Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Co-worker Delusions: The Suffering of Tenchi

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I don't know if I am the girls or the angry lady....
This is my face too. Do you see it? Every single day this is the face I make. Not at the person that is causing me to feel this way of course. No no I turn away and make it at the wall, customers who sense my pain, or in the bathroom when I run away to silent scream. This is the face I make every day at work. The face I will probably make every week as long as I work at this job.  

Since I am trying to get ready for work I will make this brief. A bit of an update about my work life. When I first started this new job at the dry cleaners I thought it was going to be smooth sailing. The morning shift was so slow and easy and the afternoon shift I shared with a make coworker. Thought much blogging would get done in the off time. WRONG. I was put only on the afternoon shift and the male coworker was fired. Not giving away my location but after 3 the entire area is released from work and come to drop off dry cleaning, pick up dry cleaning, or both. The only other coworker at this store works the morning shifts and conveniently leaves right before said rush. I sometimes just stand in one place for 2 hours as piles of clothes are thrown upon me at the speed of fast. Add in the fact I have to work every other Saturday and my poor anime blogging has fallen so far behind. 

The purpose behind this post isn't to list all the evil, rotten, and lazy things my coworker has done in the past 5 months. No it is about what she did Saturday and what she did that will affect the rest of the week. Or really what she DIDN'T do. On Saturday my coworker admitted to me she was taking it easy. Upon investigating (since I write things down to have my own back) I found out she ONLY took in clothes on Saturday. She didn't tag or process anything. She said she wanted to leave herself something to do on Monday. I don't understand the logic in that as one should prepare for the worse. Why leave yourself something to do on the busiest day of the week? There is no reason to do that. 

Well what the hell happened? Monday was busy. It would have been normal busy but since my coworker did NOTHING on Saturday all the clothes she didn't do Saturday added in with the clothes we got Monday and it was chaos in the streets. WE RAN OUT OF BAGS! I literally using the giant bags we use to sort clothes in and I almost ran out of those! We were so behind the wait time for clothes was getting pushed more and more back. Again without revealing my location some people...have certain time needs for clothes and by my coworker not doing ANYTHING on Saturday this was setting them back as well. 

The point of the post is my coworker is so delusional and stupid she has know decided this is ALL my fault. See when she leaves in the afternoon it is just me trying to combat all the afternoon pickups and drop offs. It is hard for me to process any clothes. Since the mornings are slow she can get a lot more done than I can. Most people are working between 7:30 to 2:00 with the exception of lunch time but that is when I get there. So it LOOKS like she gets a lot more done than I do when in reality she is making less sales and taking in less clothes than I do. So when she comes in the morning and sees these giant piles of clothes on the floor she gets super pissed. Quietly though. With small digs at me. Like oh I see you left me with more clothes than yesterday. For example when she left the store there were about 25 bags still to do from the chaos. When she came in there were 58 bags total. She thinks that I am sitting around doing nothing but hello how do you think those bags got filled with clothes? How do you think all those sales happened? 

But the scariest part of this whole thing is she truly believes I am the cause of this. She doesn't see that her doing NOTHING on Saturday has created this snowball disaster. She even went as far to clock in early yesterday under the guise of working while there was no customers but she really spent that hour complaining to the manager that I didn't do enough the day before. THEN she left early, telling me that there better be less clothes than today. If you are leaving EARLIER than yesterday and I have MORE clothes than yesterday how is it going to be any better than yesterday? Won't it be worse? How can I logically get all of this done alone when we aren't having a great time getting this done together? I am genuinely pissed off and confused on how stupid/delusional one person can be. And I only have one coworker. ONE! So I hate her and there is no one else to talk to or complain to or run to. It is just me and this woman who thinks she knows everything but really should have retired and gone to Country Cabin for the early bird lunch a long time ago. It is a total no win situation.

I really can't wait to go to work today. I mean...there is so much more about this woman I want to say, all the mistakes she makes and the way she picks on me when all I am doing is what she TOLD me but I must fly. Fly to work where things are still snowballing out of control. Because of her. But because I cannot handle all the clothes she leaves for me in the afternoon clearly I am the reason we are behind and the customers are being told they have to wait. Can't you see how this is all my fault folks? When she has 10 customers in a 4.5 hour time span and I have 30 customers in a 2.25 hour time span I AM THE PROBLEM! Clearly folks! The more you know.

Oh and P.S. I got in trouble for leaving all those bags on the floor. Like where the hell am I supposed to put them?!

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Eternia said...

Err... why don't you try telling the situation to the boss / manager? Why can she talk bad about you but you can't do the same?