Sunday, October 6, 2013

New Anime Series! Diabolik Lovers episode 1

BEHOLD!!!! It is like a week after the Fall Anime 2013 Season started and I am now getting into the swing of things. Of course it doesn't help that some shows, including this one, started super early. Start in October what is wrong with you people!
 photo diabolikloversepisode112_zpscf6c1895.jpg
Why it is nice to meet you too.
Are you ready for some new anime?! Sure you are! Presenting episode one of Diabolik Lovers!!! Spoilers for....well a lot of boys being creepy and the heroine actually having a clue?
 photo diabolikloversepisode13_zps01910364.jpg
Water from the sky? What is this madness?
Episode Summary: Our main character Yui is dropped off near a huge looking mansion with the world's smallest suitcase. She takes in her surroundings and announces to all it is raining because it is raining. She runs to the front door and knocks on it. After a few moments it opens but no one stands behind it. She starts to walk in when she notices a person laying on the couch. For some reason his fashion sense has left him and he isn't responding to Yui. She goes to shake him but finds him cold and without a heart beat. She goes to call 911 when he boy wakes up and grabs her phone. He demands that she be more quiet....and he flips her over on the couch. Hovering over her the boy starts to lick at her neck. Said boy is named Ayato. Another boy (Reiji) appears and tells Ayato to take his personal business to his room. Yui is like um can someone help me please?! After Ayato calls her pancake Reiji tries to figure out what is going on. Yui says her father sent her here to live here...and tries to hide near Reiji as he is currently not licking her. Reiji is confused and takes Yui to another portion of the house. Ayato and his one pant leg up situation follows. Reiji has not been informed of this situation and finds it odd someone like Yui would be here. A voice is heard as another male appears on the staircase. Raito and his hat magically appears next to Yui so he can start licking her. Suddenly a younger boy holding a teddy bear (Kanato) appears as well, jealous that Raito gets a taste and he didn't. So they lick Yui together. Another boy (Subaru) appears out of nowhere (are you sensing a theme?) and is like what is all the noise, get out of the house! Yui has decided that she no longer wants to be here and maybe she should flee since this is all very horrible. Ayato tells all his brothers that he saw her first and as such he will give her all the firsts in life. Yui is like please don't be touching me.
 photo diabolikloversepisode17_zps8a4b48bc.jpg
That pant leg!!!
Reiji is apparently pretending none of this is happening and still wants to know why no one was informed of this. There is one more being in the room taking a name. His name is Shuu and upon questioning he remembers some man calling about some girl from some church about being a bride and stuff and junk? Ayato and the others scoff at the word bride and think Yui is more like prey. Yui decides it is running away time but trips trying to leave. This causes her to bleed which reveals that all the boys are vampires. Yui tries to run out of the house but everywhere she looks there is another boy (they are all brothers) standing there looking creepy and trying to lick her. She can't escape out the front door so obviously she goes upstairs, running into all the boys. A door that has tons of locks on it....suddenly has it's chains broken and Yui runs in there. It is old and dusty, lots of jewelry and other girl knick knacks. Yui is startled when she sees a person outside, grabbing her chest. But when she looks up again the person is gone. In her startledness Yui knocks over a diary which she finds to be her dads as well as a picture of herself. She reads the diary for a bit and learns she is not her father's real daughter. Suddenly all the boys are in the room and are upset she has found a way in. Everyone takes turns saying something creepy to Yui but basically Yui is their prey, she is not leaving the house, and if she doesn't like it she can die. Thanks dad. THE END!!!
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Can you give us a moment please?!
X___X First new show of the season and I might be scarred. Not scarred for life though. As I type this I just got done watching a special on Friday the 13th. Ah so many deaths, so little time. But yes this show.....well it is definitely not about sparkly vampires. Friendship is not magical here.
 photo diabolikloversepisode16_zps4f621a34.jpg
That...was super quick. "Playing" with your food?
Can we talk about the time of this show? I thought something had gone wrong when I was downloading the episode. Sometimes the timing gives out, usually near the beginning or the end. Either way I get upset as I have wasted a lot of time and have to wait to try again. Which can sometimes lead to me getting behind (thus Realist did not get download) but that shouldn't be the super excuse. Anyway when I opened this episode up and saw it said 15 minutes I was like aw hell no why did it allow me to think it downloaded when it didn't. I kept watching anyway, prepared that it was going to get cut off...but it didn't. It concluded on a sense making note. A little research showed me this is how things were going to run with this show. X___X My question is why? Is there another show that is going to share the same 30 minute time slot? That still won't work with commercials and opening/closing songs. I know things are expensive but this is just super odd.
 photo diabolikloversepisode18_zpsd8a787f5.jpg
Different levels of creepy all over the place.
There were way too many characters for my little mind to handle. Like every 5 seconds a new boy (brother) would show up. They do have slightly different personalities and look extremely different but yeah. I was like hold on hold on let me get one crazy person registered in my mind at a time. Just so many people being creepy at the same time. Can we get someone sane up in this joint?
 photo diabolikloversepisode113_zps98219739.jpg
Can I pick the route where I end up with no one?
The answer to that seems to be no. At least according to the internets. Perhaps I should have known with the title Diabolik Lover. But you know how anime titles can be. They can either be super literal or over dramatic. In this case it seems to be super literal. No friendly misunderstood vampires up in this joint. Or at least for now. It is only episode 1. Things could change. But yeah...first impressions...Yui shouldn't pick any of those guys. None. It would be hard to put any of that out of my mind and fall in love with them. Hostage situation anyone?
 photo diabolikloversepisode114_zps29eaa25b.jpg
She ran to the front door! Girl has a brain!
Yui doesn't seem like a dumbass. Which is always a plus. She arrives at house because her father told her to and things just went super down hill from there. She finds someone passed out/dead on the couch and tries to help him out. When that ends in molesting she runs to the person who seems less scary. When more and more scary people start to show up Yui attempts to call the police. She quickly puts things together that these are vampires and doesn't go lalala I don't believe anything is wrong. She is like okay this is a horrible situation and I need to accept it and leave. AND she went to the front door. Sure Yui went upstairs eventually but it wasn't like she stripped down to a tank top and lost her mind. She attempted to leave in the way that made more sense and located another phone in the meantime. The only mistake she really made was stopping to read the diary. But really she probably wasn't going to escape anyway.
 photo diabolikloversepisode19_zps5e0f7bb7.jpg
Unroll that pant leg!
There was a lot that was happening in those 15 minutes. We were introduced to all 6 of the vampire brothers. I will give a brief first impression thought on all of them because some of them....were brief. Ayato is of course the main contender. Usually the first male the heroine sees is the one who has the strongest bond/chance with the girl. He needs to look in a mirror and see how stupid he looks with the whole one pant leg. He seems like he is going to be the rudest to Yui but is already the most possessive. Reiji is trying to be the oldest by being so super responsible. But it turns out he is not the oldest. He is trying a bit too hard so he might not torture Yui as much, too much on his plate.
 photo diabolikloversepisode110_zpsdade64cc.jpg
So you are all so lovely...I can't handle it and must leave. Goodbye!!!
Raito....really...Bitch-chan? What the hell is up with that? I thought Kanato was going to be the youngest but I guess you can look young when you are a vampire. He seems....the scariest. The whole look and attitude. The real youngest is Subaru and he doesn't seem popular with his brothers. So that means he could either hurt Yui the most or the least. The real oldest Shuu will probably be the most gentle with Yui but given how everyone was acting that might not be saying much. It looks like it will take a lot to make him care about things.
 photo diabolikloversepisode14_zps5af25137.jpg
Look at that tiny thing!!!!
So why is Yui at this house to begin with? That is a very good question. Her father sent her there......with the world's smallest suitcase. Yeah let's talk about that guys! I have mentioned my crazy friend before but the amount of stuff she brought on a 3 day trip was insane. INSANE! But Yui is rollin up to a new house with the smallest suitcase ever. Was the rest of the stuff coming later? I know the Japanese pack light due to space and what not on trains but damn. Most useless suitcase ever.
 photo diabolikloversepisode111_zpsa37cebc5.jpg
Details. Can we have them?
Back to why Yui is there. Clearly there is some insanity a foot. Or her father really doesn't love her. Even thought it appears he does. But a house full of 6 male vampires? A bride? Um no. Even if the guys didn't want to kill Yui/drink her blood that would be dangerous. What if all 6 liked her and fought among themselves for her. She could still get hurt. Oh and they are vampires. There might be another person in the house too but that person on the balcony disappeared rather quickly so maybe Yui was seeing things. According to the most convenient diary on the history of the planet Yui learns Dad is not really her dad. So....what is going on? An adopted Dad sends his young human daughter to a house full of vampires so one of them can marry him? I am seeing massive flaws in this plan.
 photo diabolikloversepisode115_zps44de5bc9.jpg
What is going on?!
While I wasn't expecting hugs and love....this episode was a bit harsh. I mean vampires eat humans. That is what they do. I want to suck your blood. So maybe it is refreshing to see boys not falling all over a girl just because she is a girl. Like um no my instincts are to eat you, that is all. But maybe it was the words being used or how they were toying with their meal? Just...a house full of crazy people I see. X___X I am not sure how this ride will go but I have to give it a few more chances. Maybe more focus on individual brothers instead of everyone all at once?


