Monday, September 9, 2013

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: National Teddy Bear Day part 5

 photo NationalTeddyBearDay052_zps378717e3.jpg
After the picnic I went back to making my Build a Bear wishlist to find Birthday Duffy on the computer.
We have enough pictures for one more post!! Time to start winding down the National Teddy Bear Day. We had tons of fun today. I am sure mom is itching to get back to her anime posts but hey it's my day today!!! On to more food and fun times with bears!
 photo NationalTeddyBearDay053_zps5adb07ca.jpg
What are you looking up Birthday Duffy? Stuff to do for mom's birthday. That is more than a month away but I guess you are the Duffy for the job. Something with Princesses and Meet and Greets?
 photo NationalTeddyBearDay054_zps2c3d834b.jpg
Hidden Pascals? I bet mom would love to find all of those.
 photo NationalTeddyBearDay055_zps31fe7a68.jpg
Mom has already eaten there twice...but not for her birthday....
 photo NationalTeddyBearDay001_zps1143209d.jpg
Time for more food. Still hungry even after all those treats.
 photo NationalTeddyBearDay002_zps9128dca0.jpg
I see you Chibi Duffy trying to steal my food!
 photo NationalTeddyBearDay003_zps287dad56.jpg
It's been a long day. 2013 Duffy and I will end the day by watching some TV.
 photo NationalTeddyBearDay004_zps75c02f12.jpg
Would you like to join Buddy Duffy? You don't need an invitation. XD Don't be shy!
 photo NationalTeddyBearDay005_zps64605bae.jpg
Those are just a few of mom's Hellos. She has a lot. They outnumber us Duffys but a lot.
 photo NationalTeddyBearDay006_zpsc19efc0a.jpg
Time to get ready for bed. Mom thought she ordered the Spiderman ones first but the Grinch ones are nice too.
 photo NationalTeddyBearDay007_zpsc3d3d8e6.jpg
Behold let us go to Hallmark and buy ornaments now.
 photo NationalTeddyBearDay008_zpse8a82c56.jpg
Time to watch some TV. Knowing mom some bad reality TV shows.
 photo NationalTeddyBearDay009_zpsc55dc6b8.jpg
Okay maybe I am still hungry. Shhh don't tell mom we are eating in bed.
 photo NationalTeddyBearDay010_zps41d66902.jpg
Did you have a good day Buddy Duffy? I know it must have been sad all alone on that top shelf. But now you are in a house full of other Duffy and tons of clothes. You will surely have tons of fun here. Let's go to bed now, it has been a busy day. YAWN! Did you have fun seeing all our pictures? I hope you. Good night!

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