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Machine Doll wa Kizutsukanai episode 5

 photo machinedollepisode516_zpsc88410b6.jpg
Um....that was Yaya being okay with things. We don't want to see her angry folks.
Two posts in a row yay!!!! This post I think I started at the beginning of the week. Then just passed out after work and forgot all about it. Poor little Machine Doll wa Kizutsukanai episode 5. Forgotten in the corner of my mind. Breeding Eevees take a long time folks! But yes here is another perverted episode of dolls and machines and magic and what not. Spoilers for Raishin making a new friend who wants to kill him weee!
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No your mom!!!
Episode Summary: Raishin and Yaya return to his room. Raishin is pissed that she is a pervert and giving him a bad name and Yaya is happy that her plan is working. Not sure what the plan is but it's working. The happy is gone when the duo walk into their room and find a girl dandling from a net. Yaya instantly decides that Raishin is cheating on her even though he has been with her the whole time. The girl (Frey) and her robot dog are cut down from the net as Raishin is like...were you trying to trap me and you got caught instead? Frey tries to offer up a sorry sandwich but it tastes only of salt as she was trying to put him to sleep but had no sleep powder. Yaya is getting pretty pissed at all this nonsense so Frey walks into the shower with her clothes on to up the insanity. She lays on the bed and pretends to seduce Raishin. Raishin is like...what do you really want? Frey says she is going to assassinate Raishin. Raishin goes and asks Charlotte who the heck this crazy person is. She informs Raishin it is a 3rd yearer who is ranked 99th and will be Raishin's first opponent. Since Raishin has beat Felix word has gotten out that Raishin is the man. But as the group looks out the window they see Frey making another trap for Raishin...and her getting trapped again. She flops around for a bit until a boy named Loki comes by and is rude to her. He manhandles her and tells her to pull out of the Party. Charlotte explains to Raishin that they are siblings and Loki is also a round. Outside in her cage Frey says she is not going to back down from the Party so Loki decides that it is battle time. It is his Cherubim knight looking robot against her Rabbi wolf. Before anything can happen Yaya comes and separates them both. Raishin and Loki then insult each other for what seems like 8 hours. Charlotte eventually comes and has to separate those two. Loki walks away, saying Raishin needs to stay away from the Evening Party or else. Frey is free from her cage where she simply says Loki has a grudge against her. Raishin is like..I need to learn more about Frey. Charlotte is highly offended and says she won't help him. So she spends most of the night helping him find out about Frey. Only most of the students don't know much about her, only that she has giant boobies. This makes Charlotte upset at Raishin and accuses him of only liking girls if they have big boobies. Raishin has all the wrong answers and he gets slapped by Charlotte and yelled at by Yaya.
 photo machinedollepisode515_zps5dba0c56.jpg
Poor Yaya. You aren't human. But you are real!
Raishin is all daydreaming about what is going on in his life and he is hit in the face with chalk again. Kimberly was trying to give Raishin a private lesson and obviously he wasn't paying attention again. This lesson is only for him as he has no idea how the Evening Party works. Not all 100 people will be released at once. On the first night 100th place and 99th place will go at it. The next night 98th will be released and so on. Raishin said he will just hide until late in the game. Kimberly says that only high ranking candidates have that option, all low level ones have to be on the battlefield 1 hour a day. While Raishin digests this information Frey visits with an older man, perhaps her dad. She is given a picture of some doggies and she asks if he will keep his promise. He confirms if she keeps up her end of the bargain they can be together as a family again. That night Raishin has an awful dream about how his life sucks. When he was younger his brother was given all the praise in the world and he was beaten for not being amazing. He leaves despite his younger sister's protests. He wakes up to find someone in his bed. Yaya enters the room and it is Frey wearing a Cat Woman outfit. Yaya cries more pearl tears in the bathtub. Raishin calls Shouko to have her investigate the crazy girl. Charlotte then comes by with information on save crazy person. Loki and Frey are sponsored by a company who is next in line to create robots for the military. They have done so by not so nice means and have a new circuit to be patent. Rabbi and Cherubim might be the prototypes and Charlotte is like lets smash them to pieces. After Raishin is all this is interesting....Rabbi comes and blasts at Raishin. Injured Raishin wonders if something is wrong with the robot's magic circuit. Before Rabbi can do any more damage Raishin stuns him with a grenade. Frey sets to work mending the injury her robot has caused. Yaya comes out and is all crazy upset and jealous. Things don't get any better for her when they return to the room to find Komurasaki in town. She of course hits on Raishin which makes Yaya very upset. After the nonsense train Raishin guesses that Komurasaki is in town because Shouko has a mission for him. Yaya is jealous that Komurasaki is going on the mission. After a big to do about the mana off Raishin and her sister go, cloaked in invisible magic crap. They make their way to an orphanage and find it full of wolf dogs like Rabbi. Before anything can happen it switches back to Yaya being all sad and lonely. Sigmund joins her on a bench and she cries that if she was human Raishin would like her better. Sigmund says Yaya can never be human. Plus she has way more power than a human and Raishin needs that thus she is useful to Raishin. For half a second Yaya is okay with this...and then she proceeds to destroy the bench. Before Sigmund can point out this level of crazy is why Raishin doesn't like her Yaya is set flying, blood blasted out of her. THE END!
