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Machine Doll wa Kizutsukanai episode 3

So far behind!!! So far behind only a Thanksgiving Holiday from work will help me catch up on anime. Oh we are going to Disney for those three days off? DOOM! Doomed I tell you!
 photo dollmachineepisode314_zps954a3cad.jpg
And then Yaya went Super Sayian?
What can you do? Except block all any other internet sites, hide the Pokemon X, and stay out of the mall. Or you know....not RARW after work. Anime blogging should be fun and putting pressure on myself isn't going to make posts come up any faster. So....posts shall come when they came. Up now is Machine-Doll wa Kizutsukani episode 3. Spoilers for this show moving really, really fast. Like super fast.
 photo dollmachineepisode36_zps084c913f.jpg
That comes later duh!!!!
Episode Summary: Raishin and Charlotte walk in to the school campus threshold and are surrounded by smoke. They both automatically think it is Cannibal Candy. Raishin has horrible visions of Yaya being the dead one, with her main circuit ripped out. They run to the scene and see that it is another robot that is toast. Raishin notes it is also a robot from one of the boys that attacked Charlotte the other day. Felix and the others are in full Disciplinary Mode as they investigate the crime scene. Felix realizes that Charlotte was out in town on a date with Raishin and clearly she has made her choice. She runs off all upset as Raishin tries to talk to Felix as he has been asked to be on this case too. Raishin returns to his room to find Yaya “cooking” dinner and losing her mind. She was basically upset that Raishin chose Charlotte over him. Raishin apologizes and gives her shoes as a present. Then he talks about how Shouko has giant boobies which makes Yaya sad again. Raishin tries to change the subject, that he only went out with Charlotte to prove that Charlotte was not Cannibal Candy. But since Yaya didn't spend every second with Sigmund. The phone rings and it is Lisette. She lives in the same dorm as Charlotte and apparently the girl ran out to find the Cannibal Candy killer. Raishin goes to find Charlotte but when he opens the door he finds Shouko and her other two robots. As Yaya receives a lecture from one of the dolls on how to be more....submissive Shouko lectures Raishin on his lack of destruction when it comes to dolls. If he wants to be the very best he can't catch them all, he has to destroy them all. Raishin says he won't, that he sees them as humans. Shouko is all sigh what to do with this boy and talks about how the school has hid a lot of facts surrounding this case. Raishin gets frustrated as he just wants to help Charlotte. Shouko then unleashes Yaya's true power but warns the rules of this world still apply. Raishin and Yaya run out to help Charlotte as Shouko stays behind. One of the other robots worries that Yaya is too much for Raishin. Shouko thinks back to when she found Raishin in the snow inside the rumble of his broken house. He was trying to master puppetry and she admired his courage. She thinks he can handle Yaya. She also wonders if Raishin will be able to kill Magnus who turns out to be Raishin's older brother.
 photo dollmachineepisode312_zps5ed5ff9f.jpg
Was it tasty bait?
While Charlotte is outside exploring the grounds Raishin runs into Lisette and he asks to help investigate which apparently irritates her. She takes him to the giant vault full of robots. Yaya is made to stay outside because of the fragile nature of things. While they walk around Raishin asks questions about certain people's robots. Lisette goes to show Raishin Felix's robot when Raishin remembers a conversation they had during the first investigation. Basically Lisette spoke about something that she shouldn't have known. Raishin runs off and opens another container. Inside of it he finds the body of Lisette, revealing the girl who is Lisette to be a banned doll. She appears and beats the shit out of Raishin. Raishin escapes and Lisette throws suspicion onto Raishin when guards come by. Charlotte has run into a robot outside and she has Sigmund pin him to the ground. Before she can see who the culprit is Felix appears and explains this was bait for Cannibal Candy. Well it turns out that Raishin didn't escape. My bad. When he is being taken away Kimberly looks over his wounds and sees how injured he really is. Yaya is pretty broken on the ground too but Raishin seems to give Yaya a command and she powers up again, all crazy like. Felix orders his men to investigate all the red light they see (which is Yaya) as he deals with Cannibal Candy Charlotte himself. Well Charlotte slowly realizes it is Felix and he did this all to frame her. He goes to attack her but Sigmund takes the blow in his little body, down for the count. Yaya and Raishin also show up before Charlotte is squished and say they have this. THE END!
 photo dollmachineepisode313_zpsed0c731b.jpg
Next week Raishin will make another friend and they will have a sad past so both Charlotte and Yaya can feel threatened weee!
