Thursday, August 8, 2013

Kiniro Mosaic episode 5

 photo mosaicepisode5_zps3054354d.jpg
All over the damn episode!
YAWN!!! Last post of the night. Ready to be blinded by cuteness and SISTERS?! Sisterly love. Sisterly bickering! Sister is the word of the day in episode 5 of Kiniro Mosaic. Are you ready for Yoko being a SISTER?!
 photo mosaicepisode514_zpsfa64450a.jpg
Oh such denial....
Episode Summary: Alice and Shinobu are looking at some sunflowers with dots for eyes when Aya and Yoko walk by. Shinobu calls Yoko “Older Sister' thus is embarrassed for life. Later the girls regroup and Shinobu is told not to be too embarrassed, everyone does it once and a while. And given how long Shinobu has known Yoko it is only natural. A flashback shows us that Shinobu and Yoko met in elementary school, probably the first day of 1st. Shinobu was looking for her sister in the trashcan and Yoko managed to track down said sister in her classroom (maybe 3rd grade). Isami tells Yoko that Shinobu is absented minded and to please look after her sister. Yoko does that, to a fault even using the silly ALERT band Isami gives her. Yoko thinks this all over in the present and realizes how it might be true. After a few other cute moments Shinobu asks Aya for help with her studies as hommie just got a zero on a test. Aya agrees but it becomes clear that Shinobu is more focused on Aya using accidental slang than studying. When all of the other girls want help studying too Aya thinks that a formal study group is called for. Everyone is agreement and off they go to Shinobu's house on some specific date. Aya seems to be the most formal and nervous but Isami is like what up hommies. They go up to see Shinobu but Karen quickly starts to read comics. For no reason Shinobu starts to feel left out and goes downstairs to ask Isami for help. Isami asks for compensation though. Later Aya's tummy starts saying it is hungry and she tries to blame it on other people. When that doesn't work Aya presents to everyone a lovely meal she has prepared. Yoko is quick to notice said meal sucks but says nothing. Alice and Karen as rude Westerns are like where is the flavor?!?
 photo mosaicepisode516_zps4b784c4e.jpg
What would my pie chart look like.....
Karen goes into Isami's room and finds a camera. After Isami finds the little snoop the camera is brought up to everyone, how Isami is a model but also likes taking pictures too. She starts to take pictures of the girls inside but then wants to take the girls to a park nearby to snap instead. Shinobu looks dumb still in her maid outfit, Karen thinks she is a model, and Yoko and Aya are too self conscious to take a picture with Isami. Overall everyone seems to have fun with Isami. Isami promises to give the girls the pics soon but first she shows them to her classmate. Said classmate thinks that Isami has a sister complex. Back at school the subject of Shinobu thinking Yoko was her mother all of the other girls seem to agree that Yoko does seem older and mature than the others....well despite the fact she wears her uniform wrong. This leads to Yoko becoming more protective of Shinobu if that is possible. This leads to Shinobu and Karen making pie charts according to people's personalities. Shinobu is worried when most of her pie chart is devoted to comic relief but after some stalking Karen adds kindness to the chart, making Yoko blush. Aya is also blushing as much of her chart is devoted to Yoko. After some more random antics with Karen not being helpful and Shinobu being in love with paper Shinobu is walking to the teacher's lounge. When she doesn't need Yoko's help Yoko feels...a bit lost. Flashbacks show that Yoko has taken care of Shinobu for so long she has adopted the role of older sister despite being the same age. The other girls try to point out that Shinobu growing up is a good thing. But since all the other girls have no siblings at all they see Yoko as the older sister too. That makes Yoko feel special but then she realizes she has no older sister. It is then pointed out she refers to Isami as an older sister. Another flashback confirms that, that a younger Yoko asked for Isami to be her older sister. Isami seems to be okay with this too as she looks over the horrible pictures she took the other day. THE END!
 photo mosaicepisode515_zpse689c12c.jpg
A character, baby bear?
So much fluff! Way too much fluff. Where to begin where to begin? I feel as if the drinking word is sister though. Is everyone drunk? Does it call for ice cream since I don't drink? XD
 photo mosaicepisode518_zpsba5f4b4f.jpg
I am bitter and Yoko is heart broken.
Perhaps I am a bit bitter though. I have no sister. Of course if I had it my way I have a twin brother. Which makes sense since I have two younger brothers. But sometimes I look at other people and how they seem to have fun with their sisters, sharing clothes, having someone always around to gossip/talk with and I feel a little sad. But then the feeling passes, sorta like when I see cute baby clothes. It is easy to see the good in something when you don't have it. But when you do have it all you can see is the bad sometimes. XD However this is a feel good anime show, where all is good. Thus sister is on the menu and everyone wants a little piece of it.
 photo mosaicepisode510_zps51f5334b.jpg
My brothers picked on me too. But I am sure I picked on them too.
