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Machine Doll wa Kizutsukanai episode 6

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Raishin? Bait? Never.
Post three! I am on a roll. I am not so sure about the Walking Dead. Being familiar of the comics I am not sure where the show is going. But as long as it goes in a way where Daryl lives I guess it doesn't matter. So what is up now? Machine Doll wa Kizutsukanai episode 6. Spoilers for Raishin being able to get shot all over the place and still come up on top...on a pile of girls of course. XD
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I want a fair battle. Because that is who I am!
Episode Summary: Yaya is blasted and left bleeding on the ground. Sigmund screams for help. Nearby Kimberly and Shouko are talking...yet neither go to help the doll. They start to talk cryptically about the other, so mysterious. Shouko says not to count out Yaya or she walks away. Meanwhile Komurasaki and Raishin have been exploring a weird looking orphanage when another wolf like robot named Yomi appears. She explains that she and her offspring (including Rabbi) see the world through sound. Without a Puppeteer nearby Raishin concludes that she is a ban doll. Yomi then talks about how she is set to be dismantled because she is too expensive to keep alive as an older model. Raishin gets mad as robots are people too. Raishin brings up Frey and how he is there to investigate her and that Yomi should go with them. Yomi warns Raishin he is about to see unpleasant things. While this is going on Yaya manages to sit up despite all the blood around her. Sigmund wants to fetch an engineer but Yaya says that she can't be repaired in the normal way. Charlotte finally arrives on the scene and is shocked to see how much flesh there is on Yaya. She thinks that only her maker can fix her so all Charlotte can do is give her mana. This doesn't go as well as possible and Yaya asks Charlotte to stop. Despite being called a vixen Charlotte wants a fair fight for the Evening Party and Yaya needs to shut her mouth. Kimberly goes to visit the school Doctor. He was busy fondling a female student and he is unhappy by the interruption. Kimberly wants to know more about Raishin and that doesn't shock Doctor. He explains that Raishin has poor recovery rates and vital signs as he uses his life force to heal his ban doll. Kimberly then...pays Doctor to mark Raishin which makes no sense given what she says 5 seconds later. Whatever it is Raishin should probably be scared. Back at the orphanage Yomi shows Raishin and Komurasaki around. First is Frey's room. Of course Frey is not her real name. She was apart of a family that went along with the Circus and played tricks. The parents died and Frey is being used by this organization due to the fact she was so close to the robots. Also because she is a Promised Child. Yomi shows him more Promised Children, all orphans and an entire room of cloned fetuses. All because Promise Children have a higher concentration of mana. Raishin is beyond upset about this news and makes too much noise. They are found by some old school guards. They escape to the sewers because that is what all people do in trouble situations. Raishin is a bit shoot but he will have to man up. As they travel the sewers Raishin sees why Frey tried to take him out. If she fails then the doggie robots will be dismantled and a new series, Loki's robot, will take over. The guards find Raishin and he decides to take them out with hand to hand combat, including the robots.
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I'll be right back!!!
Things aren't looking good for Raishin when....Charlotte finishes trying to heal Yaya. She then tries to figure out who could have sent that missile when Frey appears looking upset. Back in the sewer Raishin is not hit by the bullet as Yomi took the attack for him. As they try to escape Raishin asks why Yomi chose to protect him. Yomi implies she owes him and maybe he will protect Frey/do the right thing. She asks Raishin to leave her behind so he can live. Raishin refuses to Yomi basically falls to her death on her own and explodes on the guards. Back at the school Frey waits for Raishin by the gates. Loki appears and basically says he attacked Yaya and that Father has killed Raishin. Before Frey can get too upset Raishin appears and says HAHA I live. Loki walks away, saying Raishin will pay later. Raishin tells Frey that Yomi is dead and wants her to get mad at him. Instead Frey smiles, saying that Raishin really helped her in the end. Raishin goes to his room where both (Raishin and Yaya) parties talk about injuries the other has. Yaya then is like....did Komurasaki touch you?! Raishin notices that Shouko is there and he knows he was using him as a decoy to study the competition so to speak. She also says that saving Yomi or even Frey will be pointless. Since Frey has a ban doll her lifeforce is being drained to keep Rabbi alive. There are other ways but this is the most effective way. Raishin won't accept this with his angry closed fist. Shouko explains it is the circuit inside Rabbi that is so dangerous and if the British were to mass produce this robot Japan would be forced to take action. She orders Raishin to take Rabbi's circuit. Before Raishin can properly protest it is time for Evening Party. After a super dramatic opening ceremony Raishin goes to meet his first opponent...who is now Loki. Loki brings out his robot and Raishin brings out Yaya. They battle for a bit but Raishin is holding back which Yaya picks up on. Yaya demands Raishin give her mana but instead Raishin uses his own body to protect her from a blow. THE END!
