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Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova episode 5

Happy Thanksgiving folks! I am giving a new meaning to the phrase multitasking right now. So many windows opened on my computer. I guess it is a good thing I am not cooking today. XD
 photo ArsNovaepisode53_zps39cd8dc5.jpg
How can a room be full of toys and none of them are cute?
Before things get silly busy here I promised another (okay maybe two) new anime posts. So here is the first one. XD Up now is Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova episode 5. Spoilers for Haruna being weird.....
 photo ArsNovaepisode56_zpscc278a09.jpg
The definition of Haruna's life right now.
Episode Summary: The two ships have been defeated. But Gunzou and company are completely out of ammo. It appears they are still in the same port despite it looking like crap. Also they barely had any ammo for them last time so....Gunzou's sponsor is seen lurking around bu the crew is busy doing their own thing. Mainly talking about how at their next stop they are going to be given a weapon stronger than the gravity thing they stole from a Fog ship. Or the plans they have for this super weapon. Anyway it is discussed about Iona and her blowing up Fog ships with avatars. Iona says she can't really describe how she felt. Later she takes a meeting with another Fog ship Maya just because Maya sorta wants to know what Iona's death is but Iona is more concerned why she felt Haruna and Kirishima's relief when they died? Maya is like oh because they are still alive. Enter Makie the little rich girl that found Haruna in her special lingerie. She remains unconscious for a little while until there is a poke poke from Makie. Haruna wakes up and tries to assess the situation. Makie gives her the rock crystal which is Kirishima's core. Haruna is all why are we here and why is this human child so friendly? She decides to leave but as much of her clothing was destroyed because she used it as a bracer she can't leave. Even if she wore that big jacket. Because that would draw attention. Makie is just amazing and assumes things....she runs off and finds clothes for Haruna. All of them are rather special and stone Kirishima laughs at Haruna's pain. Makie happily smiles at all this fun. She is taken by the maids later to take her medicine. Kirishima tells Haruna to give her some nanomaterial. She making a teddy bear mobile. Kirishima lives again! They go to investigate the house but don't get very far when a maid takes Haruna and her “toy” to the dinning table. Makie is sucking down medicine but is still in high spirits. Kirishima accidentally moves. The Fog ships panic but Makie is like MOG you are like me Haruna and thought the Kirishima doll was cool. Later Makie talks about Haruna being free and how she wishes for that.
 photo ArsNovaepisode512_zps39ea6848.jpg
That you look bad? Yes we did.
Kongou contacts Kirishima and Haruna at the “tea room”. After the initial doesn't Kirishima look interesting Kongou says that there are Fog ships nearby to rescue both of them. Kirishima requests that they stay as they found out something interesting about this house, that the super weapon was build here despite it's creator being dead. Kongou agrees and Haruna is quiet as she feels oddly connected to Makie. The little girl snuggles with Haruna and teddy Kirishima. Still Kirishima wants to complete the mission. Off they go to investigate the house. 5 seconds into looking around a maid walks up and tells the girls to follow her. A bit confusing as their scan didn't pick up any life forms. They are taken to the basement to sickly man. He looks barely alive. He is the maker or sorta maker of this super weapon, Makie's “Dad”. He recognizes the girls as Fog avatars and says that Makie is not a real human. He explains this...special story of Makie. When Fog first came to Earth “Dad” was one of the top scientists in the military. He was working hard to stop Fog but realized that the human mind was limited. So he did the logical thing and started making super humans. Over 100 fetuses died and only one successful kid lived past the age of 3. Makie. But she is super brilliant and she is behind the super weapon. However Makie grew too powerful and the military feared her. “Dad” was told to make a new Makie to replace this Makie. So to protect Makie he faked his own death to the point where he is basically hanging on by a thread. So now no new Makie can be made. Makie lives cut off from the world and she works alone. “Dad” wants Haruna and Kirishima to be friends with Makie, as she smiles and deserves to be free. Well goo thing he is asking now as the military has caught wind that Fog ships are in the house and they are on the way! THE END!!
 photo ArsNovaepisode52_zps14b9e3af.jpg
No one really knows what is up with her.....
