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Makai Ouji: devils and Realists episode 9

 photo realistepisode918_zps8e76e90b.jpg
I thought demons would be more stabby....less magical.
WEEE post number two. Only two for today but that brings up the post count to 6 this weekend so that is good yes? I just got to keep on task and post during the week as the friend and I are hitting Disney this weekend. Up now is Makai Ouji: devils and Realists episode 9. Finally all caught up woohoo. Spoilers for Gilles being really creepy and me not focusing too much on him.
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Can you not be on your way? Please?
Episode Summary: The last few minutes of the previous episode are shown again. This time with the Kings going into more detail on why William is in danger. Apparently estacy is something that Heaven does to you, where either your soul or personality are taken away and you become basically a puppet for that side. Gilles is especially upset as someone close to him, Joan of Arc, had this done to her. Speaking of Joan.....Michael decides to send her into battle...with her magical girl outfit on. William goes to visit Kevin. Not to ask about all this nonsense of course. That would be silly. Kevin is not in his room though. William finds his father's ring on Kevin's desk and instead of getting super pissed that Kevin kept it from him ALL THIS TIME he just pockets it and acts nervous when Kevin does return. William had come to ask about money for tuition but Kevin has gambled everything away. William tries to be upset but thinks about how Kevin has been here for him every moment since his parents died. Kevin tries to make them a snack but ends up breaking some dishware and turning William away. Turns out that Michael was nearby causing Kevin to spaz out. Michael explains that he has sent someone to hell to cause a distraction leaving William all alone. That is when Kevin needs to perform the estacy on William. Or else. This causes Kevin to have a flashback of his own. Back when he was a full fledged angel it was his job to punish people and of course Solomon needed a lot of punishment because he was done making deals with demons and making them his pillars. Solomon never backed down and questioned why Kevin would even want to do this job. Kevin gets pretty outraged but Solomon smiles and you know what that means! When William walks outside all his demon friends are like William we have to leave for hell immediately. They warn him to be careful which of course William doesn't care about and goes on his way.
 photo realistepisode916_zpsac81f645.jpg
Yo Gilles someone noticed you. Need a hug?
The trio make their way to hell where they see it is pretty tore up. As they walk around they talk about why this could be happening. Jean appears again in her magical girl outfit and the demon men are forced to fight her, upset at what has become of her. While this is going on William is having the deepest sleep ever and breaks into William's room. He is having second thoughts about putting William through esctasy but he knows it must be done. He attempts to do the procedure several times but it fails, probably due to William's lack of religion. Kevin becomes desperate to do the spell now but Raguel appears. Apparently Kevin wasn't trying hard enough on purpose to spare William. Raguel is like you either need to esctasy him or kill him. Gilles is outside with Dantalion's bats and he smiles to himself. Raguel senses the danger and goes outside to fight Gilles so Kevin can perform the spell. Gilles is certainly pissed off at this procedure as it touches home to him. Raguel can't seem to think out of the box and is like this is God's will. The two fight for a bit and Gilles becomes more and more insane. It turns out when he was a human he went out and committed every deadly sin just for God to punish him personally. That day never came and when he was to be executed Balberith appeared before him. Balberith promises that if Gilles gave him his soul one day he would see Joan again as she became a saint. Raguel is like look instead of fighting me now you can go to hell and see Joan for yourself. Gilles has more of the crazies, saying he didn't come this far to just see her once. No no he wants her forever and ever so he can do terrible things to her for all of eternity. Raguel realizes that he is dealing with high level crazy and the battle continues on. Raguel eventually loses as he is pounded into the ground. Kevin and his angel self appears and repels Gilles. Gilles gets pissed off but is probably going to lose. Dantalion comes and it appears he is siding with Kevin. Gilles is like what the hell but Dantalion is like you need to leave before you get eradicated. Kevin and Dantalion decide that they are simply classmates and stewards to William to temporarily end the fight. Kevin goes to meet with Michael so he can get his ass kicked due to failing. It appears Michael is going to kill Kevin when suddenly he starts to feel ill. His hand temporarily becomes almost transparent. Kevin goes to comfort him but Michael pushes him away. At the school William has a slight cold due to waking up shirtless and the demon men act like nothing happened that night. THE END!
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Looks like William was half asleep too.
I am pretty sure I typed most of the summary when I was half asleep. Which means my spelling, grammar, and sense making was really lacking. I already found three mistakes! Unless the demons went to heaven to find it messed up. I need someone else to look at my posts, with fresh eyes. And you know...the ability to spell names I am not used to.
 photo realistepisode93_zps5da4c79e.jpg
HMMMM I shall put it in my pocket and never mention it again.
Is there a reason why William didn't question why Kevin had his father's ring? The only thing William wanted from his house, the only thing that might have been left, and Kevin had it. It might have been worth some money or maybe William wanted it for sentimental value. Either way it was not Kevin's. Clearly it is Solomon's ring but since the demons have not mentioned it to him before he doesn't realize that. William..why don't you ask questions? Why do you walk through life going lalala? It just makes the show seem very weak. Like William can't be that dense. I want to see some anger!
 photo realistepisode9_zps3cc7a7fc.jpg
What happened to free will?!
