Monday, August 19, 2013

Shingeki no Kyojin episode 18

Kira is not pleased with all my time on the computer today. Super jealous kitty face. She is now trying to sit on the laptop, demanding attention. Like mom, we have only spent all day together on this couch I NEED MORE! I guess though she does save me a lot of time by not searching for endless cat pictures on the internet. Why I don't need to have a cheeseburger because I have my own cutie pie!
 photo titanepisode1813_zps8dc7fd43.jpg
Yeah this looks super safe...
Up next in this epic catch up moment is Shingeki no Kyojin episode 18. Spoilers for absolutely everyone in this show being screwed and Levi's face for having little or no emotion. And when I do catch up on blog posts here is the spoilery thread. I think the anime is being slightly more obvious than the manga, what do you think?
 photo titanepisode1811_zps412aba48.jpg
And then everyone died. THE END!
Episode Summary: After a brief recap because if this show went straight into new material the world would end we see Reiner patching up Armin whose injuries apparently weren't that bad. Jean and his drooley face is whistling for his horse to return but that doesn't seem to be going well. Armin's horse is dead and the boys realize they all can't fit on one horse. Jean starts running through his head who needs to stay behind and why but realizes he might be losing his mind. He keeps whistling while Armin looks like he has figured something out about the Female Titan. Reiner asks what Armin is thinking but Armin instead brings the focus back on them all escaping. He fires off a flare in hopes of getting someone's attention. Reiner is like look hommies one of us has to stay behind, ain't no one coming to rescue us. Armin agrees to stay behind if Reiner gives Erwin some secret important message. That message never comes as Christa and her goddess self arrives with Jean's horse. Now escape is possible and there is much rejoicing in the streets. The team thinks that a retreat will now take place but they are shocked to see green flares which means changing direction, not going back to the wall. They keep traveling on thinking this is a stupid plan and they are all going to die. Everyone else in the Scouting Legion seems to think that too, as they either continue traveling on or run into the Female Titan and get their asses kicked. She seems especially cruel with one squad as she spins a man around and around until his insides fall out. Each group that comes across the Female Titan assume they can take her down and one by one they fall. One man makes it out and tries to relay information to the other squads. However Erwin is relaying information himself that everyone is to continue on.
 photo titanepisode185_zps6e1b28df.jpg
We interrupt this horror situation to have some sparkles.
The focus changed to Eren and Levi's squad. Eren is like hmmm what could be going on, why aren't we retreating. Levi is very hush hush about this and soon seasoned members of all the squads realize they are heading to the Woods of Giant Trees. Erwin's team reaches this Woods of Giant Trees first with lots of carts and such. He notes that the Titans must have used this area recently as there is no grass. People spread out and keep on trucking through the woods. The middle teams, including Eren's, go through the woods themselves while the outer teams like Armin, Mikasa, and basically every other main character minus one whom maybe was there and I couldn't really tell take to the sides of the Giant Trees. Almost every character makes a face or is like WTF at this formation as no one can see the middle. Mikasa seems to think they are hiding from the Female Titan, Armin is looking deep in thought, and everyone else is like can we please be retreating now. Eventually the one man that got away from Female Titan groups all the outsiders together and tells them to take to the trees and that their job is to make sure Titans do not enter the forest. Everyone is like is this man out of his mind, especially Jean. He considers going against Erwin as he is proving to be a bad leader. Jean looks at Armin and thinks the boy has figured things out so he decides to shut up and do his job. Despite the fact that Armin HAS figured something out he doesn't know the whole situation or what Erwin is up to. Still the cadets sit up in the trees as Titan's gather at the ground, distracted by them. Meanwhile Eren is like um why are we in the woods? We won't be able to see any Titans and since no one is on the sides we will have no warning. Levi is like figure this out for yourself moron and keeps on going. At first Eren is touched that Levi wants him to learn for himself (Eren's self) and tries to figure this out on his own. However Eren looks around to Petra and the others and they are freaking the hell out. Eren is like holy shit, these seasoned veterans have no idea what is going on! Eren starts to doubt that Levi knows what is going on when the Female Titan busts through the woods. There are several soldiers that try to attack her and each one meets with a violent end. Eren keeps following Levi as Petra and the others start calling out for Levi to give them orders. Levi keeps on going, ignoring them. Tensions get higher and higher until Levi tells them all to cover their ears. THE END!
