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Nagi no Asukara episode 4

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Great big meanie head!!!
One more post then bed!!! The lovely ship anime posts will come tomorrow as I don't have screenies for episode 2 but I do have them for episode 3. Silly me. Silly always. But up last is Nagi no Asukara episode 4. It has already been a month since the new anime season? The time is flying by. Anyway spoilers for Hikari doing a lot of healing, growing, and beating up.
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How much worse can this get?!
Episode Summary: Hikari looks a little shocked that the quieter girl Miuna says the sad Boyfriend is her father. A bit of rage that Boyfriend is also a cheater. Miuna wants his help breaking Akari and her dad up. Saya (the brat kid) is all Octopus Head everything and is generally just making the situation worse. Hikari thinks about how sad his sister is and decides he doesn't want to work with Miuna as she is a coward. These words don't make Saya any happier but Hikari walks home to think about this all. Later in the episode Akari goes to visit Uroko to get some sacred fire in a cage. She is slightly less respectful than Manaka and Uroko asks why she isn't at work/has been missing work. She says she is going to break up with Boyfriend and find work under the sea even though that might be difficult. She thinks about Boyfriend and how she met him. Miori was her friend until she fell in love with Boyfriend and was banished. Boyfriend and Miori got married and had Miuna. Akari would often hang out with Miori and just wanted to be with them. Then Miori died and Akari saw how sad Boyfriend as at the funeral as well as Miuna. She knew she had to help but Miuna never accepted her. Uroko is like...aren't you sugar coating it? You were in love with Boyfriend the whole time and you wanted to be Miori. Akari is like jerk. Uroko offers to curse her into forgetting Boyfriend but Akari says she can manage on her own. Hikari is still confused about all of this. But then poof it is school time. The class has broken up into teams of 4 to do some cooking. Of course all the sea kids are a group with Tsumugu working nearby. Hikari has a competition with Tsumugu who is unaware of it. Hikari is choppin away and Tsumugu is talking about how he learned to cook because it was just Gramps and him. When all the food is done everyone is suppose to taste each other's dishes. No one goes to the sea kids so Manaka braves up and asks a group of boys to try theirs. They say it smells like fish but Manaka keeps insisting. They push her to the ground which causes Hikari to be pissed. The teacher fails to stop the anger while Tsumugu is unable to make the boys apologize. Later the sea kids walk to the doll they are making with Hikari still pissed. He wants to know why Manaka tries so hard. Basically it's because Manaka is a sweet person. They open the door and find the entire doll destroyed. Hikari flies out of the room and body slams the two boys into lockers. They are all taken to the Principal who is like what? I got to discipline kids? He decides Hikari is way too angry and sends him home. Hikari is like send those assholes home for destroying our doll. The kids say they didn't and there is no proof. Hikari is outraged and Manaka is like well punish me too, I am going home.
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Kaname and Chisaki stay behind to try to put the doll back together. They are hurt about what has happened when Chisaki sees Saya left a message saying she did it. Chisaki tries to erase it and begs Kaname not to tell as it would get Hikari in more trouble. Kaname and ninja Tsumugu agree the truth would be better. As they walk home Hikari wants to know why Manaka came with him. She says all she does is get protection and she wants to start doing some of her own. She wants to help Hikari and bridge this gap. Hikari is awed at how mature Manaka looks but realizes that might be because of Tsumugu. Both kids look up and see Boyfriend drowning in some scuba gear. They bring him to the surface (to his house) and attempt to take care of him. Since Akari hasn't been to the surface for her job Boyfriend wanted to see her. Akari starts to call him a cheat but then sees the memorial to his dead wife. Hikari grows quiet as the Boyfriend just seems sad. When Manaka and Hikari leave Miuna walks up the stairs. She tells Hikari she destroyed the doll and walks away. Manaka wonders why Hikari didn't yell at Miuna. Hikari has realized it wasn't a race thing but maybe a mom replacement thing and understands that. At school the next day Hikari gets on his hands and knees to apologize to the boys. Everyone gasps that is too much....and Manaka joins him on the floor to apologize too. Forgive us. Hikari then says things won't be right until they hit him back. When the boys hesitate Tsumugu is like look you were both assholes too, forgive him. So one of the boys rushes Hikari and breaks the doors. Now all is okay. Out of the corner of his eye Kaname sees Saya. He follows her as she was going to destroy the doll some more. Kaname is upset that Hikari had to prostate himself and tells Saya she has to apologize. Saya explains in the episode she would do anything for Miuna. Saya used to get picked on at school and Miuna was the only one who didn't join in. The kids turned on Miuna for being different and Saya was accepted back in the class. She saw how Saya suffered in silence. Miuna says only the opinions of people she cared about matters. So...Saya was touched and became Miuna's best friend. Thus she will do anything for her. Saya cries and cries over friendship and Kaname is like...well Hikari is my friend too. Kaname gathers the gang later and Saya apologizes to Hikari. He is shocked Miuna confessed but accepts which makes Saya cry more. Everyone seems happy everything worked out. Everyone but Chisaki as she is the only one who really didn't help Hikari. Sadness. THE END!
