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Nagi no Asukara episode 5

Guys. Guys. You guys. I hate clothes. I really do. I close my eyes and see bags and bags of clothes. I hear the door opening, with people bringing in more bags of clothes. I have never seen so many clothes in my life. Co-worker said there are two super busy times of year and this is one of them. Yet it has never been this busy according to her. I came home every night last week and flopped on the couch. No energy at all. Creating sentences and thoughts were beyond me. I hope to catch up on a lot of anime this weekend as the husband has his weekend a month. I have not given up blogging, just apparently given up sanity at this job.
 photo naginoepisode513_zps32dc79fc.jpg
This is Hikari being helpful.
With a tummy full of sweet tarts (or whatever the other sweet tart things are called) I do have another post I started last week, before all my hopes and dreams of sitting down for 5 seconds at work were dashed by a nonstop parade of suck. Nagi no Asukara episode 5. GO ME!!!! My blog is like a time machine. Come, join me back in time two weeks ago. Spoilers for Hikari maturing a lot in this episode. I think.
 photo naginoepisode59_zps39cfcf2a.jpg
That kid is either annoying or awesome. I can't tell.
Episode Summary: Hikari wakes up and is surprised to see Akari up and making breakfast. She claims she is going to work today. Hikari is like okay...and runs off to school despite Akari wanting to walk together. Dad pulls Akari aside and tells her to give up on the Boyfriend. Akari gets a little sad and goes on her way. Dad goes to the temple to pray. Uroko says the fire is the heart of the sea god and it is trying to tell the sea people something. That the boundaries between the sea and land need to be permanent, that the overload on salt is just the beginning. The kids are walking to school with Manaka explaining that Chisaki wasn't feeling well and she catch up later. Manaka thinks to herself that Chisaki was down since yesterday afternoon. Chisaki isn't ill, she is just woe is her. She has these dirty feelings for Hikari and she is so bad. She wants to be a good and pure girl like Manaka but look at her. Chisaki eventually makes it to the surface to walk to school where she runs into Tsumugu who is late due to work. She apologizes for the entire Hikari fiasco to him for some reason and Tsumugu is like....do you like Hikari? She tries to deny it at first but then asks Hikari to be her secret telling slug. She starts to talk to him about Hikari when Tsumugu gestures that Manaka was standing there. She came back to wait for Chisaki but the shocked impression on both the girl's faces causes Manaka to run away. Chisaki gives chase and eventually catches the girl. Manaka tries to pretend that she didn't hear but Chisaki drags the truth out of her. Then Chisaki tells the girl to pretend she didn't hear....Manaka promises but given the class has to practice dancing Manaka is on hyper alert because Chisaki has to dance with Hikari. While this is all going on Boyfriend confronts Akari and says they need to talk. Akari opens up the conversation with we need to break up. Akari thinks back to when Miori first died and she came over to take care of the family. Miuna was always so happy to see her and things were going great. Then Boyfriend suggested they tell Miuna they were together since she liked Akari. Well that didn't end well obviously. Now Akari wants to break it off. Boyfriend was like I wasn't coming to break up with you, just that we should take it slow. Akari is like no goodbye. She goes outside and sees Miuna was leaving gum graffiti near the store again. Before Miuna can run off Akari is like no I was going to tell you I AM leaving.
 photo naginoepisode514_zps4df586ec.jpg
:( But what about the sea?!
Later that night Akari calls her house to tell them that Miuna has disappeared. Hikari tells Akari that he is going to find the girl and Akari needs to stop acting like HIS mom/grown-up and go ahead and be Miuna's mom. Hikari gathers up his friends and they go look for the girl. They are about to give up when Hikari badmouths the Boyfriend. Miuna appears and kicks Hikari for said insult. Miuna isn't up for returning home so Hikari has someone call Akari. Akari gets ahold of Boyfriend as she collapses with all this nonsense. She confesses to be in love with Boyfriend which makes things all awkward. She doesn't want to hurt Miuna though. Due to some anime magic the kids find some abandon dishes and cups and cooking things in a closed down building. Hikari catches some fish but Chisaki sends Manaka and Miuna into the water to catch more. They find a sea slug and Manaka explains why some of those are special. Miuna says she does something similar to that wishing thing. After eating the rest of the kids go home but Hikari sticks around to look at the stars with Miuna and to tell her Akari isn't that bad of a person. Miuna gets upset and flings herself into the sea. She thinks back to when she asked her mom why she left the sea and her mom was like because I love you more. Hikari saves her from the water and she cries for a bit because she can't swim. She then explains that she was so sad after her mom died and Akari help to fill that void. But when she found out about Akari and her dad getting together she was afraid if something happened to Akari she couldn't handle it. Hikari thinks of Manaka and how maybe life would be easier if you didn't get close to people. Then things get a little weird with Miuna maybe having a crush on Hikari. The next morning a sad Akari walks super early to work only to find Hikari and Miuna sleeping outside the store. They finished the gum graffiti that says Don't GET LOST. Akari hugs Miuna and breaks down into hysteria tears, saying she would never replace Miuna's mom but wants to stay herself by Miuna's side forever. She cries and cries while Hikari jokes who the kid is in this relationship. THE END!!!
 photo naginoepisode5_zps011d57ed.jpg
Err Hikari can you point out the happy to me? I think I am missing it....
