Saturday, November 23, 2013

Duffy the Disney Bear: Exploring Epcot during Food and Wine Festival

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This post is not brought to you by Chase though.
Did that last most make you hungry? Eating around the world is very time consuming. And expensive. And hard on the feet. But there is tons to do at Ecpot even when the Food and Wine festival isn't going on. What did we do on this trip that didn't involve plastic forks and little plates of food? Lets find out!
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Imagine all the fun we will have!
 photo Birthday2013Disney263_zps84084a9b.jpg
There were people in line for the Figment ride today!
 photo Birthday2013Disney266_zpsc6e6c539.jpg
We actually had to ride with other people. I will refrain from hitting them with my frying pan. I guess they just want to enjoy Disney too.
 photo Birthday2013Disney267_zps1d18b140.jpg
Poor man just wanted us to learn and Figment ruined it all.
 photo Birthday2013Disney290_zps4a856dde.jpg
Don't pack your bags forever. We will be back one day.
 photo Birthday2013Disney294_zps7efc34a9.jpg
I hear France Disneyland is a getting a new ride based after this little guy. Cute yes?
 photo Birthday2013Disney303_zps297c7b6d.jpg
Mom almost bought a little dragon plushie at this store. Maybe it would have been for me? But it was way too expensive.
 photo Birthday2013Disney304_zps86e5f31f.jpg
Do any of them look as cuddle as me?
 photo Birthday2013Disney309_zps6c84bf32.jpg
You can't replace me mom...even though it was cute.
 photo Birthday2013Disney317_zps4592b571.jpg
Time to ride the Mexican ride weee!
 photo Birthday2013Disney323_zpsc70b53e5.jpg
We walked all that way today? No wonder mom is so tired. Or she was wearing silly shoes...
 photo Birthday2013Disney341_zps776d36da.jpg
This is a big.....area of cranberries. Are we supposed to step on them? Mom got a pin of the pit o cranberries so maybe it is important.
 photo Birthday2013Disney344_zps87b674da.jpg
We got to the park at 9:30. By the time we walked to the Test Track fast pass area the return time was for 6:50. XO Good thing all that eating and walking earlier took a while. The Test Track is super fun. This is the car we made. It won almost every single category. Not being green to the Earth though. Oh well said Dad after we got off the ride and drove us home. Did you have fun looking at all these pictures? I think mom had fun taking all of them so it was a happy birthday to her? Yay funs!

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