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Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova episode 4

 photo novaepisode44_zpsf44f2b29.jpg
I am sure Gunozu can handle it. He is amazing!
So many anime posts, so little times. It is like I slept the entire weekend away. X___X Is that what the weekend is for though? I might want to stop though with the naps. I only seem to have nightmares when I take naps, not full on sleep mode. But yeah....anime posts here we finally go!! XD Living for the anime post weekends yes? Up first is Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova episode 4. Spoilers for ships being crazy and Gunzou being amazing. Again. Sorry for the mislabeled post. This is episode 4 not 5!
 photo novaepisode46_zps05945342.jpg
We will still blow her out of the water.
Episode Summary: Fog battleships Haruna and Kirishima attack the port of Yokosuka. The part takes on massive damage. They send out several of their own ships for a counter attack but it's like shooting fish in a barrel. The humans are super overwhelmed and destroyed. Haruna takes the time to record and analyze the dying pleas of the humans. Kirishima thinks that is useless as the way humans communicate is very inefficient. Still she lets Haruna do her thing while Kirishima does a lot of the attacking. 401 rounds the corner and Kirishima is like time to sink it. Yet Haruna and Kirishima contact Iona so they can have a “face to face” conversation. In their minds. In the tea room. They ask why Iona has done what she has done. Iona just comments she has Gunzou and lives to serve him. The two battleships then inform her of what Takao has done, leaving the fleet to find a human crew. With all that useless nonsense said Iona is ordered by Gunzou to dive. In the deepest waters is the old city of Yokosuka. There Gunzou orders the engines cut as there are many abnormal sea currents they can use. Haruna and Kirishima try to track them down. Gunzou then sends out little missile launchers throughout the city. They open fire on Haruna and Kirishima which are useless but create enough interference so 401 can hide. Kirishima slowly starts to lose her mind. At first she was all about the mission, taking out Iona. But being upstaged by Iona and her human crew makes her slowly insane. Haruna keeps her cool the entire episode. The crew of 401 discuss their options as they are slowly running out of ammo, especially the disruptor missiles. Gunzou's plan is to get behind both ships for a sneak attack. Haruna and Kirishima attack what what they think is 401 but is really a sunken Japanese ship from long ago that Iona coated in her....material. Gunzou then fired from behind but it is unsuccessful. Kirishima gets super pissed that they think they are being sneaky and trying to outdo Fog. She and Haruna combine their rings and summon Captain Planet. Or really they use some gravity weapon to expose where 401 is in the ocean while putting one ship on top of the other. They then combine their super weapon into one while they lock on to Iona, giving her no chance to escape. As they power up Gunzou explains while this weapon is being powered up almost all resources by the avatars have to be focused on the attack and the Super Fields has to be let down so the attack can be fired. Which is here Gunzo chooses to fire his weapon. Only Kirishima is super amazing and blocks it just in time. She is unable however to block the last missile fired from another location, on the down battle ship that they didn't bother to destroy all the way. Both Haruna and Kirishima are unable to block the attack and it connects. Kirishima starts screaming that she doesn't want her existence erased as she breaks down and poofs into a crystal. Haruna manages to grab her before being flung away herself. Both ships are confirmed destroyed by Gunzou's crew and they take a minute to rejoice in being alive. Gunzou asks if Iona is okay with destroying a ship with an avatar. Iona claims to be fine, she is a weapon. Elsewhere the little girl in town finds a building with a Looney Toons imprint in the side of the wall, shaped like a girl. She enters and find Haruna in her underwear on the ground and crystal Kirishima not too far away. THE END!
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What the episode is already over with? That was fast.
These episodes are really easy to blog. So why is it I am the most behind on this series? I should just do them first since they are so battle heavy. I say that and next episode there won't be a single battle and my head will explode.
 photo novaepisode414_zps407a1df5.jpg
not the end! Just the beginning!
Before anyone starts rolling their the past two weeks I still have not become a submarine expert. I am close to becoming a Pokemon Master (what the heck, when did I start writing this?!) though....I am guessing that doesn't count. So while I understand why everything crew Gunzou worked before and while it was happening....I was nodding my head. Like oh okay so you are going to do this, this, and this. Nod nod goes my head. I do understand it's not all easy peasy and a lot of tactical thought goes into every move. Well and luck but that is to be expected when you are the “good guys”. I know enough to get what is going on, not enough to explain it in great detail.
 photo novaepisode42_zps007b56bd.jpg
We are here to destroy you all weee!
When we last saw our submarine heroes the port of Yokosuka was under attack by not one but TWO Fog battleships. Talk about overkill. But I guess Kongou General is tired of Iona and her human crew. Now if I was Kongou I would send the entire fleet after this sub. It seems without 401 the human Navy is super boned, whether they want to admit it or not. I know Fog isn't used to using tactics as it was discussed last week but if Kongou is sending two battleships just send them all. Humans are on the defensive. Fog really doesn't have anything to protect. Well if they do humans don't seem aware of it so it doesn't count. But since this whole thinking of plans and strategies is new to Fog I will their 2 against 1 plan slide for now. In any event they totally tore the port of Yokosuka up. If that had been their goal they would have succeeded.
 photo novaepisode411_zpsd8ed63f9.jpg
You guys are okay. Not so much the other people...
