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Little Busters Refrain episode 6

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Or you know...the exact opposite?
I just want everyone to know my cat Kira is anti anime posts. All weekend she has been glued to my side and trying to stop the anime process. I blame it all on her. How can I move that silly little cat off my keyboard. Even if the x key is kinda weird now. All Kira's fault. But here is post number 4 anyway. Up now is Little Busters Refrain episode 6. Spoilers for the Little Busters hitting a point of no return?
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He...left me?
Episode Summary: Riki sits on the ground in shock. Kyousuke let go of his hand while running away from the security guard. Riki thinks back to his whole life that Kyousuke has been there for him, protecting him and guiding him. Now Kyousuke has left him behind and everything is sad and dramatic. Later that night (because no one is caught by the guard) Riki tries to put everything together. Kyousuke has done everything recently for Rin. A master plan to make Rin grow up and be okay on her own. The minute Kyousuke got back from his trip he started this Little Busters crazy baseball team and note giving cat mayhem. Riki is upset at all this nonsense and it spills over into the next day. Everyone who is left goes to say goodbye to Rin outside. Well the boys and Komari. The scene is weird as no one's eyes are seen but Riki's. Kyousuke makes small talk, that Rin is off doing good things. Rin gets in the car without saying much. Riki is seething as his anger makes him have more crazy. He has decided Kyousuke is in control of everything. He has even made all the girls stay home to further isolate Rin/make sure she went to this other school. Riki looks at Masato and decides the boy knows what is going on due to his weird wording the other day. But what about Kengo? So Riki takes Kengo aside to explain his level of insanity. Kengo sits and listens to Riki's theory....and agrees that Kyousuke has pulled strings to do this to Rin. Now Riki isn't upset that Kyousuke made Rin grow up, just his methods. That Kyousuke is okay with splitting up the Little Busters despite it meaning so much to people. Kengo is like yes these are our dear friends and we won't let Kyousuke break it up. Riki is happy Kengo is at least on his side. This happiness doesn't last long as Rin tests Riki a lot throughout the week. As the day go on there are increasing levels of sadness. No one is talking to her and she is struggling to make friends with strangers. Riki tells Rin to do her best but he knows how that means nothing. Rin eventually breaks down in tears.
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Just how much power does Kyousuke have?!
With that and the information that Kyousuke has blocked Rin's phone from Komari's Riki loses it. He goes to rescue Rin from her school when Kyousuke appears at his door and stops him. Kyousuke tells Riki not to go which makes Riki even more upset. Kyousuke acts like Rin has to do this. To calm Riki down Kyousuke promises Rin can come home on the weekends. Riki is like fine and wonders how Kyousuke can do that. The weekend finally arrives and Rin appears in a catatonic state. She just lays in Riki's bed and refuses to speak or move. Riki is distraught and doesn't want Rin to return. He tells Kengo his concerns. Kengo decides that Riki needs to fight Kyousuke. Riki is like will I win? Kengo says he will help so Riki agrees to this insanity. Riki finds Kyousuke and explains the level of angerness. Kyousuke decides that the competition will be hitting home runs. Masato appears and says he will be Kyousuke's partner. There is a lot worry because Masato is so competitive he might win despite Rin being on the lone. Both pairs miss hitting the first ball. As it rains harder Kyousuke suggests just hitting one homerun to solve this. Masato connects so it is up to Kengo. Kengo breaks out the believe in me Riki card. Believe in your partner. Riki gets all sparkly and believes in his strongest and best friend. But just as Kengo goes to hit the ball he sees Miyuki across the way and misses. Everything is :( until Kengo roars that Kyousuke is a cheater and tries to beat his face in. Riki and Masato hold Kengo back as Kyousuke walks away the winner. Masato eventually walks away too and Riki thinks the Little Busters are broken. He goes to see Rin and realizes she can't go back. He tells Rin they are leaving now. As they leave the school Rin wants to tell Komari but Riki insists the note to Masato is enough. Riki then starts the long journey to some old house they used to play in as kids. Riki refuses to let go of Rin, saying he will watch over her forever now. After reaching said house Riki does his best to take care of Rin as she plays with cats. Soon a bunch of police officers come and haul them away in the most dramatic way possible. Riki realizes he was never capable of protecting Rin. THE END!
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Also so much anime magic. X__x Ask more questions out loud Riki!
This much dramatics. And all in such a little time period. Like 1 month and what a week at the end of the episode? So much hurt and Riki fixing people and everyone being super friends despite this tiny time period for Riki and Rin. Everyone else on the other hand...
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Me thinks there is more to Kyousuke plan of insanity.
