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Nagi no Asukara episode 8

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And that was Kaname's one line of the episode weeee!
Three in a row go me!!!! Today at work it was super dead at work so I actually got a lot accomplished. After the last couple weeks I deserved a break. Didn't stop the person who came in after we were closed from flicking me off because I wouldn't unlock the door event it is officially Thanksgiving where I live. Happy Eat Turkey Then Buy Tons of Stuff Day weeee!!! To celebrate have another anime post. Up now is Nagi no Asukara episode 8. Spoilers storm? What ice storm?
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Please save us Tsumugu. Buying tickets is way too hard.
Episode Summary: Hikari is pissed about all the sand in him/on him. Akari walks along behind him. Hikari starts to rant about Uroko being a crackhead and Dad is unreasonable. Akari tries to calm things down but Hikari says he won't give up on the festival, her, or Dad. Boyfriend and Miuna had been looking stoic outside but Boyfriend sensed something and runs to meet the two as they look a little tore up. He takes them home and attempts to make dinner. He is nervous and it shows. Hikari almost uses deceased mom's cup and that is a bit of a sad moment. Boyfriend worries about the sleeping arrangements and Hikari says he wants to stay at Tsumugu's house. Akari does that older sister thing and Hikari agrees to stay. The boys get one futon and the girls the other. Hikari and Miuna lay down while Akari and Boyfriend talk. Boyfriend is worried Akari won't be able to go to the sea again and Akari doesn't care. Still both want to make it official. Hikari and Miuna both hear this conversation and reflect on it. In the middle of the night Miuna wakes up because she hears Hikari making noise. He was attempting to make a salt bath because of his Ena. Miuna quietly talks about her mom and moves on to how she didn't properly greet and take in Akari, before and now. She says she is not great with words so they both figure she should get a present with all of Hikari's friends helping. They agree to go to the city in the morning to find something. When Hikari wakes up he sees no Miuna. She eventually shows up and is evasive about where she was. Akari muses the two seem close. Hikari denies it and proceeds to treat Miuna like an annoying little sister all day. They meet up with Kaname, Manaka, and Chisaki at the train station, all three boys looking nice while Hikari is wearing Boyfriend's clothes. They have trouble at the station since Hikari can't read or ask for directions. Of course Tsumugu shows up and of course he was going to do an errand in the city so he will come too. Off our adventure goes. Hikari closely monitors Tsumugu and Manaka's situation while Chisaki monitors him. They get to the massive city and Miuna is quick to point out that some stores have salt water for sea people to use. After that it is time for shopping. They look around and Miuna finds this super expensive necklace. She wants it but Hikari is like no too much. The girls are like meanie but head up to the next shopping floor. There are too many people on board the elevator so Chisaki is forced off and Hikari waits with her.
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But I want this one!!! It is pretty, good advertising ad.
The other kids take Miuna shopping while Chisaki and Kaname wait for the next elevator that is taking forever to come. Chisaki asks what Hikari thinks about his sister and he says he just wants her to be happy. Chisaki thinks that Manaka might leave the sea too but Hikari has decided making Manaka smile is more important than his feelings. Chisaki gets weepy and doesn't want Hikari to change and says she will support him. Hikari says Chisaki is nice but she insists she isn't. They reach the floor where Miuna has decided she only wants that expensive necklace. It is perfect to her. Hikari finally gives in and allows her to call her father for a year advance on her allowance which he can magically transfer over to her credit card. Dad is like what but Akari is like yes give her the money. Miuna gets down to the floor where she saw the poster but surprise it is sold out. Heartbroken. The girls realize that Miuna wants one that looks like it, even if it's not the exact one. So they run around the entire city looking, Hikari often leaving Miuna in the dust. Miuna at one point panics when Hikari falls down and pours salt water on his head, revealing this morning she went out to collect said salt water for Hikari. She looks embarrassed so the sea kids start a water fight claiming they all need it. They never find the necklace or one close to it. Tsumugu never does his errand as only Kaname remembers. Miuna sits sadly on the train with no present when she and Hikari have an idea at the same time. At home Boyfriend and Akari sit worried as it is late. Akari goes to wait at the train station when all the kids walk up dirty. Miuna presents Akari with the necklace. Instead of buying the special sea shell Miuna and the other kids spent all this time looking for it. Miuna manages to croak out that she cares about Akari and Akari is touched. Then Hikari makes fun of Miuna for crying. Just one big happy family THE END! Oh wait no it started to snow salt crystals which has everyone but Miuna worried....
 photo naginoepisode810_zps45964828.jpg
On the eve of Black Thanksgiving...HOW DARE YOU!
