Saturday, November 23, 2013

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Eating our way around the world! Food and Wine Festival style

 photo Birthday2013Disney292_zpsf63034c7.jpg
Well not all the food. Mom forgot to take a pic with me and the first one....
It is time for more posts about me!!! I just go on so many adventures it is hard to keep up. That or mom spends half her vacations just taking pictures of me....either way for mom's birthday we spent three days at Disney. On the last day we went over to Epcot. Something called the Food and Wine Festival? Since Epcot has lots of different countries in it makes sense to serve food from all over the world. Here are all the food pics from the trip. Anything chocolate is probably moms and everything else is dad's and Scruffy's moms.
 photo Birthday2013Disney293_zpsdde77c38.jpg
Over in France mom ate some real food. She said if the walk wasn't so far she would have had it again.
 photo Birthday2013Disney295_zpsd4d842fc.jpg
Look who is sharing these yummy waffles with us? It is mom's newest Duffy Cheffy. Say hello Cheffy!
 photo Birthday2013Disney296_zps43f7ff65.jpg
Mom is probably not going to eat that...
 photo Birthday2013Disney297_zps613933c3.jpg
Or that. So many layers!
 photo Birthday2013Disney298_zps49dbcd75.jpg
So many different foods to try. Dad is loving it.
 photo Birthday2013Disney300_zps61164d49.jpg
Hold the pickle and mom will eat that. The portions are like sample sizes. Sample prices...maybe.
 photo Birthday2013Disney301_zpsef050657.jpg
There was a lot of different kinds of sauces to put in this soup. Dad might have put in too much.
 photo Birthday2013Disney302_zps90d2f56f.jpg
Don't get that on my white outfit!
 photo Birthday2013Disney305_zps7481dc2c.jpg
Mom actually tried this. Did not like. Dad and Scruffy's mom liked it.
 photo Birthday2013Disney307_zpsc8d7c2b8.jpg
Sometimes finding a table was hard. Mom had to go during the weekend though so it was a bit crowded. Not too much though.
 photo Birthday2013Disney310_zps53225bdf.jpg
Dad said he had a lot of these when he went to Japan.
 photo Birthday2013Disney314_zpscfe27ee7.jpg
Anyone getting full yet?
 photo Birthday2013Disney320_zps9f1cafae.jpg
I have absolutely no idea what this was. I know dad said it was good though.
 photo Birthday2013Disney322_zps4650462a.jpg
Scruffy's mom started to get so full she bought food and shared the entire thing with everyone else.
 photo Birthday2013Disney336_zps90fc3b13.jpg
Yay more chocolate!
 photo Birthday2013Disney337_zps2ed500cb.jpg
Oh...I guess it was supposed to look like this....
 photo Birthday2013Disney340_zps7bd5eb33.jpg
One last treat before we all explode. Everyone finished off their day by having a little bit of chocolate. In mom's case she started the day and spend most of the day with said chocolate but who is keeping track? So much food was had. Is your tummy hungry by looking at all these pictures? It should be. The Food and Wine Festival was so much fun. Can we go again sometime mom?

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