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Kiniro Mosaic episode 12 FINAL EPISODE!

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What do you mean our show is over?!
So much yawn! But I said I was going to get posts done and posts done I shall do!!! I needs to catch up after all. Hopefully before the new season starts so I can know...what the new season will be. And all the comments that might be sitting in my box as we speak. But for now there is sleep because there will be more work tomorrow. WOE IS ME! But for now here is one last post. The last episode for Kiniro Mosaic actually!!! Episode 12. Spoilers for pirates and blond princesses!
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Why don't they care about us?!
Episode Summary: Valentine's Day? Psh!!! It is the first day of the second year for our main characters. Alice has decide this is the best day ever. She is all sparkly and full of life. Shinobu notes the walk to school seems more magical today with the cherry blossoms falling on them. Karen claims the spring day makes her more energetic if that is possible. Everyone is over the top smiling until they reach Aya and Youko. Aya has on sad panda face. She is worried about being split up from her Youko...I mean friend. Alice is like there is no reason to be sad or worried. She crossed an ocean to be with Shinobu, one classroom separating them won't be so bad. Karen tries to point out she had no one in her class all last year but no one cares. They reach the board and Youko is with Alice and Aya is with Karen and Shinobu. Insert sad pandas Alice and Aya. Aya tries to be strong but it doesn't too well. Especially when Youko doesn't realize that Aya is sad over her, not Alice. Aya also has to keep Shinobu in check now that she is around Karen and her lovely locks. Aya tricks herself into believing that everything will be okay. Alice is not having a good day. She literally looks sick and Haruka is worried bunny Alice will die. Youko starts to feel like chopped liver when Alice goes on and on. Karen once again brings up she had no one in her class but she turned out just fine. Alice and Aya ignore her and instead demand to know why Youko and Shinobu aren't upset. Shinobu is like we were an ocean apart once. Alice, it will be okay now. Alice is like oh okay it WILL be okay and they walk home together, memories of this last year filling their minds. THE END!!! or after the credits it jumps back to last year. The girls were talking about something which leads to Alice talking about how she reads hard books. Oh yes it was Karen being a freak by dressing like a manga character she just discovered which embarrassed Aya. But Alice starts talking about this book and how Shinobu has to rub her shoulders as she strains at the hard words. Shinobu decides she wants to be smart like Alice and read her type of books, that they can do things together. Shinobu can't even read one sentence before her brain explodes. She decides if she can't find a reindeer, she'll make one. Aka write her own book. All the girls throw out all sorta of ideas on what she should write. It is decided she should write about...them. 

She and Alice are two blond hair princesses that live together and sing. Shinobu sings that her treasure is her blond hair and Alice's treasure is Shinobu. One day pirate Karen and her singing crew arrives to take the treasure. Since Alice's treasure is Shinobu she is kidnapped. Princess Alice cries while real life Alice and Aya get way too emotional about all of this. Like super emotional. On the ship Shinobu is like why can't you go and find treasure somewhere else? Karen sings she has been all over the world and she has grown bored. But maybe with Shinobu by her side it will be fun again. Princess Shinobu agrees only if she can write a letter to Princess Alice first. Real life Alice is like don't leave me!!!! But before Shinobu and pirate Karen can go on any adventures the shop capsizes. Aya and Youko want to be apart of the story too so Princess Shinobu is rescued by Mermaid Aya. She is quiet lovely and Shinobu is so happy. They look up at a random ship that has appeared out of nowhere. The Captain/Prince of the ship is Youko and Aya is in love with her. She sings a happy little song about how they can never be together and she loves him from afar. Youko notices Aya in the water and starts talking to mermaid Aya. Suddenly Pirate Karen and her pirate friends appear again with another pirate ship and start attacking Youko. Mermaid Aya starts crying because there is nothing they can do to stop it. Sea Witch Isami appears out of nowhere as well and Princess Shinobu begs her for help, to make them stop fighting. Isami says she will do it but Shinobu must give up her treasured possession. That ends up being her lovely blond hair. Everyone gasps at this sad revelation. Princess Shinobu cuts her hair, everyone calms down, and they all live happily ever after. Youko looks up and the entire class had been listening with tears in their eyes. Even people in the hallway gasped and listened to the whole story. Sakura has a hard time reaching the classroom! Everyone cries and friendships are wonderful. AS the show ends we see younger Shinobu leaving England and younger Alice is sad. She vows to learn Japanese and go to Japan one day. She writes her letter to Shinobu that she is coming soon. In the present Shinobu and Alice look at the letter and cherish it. THE END!
