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Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova episode 3

One more post weeee! Thought my eyes were going to melt after spending so much time in front of the computer. I should do that thing called exercise...go outside...move. You know, all those things. It would be easier to do the right thing if it wasn't boring. XD I mean how can I watch TV outside? Craziness.
 photo bluesteelepisode314_zpsecb4c95c.jpg
Like those are ideas and such right?
So here is the second post that should have been up last night but my brain was like nooo go to bed. Me thinks the coding on this post got messed up for some reason as I all I see are well if I type it the computer gets mad. The divs. Hopefully this works out. Then it is on to breakfast and getting ready for work SO MUCH FUN. Up now is Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova episode 3. Spoilers for super warm welcomes yay!
 photo bluesteelepisode36_zpsca51d6a8.jpg
This is one serious dock here folks....
Episode Summary: Gunzou and crew have arrived at the Port of Yokosuka. This is most of theirs home town although one of the crew seems impressed. Things have changed a lot since they last were here. There are huge walls that protect the bay and a super eleborate process into docking inside the underground harbor. All the navy soldiers are on super guard as they point guns at the crew as everything is checked. Nothing is said about the gravity gun they have on board so Gunzou assumes that his connection Vice President So and So is on their side. Still the inspection is lengthy and no one goes out of their way to make them feel wanted. More like get your supplies and be on your way. Gunzou orders the crew to do certain things, from making sure things are supplied right to making sure that the weapons are looked after. Gunzou takes Iona out as everyone else is guarded by the navy who is like hmmm we have to do our jobs so don't judge us. As the crew works Gunzou takes Iona on a side trip through his old town. Iona notes that there are more shops and people since they were last here. Gunzou thinks that since the wall has been built some people must have come back to the bay. Iona thinks that is illogical as being near any water source is dangerous, no matter how amazing the wall is. Gunzou says that some people just want to be near the sea, no matter how illogical it might be. Gunzou and Iona run into a rich girl running away from her maids. She is shortly taken away by said maids and Iona scans the girl, stating she lives alone. Gunzou thinks that it is odd that Iona has taken an interest in someone other than the crew and Iona looks like she wants to say more....The illogical train continues as Gunzou stops by a graveyard to pay respects to those lost in the Fog War, probably his dad. Iona doesn't really see the point of this place as dead people are dead and it's not like they died at this spot. More illogical behavior. But as Gunzou sees people crying over a grave he realizes this is a spot for the living, not the dead. And being illogical is a sign that people have evolved. Back at the docks final preparations and supplies are being loaded on the 401 when the crew looks up...and the army has arrived and taken the navy and them captive. They set to work capturing Iona and Gunzou. Iona wants to fight but Gunzou asks her to stay her ground. They are invited to a dinner party at some fancy place. As they wait Kita, some super important past member of the Navy and current super important politician, joins them. Everyone is hmmmm at this situation.
 photo bluesteelepisode312_zpsb64c34d8.jpg
Please go on and make more sense please.
