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Makai Ouji: devils and Realists episode 8

Two posts in a row! Go me! It has been a super productive day. It seems that lately I either just go to work or I get tons done. Remember kids, a body in motion stays in motion. A body at rest reads way too many fanfictions online and waters too many fake crops. XD
 photo realistepisode814_zpsef85caf4.jpg
Isaac is in a constant state of X___X
So in between rolling my eyes at customers and dodging crazy is another post! Up now is Makai Ouji: devils and Realists episode 8. Spoilers for another new student at William's school. Where do they put them all?!
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And then came the hitting!
Episode Summary? Keven is chillin in the church, thinking about sad William's life. An angel appears and refers to Kevin by his angel name. Kevin gets all worried for William at this sudden arrival. The angel, Michael, gets super pissed and starts manhandling Kevin. He blames Kevin for the last mess up with Solomon and Kevin is lucky he only lost one wing. If Kevin doesn't step up he will be in serious trouble, more wings to lose. Michael starts making weird faces, saying he doesn't have a problem with demons or hell, just Lucifer. Kevin is beyond worried now. Elsewhere Isaac is crying, saying he is going to fail and be the oldest boy in his class. William tells Isaac to get to studying now. Williams talks about how he will get the top score again. Isaac says William might have come competition now that Elliot is back in school. William is like who is Elliot? Isaac gestures a boy and of course it's Michael. Isaac makes it sound like William should remember Michael but he doesn't. William is caught staring by Michael who walks over and tells William he will beat him during the next exams. William is gobsmacked and tells Issac to study harder so they can get 1st and 2nd place. Everyone is a bit X___X at William going all out with the studying. He does it even when they are eating. William is just so fired up. Most of the characters pity him since being smart is all that William has. William has a pout but still tries to study. He finds Michael in his seat in the library and the two start to talk. Michael makes it sound like William misunderstood him. That he just wants to be the best. Like no one ever was. Michael continues, saying he knows that sometimes you have to sacrifice a lot to achieve your goals. Michael then asks William what is most important to him. William wants to answer a successful future but all he can think of are his “friends”. William does not consider Michael as one of those friends as he beats him (William) on a different test. Dantalion tries to tell William that Michael is something...heavenly. William is like um I don't care as long as I beat him on this test.
 photo realistepisode818_zps31277c58.jpg
Because I am simply the best. Better than all the rest.
The exam finally comes around and William is working away. Michael sees two other students cheating, with answers written on their desk. Michael erases the answers on one desk and puts them on William's. William is startled which brings the teacher over. William swears he is innocent but he is still thrown in the hole. He is all rarw I would never cheat but he has to wait his trial. Isaac visits William and says he will use the Arch Angel Michael's power to prove his innocence. Hmmm. Camio comes by and knows William is innocent due to how pathetic William is. He promises to help and leaves. William tries to study but can only think about how his bring future is ruined. Michael comes by and says he can help William prove his innocence. All he wants is one thing. William to choose between heaven and hell. William is like X___X when Kevin shows up and asks Michael to leave. Michael complies but starts getting all Accelerator on them. The trial takes place in the church. William declares himself innocent but then the “judge” asks the question about heaven and hell again. Time is frozen and William and Isaac with his Michael pendant self are taken...somewhere. Somewhere with Michael. Michael starts asking William if he would like to have ecstasy happen to him. Before anything too dramatic and drug related can happen Sytry appears and starts firing away. William is like X___X Michael starts talking crap and Sytry is like don't be talking about Lucifer like that. It is then explained that Lucifer is Michael's brother and Michael is the one who kicked him out of heaven. Kevin has rushed to the trial to find time frozen and William trapped in some crystal rose. Dantalion is like eff this prison and blasts his way to where everyone else is. Dantalion starts calling Michael and traitor and the