See folks. I spoke about this show being battle heavy and what do I get next? An episode of weird. Weird, weird, crazy, and weird. No battle. Actually hardly any 401 people. Nope we got some Fog ships chill on land. Nothing to see here. Also this episode is episode 5. Not the last episode. Because my mind is trying to cheat and catch me up by skipping episodes.
 photo ArsNovaepisode5_zpsa65af012.jpg
Great now you said it. -____-
We did get about one minute air time with Gunzou, Iona, and the crew. Mainly just inventory and suchies. Like well if we were attacked right now we would be so super screwed. We are almost out of ammo folks. Instead of going to ask the Port of Yokosuka to service them (which I think they are still there) they are going to go somewhere else. Or maybe they are not there. Since Gunzous's government liaison was seen. In any event they need ammo and it will take time. So to fill the void Iona will talk about sinking mental models with Maya. Maya seems kinda creepy yes? All of them do. So what does Iona feel? Apparently at the moment of “death” Iona could feel their emotions. Emotions of....relief? Maya is like because Haruna saved Kirishima. HMMMM does Iona tell Gunzou the ship avatars aren't out for the count just because the ships are gone? If she doesn't is that lying? A breach of trust? HMMMMMM.
 photo ArsNovaepisode54_zpse41ef389.jpg
The jacket is obviously too small to use as a shield duh.
After that second of Gunzou and was just pure crazy. Like if you told me about this episode before I watched it I would have said no you are crazy. You are lying, really this can't be happening. Lies. Then I watched it and I was like...oh okay. For the record I am going to really rant about the pantie set Haruna was wearing. Okay maybe I will slightly. Like....if she turned her clothes into a shield to protect herself at impact I get that. Magical ships from outer space with computers taking on human shapes can do what they want with nanomaterial. However that giant jacket could have provided a lot of cushion on impact. It's like she is so attached to it she threw it off to protect it. Wouldn't that be a human trait, having attachment? Okay so she wanted to protect the jacket. I think it would have made more sense for her to be naked rather than wearing frilly underwear from Victoria Secret's used to seduce lovers. Just use all the clothes and protect yourself. Seriously Fog was having....issues before Takao it looks like with that underwear.
 photo ArsNovaepisode55_zps4bb52730.jpg
We are okay folks, no need to worry.
So Haruna went flying across the ocean and landed in a warehouse place. With Kirishima. Both are still functioning. At first I thought this was odd. Like hmmmmm what is this nonsense? If the ships are gone so should they. Like they are the humanoid version of the ship. But then I was like...maybe it's more like a computer? They can function separate from the ship despite being part of it? Part of the ship part of the crew ya'll. So I guess that doesn't matte. Only Kirishima got super destroyed and Haruna is fine.
 photo ArsNovaepisode57_zpse2aa5573.jpg
I must dress you in everything now!
Enter Makie. You know, the rich girl that Gunzou and Iona ran into? She has appeared. She is off saving girls. Sorta girls. Poke poke wake up. I am so starved for attention I will take friends in any way I can get them. She doesn't seem to question where Haruna came from. More like MOG let's be friends. I am sure there will be clothes that fit you despite no one else living there. Spoiler Alert: The maids must be robots. Plus anime maids only wear maid clothes. So it is time to be friends and play dress up and be happy. Be happy now!!!!! Despite this all seems natural to you? Especially in light of the recent attacks. Shouldn't there be a hint of danger in the air? Keep Makie inside since Fog attacked? No? Okay then.
 photo ArsNovaepisode515_zps828dbc8a.jpg
Can't you tell by how I am acting?
If Kirishima had her taste of humanity last week it was Haruna's turn this week. In a way I thought Haruna's was more out of left field. Not as natural as Kirishima was just cracking and losing her mind. Would Haruna have reacted like this is she had been found by another human? Someone who is traditionally human? Like Haruna would have been interested in anyone as her first human contact? She was interested in words and what they meant....But yeah. Haruna becoming what looks like close to Makie was fast. Anime, the land of fast friendships.
 photo ArsNovaepisode58_zps07796634.jpg
So says the talking bear....
