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Nagi no Asukara episode 7

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I'm the piggie...:(
Post number 2 weee!!! I am glad that random sickness went away as fast as it appeared. There is turkey to eat tomorrow folks. I am going to someone's house that I don't know very well so cross yo fingers for the parade AND socially awkward me. I am contributing...pumpkin pie. That I bought. That is how I roll. XD Up now though is Nagi no Asukara episode 7. Spoilers for adults just not getting it part 2!
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HMMMMM the sea and land coming together...not going to happen.
Episode Summary: There is much rejoicing. At long last the doll has been finished. Rejoice the masses. Saya and jerk kid seem to celebrate the most which is laughable for several reasons. Teach offers to take the kids out but that doesn't seem enough for Manaka and Tsumugu who wish for the festival to actually happen. Things get serious as apparently Teach hasn't thought that far in advance. The kids all sit down and come together to think how they can make this happen. Both the land adults in charge and sea ones seem okay with not having a festival due to problems lately. Hikari grows frustrated as he wants to make this happen for Manaka and Tsumugu's happiness. It is decided that they need to show the adults how important the festival is to all. They take to the streets and ask for signatures. A few people pass them by but soon all the kids play to the strengths (minus Chisaki and Miuna) to get a lot of signatures. Most people seem happy to sign but surprised as they thought the festival was called off. They get Akari to put a sign in the store and she offers to help in other ways. After a while Hikari presents his father with tons of signatures. Ta da festival time yes? No. Dad simply says no. Hikari has the rage. Wants to know why. Dad says it is more complicated than Hikari knows. Akari argues it's not that hard and they need to put on this festival. Dad is like no. Even Akari tries to add two cents. Still Hikari has to report back to this little group that his dad (therefore the entire elders of sea people) have said no go. The land kids weren't any better convincing their people. There is more outrage, wondering why people can't get along. We are all humans right? Put aside those differences now. Hikari really does want to do this for Tsumugu and Manaka's happiness while Akari wants to show Miuna a real Ofunekiki.
 photo naginoepisode711_zpse1dbeaff.jpg
I am too actually...thought it would take a lot longer.
Somehow Tsumugu and Hikari keep working on being annoying and manage to bring together the fishing company and the older sea people. Hikari and Tsumugu are apart of the meeting whereas the other kids watch outside. Teach is there to mediate any problems. First all the adults look over the doll. Most of the men seem impressed but Dad points out the robe is backwards. Hikari is like quick fix, no problem. Things start off rather rocky but Hikari really leads with we must do this for tradition. Even though it was touch and go at times it was agreed that they should put on the Ofunekiki. Everyone rejoices.....until the other two sea people ask for an apology. What? The land people are like what?!?! The two sea people list their reasons for why they want an apology and the land people list their feeble complaints. This leads to pushing and shoving. Akari and Boyfriend pick that moment to show up to the meeting which ends well. And by well I mean that someone pushes Hikari into the doll and its head breaks. Festival off. Game over. After this disaster Dad is forced to talk to Akari. He tells her to break up with Boyfriend. She said she has no plans to do that and mom would have married Dad if he had been from the surface. That night Hikari is pissed and decides he is leaving too. Akari is like what but decides this is what he wants, that being home alone with Dad would be awkward. For some reason Akari sees Uroko before she goes. Dad is there. Akari is super respectful saying she was leaving. Hikari is like peace out. As they walk away Uroko says they are related to HIM he can't let them leave. He turns on the magic which starts off as a tame water spout but soon there is ice and crazy. Akari and Hikari continue walking despite the conditions. They are going to freeze but Akari sees Miuna's face and is like no I am going to be her mom. Dad asks for mercy and Uroko stops the attack. Akari and Hikari then run off. THE END!
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In the face of freedom. X___X
Well then. I know most animes are teenage/young person centric as that is their core audience. That is when a person has “freedom” in their lives in Japan. Before they have to grow up, get very long/boring jobs, and pop babies out. Adults are so old and stuck in their ways. Only kids can be free to think of new ways, go against the grain. Oh what a fantasy Japan.
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You ALL did it?
Before I get too far I want to say I am rather slow. The doll is called Ofunekiki right? The wooden doll that replaces the virgin maiden being tossed into the sea to die because virgin men...don't exist? Now the festival is also called Ofunekiki right? Like a Christmas tree is for Christmas? I am just going to say wooden doll and Ofunekiki for the festival as to not confuse myself. Or other people. Mainly just me though.
 photo naginoepisode73_zpse9a5976b.jpg
.....Were they making the doll for fun?
