Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi episode 12 FINAL EPISODE!!!!

So...I got home and took a nap. XD I am not used to working the early morning shift. I am a sleepy Tenchi. Two more days of early morning and then Saturday....SO MUCH WORK. But a bigger paycheck is always lovely. Now if my temporary employee would get her act together...
 photo kamisamaepisode1216_zps66a2a250.jpg
It's going to be okay kid.
But it is anime time now that I have awaken and received noms! Finally up is Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi. Finally indeed. Episode 12, end of the series...for now? Spoilers for Tenchi always being wrong. Always.
 photo kamisamaepisode129_zpsa935520e.jpg
TADA! I made it whatever day I wanted it to be.
Episode Summary: Dee watches as Alis smiles at Ai. During her moment. Or what should have been her moment putting Alis back together. Dee has a moment of shock and sadness. But then Dee is like oh no, you want me to be the bad guy. Fine I'll be the bad guy! Dee wants to destroy everything now. EVERYTHING!!! Back at the basketball court it is all flowers and wonderfulness as the two smile on. Some time afterwords Ai is walking and Dee runs up to her. Ai looks on but Dee promises she has come on good intentions. She has thought about what Ai has said and has decided that Ai was right, she needs to tell Alis why the loop is happening. She knows this needs to be done even if things fall out of her favor. Ai is like I am glad you are going to tell Alis but we still need to think of a plan to stop the loop and save Dee. Dee wants Ai to meet with her and Alis at the basketball court to talk things out. Ai agrees and seems happy that things are on the up and up. Alis is playing basketball and basically is a sad person because he has the most amazing ability that makes basketball sad for him. Ai shows up first and Alis wonders what Dee could possibly say to both of them. Ai starts going HMMMMM Dee wants to tell you something but I can't tell you......Inside the classroom Dee has gathered the rest of the class. One male wants to know where Alis and Ai are. Dee pulls out her gun and shoots the kid in the head. Everyone is like.....what did you do?! The boy magically comes back to life in 5 seconds which upsets everyone even more. Then the episode starts to show Ai/Alis in the basketball court at the same time as Dee telling the classroom they should remember the truth. Alis starts to get mushy about Ai where all the classmates are gasping, that there was a dead body and so much blood and they made a wish. Dee is like so remembering this is awful right? Don't you want to forget again? Dee erases the date on the board and changes it to the day she dies. The world really starts to react to the changes, enough that Alis becomes alarm. He realizes that Dee is trying to reset the world and takes off running. In the classroom all the other students are being forced to relive that day. None of them are very happy about it and are trying not to cry. Dee gets ready to fall off the ladder, as she wants everyone to wish her back to life thus resetting the world.
 photo kamisamaepisode1211_zps8559c47b.jpg
Am I not the dead one!?
Dee gets a vision of Alis being the dead one instead and panics. Thankfully Alis makes it to the classroom and grabs at Dee. He starts to fall and Ai grabs him and the rest of the class grabs Ai. Once everyone is in the room safe and sound Ai is are the dead one aren't you Alis? Alis nods, saying he is sorry Dee assumed it was her when ALL CLUES SAID IT WAS! Dee did fall out the window and Alis pulled her back in. He smashed his brain and was unable to be reborn a zombie. He is buried in the real world but he was so popular with his classmates they made this wish to keep these happy days. Alis has been trying to destroy this world to free his friends at the expense of being erased. Dee gets so upset as she remembers everything. She wants to reset the world again but Alis is against that. He points out all the 14 years they spent together will be forgotten. Dee had thought of this too during her reset. He wants everyone to go out and live their lives and think of him, that is way he can live on. The world slowly starts to erase itself. Scar and Yuri escape with the baby, saying Ai will be okay. Everyone says their tearful goodbyes to Alis as they walk out the door. Dee is the last classmate to say goodbye and is happy that Alis smiles at her and says the time they spent together was wonderful. Ai is the last to leave the classroom and she is mad that Alis brought her here to kill him. Alis says he has accepted this fate but is happy to have met Ai. She still wants to save him. She goes in for a hug but he pushes her out the door in a dramatic manner. Everyone starts gathering outside and Dee exchanges a look with Yuri. Ai is out in that big scary world looking at Alis' grave (whose real spelling is Alice). Beside her is...Alice?! He pretends to be pissed that he was saved and she smiles. THE END!
 photo kamisamaepisode128_zpsf158a8f6.jpg
The obvious wish.