See I told you it was going by super fast. Raishin just got to this school like three days ago and he is already in a love triangle, lost a potential friend, got caught up in some pretty messed up stuff, and had a visit from...Shouko the boobalious. A lot going on here folks.
 photo dollmachineepisode33_zps95c095b8.jpg
By killing her?
First things first. Raishin and Charlotte get back from their date and automatically assume that Cannibal Candy has attacked. He or she HAVE but I am not sure why the white mist made them think that. There were a few other moments in the show this week when terms were just glossed over. Terms that might make sense. Like oh yes Cannibal Candy is this kind of robot so this and this can happen. I feel as if this show has an original source material and these terms were explained better in them. For now all we need to know Charlotte and Raishin were freaking out because they left their robots alone and now there is mist.
 photo dollmachineepisode3_zpsb901e593.jpg
Run to Yaya!!!
Thankfully their fears were for naught. Or else this show would have been super short yes. It was another robot who got their special heart circuit Eve thingy ripped out. That didn't stop Raishin from freaking out or having bad dreams later. He really does care for Yaya and thought she was the one attacked. Instead it was a robot that also belonged to one of people who attacked Charlotte in episode 1. I am sensing a pattern here folks.
 photo dollmachineepisode32_zps4646a9e9.jpg
Woe is Felix...not really.
Charlotte might have been sensing something but upon seeing Felix she got a case of the blushy girl and ran off. To know...she is a bit special. Or she should be running away. Raishin has been in the school for 5 minutes and she is already running off with him having dates and eating breakfast together. Charlotte did like Felix and Felix told Charlotte he liked her. So you run away you guilt person! I don't think Raishin is at fault though. He just showed up and things happened. Felix and his no eyes can take his act somewhere.
 photo dollmachineepisode34_zps5d115a15.jpg
See the moment?
So after this super long and eventful day it is time for Raishin to get some sleep so he can prepare to catch the Cannibal Candy killer the next day. Probably saving Charlotte's life. Wrongo. First Raishin and Yaya have to have a little moment. Yaya was a good little robot and waited for Raishin in her room. Not that she would have been able to tell him that thus the worrying. Raishin was very interested in learning if Sigmund was with Yaya all night. Yaya started to get bent out of shape but Raishin quickly explained all of this was to give Charlotte an alibi. That she can't be the Cannibal Candy. Yaya was all like YAY you do care for me but then it turned into boobie talk and how Shouko has a better figure. Of course she does. All woman named Shouko do. Sleep? What is sleep? Now Yaya is all upset and threatening to drown Raishin again. You is a robot, you do know that right crazy pants?
 photo dollmachineepisode37_zpscb4ef4b9.jpg
Because dolls are people too!
Sleep was not going to come though. Shouko has arrived. Not Youko. Although now I am seeing two different spellings of Youko. What the heck? I need to pay attention folks. Or not watch silly translations. I am sure it is me though. Anyway Shouko the doll maker is here folks. With her other dolls Irori and Komurasaki. Clearly all of these dolls have different personalities and what not. Yaya seems to be the most....attached to her owner while one is more childish and the other is way more mature. Know your place as a robot. So Yaya can run around and get more special powers from Shouko that requires her outfit to be slightly undone. Our one fan service moment of the episode.
 photo dollmachineepisode39_zpsbfb2cbe0.jpg
I don't think this scene could have been any more dramatic but you know....
