Sunday, September 29, 2013

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Unleash the Villians September 13th fail

 photo DisneyFridaythe13th001_zpsf2c62416.jpg
Playing with my cars..from Cars as mom packs. Packs for what?
Is it time for a lot more adventures with me, Duffy the Disney Bear? Mom has been going to Disney a lot recently. And of course since I am her favorite Duffy I get to come every time. I just need to behave and be a good little Duffy.
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th002_zpsab4188c6.jpg
Um shouldn't you be packing faster? We leave tomorrow afternoon after work.
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th003_zps6a03debf.jpg
.......Yes I remember that dress...and how you want us to dress alike. But it is a dress! A dress!
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th004_zpsfabb3ff5.jpg
Can't you get Muffy to wear this dress? He likes to wear dresses sometimes. I can be the Mad Hatter yes?! Please?
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th005_zps51946f95.jpg
I just....wait what was that?
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th006_zpsc104ba51.jpg
If I wear the Queen of Hearts dress I can have this Cars 2 toy?! Okay I will wear the dress. Just once right? Twice......well....
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th007_zps0c7d5a55.jpg
Okay. Maybe dresses aren't that bad.....Duffy can be a boy bear and wear dresses. Nothing is wrong with that.
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th008_zpsb405f1f6.jpg
Now hurry up and pack so we can go and wear dresses!
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th009_zps6d3877fa.jpg
Weeee. Mom woke up early so she could go to work and make it to Disney by 6pm. And apparently I broke my leg along the way.
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th010_zps6a558aed.jpg
You girls take your time getting dressed. I will be sitting here chillin.
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th011_zps4f7652b3.jpg
Guess it is time for the dress....
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th012_zpse8d2e78d.jpg
Mom forgot my shoes. Which...I think is okay this time.
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th013_zpsb3ca65b2.jpg
Mom is fixing her hair so I will catch up on some reading while I wait.
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th014_zpsa3ae7c7e.jpg
Our hotel was 3 miles from Hollywood Studios. The party for Unleash the Villains starts at 8 pm. We left the hotel at 6:55. Surely this will be quick.
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th015_zps646982f1.jpg
In 25 minutes we have gone .5 miles. What is going on?!
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th016_zps05005a78.jpg
Why isn't anyone moving?! Well it turns out the Mickey's Not so Scary Halloween Party was going on and people without a ticket got kicked out of that park. And since the Unleash the Villain's party was free...and people like Villains...yeah.
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th017_zps9cb4daad.jpg
We are almost to the sign!
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th021_zps4b27e036.jpg
Soon we will be having fun.
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th025_zps954c825c.jpg
Or not. :( We got to the Hollywood parking lot after 1 hour in traffic only to be told the parking lot closed hours ago and we needed to go to Ecpot, take a bus, and spend another two hours in traffic. Thousands of people trying to get to Hollywood Studios. BUT I WORE A DRESS FOR THIS!
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th026_zpse729d729.jpg
After we made it to Hollywood Studios we had to wait to go in. The park had too many people. And there were people leaving. Why would they be leaving already if the party only started at 8? This sounds bad....
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th028_zps6d2239e2.jpg say the least the party was a disaster. The character lines were 3 hours for one villain. All the rides had 90 minutes or more. And they were playing really loud music at the party that had nothing to do with Villains. This restaurant opened up after being closed before we got there. Did they not want people to eat?!
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th029_zpsc4ef8d9d.jpg
Hello I would like to call someone. We are not having fun. Please fix this sadness.
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th043_zps67e2071e.jpg
Things were very sad at the party. The only good thing that really happened was everyone loved my outfit. People ran up to me asking where mom got it. She got it by ordering it from the Build A Bear at Downtown Disney, CA. So much love for this dress....maybe mom was right. Also a lot of people said mom and Muffy looked nice too.
 photo DisneyFridaythe13th086_zps294df1db.jpg
Mom and Muffy's mom bought a few outfits for me and Muffy but all the special merchandise was sold out. They were super disappointed. Hopefully Disney will learn from this. Disney Villains are popular. And so am I so make me more merchandise too. After not too much adventures we...slowly made our way back to the hotel. Woe is us. At least I was cute.

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