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Little Busters Refrain episode 4

HMMMM! I thought I was going to have 6 posts before I went to bed. But a group of screenies has run away on me. I love technology. So I guess those two posts will have to wait until tomorrow. Let it be known it was anime day in the house of Tenchi today though. There are almost 6 full posts for reading pleasure. XD
 photo littlebusters415_zps8581cb35.jpg
Kyousuke knows everything always!
So sleepy. So here is Little Busters Refrain episode 4. Spoilers for everyone being a giant liar.
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Episode Summary: Yuiko repeats the last few moments of the previous episode. That she wished she had experienced love and to protect Rin. Riki is upset at this apparent goodbye and tries to reach for Yuiko as everything goes white and fuzzy. He wakes up and it's June 21st. He acts like the timelines didn't repeat itself all 1,000 times and hops off to class. All the girls are talking excitedly while Kengo and Masato associate. Riki asks where Yuiko is. Everyone shrugs, saying she must be skippin today. During break Riki goes to get a soda when he catches Mutsumi Accomplice spying on him. She wishes to stay hidden but Riki ends up saving her from a bug. She works up enough courage to confess to Riki. He gets all blushy face but she quickly apologizes as he already likes someone else. She just wanted him to know and she runs off. Riki goes to the club room to think this over. Who does he like? Suddenly he thinks of Rin and gets completely blushy face. He convinces himself it's not Rin hen Kyousuke the ninja pops up and says it's Rin. Riki tries to deny it but Kyousuke says an older boy confessed to Rin. Riki doesn't know how to react. Kyousuke says Rin doesn't know anything about love. Plus how can Riki be jealous if Riki got confused to too. Kyousuke starts to be his cryptic self and it goes over Riki's head. He goes to think about it alone when Rin comes to his room, saying she needs him. More blushy face. Turns out a certain brand of cat food was on sale and Rin needed help carrying it.
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What an amazing build up!!!!
On the way home Riki not so smoothly brings up the fact Rin got hit on. Rin was like oh yeah that....didn't you get hit on too? Due to some magical force (gravity) the two end up rolling down the hill due to dropped cat food. Riki ends up on Rin. He is embarrassed while she is still dead panned. As they pick up the cat food they talk about how Rin thinks being in a relationship is...well too much. She had never thought about it before know...she is Rin. Riki tries to laugh this off when Rin is like let's date Riki. Suddenly Riki is nodding his head and says yeah that makes sense!!!! We are already around each other all the time and we have been friends forever. We should just date. It's an agreement. They walk home like nothing has changed. That night Riki can't sleep over this new development. Rin texts him basically nothingness but since they are dating it is amazing. She then asks who should tell Kyousuke. Rin thinks she should but Riki has a penis so he will do it. The next day Riki tells Kyousuke he and Rin are together. Kyousuke is very happy for them. Riki is a man now!!!! Riki seems relived that Kyousuke didn't go all big brother crazy on him. Kyousuke does get serious and says Riki is responsible for Rin now. Riki tries to brush it off, that Kyousuke isn't graduating yet. Still Kyousuke has serious face on. Rin and Riki gather the rest of their friends so they can tell them they are a couple. All but Yuiko are present. Everyone is over the moon happy. A little too happy. A bit of light teasing but tears of joy and about time!! Riki and Rin eventually leave the room to go be awkward somewhere else. Kyousuke then turns and it is serious times. All the girls get in a line. Bittersweet smiles. Kengo and Masato watch as all the girls nod...and walk off into a light, disappearing. Outside Rin is feeding some cats when Riki joins her. He seems super giddy about the whole dating thing while Rin is like will what do we do now? Riki thinks of how Rin has always been there for him and now he will do what Kyousuke says and take care of Rin. A cat with a not on it's tail hops up and they quickly read the message. One more talk until they are told the secret of this world? Volunteer in class is what the note says. What does that mean? THE END!
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So now you are gone for real? Already!?
…...Is this show really 2X episodes long? Because....yeah. The way the episode ended made me think that 12 episodes will be too much at this point, let alone 20 something. Unless Riki finds more girls to replace the ones he apparently just lost. The school is full of them. But yes.....what the hell is going on?!
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And no one cares the end!
But before we talk about the death of the Little Buster Baseball Team...let's talk about Yuiko. Yuiko had her moment at the end of episode 3. Crying and saying she accepted her fate despite wanting to experience love. Riki wakes up after Yuiko...disappears into the snow and restoring the timeline. Because explaining that would be crazy. CRAZY! And it would also be crazy if...Riki forgot about Yuiko? I guess she really was just erasing the memory of that night in his head...and all the other June 21st. She was just a little embarrassed/sad about her failed confession and taking the day off from school. OR NOT!!!! Clearly not. And since it is apparent everyone is in on this...insanity that is why none of the girls went to visit Yuiko. Because normally they would care. Just like they would normally care if Riki was losing his mind.