Despite me just making fun of the really was sad when Kyousuke left Riki behind. Hopefully all the times before this show started, before May 17th or whatever, were real. Which would mean that Riki and Kyousuke have been friends for a super long time. That Riki has a very strong connection to Masato, Kengo, and Rin but the most to Kyousuke as he really took Riki under his wing. Riki has assumed he has figured this all out but still....that hurt almost felt real. Which is what a good show should do. Make you feel something for the characters even though you know they aren't real. So Riki looking at Kyousuke leaving him behind...heart breaking. Now maybe these tasks weren't only meant to make Rin grow up but Riki too. Or learn to do everything with Rin as he won't be able to count on anyone else. Because they are dead. Kyousuke likes doing things in a round about way though doesn't he?
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Is Kyousuke trying to save only Rin? Is Kyousuke dead too? What is going on?!
So...most of my theory still stands. That everyone is dead and they died during the bus trip. But now I might be switching out two people. What if Rin was on the trip and Kyousuke wasn't? That Kyousuke was restarting all these timelines so Rin could be spared too? This is a possibility because Kyousuke should not have been on the field trip with the 2nd yearers you know? However I still think there is a stronger possibility Rin survived each timeline and didn't deal with people being dead. But...if these people were just going to die anyway why would it help Rin to make new friends if they are going to die or are dead? HMMMM Kyousuke. Kyousuke is throwing a wrench in my theories as he should be on the bus when they die. Since we don't know why Kyousuke has powers either in Riki's endless dream or repeating timelines all I can do is try to connect the illogical dots. 

Perhaps Kyousuke is dead though. Because while his plan to save Rin in some way is working Riki is becoming more and more pissed. Like yes push Riki away from me as I am a pancake. It's almost like Riki can't emotionally put the pieces together. Riki was used too, maybe more than Rin as I thought all these tasks were for Riki. All the girls wanted or needed Riki's help. Rin was just a bonus friend after the fact. I am sure closer to the end of the series this will all make sense. For now Riki is so pissed he doesn't see how none of this adds up. Just that Kyousuke has used Rin. Forced her into things. Lies. Riki can't handle the lies but...I bet he can't handle the truth either. X__X
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No one else came to say goodbye...HOW ODD?!
Since this episode was just one giant suck...Bye Rin. This sad and weird at the same time. Riki is so far in his delusions of the truth he thinks that Kyousuke ordered all the other girls to skip class to avoid this situation. Because Rin would have stayed had 4 more people were being weird around her? Okay Riki. So what is stopping you from seeing the girls yourself? I hope Riki is either forced to forget about the girls soon or he tries to find them because just mentioning them is odd. Kyousuke was basically peace out with his sister and Rin said goodbye to no one. Like oh have fun on your adventure, you are helping so many people. Rin was upset with Riki so she said goodbye to no one. Makes sense to me.
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Not on team Masato anymore.
In light of this weird goodbye Riki started spinning more insanity in his head. Like okay who is the enemy? Which is sad because the audience knows everyone but Rin understands what is going on. But Riki is not in the know so the only explanation is Kyousuke hates the Little Busters. It was also sad to see Riki...not count on Masato. I mean....Masato did already give his opinion on the matter. That he is staying out of it. Riki should have focused in the hidden meaning of Masato's words. He thinks Masato meant he knew for a month. What Kyousuke was planning and stayed out of it. Not I knew everything for forever ago. So Riki can't count on Masato or Kyousuke. Maybe Riki will turn to Komari next but for now....
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Yes I accept this all and will aid you in your task of saving Rin and the Little Busters. Nothing weird at all...
Kengo come on down!!! Put aside that crazy Kengo that has been creeping around after you fell off the roof. We need serious Kengo. Now if Riki was thinking straight or clearly he would say....hmmm is it possible that Kengo is in on this too? But Riki is too confused to make sense of anything. Or to be shocked when Kengo accepts all this insanity without doubting Riki. Yes I believe Kyousuke is making Rin grow up for the solo reason that Kyousuke will one day graduate high school. Now since the viewers know we (or at least me) can't help but question his motives. Is he really on Kyousuke's side but has to keep Riki in the dark? Someone has to be on Riki's side. That this is just another part in Kyousuke's complicated plan. Because Kengo hasn't spoken out against Kyousuke yet, you would think he has at least accepted Kyousuke's way of doing things. But maybe Kengo wants things to turn out differently. Not let things happen to Riki because Kyousuke is making them happen. So Kengo will help Riki if Riki asks. If there was no asking maybe Kengo would have been quiet like Masato.
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This is Riki not hanging in there.