You remember how last time I was like WOOHOO I am smart, I figured out Blue's Clues, give me a gold star? I was super proud of myself, thank I was amazing, and obviously no one else could figure out these obvious clues. Well lets pretend that didn't happen. None of it. Wipe it from your mind, my over the top happy dance. Because yeah....super wrong. I see a lot of people are calling troll on this but that might be more in reference to the ending itself, not the twist. Still.....
 photo kamisamaepisode122_zpse4714102.jpg
First things first though...I think I like Dee's insanity. I really do. Well not insanity so to speak. Just the way she reacted to the Ai and Alis situation. I'm so gad you are here, one of a kind special girl indeed. And even if Dee had cried that probably still would have been the correct response. But Dee getting angry and vengeful was awesome. Way more awesome than sad tears. Angry tears are better. Like oh you want Ai now? You want to destroy this world and me? Well I will show you destroy. You will rue the day you said that. RUE!!!
 photo kamisamaepisode123_zpsdd4a9052.jpg
And then in a snap of your fingers....She's smiling to Ai's face. Like oh Ai thanks for keeping my secret. You are such a good friend hug hug hug. I thought that Dee was going to stab Ai in the back with that creepy hug. Yay insanity. It worked on Ai. But Ai might be a little naïve. I mean how much time passed between Dee confessing and now? Dee has had a long time to think this over. Not that full 14 years but a long time. So even if it was a few days it still wouldn't be long enough for Dee to magically want to tell Alis this. Ai should have been suspicious. Like shouldn't we think of a back up plan first before we tell Alis?
 photo kamisamaepisode124_zps8ba328ad.jpg
Girl you're amazing. Just the way you are.
Alis and his sneaky self thought he had things figured out so he had nothing to lose going to the meeting with Dee, the enemy. He had to put up an act with Ai though. He doesn't know she was assuming wrong things. Not that Ai was good at hiding those emotions. Like I know something you should know but I can't tell you, toe in the dirt, guilty face here. Alis might know what is going on but he is still a dense boy. Obviously the episodes would have gone differently had Dee arrived and talked. I wonder what Alis would have done then.
 photo kamisamaepisode125_zps93eafc65.jpg
Um what kind of plan is this?
Guess we will never know. Because Dee has a plan. Haha I will show you reset crazy people. I am going to change everything!!! She went about it in an odd way though. Guess Alis already did it so he sent the precedent for it. I also guess I assumed that Alis was poppin caps into people the day of the reset. I didn't think it was an instant resurrection type deal. But yeah, I am not sure how much listening I would be doing if the talker was shooting people. I might have know, unlike those kids.
 photo kamisamaepisode126_zps2731edfe.jpg
Needs more freaking out.
After the screaming that never started it was time for XO. Remember!! Remember now!!! Maybe there was no screaming because this one violent act triggered memories. See Alis, you should have only shot one person and you could have shaved years off this loop. Well and you would still be dead. But everyone else was like....oh yes...dead was awful! We lost one of us. I realize now that no one mentioned it was Dee who was dead though. Stop trying to be sneaky.
 photo kamisamaepisode127_zps772b1747.jpg
We just wanted to be happy!
So that little tidbit adds to what happened next. Dee wanted to reset this world. Don't try to understand the logic behind this though. Your brain might explode. Wishes are wishes. And as such they can change because the very nature of wishes have not been explained. But Dee decided she was going to redo the day by magically changing the day with chalk and making everyone act as they did the day she died. Then she would plant the idea WISH ME BACK TO LIFE. That does seem like an obvious wish but you can't blame freaked out people right? So that is why Dee was trying to do, restart things at the expense of all the people who might be hurt if the loop never happened and at the expense of the memories she had with Alis.
 photo kamisamaepisode1210_zps82c3e9f5.jpg
As that girl LOSES HER MIND!
Now that is what was happening with Dee and her I think I am dead brain. The rest of the appears they knew it was Alis that was dead. Not Dee. I mean they were acting really scared out of their mind and that might have been because Dee just shot and killed someone. That could explain the stuttering and what not. Maybe they thought Dee really was the one dead and them acting it out again was not helping their state of mind. But I really think that they knew it was Dee who started to fall and Alis who actually died. And since Alis was not there to rescue Dee this was going to end badly. Just make it stop, the horribleness.
 photo kamisamaepisode1212_zps2dc7ef1b.jpg
We won't let you die this time!
I am surprised that Alis figured out where Dee was and what she was doing so fast. He was sitting there with Ai, being a liar and allowing her to talk about giving him a 17th birthday when they saw the world try to repair itself. Since he didn't know Dee had changed the day he couldn't really know what she had planned right? Maybe Ai told him on the way. All that matters is that Alis reached Dee as she fell out the window and SHE realized she wasn't the dead one. But instead of anyone falling out the window both parties were pulled from sudden death to be placed gently back into the classroom. So everyone can cry and lose their minds and explain what is going on.
 photo kamisamaepisode12_zps4aadf187.jpg
This is Ai clearly figuring things out.