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Well the Boyfriend isn't having such a great time either....
Oh Chisaki. Oh Chisaki Chisaki. You better step your game up. Because by the end of the episode 4 Hikari was connecting with everyone. Everyone but you. Despite you “looking” after him and him promising to become more are probably relegated to “older” sister status. Woe is Chisaki. Not too woe of course. Not queerat and psychic power woes okay?
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I rather hit people directly in the face. So there!
Starting off Hikari is still XO over this revelation that Boyfriend is a dad. He immediately jumps to conclusion that this is a cheating man instead of a widower. Not sure why since he lost his mom at a young age. But the daughter, Miuna, is very unhappy with this relationship. While Saya is more vocal it really is Miuna's issue. More on that later. It's interesting how Hikari reacted to this. He beat in Miuna's father's face. He doesn't like what the man has done. But Hikari is upset about how Miuna is treating his sister. Like pot, meet kettle. Hikari does call Miuna a coward know she is in elementary school. Stupid pranks are what they do to get back at people. Hikari is “direct” and is just as hurtful.
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How much more does poor Hikari have to suffer?
I guess it is a complicated situation. Hikari assumes Miuna hates his sister for being a homewrecker (which isn't the case) and being from the sea. Which would be cruel.....It still might be true bit that's not the real reason. Yet Hikari isn't happy with Boyfriend because he is from the surface. Hikari was harsh with some surface people already but that might just be a cycle of someone was harsh to him so he is harsh right back. But Hikari might have more reason to be upset. Akari will have to LEAVE her home for this guy. Boyfriend gets to stay where he is. So Boyfriend could be the nicest person ever and Hikari would still be against it. However after seeing Akari crying and experiencing Tsumugu being nice Hikari is conflicted. It's like he and Miuna want the same thing but Hikari thinks his reasons are more noble and he isn't down with her tactics. Plus he was coming to spy or apologize, not cause more problems.
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We learned a bit about Akari this episode. Obviously she is not going to work. Uroko is a bit...well he seems to know everything so I can't call him slow. But if Akari's options are being banished or staying in the sea....well she's not going to go to work and make herself suffer more. I mean there is going to be suffering no matter what. Just the suffering can be kept to a minimum at home. Uroko seems to want her to go out and conquer her fears.
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Pretty much this for everyone.
There must be something afoot, something Uroko knows is going to happen. He was talking to the Sea god (aka the fire) about how it's not time.....for something. For the sea people to be released or let go. So maybe if Akari makes this tough decision to leave the sea it will still work out...eventually. Because Uroko knows. He thinks he super knows best and Akari needs help handling this situation. Well change the rules and she won't be so sad? Use your magic to make ena on half kids? Until then Akari is trying. Even if working in their village might not be an option because everyone hates her.
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Thanks for pointing that all out.....
It's hard to see if Uroko is hurting or helping people's situations. It was like he was trying to make Akari see the truth. However it was more like um stop sugar coating things, it ain't all magic and fairy tales. Like Akari was forced to see the ugly of the situation. See Miuna might not hate sea people as her mother was one. We don't know if she knew but I guess self hate is always an option. Anyway Mom got banished here in Messed Up Village Land. Non banished sea people can still be friends with banished ones. Guess there would be no way to enforce it but still. Mom was banished and high schooler Akari was still friends with her. Unless this Boyfriend just likes them young. Akari claims to have loved the family Uroko pointed out is that the truth? Was Mom Akari's friend but then she fell in love with Boyfriend? Like oh what a nice family, wish I had that. I am sure Akari was sad her friend died but being there for Boyfriend and Miuna is what she wanted, not something that just happened. So...Uroko was nearly suggesting Akari wanted this. Because Akari isn't miserable enough. Karma.
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It is the whole school verses the sea's just not fair.
