Saturday, September 7, 2013

Kiniro Mosaic episode 9

 photo mosaicepisode96_zps0f5c164b.jpg
A lot of my anime posts are brought to you by snacks.
Weee post number three of the night! Kira is certainly not helping the process. She has discovered the plastic throwaway part of the crouton bag and claimed it for herself. I don't know why I bother buying toys. Putting Kira aside here is more anime. Up now is Kiniro Mosaic episode 9. Spoilers for no Titans eating Aya's sad little face.
 photo mosaicepisode92_zps44e0959f.jpg
The story of Aya's life. No one pays attention chapter 3.
Episode Summary: The girls are walling home from school when Aya actually speaks up. Her parents are out of town so she has the house to herself. When no one says anything Aya gets all desperate and needy. Youko is like okay crybaby we will have a sleepover. Alice super over packs for the trip so Isami and Shinobu have to help her out. They go to pick up Karen where Shinobu is shocked to see how rich Karen's family really is. Aya is waiting outside like an insane person and greets the three girls warmly. Turns out she has been waiting outside the entire time and has gotten chilly. Poor lonely Aya. Youko eventually comes bearing snacks so Aya decides they should make dinner. Everyone helps in their own way, including Karen and Alice smashing eggs on their heads. They are forced to take a bath which causes Shinobu to have a potential nose bleed. They eventually emerge egg free and the meal is super edible despite Aya having made it. Shinobu then realizes her mom made them the exact same dinner. Aya is then ignored at her own slumber party as they want to tell scary stories. In the morning the girls have different levels of tired while Aya cooks. Aya goes to brush down Youko's bedhead but slaps Youko away when she (Youko) goes to do the same thing to Aya. They walk to school and Aya seems to hold back. She watches Karen intensely and confronts the girl. When Youko tries to join in Aya drags Karen away and confesses she and Youko had a terrible fight and that she wants to be more like Karen. Karen decides to take Aya under her wing and gives her some insane tips. Broken English and what not. Aya tries these things out and they really don't work for her. People think she is just a fruitcake.
 photo mosaicepisode95_zps063f4911.jpg
Oh Aya....just poor Aya all over the place.
Alice and Shinobu are told of this drama and Karen is like...but I like Aya being Aya! Being Aya is a good thing. Aya is like awwww until Karen gives her one last mission to make up with Youko. It turns into a shopping trip to the stationary store. Aya confesses she feels bad about the slap away moment this morning. Youko is like...that's why you were upset crazy?!?!? They buy friendship notebooks which touches Aya.....but Youko ruins it by the next day. After school one day it is decided the girls should play hide and seek. Youko ends up being the seeker. Karen hides in the countdown room and is quickly found. Aya is in the library and having flashbacks to when she was left at school during hide and seek once. Aya gets super jealous when Youko walks in with Karen and reveals herself. Alice is just sitting in the art room drawing and falls asleep. Their homeroom teacher finds her and assumes Shinobu murdered her until Alice gets up. They barely hide behind a table together. Outside Youko talks about how Shinobu is the best hider ever since she can erase her presence. Aya then uses Karen to trick Shinobu out of hiding. They then go look for Alice and due to their teacher being taller they spot her. The teacher then gives Alice away and all the girls are goobers. They walk home happy. Karen then wants to play tag and the girls are like okay bye time for real. THE END!
 photo mosaicepisode916_zpse14c90f0.jpg
Karen is blinded by the sparkles!
So much sparkly love. Such friendships. Such fun times. Oh you slice of life shows. You give me such cavities. But in a good way.
 photo mosaicepisode914_zps92888f1d.jpg
XO Oh poor Aya!!!!
I don't know if Aya is super cute and I want to hug her (in a exploitative way) or if I should shelter her from the world and feel bad for her. Maybe she was expecting her friends to invite themselves over or something. Just she said oh I am all alone and no one even blinked an eye. Poor Aya has such a shyness about her she can't even ask her friends to spend the night and have fun. I know it's supposed to be cute and moe but it is almost like she is crippled by shyness. I can't even hug her or she would die from shock.
 photo mosaicepisode93_zps6db5575f.jpg
But words are hard!
So it turns out that Alice is my friend who recently went to Disney on our trip. That is about how much my friend would have packed for one night or a trip to the zoo. Poor excited Alice. I bet she was prepared for anything? Aya was...well “excited” too. More like nervous. Either wait inside for your friends or wear a jacket while you are being insane. Oh and Karen is super rich. Like out of this world rich. So how were she and Alice neighbors? I guess we never saw Karen's property or land...So really the only one being normal way Youko. Maybe Shinobu since her didn't look that bad.