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What a lovely and interesting screenie you picked for this paragraph.
What?! This show is already over?! Oppies. Where does the time go?! That means the new Fall Season is going to start soon. I barely have looked to see what was offered. I did go through it once but not enough to make my finally decisions and certainly not long enough to blog my picks. So much to catch up on.
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Well....the fact that Alice is still wearing this uniform is a shock.
But for now this show is over. Sadness for all. And it ended on a weird note. Or a note that I wasn't expecting. I thought there was going to be tears this episode. That is why I thought the pacing was odd. Like we got to get ready to send these British girls back home. We need to have hugs and goodbye parties. Tearful airport pictures. Alice and Shinobu being in their respective new classrooms sighing and missing the other. Then POOF they remember it's the year 2013 and they can talk on the computer. And that is how their friendship continues, with the promise of visits in the future. Maybe.
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It is the magic that makes them sparkle.
I was super wrong though. Alice and Karen are staying for another year. Maybe even the whole school career. X___X I was not expecting that indeed. That is a lot of anime magic though. Being allowed to stay that long on a student visa, Shinobu's parents not missing her, and Karen's parents not having to run whatever important business that makes them super rich. All of this doesn't matter. Alice and Karen are staying for another year. Perhaps if this show was a second season we will see tears?
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For now it is time for happiness. Alice is a sparkling glowy mess. Shinobu is always a sparking mess. Like everything is the most fun EVER!! We are eating breakfast YAY!! We are getting ready for school YAY!! We are walking to school together, with Sakura blossoms falling on us and what not. Life is wonderful. We are together. Our future is bright. Come Karen, we will walk to school together, enjoying our first day of being second yearers. Insert sparkles here. All over the place.
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Woe is my luck.
Aya was not full of sparkles. She was full of doom and gloom. Both of these over the top responses were correct. Now when I started a new year I was nervous. Because we got our class schedule before school started. We already knew if we were separated or not. In Japan it works differently. So Aya was taking on the pessimistic point of view. Like we will be separated and life is horrible. How can you guys be so happy? Alice and Shinobu were looking on the bright side of life (lalasong). At least we can go to school together. We aren't separated by an ocean weeee!
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Ain't no one caring about you Karen!
Until the actual list was seen. Then Alice joined Aya in the woe is me face. I think the girls were pretty lucky. Maybe this is a smaller school/town but my graduating class had 360 I think. Maybe 350. So yeah it wouldn't have been better two classrooms. So yeah it wouldn't have been between two classrooms. Isn't it usually 5 in most animes? So really each girl could have been separated had it been like that. Be grateful you at least got one person each? What happened to that ocean thing?
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Because I am dying maybe?
While Alice and Aya were both pretty much miserable Aya took it better than I thought. While being around Youko embarrasses her the idea of not having the girl around seems worse. I think Aya was more upset that Youko wasn't as upset. Like hello. We have been together for a while now, you were basically my first friend, can you please care? But instead of being observant like she usually is Youko was like Aya misses Alice what? Alice on the other hand lost her damn mind. Which is what I was expecting. Imagine if this had happened last year. Like I flew across the ocean to be with you Shinobu and now we are in different classes. Woe is my soul. :( Life will never be the same. I need to go to the clinic. I have no reason to live. Youko is chopped liver.
