Monday, September 9, 2013

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: National Teddy Bear Day part 2

XO National Teddy Bear Day lasts all day? So there are even more amazing pictures of me? Oh and those other Duffys? Well what are you waiting for post away!
 photo NationalTeddyBearDay018_zps37ef71ad.jpg
Now that we rescued that homeless Buddy Duffy it is time to get back to cooking.
 photo NationalTeddyBearDay019_zpsb86a314e.jpg
Um hello there mom. How can I help you?
 photo NationalTeddyBearDay020_zps733ac4be.jpg
Yes I know this dress. This is the dress you ordered from the Build a Bear in CA just for Shellie May.
 photo NationalTeddyBearDay021_zps05332681.jpg
Err I don't think I like where this is going.
 photo NationalTeddyBearDay022_zpse4d2ab50.jpg
NOOOOO! This is a dress! I don't want to wear a dress!
 photo NationalTeddyBearDay023_zps8ce1af9f.jpg
So....I'm wearing a dress.
 photo NationalTeddyBearDay024_zps52aa80ee.jpg
Apparently mom is going to dress up as the Queen of Hearts for some villain party on Friday and since she doesn't have a Shellie May yet I get to wear it?!
 photo NationalTeddyBearDay025_zpsea52559c.jpg
I don't care how cute she looks as a doll. I don't want to wear a dress. I am a boy bear who doesn't like dresses. Put it on Muffy!
 photo NationalTeddyBearDay026_zps0c01a3c0.jpg
Apparently dad says we look cute. I am thinking I can't talk my way out of this. :( But I don't want to wear a dress. Don't I get a say in this?!

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