I really wasn't expecting the episode to go that way. Sometimes I wonder why I expect anything at all in animes. They have so many twists and turns it is hard to keep up, let alone guess what is going to happen next. So yeah...I was actually expecting a lot of sadness in this episode but really didn't get any.
 photo naginoepisode8_zps0e01b852.jpg
Punch someone in the face!
Hikari was a bit bitter at the beginning of the episode while Akari was the quiet kind of sad. If I was either of them I would have gone all Johanna Mason interview on someone's ass. Like hello you were almost killed. Dad was sitting by letting it happen. They are unaware that he stopped it so they should assume he was okay with them almost getting squished. Big deal folks. Surely this doesn't happen when everyone tries to leave the village right? They must know something is up. I was expecting more anger and tears. Yet Hikari just had his moment and then vowed not to give up on anyone or anything. Pretty mature thinking for someone who was nearly Frozen. Coming out Thanksgiving Day.
 photo naginoepisode82_zps79a16dc0.jpg
So many different versions of subbing and what not. The first version I saw made it seem like Hikari was staying with Tsumugu forever.
Boyfriend (whose name was actually said this episode....san indeed Ms. I am dating him) and Miuna were waiting for Akari to show up. She must have given them a head's up on her plans. Hikari showing up made Boyfriend rather nervous. I would be too if I were him. He has “made” three people leave the sea now woohoo. I kid I kid. Okay not really. So Boyfriend being all awkward, Miuna got all weird, and Akari was just pensive as she should have been. I love Hikari said he was going to stay at Tsumugu's house. Like punk you didn't even ask him.
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Um you can. Everyone is in a tough spot, don't feel bad for him and be rational.
There was a slight serious moment where Boyfriend mentioned once again how he doesn't want things to end badly for Akari. An ice twister is not bad enough. He is under the delusional impression that Akari hasn't been totally banished and he can get the father on their side and they can do this right. I am not sure if that is is the system you know. Akari says she doesn't care about the sea which is sorta sad. I mean...technically she is giving up her life for a guy which I frown upon but of course the circumstances are different. Basically shunned instead instead of running away like a dumb girl. Still I would appreciate a bit of sadness. It looks like Dead Mom was a bit sad so just admit it. Still maybe she is just trying to protect Boyfriend's feelings even though he knows the truth. Maybe they are both lying to themselves in saying things will work out.
 photo naginoepisode84_zps123f5a85.jpg
Family is hard work.
Miuna and Hikari both overhear this because the apartment is as big as my closet. I mean where was Akari going to sleep without Hikari in the picture? No privacy and poor light sleepers. Anyway the two kids talk about this situation over some salt water later. You would think salt water would be plenty in a house that has seen two sea ladies. Despite being a little kid who has been through a lot. Miuna realizes that she hasn't really...expressed her emotions to Akari well. All that crying was in front of others. So since Miuna can't say things to Akari she wants to show her. Every Kiss begins with Kay Okay? Since Hikari is on a mission to make those around him happy smile he agrees.
 photo naginoepisode88_zpsd0283fa1.jpg
We are touching!!! Who cares if Hikari is banished from the sea weee!
This is where the episode gets weird. I know a show that has people living under the sea (under the sea) isn't based in reality but this episode took away from the reality that has been established in this world. Akari and Hikari left the sea. Perhaps were banished. Maybe being banished is a separate thing but Uroko tried to kill them. Okay stop them in such a way that could have killed them. Maybe even associating with them is bad news. So why is it that none of the kids brought it up? Okay maybe Chisaki said something small later but it was mainly shopping time. I would think leaving the ocean is a big deal. You live there. You are running out of people. Yet Manaka is willing to leave if she falls in love. I don't know. I just felt as if this was a big issue and no one else was making a deal at all. At all. Like Hikari you okay? You are so stupid. I am backing you up. Wow Uroko almost splatted you? The villagers are so pissed. We aren't allowed to talk to you. Something! Anything! Instead we get nothing. Not one thing.
 photo naginoepisode89_zpsde657d8d.jpg
We are just two sad people with loves that can't love us back woe is us.