There is no real reason for Shouko to be there. Raishin has been at school for about 3 days? Maybe less. How did she get there so fast? The Cannibal Candy problem has been going on for a while so if she was concerned about him maybe she could have solved the problem before arriving. Unless he called and told her about it. Either way her showing up was odd. Just like it was there so we could see a bit of Raishin's past. Shouko being the great doll maker and finding Raishin broken in the snow, practicing in the burnt down house with a naked doll. Because you know that wasn't dramatic enough. Poor Raishin indeed. We don't know how dolls are made or what makes Shouko the best at it. Just that she lent Raishin Yaya. Or gave her to him. Either way before the walk down memory lane could be complete Raishin runs off and Shouko thinks of happier times, like molesting Yaya in the snow as Raishin lay bleeding. I like how she slide it in that Raishin and Magnus are brothers. Like um why wouldn't he recognize him then? Of course then she slid right in she might be the reason why Raishin lost his whole family so....
 photo dollmachineepisode310_zps1da542c3.jpg
Dolls that have been in production for a really long time....
Oh before I go any further clearly I was one on a major issue. This robot age has been around for quite a while. Like a LONG time. Some of these robots have been around for a long, long time. This isn't new technology. I was a little tiny bit assuming and confused. This technology has been around for a while. Sorta like in most magical shows magic has been around for a while. This show had a steam punk period and combined magic and machines. Thus we got robots of all shapes and sizes. There has been more advanced robots later, like Yaya and her nipples and there are older ones like the one at the train station. But yes. Robots have been around for a while.
 photo dollmachineepisode38_zps12697c60.jpg
Sounds like Yaya is a powerful robot. And she is allowed to just walk around free as a bird?
Why are some students allowed to have their robots around 24/7 and some are locked in a vault? Is it a size issue? Or do the owners prefer it that way? I just found the vault weird and necessary. Like it was a way for Raishin to find Lisette's body. But maybe some people want their robots to be safe so they can't be sneaked attack like Charlotte? They will never go up in rank but maybe not everyone aspires to be Wiseman? I don't know...unless it recharges them or something. Which requires the owner's mana. I don't know, the vault was weird. I don't know, maybe it will be explained later.
 photo dollmachineepisode311_zps25a9f95c.jpg
Yay for figuring it out Raishin!
What was explained is that Raishin was slowly putting this together. Usually the culprit in these type of shows lets on more than they should know. Lisette had said something about who the victim was when it made more sense for that to be the attacker. I mean look at the big hole in the ground. Off Raishin went to investigate and he found said dead Lisette. Why keep around a dead body? Why not have a ban doll eat it all? Or throw it away? If there was more investigating would we found the rest of the missing kids in the rest of the vaults? So hungry this ban doll.
 photo dollmachineepisode315_zpsd5d658bf.jpg
And then Charlotte cried forever.
As Charlotte found out in a dramatic fashion Felix is the culprit. Surprise! He wasn't killing/defeating kids to punish them for hurting Charlotte. He just wanted to frame her since she was one of the strongest in the school. Typical. And he looks a little crazy. How long has Lisette been dead for? Did he have another doll before Lisette and he made her over time? Can't really get in school that way. Either way none of this is Felix's fault. I bet he even paid the other kids to attack Charlotte because he is too much of a coward himself.
 photo dollmachineepisode316_zpsfcd9dde6.jpg
We are here to save the day!
The episode ends with Raishin not being down for the count. He did get the crap beat out of him. Lisette is a robot, not a girl wearing boots so obviously he got really hurt. So did Yaya. Me thinks she did not quietly into that sweet night, being kidnapped. But since Shouko (not Youko) unlocked Yaya's powers she is super Yaya! Raishin is just....super human. His heart power keeps him alive folks. They barely made it in time to save Charlotte but given how injured he is....he did his best. And since Sigmund is quite squished me thinks Raishin is not going to have fun in episode 4. What do you think? Poor little Raishin. Suffering is him.

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