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This is a lot of secrets for so little episodes!
This show is chugging right along. X___X It is already time for the Evening Party. I think the first season should have focused on Raishin learning about how to be a Puppeteer and getting to know more about the kids at this school. He has been here a week and poof it is battle time. I get why he isn't a great Puppeteer but this just...seems rushed. Like learn as you go, fix the sad souls as you meet them. Not a lot of real background and information to lay the battle scenes down you know? I am going to expect more confusion. Just throwing that out there. XD
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You know...doing something....
First things first. Thanks a lot adults in charge. This is why most animes only have teenagers in them. Well that and it is their targeted audience...still. All adults are useless. Just standing around and doing nothing. I get wanting kids to learn on their own and what not but when lives are on the line maybe someone should step in? I mean what happened with all those dead kids Felix took out? No parents got mad? The government didn't shut the school down? HMMM! Shouko that is your doll there. I know you think robots are weapons but shouldn't you be pissed someone is breaking what is yours? And Kimberly...shouldn't there be rules about battles/attacks when the owner is not around? Perhaps Raishin should leave Yaya in those pod things when he isn't around since bad things keep happening....
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Say what?
It does appear later that Shouko does heal Yaya. Since she is the only one who can. Still she didn't give that impression to Kimberly. You know the adult who belongs to this school and should be hauling away other adults that shouldn't be there. Like Shouko. But since I am not fully understanding all these alliances and side deals who knows what is going on. At this point Kimberly is the one being the super shady one. Always watching Raishin getting hurt and doing nothing about it. Instead she goes to the School Perv...I mean Doctor to get more info on Raishin. It was interesting how much this Doctor knows about Raishin after being there for a few days. He has a low recovery rate? Well he just got there and has been injured a great number of times. Of course he hasn't healed. But there is another reason for that, Mr. Ban Doll. So Kimberly rolls up with a suitcase full of money (because she is gangsta) and pays really don't know. Seriously don't know what she is paying him off for. We will just assume it will benefit her and maybe hurt Raishin. Or help. I really couldn't tell folks.
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It will be okay Bishop! I mean Yaya....
While Kimberly and Shouko aren't helping Yaya....Sigmund and Charlotte are. Which is odd since the Evening Party is like in 5 minutes. But Charlotte is noble and wants to fight fair and Raishin did help her. So she feels compelled to help too. Why didn't anyone else want to help? Out for them selves. Of course what could they have done? I am not sure how mana is stored in this show. Charlotte might need it all for herself for the battle. But she is still willing to help Yaya despite the fact there is a giant hole in Yaya. How are you going to fix that?
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Ban dolls are serious business.
There was a lot of eye rolling in this episode though. Or maybe this whole premise of ban dolls. Every single person seems to have one. It really has lost it's edginess. The wow factor. Oh no not a ban doll! Like um every single person that has been introduced on screen has had a ban doll or everyone thinks they have a ban doll. this point does it really matter? No one else seems to care and it doesn't affect their status or ability to get into this school. So no one cares ya'll. Because everyone is the same.
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Frey just wants to save all the robot doggies....