Elsewhere Kongou and her tea set are drinking along with another Fog Ship. As they drink their tea they talk about the situation that Takao has found herself in and how Kongou has sent two submarines to investigate her. When the other Fog Ship questions why Kongou is doing something like tactics she explains that they have to adapt. That Fog Ships were used to following orders and doing things directly. That it was easy to take on humans because they lacked the superior technology. But if humans got a Fog Ship like oh I don't know Iona....the tide would turn. Thus the avatars are able to learn and grow from their experiences and Kongou is able think of tactics. Meanwhile Takao has gone to shore and bought a magazine about being a captain of a ship. She has a love moment imagining that Gunzou is...riding her. The two spy submarines 400 and 402 appear and question Takao why she has left the fleet. She tries to explain she wants to be the best weapon possible and for that she will need a captain. The two submarines think there is something more but Takao marches off, saying she will meet up with Gunzou at this next location. The two submarines let Takao leave as they sense Fog is changing and they will need to study Takao to make it through this. Back at the dinner the crew is watching as Kita takes his seat and mainly talks to Gunzou. Basically Kita just wants Iona back in military hands. Kita says a lot of crap and it contradictions himself in the conversation. He thinks the ship is too dangerous in the hands of kids, that it needs to be in trained military soldiers hands. That they have just been lucky all this time and this ship could turn the tide for the human race. Then he switches gears, saying that Iona and her little human body can't be trusted. She is still the enemy, still can't be fully controlled. That she might turn on the human race and she needs to be in military hands if that happens. Gunzou listens to this all and is no we will not be leaving Iona with you, especially if you call her a monster. A ton of men gather around to shoot everyone full of lead when an explosion happens at the wall. Two Fog Ships have started to attack. Gunzou orders to Iona to bring the ship around. Iona over rides all the systems and poof the ship arrives. Iona points her lazer beams at the military men as the crew safely boards the system. Kita says that Gunzou is going down a dangerous road, he might die because of this ship. Gunzou doesn't know the future but this is what he feels is right. Iona says that she exist as a weapon and to keep Gunzou alive. She has no idea what Fog wants and she is on Gunzou's side only. Everyone boards the ship and off they go. Iona identifies both ships and the crew is like two at once? That doesn't stop Gunzou from declaring it battle time. THE END!
 photo bluesteelepisode33_zps2317ddb4.jpg
Who cares, time to reload!
This show is moving right along. Maybe a little too fast as some things were glossed over. At certain points in the show I had to check to make sure I wasn't watching the wrong episode. Like um when that was discussed? I guess as long it gets explained later it is okay. Trying to get through all the ships I see....
 photo bluesteelepisode32_zps0ed8e951.jpg
Home sweet home!
The group has made it to Port Yokosuka. Welcome home!!! I mean...Gunzou did leave on a bad note. Super bad note. So I guess it makes sense that they haven't been home in a while but that begs the question where they get supplies. They can raid all the Fog Ships they want but they can't eat missiles. Tea and sugar cubes can only go so far. So they are getting refueled and replenished somewhere. Just not here....
 photo bluesteelepisode35_zpsde86bdd7.jpg
The bullets would have tickled too.
This Yokosuka port is serious business now. I guess after the large attack 7 years ago and Gunzou basically floating away with a major assets has caused them to up security. Super security. Good to know most of the world is screwed yet there are still enough supplies to build giant walls and sacred doors and everything. The process was rather quick but everything was so extensive. Like whoosh this section and whoosh over here. Safety first in the Fog Apocalypse. But it was sorta laughable that the navy had guns pointed at their heads. I mean Iona can't be killed right? I guess she could fail to protect everyone in time but still...a tiny bit laughable.
 photo bluesteelepisode37_zps958276ec.jpg
Do humans like getting bombed?
While the rest of the crew gets to experience this amazing treatment Gunzou takes Iona for a walk. I am surprised this is allowed. Or that they are even resupplying the ship at all. That dude that hired Gunzou has pulled some strings but I can see Gunzou and the others being ordered to stay on the ship. No extras for you! But he does get to walk around. Which was important as we got to see Iona really is. Despite being around Gunzou and the crew for two years she is still very robotic. Not that wouldn't disagree with her on the staying away from the ocean front. Like oh I love the ocean so much I have to come back. Gunzou should have said something like people want to stay/die in their home town.
 photo bluesteelepisode38_zps502f0193.jpg
Look at me, I might be important.
There was a brief scene with Gunzou and Iona running into some random little girl. Really she almost ran into them. She is a little rich kid living alone in some huge mansion. Alone meaning with maids but still. Maids are not parents. I guess they can become family but still. This will probably lead to something later. Iona actually carrying about someone not in the crew was new to Gunzou. Why is that? Is she a relative of Gunzou? Someone she could eventually listen to? Or does she not have parents at all? A Fog Ship with amnesia? HMMM folks!
 photo bluesteelepisode39_zps43393af8.jpg
It is necessary to let go. Or grow more sad....
