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Kiniro Mosaic episode 10

I smelled the worst, most vile thing of all times today folks. Well probably not but at this point in my life it ranks number 1 in MOG did something die and fall in poop and set on fire and sent to me to be cleaned? It was....awful. So awful I threw it in a buggie and locked said buggie in the bathroom until I could through a frebreeze bomb at it. And the man who brought in said disaster LAUGHED when an customer and I started gagging over the smell. It was that bad folks.
 photo mosaicepisode102_zpsd9413065.jpg
How is it already Wednesday?!
Now that my head has stopped's time for bed! Okay okay. I need to get on the anime posting and the blog post catching up and house cleaning folks! Wednesday will be the day of getting stuff done! Hopefully...maybe...YES! But for now here is Kiniro Mosaic episode 10. Spoilers for...I forgot since I typed this so long ago? Bad Tenchi. :(
 photo mosaicepisode104_zpsdd443b50.jpg
Um I was walking to the bathroom about 10 minutes ago Alice....
Episode Summary: Sakura is walking through the hallways, thinking about her amazing life and amazing students. But then she ends up in the wrong classroom and gets super embarrassed. Later when she does find her right classroom she feels bad for giving Shinobu a bad grade on her English test and gives her an A for effort. She puts up with Youko being a cut up in class, Aya being a basket case, and Alice going on and on about Shinobu. While talking to Shinobu Sakura senses the evil eye from Alice. She is distracted and this allows for Youko to scare her and drop her paperwork. A picture of her pet rabbit pops out but Sakura is too embarrassed to say its name. The subject of nicknames comes up and Karen wants one. Until she realizes how dumb it would be. Alice keeps on stalking Sakura and glaring at her when she talks to Shinobu. Eventually Sakura has to work up enough courage via stuffed animals to confront Alice about it. Karen says she likes Sakura...but clearly Shinobu is hers and she best be steppin. The girls eventually evaluate the other picture that Sakura dropped in the scare, a picture of her in a school girl outfit. Everyone thinks it is weird to carry around...when Sakura runs up and explains it was taken at a cosplay party this year. XO Shinobu and Alice are watching TV watching the horoscope stuff. Alice has a super unlucky prediction whereas Shinobu is supposed to be lucky. The girls are nearly killed a million ways on their way to school. Sakura is also having a rough day, having walked into the wrong classroom again and ruined a surprise.
 photo mosaicepisode106_zpsf8fb9acf.jpg
A nickname for Karen....hmmm....
The girls decide that they are going to play baseball. Only Karen assigns everyone fluff rolls and Youko is the only one who has an actual role. I hate baseball and they play it for a while. Karen eventually requests to go to the book store after baseball where she gets a manga, Alice tries to read books that make her more intelligent/Japanese, and Shinobu gets a bad horoscope for the rest of the month. There is some talk about blood types which makes Aya blush. The weekend is upon the girls and Alice is determined to wake people up at the crack of down to make them have fun. Over coffee it is discussed how much Shinobu was willing to sell Alice for. Karen has decided to venture out alone today and is skippin along when she spots a white cat. She chases the thing all over and eventually ends up lost. She calls Shinobu for directions but ends up only talking about the cat. Aya nearly has a heart attack at the idea of calling Youko to do something. She hangs up on Youko but Youko abandons her creepy siblings to go shopping with Aya. After Shinobu changes into some special clothes she and Alice leave the house. They run into Aya, Youko, and a dirty Karen. They sit and talk for a little while but they eventually go on their separate ways, promising to do more next week. At the end of the episode Sakura finds the cat as well and takes after it. THE END!
 photo mosaicepisode103_zpsed2b7e65.jpg
Where is my A for effort?!
Oh silly slice of life shows. Oh silly teachers. Clearly I need to build a time machine and go back to my high school days. I needed to have more fun!! And more money it appears. Give me an allowance back in time parents!
 photo mosaicepisode108_zps424bb534.jpg
Enjoy your surprise?
What happened first? Oh we got a fun teacher who loves her students. Not all of her students mind you. Just the main characters. Everyone else doesn't matter. XD It seems we don't get a very large array of choices when it comes to teachers. They are usually no one at all, super harsh, or super sweet/involved. XO Teachers are people too!!?? They come in different personalities?! Adults don't making stop making mistakes or being clumsy?! Poor Ms. Sakura. Ruining her fellow teacher's surprise. Oh the embarrassment.
 photo mosaicepisode105_zps3b7fa4a7.jpg least she didn't scare Aya? She might have died.