Raishin and Komurasaki were off having adventures while everything was going down though. Super secret adventures that lead to nothing. Even though Shouko lead him there it seem to actually....strength his resolve to help Frey, not spy on the enemy/competition? Oh silly Shouko, do it yourself next time. Clearly this boy has a big heart. Or a heart. Because how can you not be taken in by this sad story?
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So horrifying!!!
It turns out that Frey and Loki are part of the Chosen Children. They are actually siblings but a lot of the kids at this place are not. Because in this world of magic and robots having an edge is important. There are some people who are naturally better at controlling/having mana and this organization is like well we want to be the best so round those kids up. Whether they like it or not. The not is more likely. So Frey has no parents and considers these dog robots as family. So “Father” is threatening Frey to stay in line or win this Evening Party so one of his two designs can come out on top. Killing Raishin was was ordered to? No idea.
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Poor Frey. :( And maybe poor Loki.
All of this information came about by Yomi, the “mother” to all these little puppy robots. I am not sure why Komurasaki and Raishin were shocked she could talk. Doesn't Sigmund look like a dragon but is a robot? Unless these dogs are a lot more dog than robot. That could be rather...awful. But still weirdness. She decided to trust Raishin since he was talking nicely about Frey. Like okay I guess I will take you on a tour. Here is Frey's sad room. Here are some more kidnapped kids. Here is the Alien: Resurrection room where babies are being cloned. See how much fun this is? WEEE!
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Thanks for the adventure, time for me to take a rest. A long rest.
But yes why did Shouko send Raishin? Because as Raishin looked through the place and ran from danger (he is an injury magnet yes) he learned more and more. That if Frey doesn't do her part the doggie line of robots will be terminated and Loki's line will take center stage. How can Raishin take on Frey now that he knows the truth? Charlotte too. But maybe since the rules of this game are so weird it is possible that Raishin can take out Magnus without actually winning? It is the last person standing yes? But yeah Raishin has a lot of knowledge though. I don't think it helped that Yomi “died” saving Raishin even though it wasn't really his fault.
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Ravi or Rabbi? Hard to tell but come on Shouko. So harsh!
Raishin and Komurasaki emerge from the orphanage broken and scarred for life. Well at least Raishin. Frey meets him at the gate but since Loki and his asshole self was there too it wasn't a happy moment. I am sure that Loki really is doing this all to protect Frey and he doesn't meant to be an asshole. But yeah Raishin is all rolling his eyes at their attempts to hurt him and Frey really can't say anything. Yaya has now recovered thanks to Charlotte and maybe Shouko so her main concerns are Raishin's penis and not his bullet holes. Shouko is like okay so I sent you to spy and now you have to bring me Rabbi's heart. Because I am sure that will go over super well. What part of poor tortured girl are you not understanding Shouko? Me thinks she thinks that Raishin is her puppet. Well joke is on her. What is her deal anyway? I mean I guess is Rabbi is dead Frey will be save as his circuit is causing her damage so she's not an asshole either? Still Raishin is not happy.
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The idea of Yaya getting hurt is too much for Raishin to take.
Raishin has exactly 5 minutes to take a shower and put on his lovely cape on before the Evening Party starts. It looks like a normal kind of event, with no one really worried that they might die. Maybe that is worse case scenario. But since Raishin is involved it is probably inevitable. Good luck Raishin. Your first opponent is...wait Loki? I thought Frey was ranked 99. Did Loki do something so he would fight Raishin first? I guess it doesn't matter. Or maybe it is helpful. Because Raishin is going through so much he needed a moment of weakness. A moment of I can't do this and it is all too much. Good to get it out of the way. Might have been easier with Frey but she wouldn't be trying to kill Raishin and Yaya like Loki is. No no it is good that Raishin is having his moment now. All the nooooos for Yaya and throwing himself in front of the blast...yeah Raishin really does see Yaya as human and wants to protect her. How much more battle does Raishin have in him? Guess we will have to stay tune. Poor Raishin. He is not having a great time at this new school is he? Why can't ugly boys or ugly girls have problems so his revenge can come easier?

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