That moment didn't last long though. Gunzou has to teach Iona more about being human. Because I guess all they do is run around and disable Fog Ships. Not much of Iona getting to know much about the human world when there is combat all the time. And this band of misfits are...odd. So I guess Iona hasn't had much chance to learn about social norms and hat death is really like. She views herself as a tool and when she is destroyed that is it. She doesn't seem to understand how humans view death even thought there seems to be a lot of it around her. You would have thought someone would have opened up to her about it before now but whatevers. Iona is coming from an alien place. Our ways are very different to her. To her funerals and memorials are weird. If people are dead they are not in the ground or in the rock at this area. Dead is dead. Instead of Gunzou being upset over Iona's accidental harshness he realized she was different than him and moved on. Graves are for the living, not the dead. 

Before Gunzou got too far gone in the mush he and the rest of the crew were captured. The army and navy were know what. We don't have enough problems in life. We really should work hard to make life as miserable as possible. Working together is for chumps. So the army took hold of the navy's operation and Gunzou and company were cordially invited to be kidnapped. How amazing.
 photo bluesteelepisode313_zpsd244ac5e.jpg would be out of luck?
Elsewhere Fog is having some problems. Off camera Takao has left the fleet. Like poof see ya bitches. Kongou seems to be in charge of all the Fog vassals we have seen so far. We know some other force is using these avatars and ships as weapons so she really isn't super in charge. Still she seems to be in charge. And addicted to tea. She and the other ships have been on this planet long enough to start learning. A bit faster than Iona which is odd since she has a human crew. But Kongou sees how Iona's maneuverings and fighting has improved. I am glad this was brought up as Kongou also talked about how the ships are developing personalities now. They have human avatars to guide the ships and as a result they have turned almost into people. So that makes me happy, that this is attempting to be explained. Also I like that Kongou is going to investigate what is wrong with Takao rather than blow her out of the water. That signifies growth. More learning!!
 photo bluesteelepisode315_zpse5cf03ac.jpg
So what is Takao doing? Um losing her mind. All over the place. I am just going to randomly pull up to a harbor and buy a magazine about captains. How she wants one. How she needs one. How sexual things are getting in her head. But when 400 and 402 show up (looking creepily like Iona) they were like um you crazy. Takao tries to explain it away, that she is a weapon and to be the very best weapon she needs a pilot. That is going against everything Fog stands for but again Takao is not killed. She is allowed to leave so they can learn from her. But 400 and 4002 are right...change is coming.
 photo bluesteelepisode311_zpsbdef3dfb.jpg
And then it went downhill from there.
So how did that dinner go? Amazing apparently. See it is hard to really hate on Kita. I mean I guess I can since in the end he wanted to cap everyone to get what he wanted. And I am sure his intentions weren't as pure as he was making it out to be. It was probably to advance his career more. But that doesn't change the fact that his words made sense. That they were practical. Iona IS a Fog ship. It's not like Gunzou has explained Iona has been reprogrammed to follow his and only his orders. To everyone Gunzou just took the ship and has been on his own ever since. Iona could be a great asset to the humans. If Gunzou allowed her to be studied what could they learn? Torture no, Gunzou will be around to prevent that. But in Kita's mind these kids have a dangerous ship that could turn on humanity at any moment. Slip into a harbor and goodbye humans. So Kita makes a lot of good points.
 photo bluesteelepisode317_zps716bce48.jpg
Thus I am right and you are wrong!
Sadly it is his approach that really sucks. Calling Iona a monster, kidnapping the kids, and putting guns to their heads...not a great way to look like the sane one. Gunzou was never going to say yes and I wonder how that all would have ended had the two Fog Ships hadn't shown up. Like SURPRISE! But yes....Kita made some good points but this was never going to go his way. Gunzou wants to go to that bright future and do things his way. Which seems to be not killing Fog ships as he might think of them as human. That seems to be the theme this season anyway.
 photo bluesteelepisode316_zps7eb5bd06.jpg
But I don't abandon my people...LIKE RICK!
I have been super distracted by the Walking Dead. Sorry episode. XD But the episode ends with the entire crew getting onto the ship safely as there is an attack. Like thanks for kidnapping us, we are going to go rescue you now. Only there are two new Fog Ships coming to attack. Um two? We have a hard enough time with one. Come on weapon Iona. We can do this...right?


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