 photo mosaicepisode99_zps4dcf0a38.jpg
Um...yeah. That is hard core dinner there people.
Oh you brought snacks Youko? Let's make dinner!!!! In honor of spending the night and having fun they should have ordered in. Pizza of much expensiveness for all. Or at least just eat all the crap lying around the house. Ice cream and what not. Instead these girls were having a gourmet meal they prepared themselves. Did you see that food?! Maybe I am just impressed because they were cooking and I HATE cooking. So this slice of life show is meant to show everyone in Japan that they need to embrace their youth more and that cute girls need to be amazing cooks.
 photo mosaicepisode98_zps1fa79da6.jpg
What is this?!?!? X__X You girls....
Since there was no pizza and cooking there had to be drama. Cute drama. I am not sure why Karen and Alice wanted to smash eggs on their heads. I see lots of things on TV but I don't copy them. How did they think this was going to end? With bath time and Shinobu having a nose bleed. I think I would have cooked like Youko and just eyeballed it. Looks good to me. Oh and Shinobu with her food. My mom made this for us and I shall remember it after we are done making and eating the same thing.
 photo mosaicepisode910_zps075e6241.jpg
Can I have the chicken plushie please?
I think that Aya's friends need to give her a little slack. Just for one night anyway. Aya on the whole can be...well you need delicate hands for her. But this was her house and she invited them over because she was feeling lonely. So going in another room and telling ghost stories and leaving Aya all aline...that was low guys. :( Aya is a delicate flower. Poor lonely Aya talking to her stuffed animals. Although I saw no Duffy in that scene.
 photo mosaicepisode911_zps4b94ccae.jpg
The next day was a bit weird. Everyone had sleepy faces except Aya because she is perfect. Youko was going to touch Aya the same way Aya was going to touch Youko but clearly that is insanity. Aya draws back and is a little swatty. But in the grand scheme of things I don't think it was that big a deal. I didn't realize until the end of the episode that this was the fight Aya was referring to. Oh Aya. She really is....special. But yeah I didn't know that is why Aya was so upset.
 photo mosaicepisode912_zpsf599839c.jpg
To be fair Aya was pretty....emotional.
I think either Karen misunderstood Aya or Aya wasn't explaining herself well enough. But Aya wanted to be like Karen in certain aspects of her life. Not I ant to be Karen in every aspect of her life. She just wanted to be a braver person, a more outgoing person. Maybe someone who doesn't shake like a leaf at the mere thought of something unpleasant.
 photo mosaicepisode913_zps6ba9ca56.jpg
That will surely fix the fight with Youko!
Instead Karen was like okay this is how to be me. Speak in broken Japanese. Even though you are 100 percent Japanese. Do other random stuff that has noting to do with being brave or outgoing. I am your Mater, do not question my will. Here, have a union article of clothing. That will make you more Karen like.
 photo mosaicepisode915_zps1832dde7.jpg
Okay maybe Youko was a lot dramatic too.
In the end the girls (Youko and Aya) were able to come together and understand each other. Aya feels good about how brave she was, being all adult like talking about problems. Youko was like that is why you have been so weird? But then again Youko was a little dramatic too, saying she thought Aya hated her. I thought Youko was just chalking this up to Aya being weird but clearly her feelings were a bit hurt too. But now they have solidified their bond with notebooks Youko usually hates. Aya is touched until Youko ruins the notebook 5 seconds later. Such is life kids!
 photo mosaicepisode917_zps24e98181.jpg
Don't leave me behind! You didn't even look!
There was quite a bit of episode left after the closing song. Like whoa there is much more to see. It was ….a bit special though. I twas the girls playing hide and seek. None of them did a really good job. Karen actually hid in something but it was in the starting room where Youko could have heard. Aya and Alice were simply in rooms. Shinobu probably had the best hiding spot but since she is Shinobu she gave herself away. Overall I liked Aya thinking about prior hide and go seeks gone wrong and freaking out the best. But yeah. Weird game all together.
 photo mosaicepisode9_zpsa7a925c5.jpg
You ruined hide and seek, now you owe us Christmas cake!
So I think that's about it for this episode. For once in the past three weeks I haven't been slammed for 6 hours straight at work. Watch I jinxed myself. At least I got this whole thing blogged. XO Even if I was wrong about it being Christmas/New Year's Eve time...until next episode.


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