I don't think I have ever called my friends sister. Probably because I don't have one. I did call my second grade teacher mom once. Second grade. But Shinobu is sorta special. Obviously she is drawn that way but still. Special. She will probably be special all her life. Surely someone will come along and marry this strange girl and she will be a cute momma. Not a translator but you know...lets cook dinner and make pokemon shaped food. Still all of Shinobu's antics helped fuel the entire episode which was....Yoko.
 photo mosaicepisode57_zps8c05a145.jpg
Fo Sho.
After first I was ready to snark everyone treating their same age friend as an older sister. But then I remember how it used to be in my group of friends. Not that we have branched out and started our own families we have caught up to each other and are more like equals. But back in high school...yeah some of us had our roles. Lets just say that no one would have ever accuse me of being the older sister.....We had the wild child, the older brother, the baby, and the older sister. We always had fun together but I can see we had some roles we unconsciously stuck to. So no snarking. This is just how life can be.
 photo mosaicepisode53_zps389a02dd.jpg
Me thinks Shinobu has made this mistakes many times though. XD
I guess I see Aya more as the mature, older sister type. And maybe she is. Just that Yoko is a different kind of older sister. The one that will tease you but never fail to back you up or protect you for harm. That must be it. And when the back story is explained I can see it happening. Some kids are naturally brave and outspoken at a young age. It makes sense that Yoko saw a special Shinobu and decided to take care of that kid. So for the last 10 years that has been Yoko's role, whether she was aware of it or not. Nowadays she sits back a lot and looks on, ready to help or add a snarky remark but she is there. Always there.
 photo mosaicepisode59_zpsca8611b9.jpg
Oh Karen.....dial it back a bit.
I was ready to also to say something about Isami being... a special kind of sister. I mean...100 yen gift? Charging for help? Talking about how awful her sister looks in a dress? Like why would Yoko want this girl to be her older sister? Then I realized...that is just how people are. XD My brothers have been lazy in the gift department in the past. And hey..I can pick on them. No one else can. So yeah. People are people. And since this is a fluffy show there is no real fighting or what not. Just a bit of snark from the older sister who is pretty and probably eyerolling her sister a bit. Plus...we must remember that Isami has to deal with a new person living in the house. Shinobu was happy about it but was Isami even asked? HMMMMMM gotta remember Isami is probably in her final years of high school and between work and college exams that girl will have a lot to focus on.
 photo mosaicepisode511_zpsf9ae8892.jpg
See you work hard and people don't appreciate it. I bring store bought cookies yo.
But that was the worst study session ever. XD Okay maybe not the worse. Karen was just along for the ride. Shinobu gets...jealous at the drop of a hat even though that is Alice's department. I don't know. I guess I remember a lot of our study sessions from high unproductive they were. Oh those times. I need a time machine. Study on girls. And hey ya'll better eat that tasteless food and be happy for it. Of course I would have bought snacks and been done with it but you know. Eat it and smile. Or say you aren't hungry.
 photo mosaicepisode512_zpsff1a86c1.jpg
Oh Alice and that dress....
The picture taking thing in the park was a bit interesting. Maybe Shinobu's clothes were distracting. Really this episode was all over the place as is this blog post. XD So many random moments. But the overall theme was sisters and wanting a sister and Yoko thinking about Isami being a sister. I don't think Isami has that big of a sister complex. Then again I might be used to shows where the siblings were actually in love with the other one so this seems pretty tame otherwise. And I guess sisters are important in Japan as all parents have been killed in the zombie apocalypse.
 photo mosaicepisode517_zps9d3967c9.jpg
Karen is a bit loopy but really is a kind person too.
With this show the theme sorta...carries the entire episode. Which is okay but at some point we need to move on from Yoko being told she acts like the older sister or takes on that role. I thought we were going to see more of the other girls reacting to life in Japan. Maybe some adjustment issues. Now they all seem like they have lived here forever and all is normal. Bleh I say. Still cute though. Especially the pie charts of personalitiness. Aya's was pretty accurate. I guess there was enough mixed in with the Yoko older sister drama to be interesting but I rather see Yoko acting like the older sister rather than being told she feels like one? You know what I mean?
 photo mosaicepisode519_zps09bdf3c2.jpg
Everyone say awwwwww!
The episode ends with Yoko feeling a little tug at her heart. Shinobu is growing up and finding her way to the teacher's lounge all by herself. Soon the girl will manage to cross the street alone. All very sad when Yoko has been watching over Shinobu for over 10 years. But at least Yoko can smile, knowing if she needed an older sister Isami could take on that role. I don't know, was this post boring? XO I want to see more cultural misunderstandings and teachings. Yoko wearing her uniform correctly was....pretty funny I have to admit. XD


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