 photo titanepisode1819_zps0ade127c.jpg
And dry your eyes too, as this anime might run out of material soon.
XO Well well folks. From the way things are going we are going to run out of manga material soon. I kid I kid. But yeah this arc seems to be moving at a really fast clip. And given how SLOOOOW the manga is...I am not sure when the next season is going to be. X___X If things end how I think they are the next season will either be full of fillers or delayed. Either one is really getting answers for quite a while.
 photo titanepisode183_zps0e223d72.jpg
This is the MOG I get it face.
I might have been a bad girl and skimmed the manga at this part I don't remember Eren having such an AHA moment. The big reveal was out of nowhere when it happened in the manga. Like um....really, how did you figure that out? The biggest clue Armin had was really flimsy at best I think and the other clue was...shall we say...on realized really later on. But it doesn't matter Erwin already narrowed things down much further and faster than Armin despite not having either one of these clues. HMMMMMM how did Erwin figure it out.
 photo titanepisode184_zps995d08cc.jpg
Or could tell everyone yourself and leave someone else behind?
Either way Armin was not really smart with how he handled things. You don't know who you can trust now that humans can be Titans and what not. So perhaps he should have written what he thought down in code and not maybe entrusted it to someone else. Of course these were major guesses at best but still. I guess time was not on their side as Titans could appear out of nowhere and coming up with a code on the spot might be hard when Titans are biting down on your legs. But Armin seems pretty smart despite getting his head nearly bashed in and eaten by Titans like 4 times in one hour. ONE HOUR FOLKS! That is how long it took for things to go horribly wrong. Or did they?
 photo titanepisode18_zpsc82b7cb4.jpg
I think either way ya'll are screwed but yeah this 30 seconds are the worse.
I thought it was pretty horrific that the boys were going to have to leave one of their own behind. Poor Jean trying to get his horse back. While Titans usually don't attack animals they do attack people on said animals and hello Armin's horse just got smushed. Other horses and getting killed left and right. So this horse was like um goodbye not coming back to this chaos. Now both Jean and Reiner are huge compared to Armin so why the hell would they think leaving him behind was an option? Armin should have been the one to go plus one. That way he wouldn't have to tell his information to anyone else. Armin is silly for volunteering. In this situation Armin and Reiner should have went as Jean was the less capable one. :( How horrible would that be to survive the Titan attack but be left to die. Erwin clearly has a plan and going back to get one stranded soldier is not apart of it. Jean would have died had it not been for Christa and her lovely smiles and blond hair. Yay Christa!
 photo titanepisode188_zps7c3b4a0f.jpg
Clearly the plan is to kill everyone. Wonderful.
Soon everyone starts something is up. Something is way up. Jean and their team and all the other squads start to wonder why a retreat is not in order. Some squads have no idea what is going on but there are lots of black flares. Armin and his team know what is up but slowly it is dawning on everyone that there is something really wrong with this mission and continuing is a really bad idea. Yet the flare for retreat never comes. Everyone is a SOLDIER so they need the retreat flare or else they will be deserters and others might die because of their actions. All who come across Female Titan are doomed to die anyway but you one else really knows that. Still if spirits weren't already down from all the black flares and newness of this all well the not retreating thing wasn't helping any.
 photo titanepisode1812_zpsd905edbb.jpg
X___X Yeah she is different kind of Titan.
Damn this Female Titan is harsh. Maybe it is just the smile on her face that has been plastered there in some gross fashion but wow. She is looking like she is enjoying herself. Kicking humans like footballs, spinning one like a yoyo. Like she gets some real enjoyment out of killing humans. If her mission is to capture Eren AND she is a human inside of a Titan....she is truly messed up yes? Armored Titan and Colossal Titan seem to do their mission and go while Female Titan is like I am going to chase after Eren and every human I come across I am going to take all my anger out on. That is the sound of morale slowly slipping away.
 photo titanepisode1817_zps070d8cc1.jpg
Err...I do not like this plan or how it will end for me?
