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Nagi no Asukara episode 6

Behold for I am alive. X___X Been a long time since I posted anything in anime land. Last week at work was tough and then when I tried to take 5 seconds to go to the movies I got hit with something. I believe food poisoning. I don't think I have ever gotten so sick so fast before. It ain't no joke folks. Like bam can't watch the Catching Fire reapings, time to go home and die.
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How did you see through our clever disguise?!
So here I am, zombie Tenchi trying to post things I started last week. Oh silly me. I have about 4 for tonight and 3 for tomorrow that I will try to knock out during the parade. Cross yo fingers there is no wind. Up now (finally) is Nagi no Asukara episode 6. Spoilers for grown-ups just not getting it.
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What do you mean my eyes just exploded out of my head?!
Episode Summary: The group waits on Manaka as she sews her name tag on her swimsuit. The boys wait outside as Hikari is upset that his sister's store didn't have swimsuits and he had to get them somewhere else. Kaname and Chisaki tease Hikari, saying he relies on Akari too much. Hikari insists he has grown up and wasn't used to buying a swimsuit. The group makes it to school and the girls are slightly made fun of for not knowing where to change. But then in the locker room they aren't made fun of for not having these weird looking cape towels. The girls do warn Chisaki she is going to have a lot of attention because she has big boobies. Outside the boys wait in the girls and they are complaining there is no one hot in their class. But when the girls emerge they see Chisaki and her big boobies and start....making fun of her. Hikari goes to defend her honor but one girl starts molesting Chisaki and her awesome boobies. The boys are like...girls are weird. The teacher finally appears and asks all the kids to stretch and that they will be timed swimming. Hikari does not want to stretch because hello how hard can swimming be? Once in the water Hikari talks to Tsumugu about what he is doing and agrees to race/go up against him. The girls sit back and watch, actually talking to Chisaki and Manaka. They talk about who they should root for. They all know that Tsumugu is a good swimmer but obviously Hikari is from the sea. Oh and I guess so is Kaname...after thought friend. They ask who Manaka is going to root for and she tries to bring Chisaki into the conversation who gets a bit put off. The boys get set up to race...and off they go. Only Tsumugu really is winning. Hikari is pretty much losing and Manaka starts to defend him, saying swimming on the surface is really different. Hikari is distracted by Manaka whom is cheering on someone. He doesn't know who and he ends up crashing into the wall. Manaka doesn't hesitate to jump in to help him while Chisaki does. When he emerges from the water his toe is really bleeding. The teacher is like um the person on duty needs to take care of this before I pass out. That turns out to be Manaka. She is like I would really like Chisaki to come help please! But Chisaki is like...I am going to swim next goodbye. Manaka has her feelings hurt but helps Hikari to the nurses office. Because this is anime there is no nurse in the office and Manaka tries to help Hikari on her own. Hikari might lose the toe thanks to her help. He tells her to stop and she goes on and on about how if Hikari was swimming deep in the ocean he would have won. She goes on and on, even bringing up Chisaki but Hikari is like can you leave? Your help in multiple ways is not helpful. Manaka leaves all sad while Hikari is all rarw. Manaka goes back to the classroom to find people cleaning up. Some of the boys make fun of Manaka, saying that Hikari and Manaka must have done naughty things. She flees as everyone stares.
