Saturday, November 9, 2013

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Dapper Day Duffy Style!

 photo DapperDayWeekend2013012_zps61364568.jpg
Are you ready for some more Duffy adventures? Of course you are!
Weee another weekend of fun. We went to Disney back to back weekends. What a lucky bear I am indeed!!!! A bit tiring though. Good thing I have tons of clothes for the occasion.
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013013_zps10042920.jpg
This hotel looks like does this magazine.
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013014_zps98343d81.jpg
Mom had blurry vision on the camera today. Keep it still!
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013015_zpsec707d0d.jpg
Also it is way too early to be up. I am going back to bed until we are ready to go.
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013017_zps376a9b9f.jpg
Dad was able to come on the trip this time weee. This way to the Magic Kingdom.
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013018_zpsb8adc54d.jpg
The theme for the day is Dapper Day. That is when everyone dresses up very nice, like when people used to come to the parks a long time ago. Like my outfit?
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013019_zpsef5bfcb9.jpg
First thing we did after we got to the park was get in line to see Mickey. Dad was dressed as Dapper Mickey so of course we had to do it.
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013020_zps97543288.jpg
Last time we were in this line there were Princesses too. But they got moved to a new location now....
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013021_zpse5284342.jpg
Mom guessed right woohoo!
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013022_zpsfe79c77c.jpg
It is almost our turn to meet Mickey. How do I look?!
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013025_zpsea486fcb.jpg
Almost like how much email mom has in her box....
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013042_zps7cca3094.jpg
After we got to see Mickey we got in line to see Pluto while Dad tried to get cards for his game. This is when he found out the rules changed. Sad dad. :(
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013046_zps9b3504b3.jpg
The line for Pluto is out in the sun. Don't melt!
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013048_zps873df0c7.jpg
Do you spy the little pumpkin?
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013070_zpsf972bc3b.jpg
We took a lot of pictures in our Dapper clothes. We got a little hungry so we went to a restaurant no one has ever eaten in before.
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013072_zps54da2505.jpg
It was themed for Lady and the Tramp. I have never seen the movie.
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013075_zpse2419d45.jpg
How long would it take to eat all this cheese? So yummy!
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013080_zpsb9311876.jpg
More blur vision by mom. XD The statue is pretty though I promise.
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013089_zpse4cf13a0.jpg
Here is mom's meal. She is kinda picky though. She doesn't like tomato sauce at all. She said it was very meaty. Too bad they didn't have cheese ravioli, she likes those.
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013090_zpsfdb16878.jpg
This is Dad's food. He likes tomato sauce. XD
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013092_zps98998570.jpg
Someone asked if I was Frank Sinatra. Is he handsome like me?
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013095_zps20e035b3.jpg
The seating area for Tony's. So plush and cushy.
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013096_zps1cf58c92.jpg
People watching Lady and the Tramp. There were too many kids though, I was afraid of being grabbed.
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013103_zps57f84d30.jpg
Time for more pictures! We get to see the circus!
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013108_zps94dc1977.jpg
I am the Dashing Duffy!
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013110_zpsa8c39ffa.jpg
The snake is making mom's pictures even blurrier!
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013126_zpsb72c1532.jpg
So many pink poodles. Can we have a pink cat instead?
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013127_zpse5e56403.jpg
Oh now we can see them!
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013131_zps082e7efd.jpg
After we got Goofy, Donald, Daisy, and Minnie to visit with us Dad got us all in the car and drove us over to Hollywood Studios. That is the park that Dapper Day is happening at. There are pics of me in the castle...but mom is in them too. XO What about me alone?!

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