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Machine Doll wa Kizutsukanai episode 4

YAWN! Fading fast here folks. This whole daylight savings time thing is always so odd. Why do we both doing it anymore? Farmers aren't the majority anymore. They can use lights. Let the rest of us have the same times. Done of this back and forth stuff.
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So we can get to the next arc yes?
Before I go to bed I shall get a few more posts up and done. I have been busy this Sunday. The husband was out and about so I spent most of the day typing. Here is Machine Doll wa Kizutsukanai episode 4. Spoilers for....well Felix being a turd?
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Til you killed her Felix?
Episode Summary: Charlotte continues to cry, saying this is all her fault. Raishin says it is not and he is going to stop Cannibal Candy once and for all. Raishin then collapses to his feet as he is you know, super hurt. He tells Yaya to talk to him as Felix will clearly stand there and wait his turn to attack. Yaya explains why Charlotte is not Cannibal Candy, something she couldn't do last episode. Charlotte has been through a lot. She is currently looking for most of her family. She came from a great family of nobles and a giant network of robots. They were well to due until one day a robot dog that Charlotte owned and loved attacked another noble boy. That greatly tarnished the family and most of the robots had to be put down. While Charlotte went to boarding school the rest of her family went missing. The humans that is. Now Charlotte is on a mission to collect the hearts of all the dismantled robots to slowly put her family back together. Raishin decides this all makes him mad and he vows to take down Felix. Felix is like um she is actually Cannibal Candy. Raishin rolls his eyes and says clearly Charlotte things robots are people too and would never kill anyone's family. Felix then allows his crazy to fly free. Raishin starts off the battle revealing who Felix's robot really is, someone wearing Lisette's face since he killed her. Raishin asks the doll her name and she says Eliza. Raishin gives Eliza the chance to remove herself from the fight since she is a tools can't choose their masters. Eliza basically says eff you so Raishin resolves himself this won't end peacefully. So the battle begins. Off Yaya fights since Sigmund is down for the count. When Eliza starts to use an array of magic spells Charlotte and Raishin realize that Eliza gains the abilities of those she eats. Felix shows how down and dirty he can be as he attacks Raishin directly. He takes a hit but Yaya doesn't listen and protects him instead of fighting Eliza. On the roof top Magnus and his hoes are watching the whole fight. Kimberly joins him on the roof and they both have different viewers on how the fight is going. Kimberly thinks that Raishin is dying and losing, but having great resolve. Magnus thinks the fight will be over soon due to the secret being exposed.
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So you...have no real talent and set yourself up for failure? Amazing.
Yaya is captured by another spell that Eliza knows and she is thrown around on a giant mace. Raishin powers himself up as he can make himself doll like too. Charlotte is worried Raishin is going to die protecting her and gets all sad face. She is worried that Raishin will be branded like her, like Cannibal Candy. Raishin rushes Felix but Eliza stops him. Felix decided he will let this all go if Raishin is his partner during the Hunger Games. Raishin is like no way dude and sets to work freeing Yaya from the mace. She attacks Eliza again and it is revealed that Eliza isn't using all sorts of magic at once. She is discarding circuits at large once the first spell is done which is hurting her greatly. Felix's power only comes from all those that he has killed. There is more attacking and tree chopping and Felix acting like he is going to kill Raishin. Eliza turns herself into some kind of acid mist which traps Yaya inside. It starts to eat at her clothes and skin. Eventually Yaya starts to bleed and when Eliza absorbs Yaya's blood all hell breaks loose. Eliza is not able to handle how powerful Yaya is and Yaya is able to overpower her. Raishin talks to Eliza one last time before Yaya delivers the last blow. She poofs and Raishin walks over to Felix. Felix is like NOO don't hit me I am important and people will make you suffer for I am too important to hit. So Raishin hits Felix and apologizes to Charlotte for taking all the revenge. Charlotte is all blushy as she accepts that Raishin has helped her. He also apologizes to Yaya as his plan the entire time was to make her bleed and have that be used against Eliza. Yaya is more concerned about Raishin being hurt. On the roof Magnus and Kimberly begin to depart, the battle over. Magnus has not opened the vial Raishin has given him but assumes it is ashes and it is a declaration of revenge. Kimberly wants to know how Magnus has so many ban dolls at his age and wonders who they ate....Later Raishin is given his qualifications as he is allowed to take part in the Magic Games. It is a dramatic ceremony and Kimberly explains later the school had been under fire due to all the dead kids and this was a nice distraction, making Raishin look important. Still he is Second Last and he has a lot to prove himself. He goes outside to greet his adoring fans which includes Charlotte acting like she doesn't like Raishin being a candidate. She gets him a present anyway and Sigmund reveals how much she really does care. Raishin jokes he might go easy on Charlotte during the Magic Games which makes both Yaya and Charlotte go WTF. THE END!!!