 photo machinedollepisode5_zps2832f61e.jpg
Too late for that....
Well....things got slightly more perverted this episode. Okay a lot more. Very hentai-centric indeed. I was warned though. Le sigh. As long as it doesn't get any worse I suppose. There were other things going on in this episode but that seemed to be the main theme. Suck it up and deal with it? I suppose I suppose.
 photo machinedollepisode57_zps4257beab.jpg
Excuse me, all this fighting is interrupting my naked time!
Yaya is always going to be...Yaya. Saying perverted things and what not. Even Sigmund tried to get through to her. Raishin is just not firm with this girl and she is goes on and on about what she wants to do with him, that they are husband and wife and generally being perverted with the noises and what not. So that is Yaya. I didn't think that anyone else was going to her. There would be panty shots and boobies shots. I didn't think someone...would be take it to another level. I thought Yaya was the top level.
 photo machinedollepisode52_zps36dee397.jpg
At least she is wearing panties?
What a fool I was. XD Enter Frey. be fair...I don't think she is being overly sexual on purpose. Not like Yaya. She just happens to be that kind of person. Oppies my pants fell off. Oppies I ran outside in the rain with a white shirt on. There was one scene where she was being...sexual on purpose but it she really looked weird. To me anyway. To you young men out there I am sure it was super sexy. As was the weapon in between her tatas. Running around with no support under your giant boobies is always a sexy look guys. XD
 photo machinedollepisode54_zps9bce7aba.jpg
Take me you fool so I can kill you.
So....Yaya was not pleased with the addition of Frey into Raishin's circle of nontrust. I mean Charlotte is mostly covered and has...well big boobies but they are not beyond giant. Also she has not been found in Raishin's bed. So yeah that girl was all BOOHOOing for most of the day. Especially when the sister showed up and she was left in the dark. All alone. Only Sigmund to keep her company. So I can sorta see why Yaya wants to be human. She is always with him and helps him out yet she will never be human. Even though Sigmund has pointed out that Raishin is scared of her due to the freak factor inside of Yaya and not that she is a robot. Because Raishin doesn't see flesh and metal. He just sees people. I like how Raishin tried to point out that Yaya is more important to Raishin as a robot but you know.....that really doesn't make her feel any better nor is it really true. Or at least not right now.
 photo machinedollepisode55_zpsb5b4d5e2.jpg
Raishin is ranked lower than her...scary.
But before we talk about Yaya....being left behind AGAIN and hurt AGAIN because of Raishin leaving her alone let us talk some more about Frey. See she doesn't always sneak into strange boy's beds. But when she does she goes in barely having any plan. That is the true way to do things folks. She doesn't seem....very smart. Girls don't have to be smart when they are pretty you know. I am not sure how she managed to dress herself in the morning, let alone make it to the 99th place for this party thing. She really....seems way too special for words. I understand trying to take out your opponent beforehand. Because honor is silly. But Frey has been placed in this position....probably for someone else's gain and a lot of luck. And knowing Raishin he would probably help the girl before hurting or defeating her. That is probably how Frey gets along in life. There is no other explanation that makes sense.
 photo machinedollepisode53_zps54fee8ba.jpg
Frey has already made her choice regarding Frey. And Charlotte. And everyone else who has boobies.
Not that Frey isn't a nice girl. She does seem like she could be kind if she wasn't in this messed up world. She over her head. She just wants to go skippin through the forest with her robot dog and pick flowers. Not try to win a title that she really isn't capable of winning. Also it looks like her robot dog isn't ready for production. Clearly the family she was adopted into/born into wants to seek fame and power and are using these kids as spokespeople. Like look how far they got in this school, both competing for Wiseman. Look at their amazing robots. Only the robots were not ready for battle as seen by Raishin later. No no Frey doesn't want any of this. She seems to want to do what her father is asking her to do so she can live with her family again. So if she was ordered to fight and take out number 100 she will. Because then she will win folks. There aren't 98 other people for her to fight against. It was just Raishin.
 photo machinedollepisode512_zps699e0bb0.jpg
I am sure he will keep that no.