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After school Kaname (remember him?!) takes the trash out with another girl from class. She says he seems way different than Hikari but Kaname defends his friend. He also points out that Saya and Miuna are following them. They all want to work on the wooden doll together as different people have crushes on each other. So when Hikari hobbles into the room he is surprised to see so many people. Even the boys that like Chisaki are there. Tsumugu has gone home to help his gramps but still it is a lot of people. Hikari pretends to put on airs that he is in charge and everyone else is his minion. He stubs his toe 5 seconds into his reign and of course Manaka is all BOO HOO take care of Hikari mode. Manaka tries to drag Chisaki into this again and Chisaki is like oh look at the time I must go. She walks out and Manaka follows leaving everyone confused. Kaname is like Manaka really is the heart of our group. Manaka catches up with Chisaki and Chisaki explodes on her. Like you promised to forget what I said and stop trying to make things happen. You have no idea what I want. She runs off and thinks how Manaka is such a better person that her and woe is the world. Manaka walks home at a very slow pace and Tsumugu eventually runs into her. She starts to cry about all her problems and Tsumugu awkwardly takes her home. He asks about an event that is sorta like a rainbow of the sea moment. Manaka explains how it happens and that it is rare. Her friends saw one once but when they ran to get her she had no idea what words were anymore and missed out. She remembered Chisaki screaming at her and Manaka crying. Manaka talks more about her current problem and Tsumugu says she should finish her sentences, like when she was taking care of Hikari in the pool. He drops her off but Hikari and Kaname see said drop off which makes Hikari mad. While Manaka is sitting in the ocean feeling bad for herself she sees the weather changing into the sea rainbow thing. She runs to get Chisaki which the boys see and follow. She drags Chisaki to watch the pretty three “suns” and sparkles. Chisaki listens while Manaka explains how sad she was to ruin the event so long ago. Chisaki then talks about how she wishes to stop time, that they could be working on the wooden forever. That things would stay the same. The girls wish the boys were with them right now. Well they are sitting under the structure the girls are standing on. Kaname muses that Manaka has once again gone ahead of them and Hikari begrudgingly agrees even though Manaka is a crybaby. THE END!
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Manaka and her crybaby ways have always been around I see.....
It was another exciting episode of Manaka sucks but because she is cute all is forgiven. Okay maybe not really but you feels like it. Also we don't get to see Akari this episode. I guess she got one whole day off from suffering. Looks like next episode she and Miuna might have some tears expected given the law of the land.
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But for now it is about our core sea kids. Who don't own bathing suits. Which makes sense. Sewing the tags on is very important business. Shouldn't they have bought them at the school store since they have to match? I don't know. Still part of me was like....why do these kids even have to take swim classes? Makes no sense to me. Only then I was like oh it's a class activity. Teacher doesn't want the sea kids to be any more isolated than they already are. Okay I will allow it.
 photo naginoepisode69_zps3ca5deaf.jpg
Look people talking to the sea kids!
This episode there was slight improvement on the land kids being nice to the sea kids. Tsumugu has done nothing to bridge the gap. He's actually mostly useless. Like look at me, I was nice once and Manaka loves me forever. But this episode other kids acknowledged that the sea kids existed. Which is odd since girls are usually more...hateful with words than boys yet it has been the boys talking about fish and stuff. No no the girls refrain from talking about how stupid Manaka and Chisaki were by almost changing in front of the boys. Then some of the girls warned Chisaki her boobies were going to get her attention. I mean they overlooked the fact Manaka and Chisaki had no changing towels. Which I thought were awesome and I want one for hotel stays now. XD And to top it all off the girls bonded over touching Chisaki's massive tatas. You know a little sexual harassment can bond an entire group. Of course it did make the boys look at Chisaki and no one else.....Still the girls acknowledged Manaka and Chisaki existed, even talking about the race and such. Baby steps for all.
 photo naginoepisode67_zps4e63b6cf.jpg
Don't mess with Chisaki!
So Chisaki might have missed it but Hikari was totally coming to her defense. Like I shall defend your honor. Stop talking about Chisaki that way. Of course if Chisaki had heard she would have assumed Hikari was just being nice and would have gone even more berserk had it been Manaka being teased. Or that Hikari was just looking for a fight. Still...look Chisaki. Caring feelings.
 photo naginoepisode66_zps75729009.jpg
....Some of these boys need some personal growth too.
Despite Hikari having some personal growth last week he is still Hikari. Which I can appreciate. Change doesn't happen overnight. Except on The Walking Dead. So Hikari can change over time, more baby steps. So Hikari might not be calling Tsumugu names but he is still competitive with him. I don't think he blames Tsumugu for Manaka's feelings. And if he does I am sure he knows how illogical that is. But swimming? People saying Tsumugu is the best? He gots it!! I mean he lives in the sea, how can he not win?!
 photo naginoepisode610_zps8327fc8b.jpg
Swimming is hard folks. :(
Even if Hikari had stretched and if the race hadn't ended with a broken gross bleeding toenail Hikari would have lost. Kaname (who?) was second place after the second lap and I don't think Hikari was going to catch up. So why were the two sea kids not winning at swimming? Well because the style was invented by land people. Most swimming competitions have nothing to do with depth or staying under water for a great deal of time. No no it is swimming on the surface. Something the sea kids probably never do. I am sure they can do it but not for long distances and not all the time. So there was no real laughing when Hikari wasn't doing so well. It was know....a sad and deserving moment that he did so bad because he bragged?