 photo dollmachineepisode416_zpsb7f64e0c.jpg
Also congrads on getting the girl?
Congrads Raishin. This entire series won't be about you earning qualifications. I thought that would be the first season and then maybe a second season would be about him meeting even more people and having a hard time wrapping his head about having to fight them to get to Magnus. Then Charlotte and him would be the final two and Magnus would show up before things were settled. Raishin would get his revenge and since that is all that he wanted Charlotte can be Wiseman and all will be well in the world. Well as long as Raishin doesn't make any more friends....friends are hard in competitions when you are fighting for your life.
 photo dollmachineepisode47_zps1be639a9.jpg
Like an emotionaless Saber? X__X
But I guess I am getting way too ahead of myself. Back to the topic at hand. Raishin is super hurt. Last I check Yaya was hurt too. They travel a pretty far distance in a short amount of time and protect Charlotte. Of course this is a perfect time for Charlotte to cry and have her back story explained. Like what the heck folks?! Felix is sitting right there, waiting to attack. He is running around framing people and murdering other students just to get one person out of the competition. He isn't exactly that sane. INSANE indeed. There are still lots of other people to worry about and yet he was so focused on Charlotte he was willing to put everything on the line to get rid of her. So...don't be sitting around having a tea party and cry session when there is evil afoot.
 photo dollmachineepisode43_zps28db8d49.jpg
How more sadness can there be?
Instead of fighting right away though we did need to have that tea party and cry session. Charlotte thinks this is all her fault. It is Felix's fault no matter how you strike it. She can't help but be the best. She didn't ask Raishin to be apart of the investigation. She didn't ask him to save her. So she is apologizing because these things are happening to her and he is steppin up to protect her. That segways into how many different ways Charlotte's life sucks and how she can't possibly be Cannibal Candy due to moral reasons. And dear lord this is a lot of suck and sadness in Charlotte's young life. Like she is trying to win the award for most tragic heroine. She was living the high life with all her fancy robots and it all went crashing down because a dog robot attacked a boy. It didn't even state that the kid died. But instead of putting down just the dog robot they put down the entire fleet and the family was shamed forever. Hello this entire school is missing dozens of students and I don't see it getting shut down. So me thinks this is slightly dramatic. I know robots shouldn't attacking kids but still. Charlotte seems more bent on bringing back her robot family than finding her real life family. Well real human family members. Guess she can't do that much but she can buy back their hearts. This all shows Raishin that Charlotte is like him and thinks robots are people too. Although why wasn't Sigmund put down given his past? HMMMM so much dramatics and sadness. Go get them Charlotte, now Raishin has tears in his eyes and fire in his heart.
 photo dollmachineepisode45_zps3b29a6d0.jpg
Don't even try to say such stupid lies.
I like how Felix tried to tell Raishin that Charlotte was Cannibal Candy. Like after all that he still tries to paint her as the baddie. Like really, how much evidence does there need to be that Charlotte is not Cannibal Candy. Felix didn't even try to give any facts or details. Just nope it is her. LALALA it is her. That is what you get for not attacking first Felix. I mean if you are going to play dirty you might as well go all out. Don't be a half assed villain yo.
 photo dollmachineepisode411_zpsc7c27041.jpg
Eliza morphed into a lot of things....