Raishin is right though. She is doing this for a reason. JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE! Lord Raishin is never going to make it to the top if he keeps thinking about other people. There are sob stories all over anime folks. Frey has an older brother named Loki and he is not so nice. He is in the same position as Felix was in so maybe Raishin should be on super guard? JUST SAYING! But as mean as Loki is being to Frey I am sure there is a reason for it. Like he doesn't want her to get hurt, he wants to take on the responsibility, ect. He is used to taking care of his older sister and now she might be in danger so what is a boy to do? Play the mean card and hope she drops out, so she can be safe and sound. Or you know he is a jerk and wants to be mean to his sister. Drop some insults on Raishin.
 photo machinedollepisode59_zps4561b29a.jpg
Time for me to be jealous wee!
How does Charlotte fit into this? Not very well. More like she forced herself into the situation. Because Raishin is hers people! And now she hates Raishin because he likes girls with big boobies and doesn't judge them by the content of their hearts. Because Raishin knows Charlotte so well yes? She is like hello don't make friends with the enemy. Aren't you the enemy too Charlotte? And aren't you helping Raishin find info out on Frey. Oh I see Charlotte. Carry on in your crazy ways.
 photo machinedollepisode511_zps7840fbd5.jpg
Seems easy. Just cut off everyone's hands. DUH! XD
We did learn a little about Raishin in this episode though. And the Party. We all love a good party right? I love how Raishin was the only one in the class too. And he still wasn't paying attention. I think Kimberly should throw more than chalk. Like pay attention BOY I am doing this all for you. This party seems weird though. Letting someone earn qualifications right before the thing starts. There should be a rule that no first time students at the school can take part, even if they are a second yearer in age. There needs to be time to learn the rules. The party itself does seem rather...out there. The strongest in the school have already earned their dues I suppose. Just seems like last place really doesn't have a chance unless they are the master of stalling and what not. Hiding is for the higher ups. Raishin is going to have to fight at this party every day. Every day. I mean I guess that means that Raishin and Frey can make it far until they met up with Charlotte and be happy friends but I doubt it. Raishin will probably have to take out the out of control robot she has and take out her brother Loki at the same time. I don't know. I guess I thought they were all going to be thrown into a giant area together...sponsor gifts...crazy me.
 photo machinedollepisode513_zpsaf9f6c60.jpg
Err Yaya is not on board with this plan....
We also learned that Raishin is actually someone important. A spy of some sort. Shouko works for the government making dolls but I guess she does other things too. And since she is Raishin's sponsor in this crazy world that makes him a spy too? I don't know it threw me off guard. Like I thought he was in it for the revenge. But I guess Shouko wasn't going to let him have a top doll for free yes? Even if said doll looks like his dead sister even though that is probably impossible right? So Raishin has to go out and do missions because....he does. Missions that will show him all the sadness that is in this school. Like Frey and where she has come from. There is a reason why Yaya wasn't allowed on this mission and it was all about Komurasaki. She is lucky Yaya didn't kick her ass.
 photo machinedollepisode510_zps630abb4a.jpg
Um have you seen your brother lately? Not equally at all.
Speaking of kicking is not looking good for Magnus. You know the brother. The brother that Raishin knows he has. So why is Magnus running around like he doesn't know anything. It does look like Raishin left the house when things got ugly. Magnus was amazing, Raishin was not so Raishin left the family and his lovely sister behind? Raishin still looks like Raishin so that doesn't really make sense that the man is acting like he doesn't know who Raishin is. Yet it probably makes little sense that Magnus would kill the sister too. Maybe everyone else accidentally, maybe because he knows they hurt Raishin....just doesn't make any sense. Something is going on.
 photo machinedollepisode517_zpsa59042eb.jpg
Oh snap Yaya!!!
For now that might not matter. Is Raishin is even going to make it to the party. He walks out with Komurasaki on a mission leaving Yaya behind and of course she gets attacked. Frey has a machine she can't control and you leave Yaya unguarded? Sounds like a plan to me. Raishin better start worrying about his own revenge and leave the saving to....oh who am I kidding?! There are either assholes in animes or boys who need to save all the girls ever. So revenge will come after the saving. And girls ending up in his bed. And all that other nonsense. I think I covered everything. The Walking Dead was distracting as usual. XD Frey just needs to...go find a field with bunnies because she is not ready for this game. No parties for her please!

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