Saturday, November 23, 2013

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party/Birthday Trip

Hello there those who love Duffy...and those who surely will learn to love me!!! I am slightly traumatized as mom PUT ME IN THE WASHING MACHINE! She claims she had to do it as the bear formula and baby shampoo wasn't getting me clean enough. So drowning me is the answer? I SEE!
 photo Birthday2013Disney001_zps33ad3f72.jpg
Behold mom no longer has a closet!
Putting that and mom have annual passes to Disney World for a whole year. So when mom's birthday came around of course she and dad decided to celebrate at Disney. Muffy's mom didn't come for some reason but Scruffy's mom did!! After the moms got off work dad drove us to the park where we threw on our party clothes to head to the Magic Kingdom.
 photo Birthday2013Disney002_zps1ec120eb.jpg
To help with the packing I made sure to do mine the night before. Mom has been buying lots of new clothes for me lately. I need to go more places to wear them all. Me? Spoiled? Who said that?!
 photo Birthday2013Disney004_zps5c4ba905.jpg
But it's not my birthday. It's your mom!
 photo Birthday2013Disney007_zps58b1c94c.jpg
All set to go. No one can accuse me of being late.
 photo Birthday2013Disney011_zps55a635f1.jpg
We had to zoom to Orlando super fast and throw on our party clothes. This was the first Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party I have been too. Mom wore her Queen of Hearts costume again so I guess I will wear this....costume again. It is COSTUME! Not a dress. I will tell Mickey this.
 photo Birthday2013Disney020_zpsb072470a.jpg
There are lots of different characters that are only out during the party. Mom and Scruffy's mom decided to do mostly that. Scruffy looked like how Mickey was dressed today. Very Halloween like.
 photo Birthday2013Disney037_zpsdf45562d.jpg
I got my picture taken a lot at the party. I got to meet lots of new characters. But mom is in all of them! How can I show them off here?
 photo Birthday2013Disney059_zps7fcc014c.jpg
The longest line was the one to meet the Princesses. They had their Princes with them so I can see why that would be special. I think mom and Muffy's mom got through 8 meet and greets which was pretty good since they stopped to get candy and ride the Haunted Mansion that was super popular all night. We had a super fun time. There are more pictures of me and Muffy on the next day of the trip, this night was a little fast paced. Plus it was dark and I don't want mom putting me down to take a picture. I look so cute someone might have stolen me! Stay Tuned for part two of the Birthday Trip.

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