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Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya episode 7

 photo illyaepisode77_zps4a10044e.jpg
My what a great big perv you are....
YAWN! It is time for bed folks. Off to the warm blanket land of sleep after I get this posted. Hopefully two more posts will come tomorrow. For now I leave you with sweet dreams of Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya episode 7. Spoilers for Illya being naked and shunned in the same episode.
 photo illyaepisode7_zps76b645fb.jpg
Clearly you need chicken soup for the magical girl soul.
Episode Summary: Illya's maid Stella has declared Illya slightly, sorta sick and orders her to stay in bed. Illya complains but complies. She grows bored due to her Japanese work ethic and Ruby has a hard time keeping her entertained. Illya rolls around for a little while but decides to think about the recent battles. She is under the impression Miyu beat Saber and is all sad face. Ruby insists Illya is the better magical girl which worries Illya based on the criteria Ruby uses. Illya starts thinking about how amazing Miyu is when Ruby is like I can turn into a phone and call Sapphire. So she does which is super amazing to Illya or she thinks it is super dumb because phones exist. Miyu has also stayed inside today as Luvia was worried about her. The conversation gets awkward so Ruby sets up video chat. Turns out Miyu is wearing a maid outfit and Illya is a crazy person. She demands Miyu come over right now wearing said outfit and practically molests the girl when she walks in. Ruby is like well friendship is magical while Miyu almost dies. Illya pulls herself together and Stella serves them snacks. Miyu explains that this isn't a cosplay outfit, that she is Luvia's maid. She had no where else to go and Luvia took her in. Illya feels bad and wants to ask about the parents but Ruby tells her to refrain. During this time Illya talks about how awesome Miyu is for defeating Saber. Sapphire takes Ruby outside and plugs up, showing Ruby how Illya is the one who kicked ass. The two wants wonder if that is how the cards used to be...used? Illya tries being normal for 5 more seconds but the costume takes hold of her again. She basically takes off all her clothes and jumps on Miyu, demanding she give her a sponge bath.
 photo illyaepisode79_zps4adc3013.jpg
No mommas?!
At this moment Illya's friends from school walk in and declare everything insane. I assume the girls visit with the not really sick Illya. They go to leave and see Stella is wearing a weird ass outfit now. Illya questions it and Stella says she must be a proud maid as well. Illya tries not to be scarred for life. She thinks happily to herself that she and Miyu are friends forever. That night all the girls go out hunting for another card. They can't find the baddie and Illya also notes the arena seems smaller . Luvia is like this is because we are running out of cards. They walk on and Illya thinks she hears something. She is nicked by a knife on her neck. Everyone starts being attacked so the girls circle up. It is Assassin, made up of about 50 people. The girls realize they are screwed and make a plan to escape. Illya is poisoned and is so confused she has trouble expressing her situation. She tries running but Rin doesn't realize why Illya is being so slow and isn't attacking. Illya finally collapses a good distance from the others. All the Assassins throw their weapons at Illya and the other girls RUN to Illya, with no magic spell launched. Illya realizes she is screwed and starts to panic. That she doesn't want to die, that she doesn't want anyone to die for her, that she doesn't like this place. Suddenly she powers up and....almost destroys everything. Miyu sets up a barrier in time to protect herself, Rin, and Luvia. They are still hurt but alive. All the Assassins are dead and Illya is like X___x. Apparently she unleashed all her mana. Miyu clenches her fists and tells Illya is a liability and no one would be in danger if it wasn't for her. Miyu says she will never fight with Illya again. Illya breaks down into tears and flies off. THE END!
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Illya looks slightly delicious...
Best friends to giant misunderstanding at the end of the same episode? Say it ain't so!!! Such a soap opera. Well without all the baby mommas. :( Miss As The World Turns. Rest in peace story.
 photo illyaepisode73_zpse94216d0.jpg
Work gives my life meaning?! X___X
I think that Illya should have been actually sick. Or tired. She did just kick Saber's ass. With a method that startled Sapphire. So maybe Illya should be sick in bed. Instead Stella was super overprotective and Illya was bored. Um that is what gameboys are for. Or the TV. If you have to stay in bed but you have already slept enough.....time for fun!!! I still need to finish Pokemon Black and White.
 photo illyaepisode710_zpsbd6e4e97.jpg
Just a tiny fact I forgot to mention near wand sister.
After Illya got over her under productive ways it was time to think about Miyu. XO Why is she so awesome indeed!!! Um so why aren't they telling Illya she beat the amazing Saber? Wouldn't that give her some self confidence? Thus makes her a better magical girl? Maybe Sapphire was really worried about what happened. Ruby thought it was off too, once she was done being a pervert. Not sure why Miyu didn't say anything. Maybe she thinks it will scare Illya? Who knows.
 photo illyaepisode76_zps452a9685.jpg
So shocking!