After Raishin was not convinced it was morphin time. Raishin needs flashier names for spells. Lets gets Mami up in here and get some better spells. Charlotte didn't even try to use Sigmund in this fight. He did get squished in tiny mode so you know. But before the battle started Raishin showed his gently side again. Last episode he had a conversation with Shouko it was expanded on that Raishin really does think robots are like people. So to him killing a robot is a big deal and he isn't going to do it unless he has to. He has a personal conversation with Lisette whose real name is Eliza to make sure this is what she wanted. A tool can't choose its master but it would make sense that they would adopt the same mind set as their master. Well within reason. If the master beats them to death and forces them to do things against their will. But Eliza is a ban doll and is down for death. So battle time it is.
 photo dollmachineepisode414_zpsb9e515f2.jpg
See? Look after the battle Yaya is just fine. What is she made of?! X___X
Yaya seems to use just strength when she battles. Doesn't look like she uses a lot of magic. Eliza on the other hand had tons of magic. It is hard to fight an enemy who uses all sorts of tactics and magic when you are expecting one way of fighting. That isn't the normal and all those involved and watching realized that Eliza couldn't really be doing this. There are rules in this magical robot doll land okay folks. The rules do not exclude the human puppeteer being saved but meh. Who needs safety right?
 photo dollmachineepisode49_zps0ea5338c.jpg
Nope just a cheater.
It turns out that Felix probably had a very weak doll. That Eliza's real power was probably something just average. She gained her real power from all the hearts from the dolls she ate. That could be the real power. So that explained why she was able to do everything and go POOF to something else. The super draw back is it was usually just one spell and it was done. That if Eliza wanted to change up her tactics because Yaya was overwhelming her she would have to throw that circuit away and move on to the next one. That would leave Eliza very vulnerable. Also given how long the battle lasted probably very broken. Felix seems to want to get things done as fast as possible. But Yaya was punching away. Like I ain't going down without a fight.
 photo dollmachineepisode412_zps61d248fb.jpg
Err...I guess that makes sense.
In the end the way Raishin took out Eliza was a bit...well special I guess. Something I wasn't expecting. I assumed that Eliza was using magic from the hearts of fallen robots. Not absorbing them mid battle. But maybe Yaya forced Eliza to absorb it? It was hard to tell. You know, with all the clothes melting and all. But through some magic Eliza absorbs Yaya's blood which is super blood. Also BLOOD folks. Won't that make her a ban doll too? But yes Eliza doing that was the last nail in her coffin. Raishin gives her one last look before poofing away. Begone you evil doll.
 photo dollmachineepisode48_zps03cd2022.jpg
HMMMM what do we have here? Watching Raishin? Why?
There were looking loos during the entire battle. Magnus and his harem was on the roof and Kimberly was up there too. You know because helping would be insane. And Raishin might not have accepted it. These moments showed a bit about what is going on. Magnus has an interest in Raishin despite not knowing him. He knows what the vial has in it and what it signifies. Yet it looks like he still doesn't know who Raishin is. He has more faith in Raishin that Kimberly does. He did rank rather low so she might just think he is a hot head who gets in over his head with everything. Yet she seems to know more about Magnus than she is letting on. Why do you have so many ban dolls Magnus? HMMM she has her eyes opened. Now if she only knew that Raishin and Magnus were related...
 photo dollmachineepisode415_zpsa10b88b3.jpg
I am important! Don't punch me in the face!
After punching Felix in the face and helping Charlotte to her was reward time. Kimberly was probably right, there was so much celebration over Raishin being given qualifications to cover up all the dead kids. Like um hello where is the investigation and body bags and sorries. Angry parents pulling their kids out of this dangerous school? I guess if there is a school that prides itself on the Magic Games as their main fame thingy...parents should know. Still I wish it didn't wrap up so happy. There is a dead girl in a tube. Probably countless more. A rich kid who thought he was above it all was responsible. Someone needs to pay ya'll.
 photo dollmachineepisode418_zps1f47807a.jpg
It's not like I like you or anything...TAKE THE PRESENT!
Raishin got his way though. He protected the girl, got Yaya to really devote herself to him despite his master plan get her to bleed and cause lots of damage, and he stopped the Cannibal Candy killer. Oh and he got his magic glove which means he is one of the chosen ones. It did end on a silly note, with Charlotte acting like she isn't happy with Raishin being selected but then she gave him a present so you know that cancels all the anger out. Does Raishin get the giant jacket too? I notice that Charlotte doesn't wear it but you know...she carries around her robot and no one else really does besides Raishin. So will Charlotte's sad past keep Raishin from reaching the top? Not if Yaya has anything to do with it? You fight on Yaya....because you have to basically. XD Until next time....
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