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Makai Ouji: devils and Realists episode 11

Post 3 of 6!!! Go me! I would say it really is time for ice cream..but I had a bit for lunch. And a cookie for dinner. And it is 11 pm at night. Me thinks eating sweets that late might be bad for my health. Of course that hasn't stopped me before....
 photo realistepisode1115_zps975f3651.jpg
Be with me my demon friends.
I was three episodes behind on Makai Ouji: devils and Realists. So that means I am really a month behind on some of these posts? Goodness me. More like 3 weeks for this episode but here it is, a tiny...lot bit late. XD Curse you super fun Disney weekends for making me fall behind. Here is episode 11 and spoilers for this show attempting to get back on track like me.
 photo realistepisode112_zps20c67f5f.jpg
Me and my one wing say no....
Episode Summary: Joan of Arc is attacking hell again. Camio is fighting her off with a horde of demons. She kicks some butt but eventually weakens, saying it was due to the nasty air in hell. She leaves all smug like. Michael is seen playing chess with himself wondering if he made the right moves. He summons Kevin and implies Kevin is his bad move. He should have sent Kevin to hell to fight and Joan to esctasyed William. Michael gets all threatening which worried Kevin. In hell all 4 kings gather around to discuss what to do. Camio is credited with stopping Joan where Sytry was the one who alerted that Joan was there. Samael is like lets stopping seeing whose are bigger and get to the rest of the problem. Balberith thinks they should bring William to hell which surprises everyone since last they checked Balberith wanted William dead. Balberith is like all the more reason you should bring William to hell, you can protect him from Heaven and me. XD Everyone realizes if heaven got Solomon's powers they be screwed in more ways than one. It is agreed that Astaroth should be in charge of William. Lamia says she is unable to find Dantalion so Astaroth sends her to get William directly as Dantalion will surely follow. Sytry tells his Uncle he rather explain the situation to William. Balberith is like um no and appears to kiss Sytry? Leonard sees Sytry acting grossed out and disturbed later so that is what I assume anyway. William is being praised for his hard work and he thinks to himself how wonderful his bright future is. Lamia appears and introduces herself as Dantalion's fiancee. William is like nope do not care. She tells him she is going to bring him to hell and he claims he can't go because he has to study. So she dramatically brings him anyway. The room is full of demons, with the 4 Kings, Camio, and Sytry all around a table. The 4 Kings introduce themselves, Camio and Sytry tell William it will be okay, and William demands to be taken home. Different demons try to explain that Heaven is after him and it is safer here. William says he doesn't need to be here as he is not the Elector. Beelzebub points out that if William didn't care he could just randomly pick a name out of a hat and be done with it. So clearly William has to care.
 photo realistepisode1111_zps0ede8640.jpg
Who you be again?
Some of the demons in the room get upset that William isn't taking this seriously and attack him. Dantalion appears and quickly destroys the trouble makers. Still demons are not pleased that they have to take orders from some human. William fumbles for his ring as he believes it is bringing him good luck. It falls to the ground and everyone gasps. Because that is the one ring to rule them all. More demons circle William saying if they had the ring William would no longer control them and they would be free. Dantalion is like back off bitches Camio and Sytry try to calm the crowd. William doesn't want anyone touching his family's ring so he puts it on and POOF!!!! William glows and starts to float in the air. Michael and Kevin are alerted that Solomon has returned. William continues to float, his eyes looking weird. Balberith decides that he will lead the charge to kill Solomon, get the ring, and stop the madness. Sytry begs Balberith not to do it but Balberith manhandles him a bit, saying Sytry wants to return to Heaven and Balberith is doing this for him. Balberith and many other demons start to attack the awakening Solomon. He is protecting himself automatically at first but soon he grows conscious and starts talking as he destroys the demons. Even Balberith seems to be no match for the amazing ring. The demons start to worry Solomon will destroy hell. Astaroth is worried Heaven will start attacking so she sends her demons to the gate. Solomon ends up destroying the building they were in and most of the demons that aren't main characters. Solomon gets more control of his body/powers and greets all his demons “warmly”. He gets in Balberith's face especially. Gilles is like this is my chance to change my lot in life, go me!!! He goes to attack Solomon who dispatches him quickly. Solomon has not met Gilles before and asks if Gilles would like to be his newest pillar. There is a little flashback of a very young Solomon meeting Dantalion for the first time. But in the present Solomon turns to Dantalion and asks who he is. THE END!
 photo realistepisode115_zps6383774f.jpg
Or brain washing..... You know same thing.
