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Shingeki no Kyojin episode 23

Hello there my lovely and hopefully patient readers. How is life treating you? My days seem to go by at the speed of fast. I have a list of things to do and there are never enough hours in the day to do them all. But I am sure that is an issue most people face in life. XD Nothing special here.
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Surely it can't get any worse?
In an attempt to catch up.....before Fall 2013 anime season (which I think is the first week of October yes?) here is some anime weeee! Shingeki no Kyojin no episode 23 time. Spoilers for....who be the Female Titan?
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Almost like they are happy about this?!
Episode Summary: After our daily recaps of how things failed, we get to see life inside the super inner wall. It appears a lot of rich people live there. A lot of talk about how the Scouting Legion failed all over the place. Some people suggest just sealing the gates and one dude flips his shit. Like loses his mind. Do not touch the sacred walls. It is revealed he is apart of the crazy wall cult, those who worship them. People walk away from the crazy still talking about the Scouting Legion. Annie is the last to wake up and join her squad who are lined up for...something. Annie is teased by a girl but Annie ignores her. Their superior walks up and explains that the Scouting Legion is coming through today and that it will include Eren. Since all the higher ups are busy they must provide cover for them as you know...people are pissed. One soldier in Annie's squad, Marlo, questions this mission so the superior hands him the paper work and puts him in charge. It is then revealed that all the superiors are “busy” playing a poker game. The fresh face soldiers grumble as they get ready for the mission. Marlo in particular is upset about how the work is getting passed on to them. Everyone else is upset too but agrees that newbies do all the work and shit rolls downhill. Marlo says when he has power/in charge he will change things. That he isn't a typical military police soldier, he is different. The girl from earlier can't stop laughing, falling to the ground. She is shocked that people like Marlo exist. Others state a certain type of person joins the military, police, not a good person, Marlo claims he is a person who won't let things happen, he will do something. Annie speaks up, saying she knows someone like Marlo. That this person (Eren) has grand ideas. But most people fall into a different category. Marlo confidently states he is like the friend. Or the friend is stupid and he is not.
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You can do it Marlo!
The squad walk along and they see two older soldiers selling military equipment to someone on the black market. Marlo is super outraged and want to do something about it. He walks up with confidence but meekly tells the two what they did was wrong. The older soldiers laugh as Marlo stutters his way to his response. The two soldiers then get pissed someone younger is questioning them and proceed to beat him up. Everyone else looks on uncomfortably for the first few hits. Annie eventually steps forward and grabs one by the hand, saying the beating should be enough, no need to kill or turn Marlo in. The girl also points out a huge crowd has gathered and maybe they should stop? The two old soldiers walk away as Marlo reaches for his fallen gun. Annie says if Marlo shoots he will support him. Marlo tries but loses his resolve. He cries, saying he is the stupid person and Annie's friend is better. Annie looks on, saying she is fighting for the weak. The convoy starts to move out, to location after location. Annie is running along when she hears Armin. She finds him all cloaked and decked in maneuver gear. He explains that Eren is going to be turned over to the military police to most likely be killed. Armin needs the help of the military police to escape. Annie wants to know how this could possibly end well. Armin explains he has a plan but requires time. In that time they are just going to keep Eren from harm. This seems to make sense to Annie but she refuses to help. She won't turn them in but she doesn't want to get involved. She asks if that makes her a bad person. Armin says people aren't good or bad all the time, that it is all relative. And since Annie won't help him, she is a bad person. Tada Annie agrees to help, putting a ring on in the process. They meet up with Eren and Mikasa. They are surprised at how easy this all has been but still hurry as Jean doesn't look like Eren at all. Annie asks some questions about how this is all going to go down and seems okay with the answers. It isn't until they reach an underground tunnel that Annie stops. She refuses to go down there as she is a little girl scared of the dark. Eren brushes this off at first, like man up and come on. Annie stays put. She notes that no one has been around for a while so are they all still worried? In the buildings tons of street clothed soldiers are waiting for Armin to give the signal. Armin asks Annie why she had Marco's gear on inspection day. She states that she found it. He asks why she killed the two captured Titans. She starts acting hurt at this deceit. Armin asks why Annie spared him in Female Titan form. Annie says she doesn't know. Eren starts to get upset, saying there is still time for Annie to come in the tunnel, that this is all a mistake. Annie done loses her mind, laughing like a crazy person. Like she turns into Annie Stripper, blushing and what not. She states she had failed to be a warrior and goes to hurt herself when Armin gives the signal. Annie is restrained by the soldiers but Mikasa sees the ring has a needle in it. Mikasa pulls Eren and Mikasa into the tunnels just as Annie transforms, killing all those people. THE END!
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Like words and stuff.....