Ai decided that she figured out Blue's Clues too but she really didn't. Or if she did it was at the last second. Alis was slightly a liar. A lot of liar. Every time Ai said she was going to give him a 17th birthday he would smile. Or start to cry, like that is all I want. But really he was smiling because Ai was going to fail but the thought of her trying so hard was wonderful. He was crying because it was never going to happen. Because the little quiet girl Dee didn't die that day. It was the popular Alis that kicked it and apparently all his brains splattered on the ground meant he would never be a zombie. And the class was so upset at the idea of losing Alis that is why their wish was so powerful. I mean anyone being dead would be sad but Dee looked so very quiet. Alis was the life of the classroom, everyone's friend. It was so sad and overwhelming.
 photo kamisamaepisode1213_zps6815f0e3.jpg
Because I was a ghost?!?!?!
Alis is quite dumb though. How could he not assume that Dee assumed she was the dead one? Wasn't she the transparent one in the real world? Of course it all makes sense NOW. Alis was a fake so he would be real in the real world. Dee's body was trapped in the wish world and she looked like a ghost. But of course she was going to believe she was the dead one. Alis couldn't tell Dee the truth or she would try to stop him. He was the sacfrice that was mentioned earlier. But DUH Dee was going to assume. Assume assume assume. Not sure how he thought Ai was going to help this loop though. Maybe he thought Dee was going to mess up and Ai was going to do her best to help Ai succeed which would really kill him in the end?
 photo kamisamaepisode1217_zps2ce221a9.jpg
Ai who?
The goodbye to Alis lasted about a million minutes. I counted. Now that Dee has reset everything the world is falling apart. In fact if people do not leave bad things will happen. All the people who had been brought in here by Alis had to flee. Maybe Alis couldn't use those people because he did tell them the truth and they couldn't bring themselves to kill Alis? Either way this is like the whole 5 seconds of the show that had Scar and Yuri in it. Like oh no what is this time to run away. We will worry about Ai later. She can always take care of herself. We have to think about the baby. Even when other people start to appear in the real world and Ai is not among them we will not worry. WORSE PARENTS EVER! I know they haven't had much time to prepare for this but it is like these two adults have been out of the picture for so many episodes now. Clocked out mentally.
 photo kamisamaepisode1215_zps564b9a69.jpg
I have to little jaded heart was doing a whole lot of AWWW as everyone said goodbye to Alis. How Dee still wanted to save Alis. How Ai was trying to hate Alis while crying at the same time. This kid knew he was dead and tried his best for 14 years to make sure he saved his friends. Because that is the kind of person he was. So all the sad goodbyes despite the fact that the world was falling apart...I can accept them. Because Alis deserved this moment. I am not sure if Ai deserved to be the last one in the room as she knew him for the least amount of time. But she was and she did her usual Ai thing. Can't we think of a way to save you too? No peace out and go live your life beyond the ending song.
 photo kamisamaepisode1218_zps33943395.jpg
So what happens at the last second of the show? We see Ai looking at Alis' grave (whose name is ALICE by the way) and her trying to look sad. Sad that the boy in the grave is really dead and can't even be a zombie because he was that messed up when he died. But then we see Alis is standing NEXT to Ai and I felt lied to. LIED TO! Give me back my tears of sorrow. All of that emotion and feeling. I want it back YOU LIARS!
 photo kamisamaepisode1214_zps4955cd15.jpg
In a world of wishes there has to be a way!
Look I get why Alis is there. Ai didn't bring back dead Alis in the grave. She was able to wish to bring Loop Alis back to the real world. Something that wasn't supposed to be. She didn't bring back the dead, she brought back a part of a different world. What I am...X___X about is this whole show. The entire show folks. I thought it was going to be about dead people and it isn't. In fact I don't even think God abandoned the world. Someone has to be granting these wishes right? It sounds like he got tired of the complaining and he was like you know what...I will grant all your wishes!!! Only no one is happy with that either. All of this is speculation though since nothing was really explained in this show. It was just Ai going through one horrible experience to the next and everything but dead people taking over the show. Okay they were dead but different kinds of dead. Immortal Hampnie, not real Kiriko, not dead Ulla Queen of the Dead, sorta dead Alis, and not dead Dee.
 photo kamisamaepisode1220_zps122170c5.jpg
You're welcome.
I guess what I am trying to say is...I thought this show was going to be about something and it turned into a giant colorful and beautiful mess. No reason to what was going on. Ai shouldn't have been able to do half the things she ended up doing/handing, all the adults were insane, and for a world that is rapidly running out of kids Ai found plenty. I probably could have handled the not so violent zombie apocalypse. The problem is I have no idea what the show was trying to be instead. I guess it could be explained in a second season but for now....confused. A jumble mess of a world, full of wishes and crazy. Le sigh. Part of the ride was fun but part of the ride was so unsatisfying I can't say this was an amazing show. Good for what it was but then again...I don't know what it was?


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