What the hell is this ecstasy thing? Now I can see why Hell wants to move William in, working together to protect him. Because if works then no one will be selected and I guess that means bad news for Hell. Even if Camio should be leader by default. And no one is really making a move to be elected anyway. But still this is very bad stuff and Heaven is looking more and more like the baddie with each passing episode.
 photo realistepisode98_zps798d43f7.jpg
Um....why are we doing this again?
Oh yes the actual ecstasy. Which I am having a hard time spelling apparently. I am not quite sure what it is. Or that there are conflicting ideas of what it is. Either way the person it happens to is no longer them. The soul is either taken out or the qualities that makes a person...that person are removed. The personality. I guess those could be considered the same thing. Maybe it has to do with this being a Japanese show and I am from a Western culture? In any event....bad....very bad!!! Wouldn't that render William useless though? If it is Solomon's soul that can make the decision than technically no demon can be chosen as King yes?
 photo realistepisode96_zpsf5cfd140.jpg probably? Yes definitely you.
This is just a taste of how awful...things can be in Heaven. We have Kevin living in fear anytime Michael walks/flies by. Like he is a captive victim that just can't help but be fearful and respectful of Michael. William is on Heaven's hit list. And Joan of Arc. Oh poor Joan of Arc. What have they done to her? What has her story become in Japan? Magical girl indeed. I think my eyes are still bleeding from the sight of her. The sight of how big her eyes are and what she is wearing. Can she at least look like she came from a certain time period? Everyone else is dressed in...what appears to be period appropriate clothing but not Joan. Not Joan indeed. What did this girl do to Japan to make animes portraying her in such a crazy light?
 photo realistepisode912_zps5769cd42.jpg
My eyes....MY EYES!!!
In any event the plan is for Michael to have Joan...all to Hell and cause some havoc. That will cause all of William's guardians to leave him. Kevin will then perform this ecstasy thing on him. BRILLIANT! What could go wrong? For some reason Michael thinks it is a gift to let Kevin essentially erase William? I am not seeing how that is a good thing? Maybe Kevin would make it hurt less? I don't know. It doesn't seem like an honor to Kevin. Or me. But since it is going to be done and it got Kevin back on Michael's good side....I don't know folks. These demons keep telling William how dangerous it is just being him and they ALL leave him when things get shady in hell? I see indeed.
 photo realistepisode911_zps1373c114.jpg
Hell has standards you know.
Camio, Dantalion, and Sytry all make it to Hell to see it messed up. Because no one else in Hell can go up against Joan of Arc. No one. Not even the Kings. Thanks for putting up a fight. No no, just call the people who were watching William and have them clean up the mess. Makes a lot of sense. Again I need the eye bleach. Poor Joan of Arc and her magical girl look. Because she is a virgin ya'll. Even the boys pitied her. :(
 photo realistepisode914_zps97919f92.jpg
Now hurry up and kill your reason for living you can live!
While the demons were in Hell not fighting Joan seriously Kevin was undressing William with his eyes and for real. Time to erase the silly soul of his. Only it wasn't working. Was it because Kevin wasn't trying that hard or was it William's lack of religion? That makes no sense. Like haha you can't hurt me because I don't believe in you. Either way Rague or whatever his pasta name is had to come and set Kevin straight. I think Raguel might be slightly protective of Kevin...
 photo realistepisode910_zps4ee9181d.jpg
So you might as well give up. Apparently.
But before all that Raguel coming around Kevin had a flashback. Probably explaining why Kevin has been around William all his life. Because in William's previous life, as Solomon, Kevin in angel mode was sent to punish Solomon. Which makes sense. God gave Solomon these powers and he was off making friends with demons and not being very appreciative of things. So the punishment angel was sent. I am not sure I follow Solomon's thinking though. There will always be sin so why bother punishing it? I think that is what Solomon was saying. Like how do you feel judger! Let things be. Either way it made Kevin question himself here and now. Woe is Kevin.
 photo realistepisode917_zps9dc33c73.jpg
Can someone else rescue me please?
So who does come to William's rescue? Gilles. I think he might have been better off...dying if this is the person who comes to your rescue. I guess Gilles has reason to keep William alive, so his faction can win and what not. But damn he was a hot mess. Crazy. And Joan of Arc needs to run. Run in Fate/Zero and really run now. He wants to save you so he can do horrible things to you. Run away in your magical girl garb. Gilles is pretty strong though. Has a touch of the crazy though.
 photo realistepisode919_zpsb75035de.jpg
Who knew naps were so important?!
In the end nothing much happens. Dantalion stops Gilles from killing Kevin and Raguel because that will put William in more danger? I don't see how when Michael should just over take everyone now? William has no idea what went on in regards to protecting him. And it looks like Michael is slowly wasting away because he hasn't taken a nap? So Lucifer is dying and so is Michael? William shall rule them all! Surely the best King who hates everyone equally.

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