Well I guess I could talk about the one tiny thing. The passing thing that might not have happened if Chisaki didn't weigh 1,000 pounds. Gosh break the elevator why don't you? But yes while Chisaki and Hikari were alone she asked about Akari. Not Hikari. I mean maybe Hikari didn't talk about the ice storm from Uroko but surely someone or a lot of someone's saw it. This is news yes? More people leaving the ocean, your friends? Chisaki did ask how Akari was if only to compare it to Manaka's situation. You know the romance with Tsumugu that is going nowhere. But Hikari was all ready with his going to make them smile answer. Whatever people want I will support. If you love a bird let it go. Now Chisaki was having a hard time accepting that answer because she loves Hikari, wants to let him go but thinks her feelings make her a bad person. I mean I am not calling her a bad person. Just she is really feeling sorry for herself through Hikari. That if Hikari gives up Manaka that means she should give up on him...despite her winning by default? Yeah Chisaki is a basketcase despite being the most mature one. Love triangles sheesh.
 photo naginoepisode811_zps30916574.jpg
No Miuna left behind!
That was only about 1 minute of the episode anyway. We will worry about Akari and Hikari after shopping. One wonders why Kaname and Tsumugu couldn't have gone and done the errand while Hikari was busy leaving Miuna all over the place. Like my gosh you aren't on the Amazing Race slow down. She is little ya'll. Instead everyone was running around for the shopping trip. Miuna got focused on one things pretty fast which is what kids do. I don't think it was the price tag. More like the picture was a reminder of the ocean, a girl from the ocean, and a treasure from the ocean. Damn you stores for selling out of something and not taking down the sign. Bad customer service!! Still that is what Miuna wanted. Even if she had no allowance forever. Boyfriend needs to get another job.
 photo naginoepisode812_zpsc4741513.jpg
We are family!!!!
There was a touching moment when Miuna tried to drown Hikari in the streets. See the kid must have run out to the ocean and back with bottles of sea water. She was probably too young to remember how her mom would make the baths and since Hikari fails at making his own water she went and got him some. She didn't want Hikari to lose more than he already has. Like no, you need to keep your ena. Miuna is bad with words so she does this as a way of showing Hikari she cares. Like we are family. Ohana bitches. I care about you and since everyone is a lovely being they partook in the salt water too. Like great job kid. Thanks for thinking of us. Now Hikari should feel bad he was running around and leaving Miuna behind because she was carrying all that water for him. Feel bad now!
 photo naginoepisode813_zps64c4bacf.jpg
Everyone go BAWWW!
In the end it was not to be. There was no necklace to be found. Except all those other similar looking necklaces. All that running like a child was missing was for naught. Woe is our characters. Miuna sat upset on the train while Hikari failed to make everyone smile despite it maybe being out of his control. Then it hits him!! And her!!! The real meaning of Christmas doesn't come from a store. Maybe Christmas is a little bit more. Or you know it is the meaning behind the gift. The idea that someone thought so much of you that it brings a tear to your eye. Like I knew you would love this so I got it for you. For Miuna she wanted that specific shell to give to Akari and by spending all that time looking and putting it together just made it more precious right?
 photo naginoepisode814_zps59000c5f.jpg
Um....I hope grasshoppers and the death of the first born isn't next....
Boyfriend and Akari might be in for tough times. More so Boyfriend as he is stealing all the woman haha. But no Miuna is okay with Akari. She isn't a replacement mom. She is someone different who won't leave her. There are promises of it will be okay. An annoying Hikari brother type who points out Miuna was crying her eyes out when she found the shell. The Boyfriend was willing to scuba to the bottom of the ocean to talk things out. Just everyone say awww at a whole day of shopping ending up at the beach looking for shells. It was pretty though. However the episode ends in ohhhs as it snows....sea salt? Um what is going on here? Sea god mad? Sea god giving out a warning? Let me people go or a plague on all your houses? XO Maybe flooding the whole Earth? Guess we will find out next time when things are back to being it should have been this episode?

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