Friday, August 16, 2013

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Onward to Disney World and exploring the Art of Animation

 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney001_zps156805b4.jpg
Got to stock up on things at the discount Disney store. Yay for trading!
So many pictures from our latest trip to Disney. Mom went a little crazy with the camera. Again. But that goes without saying yes? Hopefully she breaks these posts up as that would be too picture heavy for most computers. Mom gets a little RARW when things load slow you know. XD But yes since dad bought annual passes to Disney we get to go more than once this year! Pack up the car for my second official trip to the Magic Kingdom...eventually.
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney004_zps46bf81e1.jpg
Once we see this building we are almost there. The sad building that will never be.
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney009_zpsb4b339a0.jpg
We stopped by another mall before heading to Disney World. Got to visit them all in case they have something new. And this one DID.
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney025_zps98127465.jpg
Almost to happiness!
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney033_zps11b8d5ed.jpg
Rain rain go away. We are staying at the Art of Animation!
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney036_zps85ac2560.jpg
WEEE! We are here. Dad and Muffy's mom are checking in while mom takes pictures with someone who doesn't have a Duffy. XO
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney048_zps84abae3f.jpg
I think we can fit all my clothes in here. But that would be a lot of outfit changes.
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney057_zpsdb7e3e2a.jpg
Time for some noms. Can I have the pudding?
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney091_zps6f3f1b83.jpg
We left at 8:30 this morning and look what time it is now. But we are in the Little Mermaid room so who cares what time it is!
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney095_zpsa5b86c30.jpg
He's on a boat.
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney099_zpsb2e69a4f.jpg
Mom said we had to take pictures before the room was covered in costumes and what not.
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney103_zpseead6a1c.jpg
Is she going to watch us shower?
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney104_zps7d089e32.jpg
Finally get a chance to wear my swimsuit yay! That lady looks scary over there though.
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney250_zpse8fb7507.jpg
Wait there are Cars stuff here? Why are we in the Mermaid room?!?!?!
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney256_zps267f4fbb.jpg
Apparently the Cars room cost more. And Muffy's mom loves the Little Mermaid...
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney262_zpsafbaed1d.jpg
So bright and colorful.
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney650_zps6eb90441.jpg
Different day, different food. This must be dad's food.....
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney652_zps1c78e325.jpg
I see fish people....
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney653_zps5a8a2bb4.jpg
Can we please go see the fishes now?
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney655_zpsd43062c2.jpg
I see someone's got jokes.
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney660_zps31b09416.jpg
This is the Finding Nemo pool. Don't sting me please!
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney665_zps67d6c0e1.jpg
Time to explore all the fun Nemo areas.
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney670_zps85b78c62.jpg
Hanging out with the turtles. XD
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney672_zps6e1318a8.jpg
Dad pretends he doesn't like posing me but I know that is a lie.
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney681_zps6552078b.jpg
I actually fit down the slide hint hint hint.
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney688_zps147b1633.jpg
Mom forgot my hat but that is okay. I am in Radiator Springs!
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney690_zpsba012440.jpg
It's all so beautiful....
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney692_zps4b5847cb.jpg
Shortly after this picture was taken I took a fall on the ground. :( Some of the fur on my nose got scrapped off. Dad says I look fine. Mom freaked out. I am not going to be replaced right?!
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney694_zps17a9fa35.jpg loves me! And now it looks like I have a shiny spot on my nose. XO That is Mickey like right? Right Mater?!
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney696_zps6e8a44e2.jpg
Was Sarge even in the second movie?
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney697_zps33cfe98a.jpg
Woohoo! Exploring Radiator Springs with the real Lightening McQueen.
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney699_zps1d1baa49.jpg
Take me to the top of the stack please!
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney701_zps20ed21f0.jpg
Is there room for one Duffy? I promise my suitcase is small.
 photo JanesBirthdayTripDisney702_zpsd3c524f4.jpg
So much happy! So glad mom took me to this hotel, even if I fell on the ground out of excitement. Let's do other things too!

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