Saturday, November 23, 2013

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: B.D. Duffy and Scruffy on Pirate Adventures

 photo Birthday2013Disney204_zpsfb7bfa0d.jpg
Are you ready for some pirates?!
During mom's birthday trip to Disney we took along Scruffy. Scruffy's mom....well she likes him to wear one outfit all the time. The pirate outfit from Disney. So since Scruffy was so dressed up we should make sure to do pirate stuff today right? Princesses and Pirates, what fun!
 photo Birthday2013Disney202_zpsf7373e27.jpg
Err maybe we were having too much fun? Or too much Rum?
 photo Birthday2013Disney205_zps2209f3c1.jpg
The first time we rode Pirates the line was 30 minutes long. Mom said she has never seen it that long before.
 photo Birthday2013Disney206_zps0ee29e8b.jpg
I don't think it was really that long. But we did get some time to take pictures in line. Everyone wanted us to move along but hello there is a line in front of us whether we are directly behind them or 5 feet away.
 photo Birthday2013Disney207_zps7906f01e.jpg
Do I see see some fellow pirates?
 photo Birthday2013Disney208_zpsdb09dd3c.jpg
Yo ho Yo ho time to make more movies.
 photo Birthday2013Disney209_zpsf5dedf64.jpg
Pirates need lots of barrels.
 photo Birthday2013Disney210_zps59faed37.jpg
Put me in the crows nest please!
 photo Birthday2013Disney213_zps4d425621.jpg
That looks super uncomfortable....
 photo Birthday2013Disney215_zps0a901a35.jpg
I fit much better, Scruffy needs more space.
 photo Birthday2013Disney216_zpsa36108d7.jpg
There is a new interactive game at Disney based on Captain Jack Sparrow. Pirates arg! You go around and activate little portals. These skulls start to light up when you activate them. Basically you run around Adventureland and try to find all the treasure.
 photo Birthday2013Disney217_zpsceb25242.jpg
This game is made for all, especially Duffys.
 photo Birthday2013Disney247_zpsb7722c80.jpg
Pirate's ride part two! This time with no wait at all.
 photo Birthday2013Disney249_zps543c8986.jpg
This was Scruffy's mom's favorite picture of the whole trip. We got to find that treasure no matter what! Step aside, we got work to do, no more time for pictures.

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