant to throw her in the whole time. I mean...she wakes up and is upset over what he did. This angers the great Ayato. Because in his mind at the very least she should accept her fate. But really he wants her to be grateful that he has chosen her and is consuming her. I mean really what girl wouldn't be over the moon? UNGRATEFUL!
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So....Yui is still drowning....
So she went for a swim. Or a drown. Like um Ayato you want to save her? No? You just want to think about letting the best blood source you have ever tasted die? A walk down memory lane? Well then take all the time you need. Clearly Ayato (and maybe the other boys) have mommy issues. Don't let me die mom!!! Ayato does save Yui....eventually. And not out of the kindness of his heart. Because while he was still in the process of saving her he takes a third sip. Maybe you can almost kill Yui after she is safe on land? Just a thought. And Yui that wasn't a towel of friendship. RUN!
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I have a feeling she will never catch a break....
The episode ends with Yui waking up yet again from passing out. But she doesn't let these opportunities pass her by. She could be taking the time to feel sorry for herself. Instead she springs into action to find that diary. Like I must find the answers. Perhaps if I knew what is going on I can....die knowing the awful truth? Who knows. But it doesn't matter. The totally important room was still unlocked but the diary has been erased. Why not just take the damn thing away instead of erasing it? Guess it would make too much sense? More dramatics I guess. Who will attack Yui next week? Guess we will have to wait and see. Peace out!

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