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Okay I have done my part. Now go into the world and do good.
Even though Riki knows something is up with this crazy group all of the snow has melted into his brain. He is better folks. Time to get a soda and sit down, think this all out. Only Ms. Accomplice Mutsumi has snuck up on Riki. Well really she was spying and a bug forced her to talk to Riki. I am convinced the bug was a plant by Kyousuke. Anything that happens to Riki has to be done by Kyousuke I am convinced. Because I don't think Mutsumi wanted to confess. I think she was okay with spying on Riki. It took a lot of nerve for her to say what she had to say to Riki, that she liked him. Then she was quickly like but you like another girl so it's okay BYE! Maybe it was a way for her to move on from her crush, to vocalize it out loud so she doesn't have what ifs all her life.
 photo littlebusters48_zpsa636708d.jpg
Get out of my mind!!!! How dare I think things like this!
It doesn't matter what Mutsumi wanted though. She was there to be a game flag. What? I already like someone? Who? Riki has to go and ponder this in the club room. Well the stolen club room. I am surprised that Yuiko's semi confession didn't come to mind. Like hmmm that could be a girl....but nope. It is all about Rin. On one hand I think it might be cute. Maybe. Like look at us, growing up together and we didn't realize what we had was love. We were already that but we just didn't apply the word to it. Just so easy it works. On the other hand...can it really be love without the butterflies and silly looks? I mean they will come NOW but it was almost like if Mutsumi hadn't said what she said it would never have dawned on Riki. Like wait I can be in love with Rin?! Let's roll with that! Just how it could be taken but I am guessing we are supposed to take it the first way.
 photo littlebusters49_zps6c68baa6.jpg
How long have you been standing there?!
Something surprising (or not really) is Kyousuke is okay with this. Given that Kyousuke has given Rin and Riki the clues and was probably trying to set this up from the get go it can't be that surprising. Just I am surprised that there is an older brother in the anime universe that is okay with his little sister dating. And dating his best friend no less. A best friend that without my yaoi glasses on that is probably more compatible/closer to HIM. Almost breaks the universe there folks. Kyousuke is probably more okay with this than Rin and Riki. There was right amount of caring and teasing. With a bit of sadness. Because something is up folks.
 photo littlebusters413_zps56854dd9.jpg
Riki is still startled by all this insanity so when Rin demands to buy cat food it is all jumpy time. What do you mean you want to spend time with me?! What insanity is this?! Rin is like just carry the cans and stop talking. Only they can't do that without Riki having a spaz attack. I am certain that Kyousuke made those cans of cat food go on sale so Rin could make Riki go to the store and fall down the hill. To stare into each other's eyes. For them to confess to the other that someone else has confessed to them. This moment was supposed to be a romantic one but because it was with Rin the deadpan and...practical it was special.
 photo littlebusters410_zps0848ce54.jpg
Love at first fall.
While Yuiko might be (have been?) the one without emotions Rin is special when it comes to love. She is obviously is a tomboy who just followed her brother around and his friends. She has no real girlfriends of her own and I guess having a boyfriend never dawned on her either. So...I guess she loves Riki. Almost like everything seemed like too much work. Love? What is love? I spend time with Riki and Riki is my friend. So we will be boyfriend and girlfriend. Deal? Deal. Riki...well he has been thinking about this for 5 whole hours so he is on board for the relationship thing. Pick these cat food cans up, we are a couple now!
 photo littlebusters414_zpsef2e0c50.jpg
Most realistic texting conversation ever!!!
Riki and Rin are going to be an odd couple I can tell. I CAN TELL! Not that it is obvious or anything. But I think it is cute and realistic. Teenagers are supposed to be awkward. Add two of the together and it's blushy faces and silliness. Riki and Rin texting nonsense to each other. Like I know we are supposed to text but I don't have anything to say and will say I have nothing to say to make it more weird. Still they were happy in their silly. Although they did talk about one subject: What to tell Kyousuke. Because APPARENTLY only Riki and Rin don't know what is going on and that Kyousuke won't mind. So they think this might be a deal. Riki is all like no I have the penis, I must talk to the other penis in this situation. In any other case this would be eye rolling, like okay you not so big bad man. You talk to MY brother. But in this case...Riki does seem closer to Kyousuke. I will let this slide.
 photo littlebusters417_zps1189aab9.jpg
Why so serious?!