Hopefully this is not the longest summary ever (um it is). It is hard to eyeball it at work. Sometimes I write super tiny so it's hard to see when it has become too much on a page. Me thinks it is long though.
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Did I mention there were some crazy people? Because there were.
Oh and rejoice. The identity of the female Titan has been revealed. Annie come on down!! Now I think it was a lot easier to tell who the Female Titan was based on physical characteristics. Armored Titan and Colossal Titan especially one really could not guess by looking at the human themselves. With the anime Female was sightly obvious at times. The manga one was less detailed. So we aren't all special for not knowing.
 photo shingekiepisode236_zps04a29fa7.jpg
But the characters in the anime....they know it was Annie for other reasons. Some good and some bad. Like really, REALLY?! Also yeah...when was the Female Titan ever a suspect to begin with? Erwin was all like who is the real enemy Eren? Um the Colossal Titan and Armored? How did Eren even know to look for the Female Titan. Her job was to bring the other Titans to the wall. Unless there is a fleeting flashback of Erwin's returning to the destroyed wall and seeing someone in gear of over the wall...I still don't know why this scouting mission was set up. To capture the other two humanoid Titans and surprise. There was a third one all along? I SEE with my eyes.
 photo shingekiepisode234_zpsd49f840d.jpg
You totally pissed you didn't get to capture Eren?
First things first though. We have to make an attempt to know Annie. Because we really haven't seen much of her up until this point. She beat Eren's ass as a cadet (actually an important point), saw Eren turn into a Titan, and saw half of Marco staring up at her. Oh and she talked to Armin when their gear was getting inspected. But Annie has been MIA for the last 10 episodes as she is in the military police, not the decimated Scouting Legion like everyone else. Time to see if we can understand Annie better before she is killed.
 photo shingekiepisode237_zps724196e6.jpg
You guys got this dude?
It looks like there is way less direction in the military police than the Scouting Legion. Of course we saw Hannes getting drunk on the job with the Garrison. Maybe both branches are lazy and the Scouting Legion just has to be serious. But yeah Annie just strolled up barely on time. Their superiors couldn't care less if they saluted. And of course the whole the superiors don't want to do any work. I mean...I am use to this. Both at my job and with my husband. Really with the husband. The higher rank you are the less you seem to do. much lazy with this regime though.
 photo shingekiepisode238_zps8c5a7e44.jpg
Them are fighting words!
But on some level everyone accepts it. Well most of them. Marlo....had he not been picked to lead the mission would he have been that upset? I'm not sure. The rest of the squad was upset and pissed but were going to do what they were told. Like this is just how it is going to be. Perhaps some of them are biting their tongues, biding their time. Because one day they hope that will be there. They will be in a position to sit on their asses and do nothing. Because they knew the system before going in. Like I know it's corrupt but since it could help me one day I will suck it up for now.
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Someone might be judgey judgey.
Marlo seems different. Or he wants to be different. This could be a case of thou protest too much? But perhaps Marlo is a genuine person. Or wants to be one. Like no guys, this isn't right. Everyone should pull their weight. We need to work together. Just because we are new doesn't mean we should just take this. And he's right. I think everyone should do the job assigned to them. If it's too much ask for help. Do not assign the task to them and run away. So I think Marlo was right in that aspect. And I think the others knew his idea was right. this point it's not how things are. Basically Marlo is living in a fantasyland and the rest of the world lives in realityland. Marlo has grand ideals. Ideals that don't apply to them now. The other girl laughed hard because she thought everyone knew the game, how things really were. But Marlo might be true. Maybe he did join to change things. That he saw how corrupt things were and wanted to be a good shiny example of an honest soldier. So I am sure that people laughing at Marlo was hard for him. They might assume he is self righteous and that might be true. But maybe Marlo is more?
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We won't win against Titans unless we band together folks!
All of this was being shown of course to show how awful humans were. Annie briefly spoke up but mainly watched. As she is running around killing other humans I am sure she doesn't hold humanity in high regards. So this was all a SEE moment. As was the trading guns moment. Like how shitting are you human beings? So much suck all over the place. I might be rollin my eyes at just how out in the moment this was. Like this military might be full of fail and slack but there has to be some limited. Even normal citizens could see. But look at how crappy all the soldiers are, right in front of Annie's face.
 photo shingekiepisode2313_zps68132c93.jpg
Just probably folks.
Marlo got his ass beat. Now being an American I was like YES stand up against those doing wrong. In Japan thought being younger and lower rank means a lot. So for Marlo to even say anything was a big deal. That's why he had such nerves. As for everyone else standing around doing nothing...I am sure they all wanted to do something. But human beings often worry about themselves. Like this is going to end poorly for all of us so I might as well do nothing and glue the guy back together afterward. Since Annie is...well a Titan she doesn't really have to follow social norms.
 photo shingekiepisode2314_zps552deac8.jpg
Beat them? Yes. Kill? Probably not.