Um....well that ended on a positive note. I know that Akari was crying and so was Miuna a bit but the scene was happy as Hikari smiled at. I was like um did I miss something because why is there smiling when things are still not that happy. HMMM folks love conquering all or wishful thinking?
 photo naginoepisode53_zps9a78c91d.jpg
But...what about the sea people who live on land?!
Because yeah...Uroko and Dad were having a serious conversation in the temple. I thought that last episode Uroko was implying that things were going to change for the surface people and sea people. Like well everyone will get ena no matter where they live. But I shouldn't have thought something so positive. Uroko is talking about how the god of the sea (Mr. Fire) is really talking about how they should cut off the sea people from the surface. Like you know what...we are losing quite a few people this way. They go up there, fall in love, and the kid will become a land kid, not a sea kid. Given how the land people don't seem to embrace the sea people and they are...polluting the sea...things are coming to ahead. So yeah Akari, have your happy moment. For now. Because clearly things are going to either get worse or get worse before they get better.
 photo naginoepisode55_zps3a58b0da.jpg
Won't someone listen to my problems?!
But that is me getting ahead of myself again. I am good at that. For half of second Chisaki got some moments to shine this episode. I thought more of the episode would be devoted to her. Like a lot of it. Maybe there will be more to come but clearly Chisaki isn't the main character. She isn't a main character but at this point we know more about Miuna than we do Chisaki. The group goes to school ahead of Chisaki because she is still having a moment over the fact that everyone has been helping Hikari but her. I don't think separating herself from the group will help her get over that or improve the situation but you know. When you are having a cry sometimes your actions don't make sense.
 photo naginoepisode56_zps4b7b7beb.jpg
I will listen to your problems but someone else is listening too so......
Sorta like...how Chisaki confided into Tsumugu. I mean when you think about it Chisaki doesn't have that many options. If the sea people are really dying out she might not have that many friends her age. This could be it. So she can't tell Manaka because that would be...well awkward and mean apparently. Kaname already knows but probably this is mean too because he might like her. And she definitely can't tell Hikari for obvious reasons. Perhaps she could have told Akari but that would still be weird. So the only surface kid that has given them any attention or kindness is Tsumugu. Despite him being a boy and not a very close friend Chisaki chose to tell him her friends for Hikari. I can understand the feeling of needing to let it out. Like I need to tell someone or I will explode. And maybe by telling someone I don't know very well it can happen in a safe environment. The whole telling strangers things you can't tell your friends or family.
 photo naginoepisode57_zps46c8e20c.jpg
Can someone tell me how to feel?
But since this is a dramatic anime this was not to be. Because Manaka is a good girl she went back to wait for her friend. Because Manaka is the best person ever. And she overheard this conversation. Now....it was kinda....weird how things happened. Obviously Chisaki didn't want Manaka to hear or remember this for obvious reasons. But why was Manaka so embarrassed? Or hurt? I don't think Manaka likes Hikari or thinks of him in that way...yet. Yet folks. So I doubt she is jealous. Nor does the girl know that Hikari likes her. So Manaka wasn't running away because she realized she was in a love triangle. I think she just ran away because her good girl heart thinks she hurt Chisaki by listening in. That Chisaki didn't want her to know and now Manaka has broken that trust. Manaka probably isn't hurt that Chisaki didn't tell her. Or if she is that is not why she ran away. Just....Manaka is a confusing person because she is so good. But she better not be jealous. Unless she wants to know why Chisaki was talking to Tsumugu about this....
 photo naginoepisode54_zpsa584c232.jpg
I can never be a good girl like Chisaki. SUCH A BAD GIRL!
