Saturday, November 23, 2013

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Mom's Birthday at Disney World!

After getting up super early to go to work and staying up most of the night to go to the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party I was slightly tired. Maybe a little too much sugar. WEEE candy!!!! So I wished mom a happy birthday and decided to stay in the hotel and watch a little bit of TV. Stay in hotels can be fun. Take a little rest in a bed all to myself.
 photo Birthday2013Disney100_zpse497464d.jpg
Almost to the Magic Kingdom weeeee!
But mom wasn't going to the parks alone. Scruffy's mom went to the park and so did....H.B Duffy! Isn't his little hat so cute? Mom rescued him from the Disney Outlet Store. He is prefect for mom to celebrate her birthday with! So have fun at Magic Kingdom H. B. Duffy. Now to order room service....
 photo Birthday2013Disney101_zps02c4b428.jpg
Hello there everyone! I am H. B. Duffy! I am going to the Magic Kingdom to celebrating my mom being old. This pirate bear is named Scruffy. I bet he will steal all the churros!!! On the tram we go...many pushy people.
 photo Birthday2013Disney120_zps2a006c37.jpg
According to Duffy mom has trouble getting up early. But today she...was less late and got to ride some of the main street vehicles. I guess that means stuff other than modern cars. This was a double decker bus and mom nearly ran to it when she saw it parked.
 photo Birthday2013Disney138_zps27aabd6b.jpg
First treat of the day. It was very refreshing. Scruffy got a pretzel.
 photo Birthday2013Disney145_zps06f3cc58.jpg
We rode a lot of things in TomorrowLand. Tomorrow is full of aliens and monsters! Since it was mom's birthday she said we had to go to the Be Our Guest Restaurant. The line looked long but it was only 25 minutes.
 photo Birthday2013Disney148_zps42679fab.jpg
We got to take some pictures while waiting in line. Duffy has been here before. He says it is very nice.
 photo Birthday2013Disney160_zpsd8c7a3a7.jpg
Once we were inside the food came really quick. Mom and Scruffy's mom shared this meal. Mom got a yummy cupcake for dessert. Don't eat it Pascal!
 photo Birthday2013Disney161_zps8fca7001.jpg
Well just maybe one tiny bite....
 photo Birthday2013Disney178_zps44a89ae6.jpg
Mom doesn't like scary rides. While Scruffy's mom and my dad went on Space Mountain we played games in the gift shop.
 photo Birthday2013Disney180_zps79cd8b4c.jpg
Put more quarters in mom!
 photo Birthday2013Disney181_zps0099da1b.jpg
Less shopping more playing please. Besides you already have this shirt.
 photo Birthday2013Disney183_zps2aebd76a.jpg
I'm going to Wreck it!
 photo Birthday2013Disney185_zpsdb48313b.jpg
These 3 D glasses are not bear size.
 photo Birthday2013Disney190_zpsd2ddb778.jpg
Mom really wanted to find all the little Pascals today. Some were super hidden! Dad might have used the internets for a little bit of help.
 photo Birthday2013Disney218_zpsb37a3067.jpg
The last time Duffy came to the Magic Kingdom the Jungle Cruise was closed. Well not it is opened for me to ride. Just don't fed me to any animals.
 photo Birthday2013Disney220_zpsfdce8241.jpg
Scruffy is photobombing. Also don't let mean kids pull on my hat in line. :( Mean kids.
 photo Birthday2013Disney223_zps5d511bb6.jpg
Mom likes dark rides because they aren't scary. XD But when the ride stops isn't that scary?
 photo Birthday2013Disney224_zps3c9e4067.jpg
In line for Dumbo. There are two Dumbo rides. Make new rides, not the same one twice. Silly rides. It started to get dark but we rode more rides and had dinner at a wooden puppet restaurant. Mom forgot to take a picture of her dinner FOR SHAME!!!! But we had a great time celebrating mom's birthday. There was one more day to come though. Where are we going? Find out soon!

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