There was no weeping and gnashing of teeth when Riki told Kyousuke. You know because they already talked about it earlier. Or because Kyousuke has been planning this the whole time. So Riki was all nervous for nothing. Deep sigh of relief. Just Riki and Kyousuke chillin there, being all friends and peaceful. Like is wonderful. Kyousuke did give a big brother speech. But not a normal one and not because Kyousuke is odd. No this speech was like....telling Riki to take care of Rin forever. Because all high school romances last forever. But yeah....this is getting a little dramatic. Kyousuke is going on and on how Riki has to take care of Rin now. Like buddy you still have a lot of high school year left and after you graduate you can still see them later. It's not like you are banned from talking to people you knew in high school forever. Rin is your sister. Take care of her too.
 photo littlebusters412_zps6634058d.jpg
Just a feeling? Okay we are going out. Time to tell the crazies.
However something super major is going on. Super major. First everyone was told that Riki and Rin were going out. In one huge group. Weird. Couldn't let it slide into the conversation naturally. No no we must tell everyone at once because they are Little Busters and what if Rin and Riki being together ruins that?! THE HORROR!!! So they have to tell everyone at once and it was....odd. Everyone was like MOG I have waited for this forever. Go Riki and Rin. Tears in our eyes happy. You know which is odd because a lot of the girls act like THEY like Riki. They wouldn't mind if the game ended with a Riki/Them pairing. Plus these taco heads have only known each other for a short time. Why all the tears? Where was Yuiko? Maybe this was all too odd for Rin and Riki as they got all blushy and bounced after the meeting. Too caught up in each other to notice the pink elephant in the room.
 photo littlebusters418_zps1d0b4390.jpg
Okay Komari stayed. Probably because Rin still needs one friend or she will know something is up...
Actually is it a lot of elephants. Many pink elephants who are wonderful liars and actors. Noumi knew what was going on. That was a given. So did Kyousuke. Yuiko was acting super odd last episode. So maybe I should have suspected EVERYONE knows. Everyone but Rin which is also odd. Oh and did I mention that ALL the girls DISAPPEARED?! Like Kyousuke nodded at them and poof. Goodbye they went. Which explains why no one was super worried about Yuiko. She just went on first. Riki and Rin should have noticed but are too busy being in love. So EVERYONE knows something is up. But what?
 photo littlebusters416_zpse6592e90.jpg
Because that is all Riki will have now.
Well...there are several conclusions/theories I have come with. Yuiko greatly implied she was dead. Wish I could have loved, accept my fate, protect Rin because I can't. Then all the nonoriginal Little Busters smiled sadly and walked off into a bright white light. What does this symbolize? Death. That all these girls were wandering spirits that couldn't rest because bad things happened to the,. With Komari and Mio I thought their situations were believable. Maybe Yuiko except the whole getting emotions after 1 month despite being emotionless for years. But Haruka's story never made sense. Two dads? Why? Noumi's was not possible at all. So since some of them aren't believable maybe NONE of them are. Maybe Komari was the sick one and died. Maybe Mio's split personality drove her crazy and she killed herself. Maybe the abuse Haruka suffered was so bad she died. Noumi obviously died during that torture. Not sure how Yuiko died but she be dead. All of these girls were super sad and Riki was able to “fix” their problems and send them on their way peacefully. Perhaps Rin is connected to this because she gave all the girls friendship, something they lacked in their real lives? Thus they love Riki for saving them and are okay with Rin being with him. You know since they are dead. Of course this opens up questions why Kengo, Kyousuke, and Masato knew. And why dead girls are real....
 photo littlebusters419_zps29fbf167.jpg
Are you going to volunteer some answers soon Kyousuke?
Another theory is none of this is real. None. That something with Riki's narcolepsy has gone super terrible wrong and he is having a very bad dream. Like pieces of what happen on the show might be real and some aren't. Like Noumi getting free from the terrorists. Because all the nonoriginal Little Busters being dead and still being there doesn't make any sense. But if this is some narcolepsy dream why is Kyousuke in charge? At the end of the episode he wrote the two another note about the secret of the world. And Kyousuke did state in episode 1 he would do things over and over again. Like poof no more world. Restarting it just for Riki? That would mean if memories were retained everyone would know each other very well and are all playing the same roles over and over again. Yuiko just got a reset for every single day as she seems to be done with this resetting business. Only Riki and Rin aren't part of this. Hopefully I am right about Rin as she seems off in lalala land but straight forward at the same time.
 photo littlebusters45_zps7cc686fb.jpg
I am totally missing something. Something important...
In conclusion I have no idea what I just wrote. I think I managed to confuse myself and everyone else. No spoilers though you original source people. Clearly this is meant to be confusing. Kyousuke is in control, the other girls are probably dead, and given the songs for this show Kengo, Masato, and Rin will need healing. Is Riki earning enough feel good points to save someone? Oh Lord is it Rin? Is Rin the real dead one? That Riki can't accept it and Kyousuke made this world for him? But why be so happy Riki and Rin are together? If Rin is the real dead one then push Riki to another girl. Oh Lord my head. Peace out.

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