Saturday, November 9, 2013

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Dapper Day Duffy Style Part Two

 photo DapperDayWeekend2013165_zps3b0ccff1.jpg
One Man's Dream!
Are you up for looking at more Duffy pictures? You should be because....look how adorable I am. XD This is part of our Dapper Day adventures!!! We started off at Magic Kingdom and then went to Hollywood Studios. It was much easier getting there this time than Villain's Day.
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When we first got there all the humans took pictures of each other wearing their nice clothes. There was a big group picture and everything. Mom should have held me up!! But there were some people who took pics of just me because I am so Dappery looking.
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013171_zps88f945ae.jpg
While we were waiting for the next photoshoot we went to go visit Walt. Without Mr. Walt Disney none of this would exist. I must say that Mickey has come a long way from this drawing...
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013172_zps0abd7dc7.jpg
Steamboat Mickey. Prepare to board!
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013173_zps1a7b3ece.jpg
Those are so sad stuffed animals. :( I guess people tried though.......
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013179_zpsfc38674b.jpg
Can we have one of these in our house please?
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013212_zpsc9376a18.jpg
After the second meet up and riding the Great Movie ride with EVERYONE it was time for a snack. So yummy these churros with choco dip.
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013217_zps172450cc.jpg
What....what is this?!
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013218_zpsc22f25df.jpg
A Lighting McQueen and Mater photo opportunity?!
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013221_zps171e5106.jpg
GET IN LINE!!!! I want to meet them!
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013219_zpsf2faa1f5.jpg
I didn't bring my other clothes though!!!
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013222_zps12492636.jpg
Maybe that doesn't matter. I look handsome. And plus...I get to meet them!!!!
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013223_zps90929969.jpg
Almost there. Not too many people are in line.
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013224_zps6c586a2f.jpg
Say cheese!!!!!!
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013226_zps8b10a6b9.jpg
Woohoo!!! LOOK AT ME!!! Mater and Lighting McQueen. BEST DAY EVER!
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013238_zps7e906f36.jpg
After riding a few things and taking pictures it was time for more food. Mom got a snack pack full of foods she didn't like so I could get this bucket!
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013239_zps2ef9e319.jpg
The food actually came in this cute little box. But Lighting McQueen can hold food too. XD
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013242_zps751668c6.jpg
Here is the food in blurry mom vision weeee.
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013243_zps6d0e069e.jpg
Hollywood Studios closed really early. Mom says it is the off season. So we went back to Magic Kingdom. Hello there hidden mickey in the pin shop.
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013246_zpsca94a6a6.jpg
Time to ride the carousel. I have never ridden one before!
 photo DapperDayWeekend2013247_zps3bb224d3.jpg
I got one to myself! Look at me ride!!!! It was so much fun. The entire day was lots of fun. After doing one more activity we made our way to the monrail to go home. Everyone had very tired feet. Well not me of course...they better rest up for Animal Kingdom tomorrow!!! XD

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