In the end Chisaki going on and on about what a wicked girl she is or however she worded it makes me roll eyes. Almost out my head. It is like animes have to teach people how do be. Boys are this way and girls are this way. Any deviation makes them...well not ideal. Manaka is ideal because she puts others ahead of herself and she is cute and little. She smiles a lot and cries a lot and people have to love her for this. By not being Manaka Chisaki is not the ideal. I don't see how this makes Chisaki a naughty girl or a bad girl. She likes Hikari. Manaka has not said anything about liking Hikari. She is acting like she likes Tsumugu. So the only person she is potentially hurting is herself since she knows Hikari likes Manaka. She isn't running around stealing boyfriends or sabotaging relationships. Just because she feels a certain way she thinks she is a bad person. Don't like this scenario so much in animes.
 photo naginoepisode510_zps9068ed0e.jpg
You aren't my mom!!!!
But that was just a super tiny part of this episode. Put your feelings aside for Miuna. Well and Akari. There are other people having crappier days. Silly Chisaki, falling in love with someone from the sea and it still won't work out. No no we got to catch up with Akari to see how her horrible life is working. And it isn't working very well. Sadness all over the place. I might have been harsh on her last week. I mean....it wasn't like she caused the car accident that killed the wife. She just...was ready and waiting to help pick up the pieces. I mean maybe if the wife had lived Akari would have just been that...some creepy “cousin” who blushes when the husband was around. But Akari took care of the Boyfriend and Miuna after said wife died because a man taking care of a kid alone is craziness. And it just grew from there. And since Miuna didn't take the news well and still hates her Akari wants to pull out of this relationship. Which I think might be a little bit of bullshit. Akari should be worried about her OWN family. The one she would be basically banished from if she stayed on the surface. Instead she made the break up about Miuna and I am not really down for all of that.
 photo naginoepisode512_zps81b24128.jpg
While Hikari is saying things harsh....he is really maturing and wants his sister to be happy.
Given that Akari told Miuna she was out of Miuna's life forever...Miuna did the logical thing and ran away. So Akari did the logical thing and called her little brother for help. I like that Hikari was like look you are not acting like an adult in this situation, stop acting like it. Of course.....Hikari then goes on to say that Akari should go on and be Miuna's mom. Which is sad. Hikari still needs his big sister. And by being Miuna's mom that means Akari will be banished from the sea. To sum this up...what?! Oh and then Hikari gathered up all his sea friends to find Miuna and not some you know land adults. I SEE!!!
 photo naginoepisode515_zps1b0d7871.jpg
Why the heck would a business leave all this stuff behind!??! But I guess that is not the point....
After Miuna revealed herself and the group had a magical cookout in the torn up dock (like really, really they found all the stuff to cook and eat with?!?!) Hikari is left to deal with Miuna. Well Manaka did try to help out with Miuna but clearly this was something Hikari had to deal with. He is motherless and his sister Akari is involved. So he has to be involved. And I really think he did a great job. I mean I guess everyone is forgetting that Akari will have to leave the ocean if this relationship continues. No one really wants to mention that but whatever. But Hikari kept his cool even with Miuna flung herself into the ocean.
 photo naginoepisode516_zps179b6752.jpg
:( I can understand that thinking too.....losing someone you love or never loving at all? I guess my husband and I are going to have to live forever.
Can I really make fun of a little girl who...had an emotional attack and went into the ocean? That would be like questioning why little kids kill themselves over Facebook comments. We all know....well everyone who is an adult just knows how unfortunate that decision is. But sometimes adults make very....rash decisions too because they can't think due to sadness and anger. So yeah...Miuna was very....um...emotional. Like I am just a little kid and I can't express myself well. My mom gave up the ocean and I feel like the cause. I can't swim let alone live in the sea. My mom is dead. And if I wanted Akari to be my new mom I wouldn't want that because I am worried that I will lose her too. I really was a bit shocked about that being the real reason Miuna was all team anger. I thought she didn't want a replacement mom but it would end up being a replacement Akari and the two girls would cry over mom being dead. That maybe Hikari would mention about how he lost his mom too and he knows how the girl feels. So that was a bit shocking to me.
 photo naginoepisode517_zps8749b413.jpg
So much sadness for a young woman to handle.
But that is how the episode ends. Miuna was really upset that she grew close to Akari and didn't want to be hurt again. Hikari understands that thinking but still doesn't want that to happen. And Akari....well Akari spent the last few minutes of the episode crying on the ground and both children comforting her. You really can't blame Akari. She has been through a lot too. Gave up hopes and dreams for Hikari's sake. Trying to be the adult when she really wasn't ready to take on that role. Make friends with a cast away from the sea and her new family. Take care of said family after said friend dies. Then she falls in love despite the odds, the daughter hates her, and the whole village hates her. Yes it is time to cry. Don't look too happy Hikari. Akari might have Miuna's approval but what does this spell for your family? I heard that Uroko wants to make the boundaries between the sea and surface more permanent? One point for love, no points for family's staying together. YAY HAPPINESS!

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