two begin to fight. Sytry and Isaac try to catch William up on everything and very soon Dantalion has the upper hand against Michael. Kevin appears and protects Michael from the death blow. Dantalion is like what are you doing?!?!? Kevin explains if Michael is killed/hurt than heaven will be really pissed and William will be in more trouble. Dantalion agrees to let him go and William finds himself back at the trial. He continues to say he is innocent and Camio appears, bringing forth the two kids who really did cheat. William is found innocent and does super well on his make-up exam. He thinks all is well in his life but really most of the Kings in Hell are thinking how dangerous it is for William to stay on Earth and start to plot to bring him to Hell. Elsewhere Michael is being creepy. THE END!
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Until the next new student joins the class you mean.
Long summary is super long. XO What was I thinking indeed? Can we all agree this series is a lot...well specialer than the previews made it out to be? Or maybe that was just my expectations coming into this show.
 photo realistepisode817_zps42a7986e.jpg
Not going to question this William? Really?
Because really William. REALLY! At what point are you going to stop doubting all the crazy shit that happens in your life. Accept it. Embrace it. Everyone you meet from here on out is going to be not human. Swallow and crazy Isaac is all you get now. So please be allowing your spidey sense to kick in. Or allow people to tell you when things are dangerous since you don't have the good sense to pay attention. Don't stop believing? More like he never believed.
 photo realistepisode88_zpsdd73c580.jpg
William doesn't have enough attention for everyone!
This series is portraying Heaven as...well the bad guys I guess. Not sure how I feel about that given my religion but maybe I can put that aside and see the show for what it is. Crazy apparently. Kevin is all chillin and being useless when BAM Michael the angel shows up. THE Michael. Because most angels aren't named. And instead of acting all sparkly and is like bitch kiss me feet or I will decapitate you! Not sure why it took Michael so long to show up given how long Kevin has been around William. Maybe we just can't have too many characters at one time or my head will explode.
 photo realistepisode83_zps4b81a94e.jpg
He is so mad his facial features melted off!
So why is Michael so mad? Turns out Kevin has not been doing his job. I know, shocking. Apparently back in the day Kevin was supposed to watch over Solomon and that didn't end too well. Given that in the Bible Solomon was a devotee follower of God (along with his 1,000 wives) I can see how...this version of Solomon/William is bad. He was off running around and making pacts/pillars out of demons. Kevin has already been punished once for this crime, will he pay the price again? One wing indeed!
 photo realistepisode85_zps077f82c2.jpg
That would be a no....
On the flip side William is worried about studying. I know this is all shocking to you guys. Isaac better hurry up and study because being the oldest kid in the class in Japan is bad. Like oh no we are all the same age and you failed, social norms don't explain to me how to act in this situation. Weird how William and Isaac came together. Oh and look over there William. See that new kid? Well he is not knew. And he is certainly not named Michael. No no, his name is Elliot and he has been going to this school forever why don't you remember him!??!?! So much special all over the place.
 photo realistepisode86_zps1dcf47aa.jpg
By the way....hello!
Michael follows everyone else's lead in this show and instead of doing his actual mission against William he decides to piss the boy off instead. Like oh who will get top grade now?!?! Maybe if Michael tires out William he will be easier to handle? Yes that must be it. Instead of paying attention to Dantalion or anyone else who had concerns William studies even harder. If that is possible. I did find it funny how William ordered Isaac to get a good grade too so all Michael could have was second place. Oh and I like how everyone basically is in love or like with William and can still say things like...being smart is all that William has.
 photo realistepisode89_zpsf50a8612.jpg
Um...this is a new way to make friends yes?
After basically pissing off William Michael decides to go in for a confusing move and talk to William. I guess this was to plant seeds of doubt in William's head about what side he was on but since William is pretty much dense this was all lost upon him. He did make William question if Michael was a bad person or not. Like oh I can appreciate a person trying hard just like me. We shall bond over that fact even if Michael rubs it in my face that he did better on a test. I like how they slide the part in that William might consider his “friends” the most important aspect of his life. Yes friends. The people who are around William for their own gain. And maybe against their will. I kid I kid. Maybe.