Well that didn't flow into the last episode at all. Hhhhh almost like the school festival should have been a few episodes ago. So the whole Joan of Arc attacking Hell and Kevin failing to ectasyed William would directly proceed this episode. So yeah things seem super off. Like oh so we are fully back into plot mode, thanks for the warning.
 photo realistepisode113_zps0e27da84.jpg
We are the only ones doing work. This is lame. she Heaven's only fighter? Is this directly taking place during that other episode? I doubt it since Sytry and Dantalion weren't there to protect William. So this is a different battle where Joan is doing all the work. Makes no sense. It also makes no sense that Camio is fighting alone. Okay so he is fighting with a bunch of loser demons. I know some have to protect William but maybe the Kings oh I don't know....could protect their own kingdom? Just a thought. You can send all the lower demons you want but if they are all just going to die you probably should do it yourself. You will be in danger but it makes no sense to waste so much of your army when you know they can't win.
 photo realistepisode116_zps0ced3e3f.jpg
I will point out what you are all doing but I am not real danger since I don't have a candidate.
The Kings were busy though. Talking. Having a group meeting. Not fighting. I like how they might be tentatively working together but still had time to throw out little digs. Camio is so amazing in battle. Okay but without Sytry we wouldn't have known about this attack until it was too late. I like how Samael who has no pony in this fight is like yes yes you both have amazing candidates, can we move on now? Is Samael waiting for something? Why doesn't he have a candidate? Is he waiting for the rest of the demons to fight it out and then swoop in the victor?
 photo realistepisode117_zps5caff378.jpg
Yeah we didn't forget about that hommie.
Balberith seems to be calling all the shots. And the other Kings for whatever reason are letting him. You would think Beelzebub with his more likely candidate would be more in charge but nope. Not that he is in total control. Maybe he just speaks first and the loudest that he is noticed more. I do like that he was called out. Like so now you want to protect William even though you sent some demons to kill him? What a magical change of heart!!!! But Balberith is a slimmy one. He always has an answer for something. Like if you are concerned I will hurt William you should bring him to hell and protect him from Heaven and me! Woohoo plans!
 photo realistepisode118_zpsa332013f.jpg
What is this?!?!?!
Speaking of slimmy.....what is going on with Sytry and his Uncle? I just assume it was a kiss. Maybe it was nothing. Maybe it was more. Either way Sytry was looking sick. Didn't want to talk about it with Leonard. Maybe Sytry was just cringing from being touched at all? I don't know. Just...something is going on there. My lovely doll indeed. This is me jabbing my eyes out. Isn't that your nephew? Seems to me there has to be more to the story is Sytry is listening to such a gross guy. Left Heaven to be with him? Barf.
 photo realistepisode1110_zps2a61322b.jpg
Because I am a realist!
Since Dantalion is no where to be found and it's impossible for magic demons to sense each other Lamia and her top hot self were sent to get William. The kid was having a good day so obviously something had to happen. William is thinking about his bright future? Time to bring up the demon stuff again. William was chillin, pretending his ring was just a ring and not a good luck charm when Lamia appears. No jealously when Lamia announced she was Dantalion's fiancee. Woe is my yaoi heart. William of course dismisses her and shoos her away. You would think that William would have learned by now that he will never win. Come embrace the madness.
 photo realistepisode1112_zps21467b29.jpg
William had quite the reception once he got to hell. No Dantalion but everyone else plus tons of demons. They probably should have been wearing red shirts. It was kinda odd with all the kings introducing themselves to William. They all know Solomon and they feel as if William truly is him right now. I think this series would have been a little stronger had William been experiencing flashbacks the whole time. Unless they really are trying to prove that William and Solomon aren't the same. Some bizarre reincarnation that has no memories at all of his past life. Whatever is going on William really doesn't care. LALALA fingers in my ears I don't see anything or hear anything. You can't make me pick a new leader and that doesn't mean I believe you otherwise. LALALA you demons aren't here, nothing matters.
 photo realistepisode1113_zps9e141867.jpg
I will cut you!