What I do know is Ruby and Sapphire can turn into anything. Perverts included. They can be computers sharing information, phones, video chatters. Everything. Yet most of the time they are useless. Not a typical....weapon. Then again the weapons and mascots are usually two separate things....details details. Come bring Miyu and Illya together as they do not bicker like Rin and Luvia.
 photo illyaepisode78_zps0a5e56bb.jpg
Now she actually looks sick!
Also what I know is Illya is a freak. Grand A crazy person. I am not sure if the fact that she knows she turned into a crazy person makes her crazier or not. But the second the screen lit up with Miyu's maid was on like Crazy Kong. I am taking naked on. Literally. Drooling ever. I am surprised ew didn't get any nosebleeds up in this place. I guess it just seemed super weird because it came out of nowhere. Who knew? Crazy Illya. Using all that mana gave her the insanes. Run Miyu run!
 photo illyaepisode711_zps30713c11.jpg
In between these moments there was bonding I promise.
In between Illya strippin and Illya's friends being scarred for life the girls really bonded. Because they have known each other for like a week. And Miyu is done hating her. Or pretending to hate her. No no, in Japan when someone gives you permission to call them their first name it is serious. Like BFF bracelets or wedding ring serious. Big deal here folks. So many blushy faces. Unlike Rin and Luvia. Just foreshadowing what was to come at the end of the episode.
 photo illyaepisode712_zps4b15f089.jpg
Yes. There are tons of places like this is in the world. DUH!
Since this show has an expiration date of 2 weeks no one gets rest. Or the real knowledge that Illya may be awesome. Instead it's time for Shrek and Donkey to go on another whirlwind adventure. Or the girls to go to the Mirror World. Nothing can ever come from “it's too quiet” or “where are the baddies”. Well things can come from it...just not anything good. Also they really didn't do a good job showing that the Mirror World was smaller. I thought Rider had a smaller area. In any event, got to collect them cardz.
 photo illyaepisode713_zps817b4cfd.jpg
Actually she wasn't fine at all....
When Illya was slightly stabbed was it not obvious to anyone else she was poisoned? Because little hommie was not looking good. Was that just done for the audience's sake? She had lines under her eyes and just looked out of it. Obviously Assassin sucks but he wouldn't be THAT easy to beat. Something had to be up. Just don't keep yelling for Illya to hurry. X____X
 photo illyaepisode715_zpsf4900dff.jpg
Um where is the flying?
When Illya was semi down for the count...I thought it was special that everyone RAN to Illya. Miyu can walk on mana. Jump her out of there. Rin and Luvia can use magic. I would chalk this up to everything being in slow mo but then again Miyu could have appeared moving slowly in the air. Just specialness.
 photo illyaepisode714_zps4293c2e1.jpg
Poor almost dead Illya.
While Illya was about to bite the dust she had time to think about how sucky this situation was/is. Like I am supposed to be a normal school girl, walking with my brother after class, and going to the stores with my friends on the weekend. This was supposed to be a fun adventure, making friends and saving the world. We aren't supposed to die. This isn't how things should end. All of this is happening so slow but in reality I am sure these thoughts were racing through her mind. She doesn't want to die, she shouldn't be here. I don't want to die.
 photo illyaepisode716_zpse5ea9a8f.jpg
Um...did I do that?
And then Illya made the entire area exploded. Almost exploded her teammates as well. How did this happen folks? Last time Illya went insane with power...because she had the card. Now Illya can be all explodey and awesome on her own? Confused folks confused. Is there going to be an explanation about all this madness or is it going to be summoned up with Illya is just awesome. Her pure heart will make anything possible. If Illya wants it to happen it will happen. Although Assassin is usually pretty weak. She probably didn't need to go all out like that. You know, because she had control over it....
 photo illyaepisode717_zpsb6a19dd7.jpg
So time to bounce.
The episode ends with Miyu being pissed. Or hurt. Probably both. Surprised that Illya is so much stronger than her. Upset that Illya would.....attack like that without thinking of others. Scared at the realization that Illya didn't do this on purpose. Sad because now Miyu feels guilty about pushing Illya away for various reasons. Being a girl is hard without having to worry about this stuff! Miyu had her reasons for saying what she did. But to Illya who almost just DIED and is sad about almost hurting/killing her friends....she probably feels as if she needed support in this moment and didn't get any. So fly away Illya, fly away. Everything has sorta hit the fan. As much as the fan can be hit in this series anyway.

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