 photo naginoepisode612_zps4d6803e8.jpg
That was in your face harsh. X___X
Manaka....a sweet girl. Too sweet. Too nice. Like oh my goodness shut up no one can be this perfect. Stop making the rest of us look so bad. Because at the same time you just want to stab her in the face. Like stop. Just stop. Chisaki wasn't happy when you suggested that she take Hikari to the clinic too. Nor did Hikari want to hear Manaka make excuses on why he lost/got hurt. He probably has a bruised ego on multiple fronts. Like I lost at swimming and who knows who Manaka was cheering for. So Hikari didn't want Manaka's kind words. Because Hikari wants to be special in Manaka's eyes. Like she is only doing this for me. But since she is like this for everyone it is cruel right? Okay now this is sounding a commenter said this to me once when a character was getting picked on for being nice.
 photo naginoepisode615_zps201919b4.jpg
What? We all get along now. Duh.
While Manaka was being overly annoying more land people were talking to sea people. Shocking. One might even like Kaname. You know, the other sea kid who gets no attention at all? Of course.....the girl who likes him was a bit rude to Hikari. Like Kaname isn't like Hikari. Because people are different. Just like all land kids aren't the same. So that was insulting. Also is the girl stupid? The land kids were rude first. Hikari reacted. Acting like all sea boys are harsh. Eye rolling. Also we got Miuna and company who rushed over after school to spend time with Hikari because they like him. Add in the two boys that super hate Hikari but love Manaka's boobies and we have tons of people to work on that wooden doll. Minus Tsumugu because sometimes he is a super nonfactor.
 photo naginoepisode616_zps794d3798.jpg
...that I hate Manaka's cheery attitude.
After that brief break Manaka was back annoying people. She doesn't mean to but she does. The heart is in the right place but since Manaka is clueless of the feelings around her she is I will help Chisaki be with Hikari. Because Hikari is in Manaka's friend zone. She has no idea that Chisaki is being the annoying martyr for her and that Hikari likes Manaka. Everyone is yelling at Manaka and it is almost sad because she is sorta too dumb to figure it out. Chisaki said don't try so don't. Even if you are being a good friend. I guess that one could blame Hikari for not being honest with his feelings. Soap Opera sea style. No QueerRats though.
 photo naginoepisode68_zpsa0c699ce.jpg
I forgot to take a pic of Tsumugu and his have some boobies. That is what anime is good for duh!
Tsumugu and his little cart did make an appearance long enough to give some advice to Manaka. Be firm. Everyone is trying to protect their own hearts since they know feelings won't be shared and Manaka is too....lala. She probably does need to be more firm and not such a crybaby. Actually the lot of them should be more honest but since Chisaki and Hikari have eyes. Being honest really won't work for them. So...I am not sure how to fix this. Maybe I am too harsh on Manaka. But come on, even when she was younger she was dumb and a crybaby. Chisaki wanted her to see that magical sea phenomenon and Manaka didn't understand? Even if she didn't know the word she could still run and open her eyes right? I would be pissed too.
 photo naginoepisode6_zps5d0954de.jpg
Just take in the moment and don't focus too much much things might suck.
The episode ends on an okay note. Everything is not fixed. More like a bandaid. It will do for now but more is required to fix things. Not sure what. Manaka got to see that rare sea phenomenon with Chisaki and apologize for missing it the first time. By going with Manaka Chisaki was sorta....forgiving her. Even thought she should probably apologize too. Both the boys were there so technically they all saw it together. Manaka might have taken a baby step in the path of adulthood. Kaname and his one line usually uses it to talk about how Manaka is the one who bonds their group together and is growing up ahead of them. Hikari is like thanks for reminding me. While Chisaki's woe is me act might be special I can understand her not wanting things to change. Some people hate change. Keep things the same. Don't grow up and leave me behind. I can understand that. So while the kids ponder that next episode seems to be about Akari and her man again? Oh boy more tears weeee!!!

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