 photo realistepisode811_zpsbca7af23.jpg
How can this be?!
Behold everyone is a giant cheater and the teacher is dense as hell. Doesn't he go around and check the decks before the test? Those were some giant ass notes. These kids were beyond student. Everyone should have gotten caught because clearly those notes were huge so everyone could cheat off of them. Make it a little more obvious next time what is going on with the plot guys, I was almost confused.
 photo realistepisode812_zps7bb691d7.jpg
This might be a little dramatic....
I didn't think William was really going to be thrown in the hole. X___X That seems a little harsh. I know cheating is wrong but damn that is a big stretch. It isn't like he hit anyone or stole something. What happened to getting pounded with a ruler and calling it a day? Despite not being allowed any visitors William had...visitors. Was I supposed to laugh when Isaac was using something OF Michael's to help William out against Michael? HMMMMMM. Camio was like yeah you are a loser but I will help you in a logical manner. And Michael basically out and out said look at me, I am someone mystical!!!! Pay attention to me. I mean why else would he know about heaven and hell? Is William that special. AND HELLO?! What is Kevin doing here trying to protect you? William has rocks for brains.
 photo realistepisode810_zpsd5199562.jpg
Are these students blind?!
The day of the trial came and it looked like it could have been dramatic had it been allowed to take place. I am surprised that William wasn't handcuffed or something. He was his own lawyer which I am sure was obvious. No no though the trial was cut short so Michael could drag William and Isaac...somewhere and make William decide between heaven and hell. Because as Michael knows this is how making decisions should come about. Now I do have a question. If Solomon can pick the next ruler of demon couldn't heaven...oh I don't know...get on William's good side and have him pick who THEY want for King. Maybe to somehow benefit them. But Michael seems to be more in the way of..if William doesn't exist he can't pick. Sounds like a plan.
 photo realistepisode815_zps6df0b774.jpg
Dantalion was pretty pissed too, just a little late to the party.
Sytry is always the first one on the scene isn't he? Okay maybe he isn't but it seems like he is to me. Once he and Dantalion got to this special dimension all the fun started to happen. It turns out that Michael and Lucifer are brothers. SHOCKER!! So that means he is Camio's Uncle. As the World Turns demon style. And Sytry seems especially pissed at Michael on behalf of Lucifer. But if Sytry is a fallen angel I am sure Michael had something to do with it too. A lot of bad blood there. Dantalion and his massively amazing self was doing pretty well against Michael which I found surprising. Everyone is always talking such shit about Dantalion I thought he would be the weaker of the bunch yet the biggest will to succeed. That or maybe Michael isn't that amazing. In the end it was Kevin and his cross that was like...wait now Dantalion, you don't want to start a war now do you? Um don't these two sides already hate each other? What does it matter if Michael gets a little messed up? Heaven is seeming very messed up in this show.
 photo realistepisode819_zpsacfd5eea.jpg
And now William loves me more. I win!
So how did this show end? Michael got a little messed up. Sytry and Dantalion actually save William but I am sure William is more grateful to Camio for clearing his name. OH yes. I remember now. Michael went off to lick his wounds or whatever crazy shit he does. And all the Kings in Hell are like well now things are serious. Now William might get ecstasied. Like what the hell is that? Whatever it is everyone is worried for William and want to bring him to Hell for his own protection. Meanwhile William is chillin under a tree because none of this concerns him. Such denial. Until next time!


Anonymous said...

If you don't know what "ecstasied" mean in this ep, I suggest check the last 5min of this ep again. It DOES explain it.

Ex: Jean d' Arc and her tragic end

Christina said...

Anonymous- The name for that attack or .....punishment/whatever it is....very unfortunate. XD But yeah it does explain why Joan of Arc is gone all magical girl on us. It does swing in the face of how the Christian God is one who wants people to come to him with their own free will though.