Kirishima seems to have recovered fast from her bout of insanity. Like okay so Iona and her human crew are better than me and brought me down to core form. But it will be okay. I am Kirishima. I am Fog. Let's get down to business. We just need to get me a movable body and we are good to go. Some nanomaterial please Haruna. It might be hard to take Kirishima serious when she is...a crazy looking teddy bear. Duffy weeps. Like how does this work? The nanomaterial just gives life to an object and the “computer” part of the ship can inhabit it? I guess I thought it was more like Star Trek and they were replicating stuff. Whatever. Kirishima is ready to....investigate and to do so she needs a body. Beware the teddy.
 photo ArsNovaepisode510_zps1e35a091.jpg
Very well Ms. Bear. You may proceed.
Kongou seems to be a nice commander. Well maybe not. If she needs SOLDIERS it might be in her best interest to save the ones she can. So yes we can come pick you up at such and such point. I wonder if Haruna and Kirishima could then be plugged into different ships to run? Doesn't matter because Haruna wants to stay with Makie. She didn't say anything and I am sure she would deny it but she wanted to stay. Kirishima was more like no we need to stay. Because in the 2 waking and unmonitored hours they had Kirishima found out that this house is the place where the super duper weapon was made. You know the one Gunzou and company might be getting. Just...just how did Kirishima figure that out? Are they Terminators? Scanning everything and figuring it out?
 photo ArsNovaepisode516_zps5eae3d55.jpg
What is this I am feeling........emotions?!
Haruna seems less interested in this super machine that can take out all of Fog. Instead lets learn about the little human. Kids who often have no other kids around usually end up...special. Like too mature for their own good. But Makie wasn't too terribly annoying. Sure Haruna looked terrible in every single outfit. At least she tried. Makie was a bit too quick to accept that the bear was moving. Oh you are like me? What does that mean crazy child? Makie is so lonely, snuggle with me strange girl and talking bear. We are now friends and family for life. Yay bonds!
 photo ArsNovaepisode511_zps4365d718.jpg
How about you take her our and escape?
Then the show took a turn into crazy, unnecessary land. While Haruna and Kirishima were exploring a giant house with creepy maids and obvious security (thought they could scan things) they were taken to see the Wizard. Okay no Wizard. But I like how the girls didn't even fight, just went along. They were taken to see Makie's “Dad”. I did spell his name out each time I wrote this and it still looks wrong in my head. So we will go with Dad. Not to all when faking your sown death don't actually almost kill yourself. Good job Dad.
 photo ArsNovaepisode513_zpsce5bd6c7.jpg
This all seems rather unnecessary....
Putting aside that Dad makes that bad guy on Star Wars look pretty fit....what the hell? Dad knows Haruna is from Fog, doesn't care. Maybe the walking, talking teddy bear tipped him off. Does he fear them, want them to leave Makie alone? Nope. He wants them to be friends. Because they are alike. Makie isn't a “real” human wither despite looking like one. For the record I think test tube babies are real humans but maybe Dad was talking about gene manipulation. Anyway when Fog comes to town humans got their asses kicked and Dad was trying to help by making weapons and such. However the human mind can only go so far. No no Dad had to think outside the box. If I can't make a super weapon....I will make a super human who can make a super weapon. Brilliant!!! We only need about 100 test tube babies and we can get started. One survived past 3 years? Okay go to work making the weapon. Oh wait now the military is scared of Makie's power and wants you to make a back up Makie so they can kill the first one and the only way out of this situation is to fake your own death? Sir have you been watching too many soap operas? Or Sci-Fi movies?
 photo ArsNovaepisode59_zps73193508.jpg
Okay maybe the whole episode was special....
As you can see this show ended in a super special note. I just thought Makie was some amnesia Fog Ship. You are telling me Iona knew she was the different? Please. What a crazy story that doesn't mane any sense at all. But Haruna was touched. Her nonhuman heart will protect Makie. She will make her smile because some crazy scientist told her how he took the long way around making a super weapon. Well it looks like Haruna will get to make Makie free. Soon since the military is coming since Fog is in town and everyone knows. Wait or does everyone know that Takao is near a port. No no, Fog only knows that as they fired on her. Good thing this show only has battle scenes for me to blog right? XD

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