Anonymous said...

Hello @Christina

This show is creepy! D:

I feel uncomfortable by looking at it, and the other viewers were right when they said it's abusive-creepy!

Totally not Vampire Knight! At least Zero in Vampire Knight wasn't a creep toward Yuuki. If anything, he's more like a hero trying to overcome his flaws. The guys in this show are just sadistic! Almost no redeeming qualities other than to act like a sociopath. Yeah, they're vampires. But so was Zero (almost). Compared to these guys, Zero was interesting and rather charming.

At least the main girl has more smarts than Princess.

End comments.

Anonymous said...

According to Hinano:

>The bitch slang in japanese refers to like “bitch as in female dog in heat”. so when he calls her bitch-chan it’s because she’s basically like blow up sex doll to him (and his brothers.) it’s pretty much the equivalent of calling her a slut. (Which the brothers actually DO call her various times in the game but using the word 淫乱)<

Christina said...

Anonymous- I mean....vampires are supposed to be evil, at least to humans. They are supposed to kill us or drink our blood. So I guess it is not really out of the realm of possibilities some with their food before eating?

Okay no it is still creepy. That would be like cornering a deer and slicing it but not killing it right away, bashing in it's baby's head, and other things before finally getting the kill so you can live.

Maybe this show will get it right. That living for so long drives you crazy and you will lose your humanity if you are not careful and the result is.....dressing weird and making people feel uncomfortable yay! At least Yui has a brain....

Anonymous 2- Well....I am not sure if that definition makes things better or worse. She is clearly neither words or a slut here in America bitch is usually a term against a woman who one THINKS is acting wrong towards you, evil, or crazy. Mainly when a woman speaks her mind and a man can't handle her being assertive. I think I am leaning towards...worse though?