However their goal was to sink 401. Yokosuka was just extra fun. I wonder if port Yokosuka will restock 401. There is the small matter of them being kidnapped last episode so maybe they don't even want to reenter and get new supplies? But then again that was the Army being buttholes not the Navy. So the Navy should be grateful they were only blown into 10 million pieces and not 200 million. But on the other hand, you know the third one, Port Yokosuka was giving them all they had to spare last time. HMMM! What to do what to do. Because this episode they actually addressed what I had talked about last episode. 401 doesn't have a magical supply of ammo. They will eventually run out after this episode. Nor is their ultimate weapon all powerful. One shot and it needs repair. So it ill not be used this battle. It looks like Gunzou and his crew need to restock the ship or they are in big trouble. Just keep them Kongou!
 photo novaepisode43_zps48b7add9.jpg
Shouldn't you have heard that by now?
The enemies this week are Haruna and Kirishima. Haruna is a little odd ship. I guess that is expected of alien weapons who have gained bodies and personalities based on studying the enemy. Wonder why all ships don't have personalities. Or intelligent avatars. Whatever Iona said. Anyway Haruna seems to be trying to learn human words. One would think she would have already learned most of them, especially the phrases used in this episode. But she is a really laid back ship, It looks like she was observing everyone. Like gathering data for her personal use.
 photo novaepisode410_zpsb80d4104.jpg
Err that crazy happened fast?
Kirishima started off as a very emotionless ship. Or really by the book and logical. Like using spoken language makes no sense. It is illogical. Inefficient. Why do these humans use it? She didn't have much flare as Takao from two episodes ago but as the battle progressed she got more and more crazy. Even Haruna noticed. Like um why are you becoming so unhinged? Kirishima just wanted to do her job. She is a weapon so all she wants is to destroy the target. The target being Iona. But as the battle went on Kirishima started getting obsessed. Those emotions she didn't understand earlier just overwhelmed her. Yay for crazy!
 photo novaepisode47_zps34325e6f.jpg
Thanks for none of that information being helpful....
I do like how Haruna and Kirishima stopped to talk to Iona. Well I guess only one wanted to talk to her. I thought that Kongou was done with wanting to learn about Iona and her reasons for wanting a human crew or why she is so amazing. But it's like what the other little submarines said, change is coming to Fog. That probably means they are becoming too human. They want to see why Takao did what she did. Only....I don't think Iona gave them good answers. If anything Takao is more abnormal than Iona. Iona was reprogrammed to follow Gunzou's orders. Takao decided on her own that this was amazing. Look to Takao for answers, not Iona. She was forced to change sides. Silly Fog.
 photo novaepisode48_zps666b5b23.jpg
Perfect place to hide weee.
So what was Gunzou's amazing plan to defeat not one but two Fog battleships? Well location is everything for this episode. Had Haruna and Kirishima not attacked Gunzou in that exact location the battle would have been super one sided. Super duper. Out in the open sea none of these amazing plans would have worked. Well maybe Gunzou is so excellent at strategies he would have made it work. But hiding in the old city of Yokosuka to using a fallen battle cruiser to mask their location to hiding missiles among the debris. Location location location.
 photo novaepisode412_zpsaa17183f.jpg
We are already three steps ahead of you silly ships. Thanks for playing though.
Despite being very unhuman herself Iona seems to understand Gunzou's plans very well. Like yes I will dive at a moment's notice. Make sure all my shields are up as I crash. Of course Iona isn't allowed to disagree with Gunzou. But even if she could she probably wouldn't because his ideas are sound. Like she can see his thought pattern. Good little ship indeed.
 photo novaepisode413_zps9d298cba.jpg
I watched that movie 5 times! This is my Independence Day!
With all these missiles being fired and using the different currents to confused Haruna and Kirishima...victory came because someone watched Independence Day. Hey boys I'm BAAAAAAAACK! After Haruna and Kirishima did the fusion dance to put their super weapons together they had half a second of vulnerability and since Gunzou has the luck of a super innocent magical girl his last decoy missile launcher was spared. Thus he was able to use his last super missile to take out Kirishima. I would question why Haruna wasn't taken out too. Both shops were touching and the crew of 401 reported that neither ship was found. But yes. Go Gunzou. You are showing why humans+alien weapons are better than just alien weapons.
 photo novaepisode4_zps75dc7faa.jpg
Um...okay Ms. Avatar from an alien ship. I see what you are wearing.
Gunzou has noted that Iona had to do something terrible. They have taken out ships before but none with an avatar and I guess since Gunzou sees them as human (maybe) that maybe Iona wasn't okay with this. For the record I don't think she cared. But she and Gunzou might not have to worry about this. Kirishima turned into a crystal after her ship was destroyed. Haruna was blasted a super far distance and despite not having a ship she is okay. Both avatars still exist so maybe they can magically be saved like seen in the songs for this show. Their savior being that spoiled girl from the mansion for now. Guess she isn't a Fog ship with amnesia after all. So why did Iona think she was important to begin with? Interesting. Guess we will find out next time?

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