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Just be happy we get a second year together? XD
In the end Shinobu just repeated that they all should be happy they are going to school together and Karen and Alice aren't in England. That it could be worse. Karen tried to point this out several times, that she was all alone last year. Only it was brushed over rather fast and I might have been amused. I don't think Aya and Alice are over the moon happy but they are in better spirits. It will be okay. We can see each other after class and during lunch. Let us all think back to how much fun last year was and that this year will be just as amazing. THE END!
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Do you have the crazies again?
Not. X___X We still have half an episode left. What to do what to do? Rewind the clock and show something silly from last year?! I see indeed. I am sure there were tons of fun moments to pick from. But this last tidbit was about Alice and her reading ability. Well it was about Karen and her weird fashion sense at first. But like always Karen is a blip on the radar and the main story is someone else. I don't know why Alice is reading such hard books. Or why Shinobu can't read at all. XD Maybe they should start with some light novels? Just a suggestion of course.
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Reading is hard!
Shinobu can't take the easy way out of course. She has to blow her brain trying to be like Alice. And when that doesn't work....she will write her own book. I can't help but notice there was no writing. Or recording of anytime. So I am not sure how this story will repeated for their enjoyment in the future. Not that it matters. They can retell it in their minds over and over again, making crazy little changes here and there. Oh to be in high school and have tons of free time doing silly things.
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How can you not be sentimental over this amazinginess?!
So what was the Shinobu story about? Blonds!!! Of course. And all her friends. Was there any doubt? It was kinda....weird how everyone was taken in by this story. And I mean EVERYONE. Youko and Aya. Of course Alice. Karen. The kids in the classroom. The kids walking by. Shinobu made up a song off the top of her head and everyone was really moved. I thought there would be some eye rolling. Yes what we SAW was funny but Shinobu was telling a basic story borrowing a lot of ideas from other stories. Everyone is just so silly and sentimental.
 photo mosaicepisode1215_zpsdf0d3c16.jpg
Shinobu really loves blond hair....
The story itself was all over the place. Shinobu made herself a blond and Alice of course was her companion. And they sang. Everyone sang. It sorta made me laugh that Shinobu's greatest treasure was herself. XD Well her hair anyway. And Shinobu was like I love YOU Shinobu. Only Shinobu was okay with being kidnapped by Pirate Karen when Karen was slightly nice to Shinobu. I will write you Alice, see you later. I thought Pirate Karen was the best character. Her and her amazing reappearing ship.
 photo mosaicepisode12_zps4ae37dc1.jpg
BTW I love you Youko. In case you couldn't tell.
Aya was a mermaid which was fine and dandy. Almost like she was the little mermaid. Singing about her prince....Youko on the ship. The story was moving a little fast so Youko noticed them immediately and started to sing back. Should have proposed to her. XD Pirate Karen came back to fight with another ship (magic) and everyone was like we shouldn't be fighting at all. Isami is a witch....interesting. I thought it might have been funnier had Shinobu changed her mind and said Alice was her greatest treasure so she could have kept her long hair. Either way though it was a OH NO moment. That Shinobu. Giving up her wonderful hair forever so everyone can be okay. What an amazingly crazy story.
 photo mosaicepisode122_zpsffdbae62.jpg
Time for you to wrap up this show.
And that is about it for this little series. The show wrapped up with younger Alice learning Japanese soon after younger Shinobu left. Writing the letter that she was on her way to Shinobu. And that is how this crazy show started. Crazy little slice of life show about cute girls having fun. There might have been some educational things going on. I think Alice and Karen should have had a more difficult time speaking Japanese but meh. It is what it is. The fun times were silly and the down times....were silly too. Wish we could have had more personal one on one time with the girls but they liked to stay in a big group. I really enjoyed watching this show so I guess it is a success? It shall be missed...unless there is a season two. Because obviously Japan is so wonderful Alice and Karen are never going back home! XD


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