Saturday, November 9, 2013

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: First time at Animal Kingdom!

 photo DapperDayWeekend2013254_zps0f3f81bd.jpg
I had so many different adventure type outfits to wear...I had a hard time deciding.
There are 4 theme parks at Walt Disney World. Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom. And up until now I have never been to Animal Kingdom. But that all changed on Dapper Day weekend. We spent Saturday in our finest clothes visiting the Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. Now it is time to take me to Animal Kingdom weee! Yay for pictures and boo for a bit of rain.
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Look who I found! Why it is Muffy! He is dressed as Hawaiian Stitch. Isn't he so cute?! We are going to have a good day.
 photo DapperDayWeekend20132671_zps3112deed.jpg
Mom likes to carry me around the parks. Muffy usually rides in his mom's backpack. Which do you think is better?
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013273_zps05debaf6.jpg
The humans took a lot of pictures today. XD What about me?! This is the closest we got to the Tree of Life today. I wonder why though?
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013280_zpsd02122c0.jpg
Mom needs to take a photography class. Geez so blurry. Here is what we did today. It is the Wilderness Explorer badge...thingy thing. From the movie Up but without all the sadness.
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013281_zpsa2814c9b.jpg
You can learn all sorts of things while earning badges. And stickers. Mom likes stickers. So many animals to see.
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013282_zpsb81bcb26.jpg
Here is mom's super blurry lunch. In case you need help that is one pizza, two cookies, and a chocolate milk. SO HEALTHY!
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013284_zps7d18d081.jpg
It's like a dream!!!!!!
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013294_zps69447812.jpg
Much better. Cute little snails!
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013300_zpsbf1b38d2.jpg
Onward to getting our pictures taken with characters. Lead the way ducks.
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013319_zps8afbdb8a.jpg
HELP US!!!! Some giant squirrels have kidnapped us!
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013320_zpsddeab690.jpg
Oh...I guess they are friendly squirrels. Well then they can take their pictures with us...if they are friendly! Aren't we cute?!
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013325_zps5030d371.jpg
This is a mighty weird drinking fountain.
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013327_zps0087ae2d.jpg
That giraffe needs more to eat! Feed him.
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013341_zpsef157779.jpg
Hello there Tree of Life!
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013342_zpsb2224539.jpg
Time to ride the Safari Ride. You basically ride a jeep and look a lots of different kinds of animals. We got to sit in the front!
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013428_zpsb5f8c7ef.jpg
And then it started to rain. Sadness. Mom's purse didn't have a zipper so I got a little wet. We walked our way over to Dinosaur and mom decided to feed them. HELP ME!
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013468_zps44735045.jpg
Since it got a little rainy I spent most of the day being protected from the water. Rain is rain though, you can't stop it. But I did get to see some nice animals. Dad was busy protecting the camera from the rain so here is our last pic of the trip. get the same thing every time! Kid's meals forever! At least they come with a lot of food. I like Animal Kingdom though. Can we go again?!

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