Should Marlo have shot the soldiers? I don't know about that. That is extreme. The punishment needs to fit the crime. Of course the other soldiers took it to extremes first. Annie is all for dramatic justice though. Like I would have helped you dude. Which doesn't help Marlo. Nor the idea that Eren might have pulled the trigger. I don't think Eren would have shot the soldiers. Maybe hit them back. So now Marlo thinks he is weak and Annie thinks Eren is something he isn't? Yay soldiers!!
 photo shingekiepisode2315_zpsfdffe002.jpg
Annie probably should have asked more questions...
So about 5 minutes into the convoy Armin is able to pull Annie aside. We gots to save Eren! It was like a game of cat and mouse. On one hand it made sense how Annie and Armin talked to each other. Annie really did deserve to know what was going on if she was going to stick her neck out for them. Armin really did need to keep it a secret to protect Annie in case things went bad. However if Annie was the Titan of course she would want to know the plan so she could wait to save Eren herself. If Annie was a Titan of course Armin isn't telling her shit.
 photo shingekiepisode2316_zps101cde53.jpg
Armin was probably super close to exploding at this point.
Are you a good person Annie? Hmmmmmm I guess we can say for a fact that Annie is not a good person. She has killed so many people I don't think it matters at this point her reason. Surely not all the people who died were guilty of whatever crime the humanoid Titans think happen. Or is happening. SO why does Annie help Armin? She did put her ring on after Armin explained to her the concept of being a good person or bad (which I enjoyed). Was that because she was just being cautious? Like I don't trust anyone, you humans? Or was she trying to take Eren for herself?
 photo shingekiepisode2319_zps986d788a.jpg
Poor Eren...he is so devastated.
Either way Armin and especially Eren really tried. Tried to help Annie. Mikasa not so much. She stayed quite the which I guess was enough to help in her eyes. But as they were escaping they still talked to Annie. Made her feel as if she was a big help. Even as it became increasingly obvious no one else was on the street, this was way too easy, and who would think Giant Jean was Eren?!
 photo shingekiepisode2317_zps1196e385.jpg
This subbing made Annie seem even more insane. X___X
Still the boys tried. After Annie gave her bullshit reason for not wanting to go in the tunnel (little girl...please!) Eren was practically begging for Annie to come in. Prove you are like me and not a threat. I don't want to lose anymore people Annie. Armin almost detached himself from the situation. Like why did you have Marco's equipment? Which is a GOOD question. I doubt Annie killed Marco. He had a bite out of his face. She probably was upset over his body because she lead the Titans there. But why did she steal his gear? Or any gear? To have back up in case when she transforms and something goes wrong? I mean I didn't understand how they were going to tell how someone recently killed a Titan with it. Considering this happened after the Fall of the Wall.
 photo shingekiepisode2318_zps83ea34d7.jpg
Why is Armin so.....creepy in knowing that?
But apparently Armin is super Armin. He has nothing better to do than look at people's gears and memorize every single little crack. Like what the hell? So yes folks that is how Armin knew Annie was at least a liar and up to something. Perhaps had Armin voiced his small concern back then we wouldn't have as many dead? Or maybe there would be more dead I don't know. That was a good question. Like um you had no problem turning everyone else into a human yoyo why did you save me, Jean, and Reiner? She made quick work of everyone else. Perhaps Annie is a cold hearted killer but even those people need friends. Thus she didn't directly kill Marco and probably knows not killing those three boys was a mistake but one she would make again just because they are “friends”.
 photo shingekiepisode2320_zpsb3e60c8b.jpg
What the hell is this?!?!
So Annie proceeded to lose her damn mind all over the place. Like damn girl it might almost be checkmate time but what was up with her face?! I can understand her evil laughter. That seemed like the correct response to the situation. The situation of suck. But the weird ass blushy face? Like she was trying to seduce them? Surely that isn't the real Annie. And if it is they didn't do enough to make me believe it. I would have wanted a voice change or something else. Like oh sweet Eren, sweet Armin. You have no idea. Crazy girl.
 photo shingekiepisode233_zpsec15bc70.jpg
Maybe Mikasa can take on sleepy Annie?
The episode ends with Mikasa wanting to hack Annie into pieces. Which I support. But yeah Annie ain't no amateur. She was like Bit me bitches I have my ring and it's Titan time. I suspect the other humanoid Titans have plans too, in case this happens. Annie and her boy scout self were prepared. So to recap Annie is the Female Titan, Armin knew this from the world's smallest detail, and now Eren is once again in danger from being captured. YAY HUMANS!

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