So due to there being a lot of new kids helping the wooden doll gets finished pretty fast. I like the random offerings too. I was going to say there was way too many people helping for a small project but it's not like I can carve anything. Maybe it does take a long time. I don't know. Hey little punks that were missing with Hikari? You two were new to the project. So don't be calling Popsicle cheap. Free stuff from a teacher is free. Goes for you too Saya, you doll breaker acting the most excited.
 photo naginoepisode75_zps17c64e35.jpg
Wait now I am confused. I thought the festival was out and out cancelled....
So...if the festival was canceled why did the teacher ask the kids to make the wooden doll? Did he think if the adults saw how much work the kids put into it they would be like oh wow!!! We totally need to put on the festival since the doll is the hardest part. Nor the stalls and other preparations and working with other people's schedules. No no, the doll we didn't ask to be made is done for us. So the festival is back on? Is that how the teacher thought things were going to go down? Because....yeah it doesn't sound like he did. More like he wanted the sea kids and land kids to come together by making said doll. Only that really didn't happen. Not with the first doll anyway. So yeah wouldn't the purpose of making the wooden doll to be to have the festival? Why are the kids wishing for it and not Teach? He is such a wet noodle. I mean he means well but he has no backbone. Like can't we all just get along with no effort at all?
 photo naginoepisode78_zps91bf68aa.jpg
Everyone needs to smile or else!
The driving force behind wanting the Ofunekiki was....Hikari. Both Manaka and Tsumugu both wished for it out loud which got cat calls and woohoos from the crowd. Hikari has decided to see Chisaki's maryter card and raise her a twenty. Like oh Manaka doesn't love me? Well I am going to do everything in my power to make Tsumugu and Manaka happy. Because making the person I love happy is more important than me being happy by being with them. Oh Peeta how giving of you. So Hikari took out his determined face and was like eff you adults we will make this happen.
 photo naginoepisode76_zpsd51f3c48.jpg
Sign this or there will be NO festival at all...or the sea people won't help AT ALL. So confused.
Only the kids themselves can't actually do it all alone. They can only show the adults how important the festival is to all. Now...the kids did this by collecting signatures from land people and most of the people they talked to were interested in helping. I guess it doesn't take much to give a signature. I just thought that since there was such bad blood between the land and sea (except for those vixens who leave) that everyone was going to avoid talk about the Ofunekiki. But hello this is an anime made in Japan. They live for festivals and old traditions. Everyone sign those papers. I's for your own good land people who are all probably former sea people 5 times removed. This is to make sure the sea god doesn't kill you.
 photo naginoepisode77_zpsc33251f5.jpg
Kaname seducing older woman for signatures nice.
So yeah.....the kids got quite a few signatures. While there might be some tension between the land and is hard to pinpoint where. I mean all the kids in class were rude at first. Well some were rude. And the others said nothing. Which is almost the same thing. Kids learn this behavior from their parents. So there has to be some tension or there wouldn't be this kind of issues. So maybe they got happy signatures from people who either don't care or actually like the festival part of this delimia so they will sign. Again not so much effort to sign a paper that requires you to do nothing. Land people might not have a problem with sea people but still prefer to be with “their own kind”. Change is bad. Which is almost as bad as outright hatred but...when you are use to things it is hard to change. Thus the kids embracing it. Plush...this ceremony is mainly for land people to kiss sea god's butt. Just accept the help.
 photo naginoepisode79_zps5f63a312.jpg
The older sea people listen so well....
The real issue that Hikari found out about is....the older sea people. Hikari went to his father with all his signatures and it was a giant nope. Do not want. Now I do understand his stance and..anger? Resentment? I am sure the sea village was once full of people and happiness. But over the years the population has shrank. We can't blame the land people for being too sexy as it takes two to tango. And maybe the land has a lot to offer. I haven't seen other sea villages. But besides the population issues there are other things that the land has done. Population of fishes, pollution in the water (salt and what not), and their inability to take responsibility. So I can see why Hikari's dad is I mean why should he help, putting aside the Akari issue? This ceremony is the land's job right? My memory is a little rusty but it is for land people to say sorry for leaving the sea yes? The sea people are still there so....I guess it would be a good gesture to help anyway.
 photo naginoepisode710_zps059f090a.jpg
We can do this guys woohoo!!!
