Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Turkey Day!!! Yay Macy's Thansgiving Day Parade

Happy Turkey Day!!! Or if you are outside shopping or freezing waiting for shops to open...HAHAHA no turkey for you.
 photo MacysDayParade2013002_zps2eebde52.jpg
Thanksgiving. Brought to you by our TV.
But yes. Here in the United States it is Thanksgiving. While the meaning and dubious start of this holiday has changed a lot over the years it means a lot to people now. Travel, food, family, friends, and fun. If you celebrate this holiday I hope you have a great day. If you are still at work I hope the day goes by fast and customers are nice. Be safe on the road and don't eat too much. Happy Thanksgiving!!!
 photo MacysDayParade2013001_zps05ace2cc.jpg
And then he was dizzy the rest of the day.....
 photo MacysDayParade2013003_zps968f959b.jpg
Hurry up and get this thing started!
 photo MacysDayParade2013004_zps3eceabbf.jpg
The parade....and a lot of shows.
 photo MacysDayParade2013005_zpsc35344fc.jpg
Watching the parade on two different channels, two different points of view.
 photo MacysDayParade2013006_zps18fdc450.jpg
Snoopy has arrived and is flying through the air.
 photo MacysDayParade2013008_zps886c7abb.jpg
Don't block the box or Sonic.
 photo MacysDayParade2013009_zpsd7a10dc8.jpg
It's a little cold so Duffy is wearing his warmest sweater to keep warm. He wonders how the people on the TV are keeping warm.
 photo MacysDayParade2013011_zpsba52cb1d.jpg
Those kids are probably the warmest in the entire parade.
 photo MacysDayParade2013012_zpsce87e096.jpg
A sponsor balloon that doesn't look that sponsorey.
 photo MacysDayParade2013013_zps3d1d7072.jpg
What could that be?
 photo MacysDayParade2013014_zps88919729.jpg
Hello Kitty!!! My favorite float wee!
 photo MacysDayParade2013015_zpsc69c1047.jpg
Now I want a snack...
 photo MacysDayParade2013016_zpsb9c8b73b.jpg
I want to wear the yield hat mog!
 photo MacysDayParade2013017_zps3594dbf7.jpg
Sorta have to remember the Native American's this day....
 photo MacysDayParade2013018_zps1adbe2df.jpg
Dance Shamu Dance.
 photo MacysDayParade2013019_zpsaa03a38e.jpg
Better angle of the Sea World float.
 photo MacysDayParade2013020_zps05fc9f91.jpg
Run through the wall!
 photo MacysDayParade2013021_zps3d9443b2.jpg
Time for another snack.
 photo MacysDayParade2013022_zps3ce825a5.jpg
These are some scary looking hamsters.
 photo MacysDayParade2013023_zps4b138960.jpg
Hold onto your hat, it is windy outside.
 photo MacysDayParade2013024_zpsddaa25be.jpg
Very large float indeed.
 photo MacysDayParade2013025_zpsce31a3fe.jpg
 photo MacysDayParade2013026_zps94937727.jpg
Err she is scary....
 photo MacysDayParade2013027_zps9be03211.jpg
Spiderman 2 coming soon to a theater near you.
 photo MacysDayParade2013030_zpsc401bce5.jpg
Another favorite float of mine. XD
 photo MacysDayParade2013031_zps433a0b03.jpg
Love the announcers trying to say the word Pokemon.
 photo MacysDayParade2013029_zps7c7f2048.jpg
Brings me back to my childhood. I am old.
 photo MacysDayParade2013028_zps0085d249.jpg
Oh lord I really am super old.....
 photo MacysDayParade2013032_zpsbc99eb76.jpg
 photo MacysDayParade2013033_zps8571274d.jpg
Yep still creepy.
 photo MacysDayParade2013034_zps93a0cfc9.jpg
Love Despicable Me!
 photo MacysDayParade2013035_zps1e3af145.jpg
I want some rolls now.
 photo MacysDayParade2013036_zps7a7f4d82.jpg
Build a Bear float.
 photo MacysDayParade2013037_zpsc5f50868.jpg
Duffy approves of this float. XD
 photo MacysDayParade2013038_zpsfea7086e.jpg
To infinity and beyond!
 photo MacysDayParade2013039_zps1ca4a645.jpg
Hello there Dora.
 photo MacysDayParade2013040_zpsb6546a60.jpg
I don't really understand the Elf on a Shelf thing.
 photo MacysDayParade2013041_zps69da0aa6.jpg
All aboard the Christmas train.
 photo MacysDayParade2013042_zpse867ed63.jpg
Peace out Thanksgiving.
 photo MacysDayParade2013043_zpsb08f42a3.jpg
It's time for Santa!
 photo MacysDayParade2013044_zps5dd7f217.jpg
And with that the parade is over. Have a great Thanksgiving Day!

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