Things spiraled quickly out of control. The rest of the demons, the nonimportant ones that Solomon would never make a pact with, were not enjoying William's attitude. Everyone else is either used to William's attitude or have enough sense to wait to blast him into tiny pieces or try to get on his good side later. But the other demons, the ones who are probably wondering why these demons are kings if they have to listen to a human, yeah they were not happy. What do you mean you don't believe in us? We don't have to take your crap. Let us kill you and be done with this rule. Now....this actually makes a bit of sense. If they had been sneakier about it. The lesser demons could have waited for a better moment to kill William so their masters could be free from his rule. I don't think attacking him in front of his...pillars was a smart move. Red shirts for everyone weeee!
 photo realistepisode1114_zps53ee0979.jpg
Well who did you expect to have the ring?!
William and his special self was like oh snap my crappy attitude isn't working here. Quick let me stumble with my ring and make the crowd even angrier. Which was kinda silly when you think about it. Why was everyone so shocked to see that ring? They all knew he was Solomon, acting like he was Solomon. But then they saw the ring and it was like WHOA?! Maybe they thought he didn't have the ring and was still controllable? Either way...William felt threatened and since this is the only thing left of his family he wasn't going to give it up. On the finger it went!!!!! So I take it that William has never put the ring on before? Because you know...maybe he could have been turning into Solomon way before today? Maybe next time Kevin can hide it better? HMMM is this really a family heirloom? Uncle you got some splainin to do!
 photo realistepisode1116_zpsc964429c.jpg
Clearly some demons resent Solomon so...I guess he had to fight back.
I thought that Solomon was on a friendly bases with demons. But I guess that is just certain demons. And usually those demons aren't attacking him. I guess that opens the door for questions like...why would demons want to contract with a human anyway. Unless it was a forced contract. But not all humans are nice so why should all demons be nice? Solomon was just waking up and everyone was attacking him though. For a bit it looked like it was automatic, his desire to stay alive.
 photo realistepisode1117_zps0726c11d.jpg
Wait I just noticed the we. X____X We? You think you can get back into heaven?
Balberith might be in a lot of trouble though. A lot of trouble. Maybe Solomon was still in a state of trying to take over William's body and didn't know it was Balberith issuing the attack. But yeah. This man has had it out for William and not Solomon so it shouldn't be much of a surprise right? Not quite sure why someone would follow a demon king that would lead them on a suicide mission on person. I got plenty of red shirts to throw at you. Attack meat shields. I would be like um no I don't think this is the job for me. But I guess if you said no that would be like asking to die anyway. Now is there a reason the other demon kings allowed these attacks to happen? Surely all the demons weren't Balberith's. Some had to come from other factions. How would they decide who gets to be Pretend King if William/Solomon was dead? If I were the other three kings I would be pulling out all the stops to save Solomon so I looked like the good kid and got picked. But yeah....that was not to be.
 photo realistepisode119_zpse6d7f20d.jpg
Still puking over here says Sytry. That is why he can't fight.
There was a whole lot of fighting and a lot of standing around. We need to be making shields people. And maybe plans. Is there a reason that Heaven didn't attack during this time? Because um it was looking like a perfect time to attack and panic. But no Michael was too busy yelling at Kevin to get Joan to come and make the situation even worse. Because Heaven has one attacker you see. The rest of the demons were just standing around looking shocked. What do you mean the grand place we were standing in is no more. We must stand around and gasp that Solomon's ring has in fact brought back Solomon. SHOCKER!!!!!!!
 photo realistepisode1118_zps7bf1c0e7.jpg
Or get your ass kicked. You know.
Gilles was just a hot mess. I mean...I suppose he is doing this all for Joan of Arc. But a little reminder of what he is fighting for would be nice. He became a demon to become a higher ranking demon so he know..somehow save Joan. To either really save her or destroy her. The opening theme song might be a lie. But yes he decides he is going to jump into the fray and fight Solomon. I guess everyone thought they had a chance since his powers weren't fully awaken yet. If that wasn't Solomon at his first strength I don't think anyone has a chance. I like how no one really cared that Gilles became a little splat on the ground though. Question: If Solomon started to support the demons why didn't God just take away him powers/ring? HMMMMM!
 photo realistepisode11_zps071c866a.jpg
In a last ditch effort to save everyone Dantalion...ends up looking really special. I mean really, really special guys. I realize it was probably slo mo but I had tons of second hand embarrassment. All over the place. Had to turn away. Really, Solomon let someone get that close to him and touch his hand/finger? Yeah I am sure that happened. Also the way Dantalion grabbed his arm looked like he had broken Solomon's whole hand. It was just...embarrassing. But now it can be sad. Because Solomon was apparently shocked that someone he didn't know was touching him. Who are you? What do you mean you don't know who Dantalion is? Super dramatic cliff hanger is super dramatic!

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