Hikari and his classmates are still not having an easy time above the sea. I think the teacher needs to be more on the ball. Like there will always be some kids who are cruel and assholes but letting the sea kids be paired up all the time isn't going to bring anyone together. Just cause more division. And there aren't 200 kids in that class. Open your eyes and see that Manaka got pushed. Now this is when the sea kids and Tsumugu should have fought, not over the doll issue. Nip it in the bud. Turn the other cheek indeed. Get your act together. Teach. Manaka reminds me of an abused dog. Always coming back for more. How much harder does she have to try? People have to meet her halfway or it won't work.
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Time for more hitting?
Part of me wants to go BAD HIKARI for hitting those boys later. Or charging them like a bull. Like make sure the people you are accusing are the ones responsible. But on the other hand...i want to slow clap. Does slow clap work in this situation or is slow clap for sarcastic things? I don't know. But those kids were jerks. That might apply to most of the kids. All avoiding the sea kids. Manaka is being super brave and making the first step. So is Tsumugu. But what about the rest of the kids? No one wanting to eat their food, help with the doll? And instead of being gracious or at least the base level of polite the kids push Manaka. So even though they didn't destroy the doll these kids have done a lot to the sea kids. Hikari needed to set these punks straight. Like we aren't going to take this anymore. Can't walk on us yo.
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I think.....she might have deserved it. That probably makes me a bad person though.
So who destroyed the doll? The very vocal brat Saya. She has been very....outspoken with her anger while Miuna is a festerer. Considering it is happening to her....But yes Saya left an I DID IT sign on the doll which Hikari would have never found out about. In fact Miuna confessed to the crime to either protect her friend or show Hikari she isn't a coward. Had Saya not confessed/been caught by Kaname Hikari wouldn't have known. Saya's reason for doing all of this wasn't very compelling. Perhaps she doesn't really hate sea kids either. Just Miuna didn't like this one family so Saya was down for pranking and being mean. Saya has a lot of loyalty to Miuna for several reasons. When Saya was getting picked on by everyone in her class (probably for being a brat) Miuna didn't join in. When the attacks switched to Miuna Saya didn't aid the girl at first which caused Saya a lot of guilt. Her eyes were broken faucets while she is telling this story. So...yeah. That was her reasoning.
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Accept my sincere apology even though you are douchebags too.
Hikari went through a lot of emotions in this episode. Upset at Boyfriend. Sad that Boyfriend might be a nice person. Pissed at his classmates. Super pissed that nothing happened to those kids since they did at least push Manaka. I would be upset too that there wasn't more punishment. Manaka was there for him to accept the punishment which made Hikari all sparkly. Like I am supposed to protect Manaka and yet she is growing up and protecting me. But that quickly turned into sadness because Manaka is leaving him behind for Tsumugu. Then it was a roller coaster of emotions as he rescued/took care of drowning Boyfriend. It's like Hikari hates the idea of him. But the Boyfriend himself seems nice, wants to be with his sister or make things right. Hikari couldn't even hate on Miuna when she “confessed” because he knows what it is like to lose a mom. So by the time Saya confessed Hikari was all emotioned out. Like what is going on?! I'm FEELING!!! I mean he took a big step to prostate himself in front of those boys. Like I made a mistake and I am apologizing for it. Hopefully that shows EVERYONE they need to start acting a little nicer to each other. But yeah....after Saya really confessed it was just a BAWWW fest in Hikari's head I am sure.
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Well...then do it?
So why poor Chisaki? Well what did she do? She sorta keeps Manaka together. Which is nice since she wants Hikari to herself. But Chisaki is so important to group morale and over all maturity she is getting over looked. Or is that her own doing? She could have stood up for Manaka. She could have went home with Hikari on a united front. I thought it was sweet that she was willing to hide that Saya did it. She didn't want Hikari to look wrong. I understand how that might have hurt him in the long run and made him mad at her but....I can see and appreciate why she did that. Not that Hikari will ever know. Then even Kaname sweeps in and gets Saya to apologize since Hikari embarrassed himself. Now Chisaki is just thoroughly forgotten. Woe is her. :(
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Everyone say AWWWW!
Is there anything else that happened in this episode? Boyfriend has a dead wife. Akari might be selfish. Boyfriend almost drowneded. Hikari hates everyone. No one loves Chisaki. So is everyone a half sea/half land offspring? Despite there being so much animosity between the two towns it seems like it's all a front. Like rawr you all suck. Except you. You I like. Next episode should be all about sad Chisaki right? Tsumugu needs to stick up for his new friends more. Be the bridge land kid. Also what was Uroko talking about? Not yet? Not yet.....are all the sea people being kicked out or are all the land people being let back in? Guess we will find out next time weeee!

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