Despite Akari trying to help dad said no and Hikari wasn't taking that for an answer. They are doing this Ofunekiki for Tsumugu and Manaka mainly. I guess with this issue some good has come out of it. By seeing how the adults are acting the kids have slowly changed their behavior. We are not fish or pigs. We have voices and we can understand each other. Just a few days there was hostility for these kids. More like no one really knew how to act and they were behaving how they were taught. It would be a great time for the teacher to make this into a giant learning lesson. Like lead the new generation. Still the kids are trying. Got it out of their system and moving on.
 photo naginoepisode712_zpsdacfc036.jpg
Except you know.....when you did....
Eventually Tsumugu, Hikari, and the lead brat land kid manages to wrangle the fishing company men and the head sea villagers into a meeting. I am surprised the two boys were allowed to sit in on the meeting. More like um we are trying to make this happen, we deserve to be here. Ther other kids were forced to spy. At least they go see things. Not that it went well. At first it did,....well maybe not. It was going poorly in an expected way. People were not willing to budge, hate each other, just nos all around. Teach was again useless. But Hikari and maybe 5 percent of Tsumugu were able to convince them how everyone needs to come together. Tradition. Do it for the kids. That is why Akari was walking to the meeting, she wanted Miuna to see a real Ofunekiki. It was like Hikari was also putting a Band-aid on the wound. They were going to do the festival and work on everything else later.
 photo naginoepisode713_zps0d9a7aa3.jpg
Why bother coming to the meeting if you were going to end things this way....
As quickly as things were resolved that is how quick things hit the fan. Now....I can really understand why it went like this. See I am a big fan of apologizes. Like okay we can move on but I need my sorry or it will eat away at me. So...while the sea people were a bit....assholish about it...they thought they deserved an apology. Now do I think they thought they were going to get one? No. I thnk it was done in a way to cause a fight and for them to say SEE they are always causing problems!!! It's not us. We have mainly only seen one side of this feud but with my limited knowledge it looks like the land people do take, take, take. The land people didn't really have much to back up their claims. You nitpicked our plans last time and we will never do it again? Yeah I can see how the sea people think they are coming up short.
 photo naginoepisode714_zpscd70fb9d.jpg
What a positive view on life weee!
This all blew up into a big fight in which Akari and the wooden doll were caught up in the cross fire. Well Hikari too since he was pushed into said wooden doll. All that hard work again and the doll is ruined. Um glue her head back on and it will be okay with a scarf? But it is more the feeling behind it. Like have destroyed the festival again. Akari just walked in at the wrong time. I mean the conversation between her and dad was going to happen anyway. Because he doesn't want to lose lose her. He saw the Littler Mermaid original version. This doesn't end well. In the cafe Akari was pretty respectful. Like she knew what he was going to say and knew she was going to break his heart. But now she wants to follow her own heart. I am not sure if it was a cheap shot to mention Mom or not. I mean the truth is the truth. If that is what Mom said then she said it. Tug at the heart strings a bit.
 photo naginoepisode715_zps4d02e92e.jpg
Wait what?! X__X
In the end it didn't matter. Didn't work. But here is the real shocker. Hikari was like peace out too. I was not expecting that. I mean he does love his sister and is super pissed at his dad. I just didn't think it was going to be on that level. Like why not just run away to Kaname's house? Hikari doesn't want to leave the sea right? I just didn't think he was going to go that far. Or that his sister would let him. You can never go back!! well I am sure he will go back but still. He doesn't know it. I was just like XO for real?!
 photo naginoepisode717_zps67381245.jpg
So let me go or else....err.....
The episode ends with Uroko using his magical powers to try and stop Hikari and Akari from leaving. Like actual magical powers. Again Akari was polite in how she wanted to leave. Hikari maybe not so much. But Dad was worried as Uroko pulled out the fireworks. Waterworks? I mean obviously Uroko wasn't going to kill them. Unless he was setting an example since things are “changing” now. But Akari and Hikari leaving meant something. Other people have left the village and apparently they were just banished. So why all the ice and tornadoes of water? Uroko hinted they were ancestors of HIM and I don't think it was Dad himself. Maybe the sea god? I don't know. All I do know is it would be rude to point out Hikari and Akari were walking way when they could have swam up. Because that would take away from the seriousness of the moment. Akari and Hikari took turns being each other's rock but Akari had resolved to be Miuna's mom so she was determined to go. Dad was able to get Uroko to spare them for now but where does this leave things? Change is coming and Chisaki hates change. Manaka cried because the doll's head fell. How is she going to react to Hikari's banishment? Guess we will have to find out next time.....

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