Riki got to feel good for about 5 seconds. I would have timed it but that would hae taken more time to start the countdown than the countdown would have lasted. I am not sure how long Rin was gone for. I said a week. That is at most. I can barely keep track of my weeks so I am not up to speed when Rin went to not so happy school land. But still. That was a short period of time to be that miserable. So much sadness. I wonder if it would have been stronger if Rin had called and Riki heard the sadness. Hearing crying is worse than seeing the :( face on a phone. Still Rin wasn't having fun no matter how she communicated it. Of course not. Kyousuke basically brought the girls to Riki and he fixed them, leaving Rin with her new friends. Plus...even if this wasn't all crazy and a lie, if I just lost my friends in an accident I wouldn't be up for making new friends. I be more like leave me alone and let me cry.
 photo littlebustersepisode612_zps5e60ed49.jpg
When Riki saw the :( face it was game over. It should have been game over when Riki assumed Komari's phone was blocked from Rin's phone. Because that is a scary level of control. But yes Riki decided that his unlicensed kid self was going to rescue Rin. Kyousuke of course was there to stop him because Kyousuke is magical. He knows all. Why if Riki just stays put Rin can come home on the weekends. Because when I wasn't paying attention both the parents died and Kyousuke has solo custody of Rin and has power over both school boards to break rules in Japan. Riki. Riki...this is insane. He should have asked again what the damn secret of the world was. What is this all for Kyousuke? Instead Riki was just pissed on the inside, wondering why Kyousuke knows all, does all, and doesn't care that Rin is suffering.
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Yep...good thing Rin came home...
Since this episode is about the dramatics......Rin coming home for the weekend was not a good thing. Well not a good thing for his spirits. And since she will have to go back at the end of the weekend it won't be a good thing for her spirits either. Like okay a brief second of relief and back you go. Just the same pain over and over again. I do think she was being slightly dramatic though. But Kyousuke brought all the friends to her. She might be slightly happy now but she didn't really make any friends on her own. So....after one week with no one to help her and I can see how she has already made a name for herself as the quiet, weird one. Just flop in Riki's bed. No adults or Masato will say anything...
 photo littlebustersepisode615_zps4357cad7.jpg
Asking Rin what she wants is silly and we won't do it!
Riki goes to Kengo for advice because he trusts no one else. And it didn't dawn on him to get any of the girls to help and tend to Rin, to maybe lift her spirits up. Nope these are MEN. And real men settle things with battles! That was Kengo's amazing advice. Because asking Rin what she wants and taking her opinion into consideration about her own life is silly. No no, it is up to the men to figure out what is best for Rin. It is time for a duel.
 photo littlebustersepisode616_zps77984d3c.jpg
If it wasn't raining this scene would be covered in sparkles.
How fitting is it that the duel comes down to baseball? In the rain? Friends against friends? Just so much dramatics. I don't think that it was fair for Kyousuke to pick this due to Kengo's injury, especially limiting down how many home runs it will take. Kengo's arm makes it so if he does hit the ball he gets great distance but it isn't so accurate. Oh and looks like he has picked sides. Sneaky sneaky Kyousuke.
 photo littlebustersepisode617_zps0bb47a55.jpg
XO So heartbreaking. I wonder how long Kengo has waited to do this.
This episode had such a major troll moment too. There is always that moment when things get slow, things look like they are changing. Kengo wanted Riki to believe in him so Riki opened his little heart and decided to trust in Kengo. Riki had already messed up with the first pitch but Kengo wasn't upset. He was like just put all your hopes into me and we will make it through this. Everything will be okay. And then...Kyousuke made Miyuki (one eyed archer girl) appear for half a second. Long enough for Kengo to get distracted because I guess he is in love with her. Kengo knows that Kyousuke can do magical things like this so it Riki just thought they had lost while Kengo knows Kyousuke is a cheater. That he never had a chance to beat Kyousuke with this power. So Riki had to watch Kengo hit Kyousuke, after promising to help protect the Little Busters. Hmmm....
 photo littlebustersepisode6_zps65b51bab.jpg
I am sure this will end well.
After this dramatic failure Riki is like...I will just run away with Rin. Which is dumb and reasonable at the same time. Dumb because obviously this was gong to fail but reasonable for someone Riki's age to think of it. We can do it Rin, We can take on the world. I will just travel a long distance with you to a place that all our friends obviously know and it will be okay. I will get a job and things will be fine. Just play with kittens and it will be okay. I mean...of course it was going to fail. That Riki was going to get caught and Rin was going to be sent back. But Riki had to do something. I can understand wanting to do something because no trying at all would be awful. When you are being irrational you tend to do irrational things. I know it got Rin to smile for a little while but now the hope has been taken away from her again.
 photo littlebustersepisode62_zps32462ce8.jpg
Oh look it didn't.
After Riki and his adventures to an obvious hideout failed they were indeed caught. were they caught? This place seems to be abandoned but it is possible other people saw Riki and Rin traveling and being nosy old people they told. But....what if Kyousuke told? I don't know how much more Riki can take from Kyousuke without some answers. If Kyousuke has sent Rin away again...this might be the nail in the coffin. Your plan is working Kyousuke, Riki will pull away from everyone and not care when the truth is revealed. Oh you brave martyr...that probably won't happen but thanks for trying?

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