XO What's with scaring her though? She is already fluffy in the head. And being trapped by Alice going on and on about Shinobu. Now we got to sneak up on her and steal her pictures? I see some girls that need some discipline! XO I thought it was a super cute she named her rabbit Alice. I mean.....there is a rather important rabbit in Alice in Wonderland if she wanted to use that excuse. I mean Alice gets harassed worse by Shinobu. But stealing Sakura's other picture? FOR SHAME! And I feel for you Sakura. At first I thought it was a bit creepy of her to be carrying around a picture of her in high school. But this is a new picture? I so feel you Sakura. Forever 21 indeed.
 photo mosaicepisode107_zps37a54cda.jpg
See? Buried.
Sakura and Alice might have semi buried the hatchet. Because Alice was getting a little creepy there. A lot creepy. And Sakura doesn't seem that brave to begin with. She had to practice her conversation on inanimate objects. But can you blame her? Those eyes...always watching. Always watching. But now Sakura knows that Alice likes her. Just touch her Shinobu and die.
 photo mosaicepisode1010_zps7938f13b.jpg
As they die...
This episode wasn't all about Ms. Sakura though. Some of it was about the other girls. What did I think about the horoscope bit? That it was a bit special. As is much of what the girls do of course. XD I won't lie though...sometimes that kinda interests me too. I will stop to read mine. If it applies it is amazing. If it doesn't I hate it and obviously everything is fake. But you still want to know, because hey it's fun and entertaining. Like with fortune cookies. Shinobu and really Alice has to take it to a whole new level though. The street that Shinobu lives on is dangerous yo! I have never heard of a lucky color before though....
 photo mosaicepisode109_zps035ccdc9.jpg
Her face?
When typing up this episode a million years ago I almost forgot about the baseball. Probably because I don't like it? XD I kid I kid. Okay no I don't. This part of the episode was rather special though. Karen always has these grand ideas on what to do for fun. You a cheerleader. Be a manager. So...who is left to play ball? No one. That is my kind of ball. XD And at least Alice hit the ball. Even if it was a foul ball. I couldn't do that. Yay exercise for 5 seconds weee.
 photo mosaicepisode1013_zps14bed91b.jpg
Poor Shinobu couldn't wear a fabulous outfit to the bookstore. :(
After a weeks worth of exercise it was time for the book store. So lovely...wish they had more translated mangas when I was in Japan. But why should they though? XD Silly me. So you go and get your new manga Karen. I remember the days when I was like WOOHOO time to go to Books a Million and get my brand new stuff. had a cross word puzzle book that was cute. I don't think it was that childish Ms. Tea Ceremony.
 photo mosaicepisode1011_zpsad038271.jpg
Too early!!!!!
There was some blood type talk that is lost upon the nonJapanese blogger. I know it is important to some cultures but not me. XD But I guess that is like the horoscope thing. But behold it is the weekend and Alice sucks. WAKE UP SHINOBU! Wake up sister. Wake up world. Like um no it is time to sleep. People get up early throughout the week and most use the weekend to catch up on sleep. To store it in their eternal clock. Because that is how sleep works. So let them sleep girl. You didn't have plans at this point anyway.
 photo mosaicepisode1012_zps4f2bd997.jpg
....Well at least she made it hope safely.
Karen is a very special girl. Very special indeed. The kind where it is cute when you see it in an anime but if she was real it would be scary. Lala I am going on a walk. Lala I am going to follow a cat. Lala I am lost. Lala I am going to call my friends for help and tell them I found a white cat. Oh Karen. Oh Karen indeed. So very special. At least she was having fun though. But how did she get so dirty by the end of the episode?
 photo mosaicepisode1014_zps3e643e2f.jpg
Oh you didn't even get friended. You got sistered.
Aya...Aya can be sad. Like Karen but in the opposite way. She can't even call her best friend to go out for the day without breaking down into crazy nerves. This girl needs help! But I guess since this is a show this can be cute...maybe. At least Youko is there to take care of her. Even if she did just want to escape the house because she has creepy siblings.
 photo mosaicepisode1015_zps8348573b.jpg
Thanks Aya, we weren't trying to have a good time or anything.
The episode ends with all the girls meeting up at the train station, saying hi,....and going their separate ways. I actually liked that. Like look we are all friends and it is fun to do things all together as a group...sometimes. But other times a few want to do this, one wants to do that, and a couple want to do this. They don't have to do things together all the time. Sometimes that gets a little too unrealistic, even for anime. XD So yeah I liked how the girls said hello and kept on keeping on. One on one time is important folks. You get to know a person better and what not. So yay for having fun weekends. either Christmas or New Year's Eve? Finally!!! XD

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