Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Tenchi the Pokemon X Champion

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My stylish self and Eeveelutions are ready to take on the Elite Four!
While work has been super busy lately and has caused much of the delaying in anime posts...I cannot lie. My birthday present has had a part to play too. When they announced Pokemon X and Y would be released to the new DS systems I was like woe is me never going to get it. And then the husband was like no you have played every single Pokemon game (well catching/normal game) since they have come out. Happy Birthday!!!! I do love me some Pokemon. And when I am too tired too think after work or need to kill some time in long car rides...Pokemon has provided me great entertainment!!! So here I am, almost one month after getting the game and I am finally the Champion.
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Like in the last game players were able to get Eeveelutions early in X/Y. This makes me a very happy pokemon trainer. I love, love all the Eeveelutions of Eevee. Even the new one...despite it not flying....
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I like to play the game by catching all the Pokemon I can before going to the Elite 4. Within reason of course. I think that is part of the plot, catching them all. The husband does not believe in that thus beat the game like 7 days after owning it.
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This Elite 4 was set up a lot different than past ones. There was no badge ceremony after leaving the Victory Road. And you got to pick which order you wanted to fight the Elite 4.
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All the rooms were shaped the same. And all had these two....bowl things that had different elements coming out of them.
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First opponent taken out all by Vaporeon.
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Second opponent take out all by Vaporeon.
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Third opponent was water. So...I took out some of the pokemon out with Vaporeon. I dare you to use a water attack on him.
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He was slightly overdramatic.
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Decide to use other Pokemon. Given that you gained experience when catching Pokemon and the Experience Share gives ALL Pokemon in your party experience......I went to the Elite 4 with the strongest team I have ever had ever.
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Last opponent. I remember games where I had to go train on Victory Road for hours because my team was not strong enough. That I had to restart the game because I kept dying and I didn't have the funds to buy all the Revives and stuff that I needed.
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That was clearly not the case in this game. Even if I didn't stop to catch them all this game just gave way more experience overall. Thus the Elite 4 never had a chance.
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I had to switch out some Eeveelutions so I could fly around places. The next Eeveelutions better fly!
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Well duh!
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Time to stomp the Champion.
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Is she going to hit me with her pocketbook?
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:( Spoiler alert. You don't get to ride a dinosaur in this game.
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Megaevolution. Haven't done it at all except that one time when we had to.
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So one sided this battle. XD
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Weeeeee I am Champion. So this is all mine right? Hit the road lady.
 photo Lalapictures065_zpsb1f5d904.jpg
WEEE for doing nothing.
 photo Lalapictures066_zps3e1172f5.jpg
Stompin everyone all over the place.
 photo Lalapictures067_zps3635c038.jpg
My lovely dream team and I are so fabulous.
 photo Lalapictures068_zpscda92cd0.jpg
My stats after beating the Elite 4.
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After the Elite 4 you get a parade. And that 3000 year old King gets his Pokemon back. Because both of them are living forever for some reason. The plot...could have been a little stronger this game. Nice but just a little stronger.
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Since the husband beat the game long before I did he told me about this Panda hat he got after the Elite 4. I ran to the same spot to get mine.
 photo Lalapictures071_zps484fce1a.jpg
And this is what I got. A pink frilly ice cream/cotton candy Pokemon dress. I feel robbed.
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Next order of business: Get shiny Eeveelutions. I have never had a shiny Eeveelution. Ever. And I think after all this time I deserve one. I thought I was going to go the chaining capture route until the husband and I did some research. Any shiny Pokemon I have ever caught were purely by chance, not research.
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Hard to see but this is Eevee number 82 from the Masuda breeding method. I had no idea what this was 24 hours ago but it is when you take a pokemon from your region/country and you breed it with another Pokemon in the same egg class but from a different country. With the new trading system in this game it wouldn't be as hard as in past games. So I plopped my tired butt on the couch last night and traded for about 1 hour until I got the right pokemon for Eevee. Peace out Ditto, no one needs you anymore.
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What is this? I didn't need thousands of Eevees? Less than 24 hours later and what is the first Shiny Eeveelution am I about to get?
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Hello Shiny Sylveon. Hopefully you are the first of my full team of Shiny Eeveelutions. So much adorableness. Loves it. My reward after a super long day of suck? I think so. XD So there you have it...Pokemon taking over my life. But not Saturday. Saturday shall be anime day....of course I can hatch eggs and watch anime at the same time......

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