Things go from bad to worse as most of the troops encounter the Forest of Big Trees. Erwin's group moves with confidence, plowing right in. Levi goes right in too with his troops following but making X___x faces. The rest of the troops seem to circle the forest and....take position in the trees. It was bad enough riding around the forest with no cover or warning on ANY side but then to take to the trees. Yeah soldiers were getting confused and angry. Like hello we would like you to sit here and be bait for a while? How does that sound? Jean seemed to be the most angry, almost suggesting that they overthrow Erwin. Um first you have to find him. I find it funny he calmed down because he thought Armin knew what was going on. The viewers thought Armin knew what was going on too. He might know some of what is going on but in his head he was like X____X what the heck is Erwin thinking. Still he is a SOLDIER and will do what is told. Mikasa seems to be following the be the bait plan the best as it will help Eren out and Eren is the most important person in the world. Ymir has the most bored face and Connie is once again confused. All I know is those huge trees better have some big roots. While most of the Titans aren't large enough to reach the soldiers enough of them could push said trees down. There shouldn't be any casualties from this though right? Well until they need to escape. Where you be horses?
 photo titanepisode1815_zpsfedec228.jpg
Why aren't there more Titans hiding in the woods anyway? X__X
Despite being in the middle and protected by super elite Eren is the most confused and scared right now. He was sitting pretty being flanked on all sides but now they are in the woods and no one can hear them scream. Or shoot flares. I like how Eren was so polite to ask Levi what was going on but was like oh this is a test to see if I can figure it out myself. I shall be a good soldier and not ask questions about how awful this plan is.
 photo titanepisode1816_zps92bc3b2c.jpg
But I am supposed to look up to you guys!!!
I mean...I want to type that it was hilarious when Eren realized NO ONE knew the plan...but Eren was so distraught. Is it right to laugh at his pain? Probably not. I am a bad person. But Petra and the others were equally as X___X just they didn't ask any questions. Insert many sweatdrops here. Like okay if these elite people are worried and don't know the plan we are screwed right? I don't think it helped that the Female Titan showed up and soldiers were being swatted like flies against the trees. I mean attacking her was going to be futile but not giving ANY orders at all...yeah the entire team seems screwed.
 photo titanepisode1818_zpsf628381e.jpg
Please sir can we have some more? Oh and not die please?
The episode ends with Levi's troops slowly going insane and panicking as everyone around them is turning into a pancake and Levi is like lala let's take a stroll through the forest and ignore the huge Female Titan chasing us. I think everyone was doing their best to keep it together but let's face it. Even if Levi gave orders things were probably not going to end well right? Fight and die or run and die. Not good options. It appeared to Eren that Levi had no idea what was going on and that he was blindly following Erwin's nonexistent orders too. But when Levi said cover your ears was clear he was in on the plan. Whatever the plan is. And going by the clips from next week the plan isn't going to work anyway. XD So yay for being in the dark and in the know because at the end of the day you will be dead either way. Female Titan...she is out for blood yo.


Eternia said...

I hate how SnK's bloggers seem to spoilers-phobia, when the anime is the source of the spoilers itself. When it comes to the manga, the author who seems to have just graduated from art school, was unable to draw distinct facial features. I was honestly lost back then. Like, hello? Who's Jean, who's Reiner, who's Marco, Who's Ymir, who's bla bla bla, they all look the same to me. I thought I was the only one, but reading other people's comments implied that it wasn't.

When it comes to the anime, the OP has spoiled the female titan's identity anyway, so what's the fuss of this so called spoiler? Also the anime maker took extra precaution to match her hair style/color and face. Is there a rule that a titan form has to be similar to her human form? No. The anime maker did it because they wanted. So, there you go, the anime is the spoiler itself.

Christina said...

Eternia- Well I think that there is so much unknown about this show some of us are trying to keep the secrets that are understood/spoiled under wraps for as long as possible. Because SPOILER ALERT FOLKS we still have no idea what the Titans want even if we know most of the main one's identities. I still think there might be one more sleeper agent in the main cast but I guess we will see soon.

I do think the anime has made certain things much more obvious, than in the manga. Not that it's paint on numbers mystery but the show has focused on certain things. The THREE footsteps of the Colossal Titan, the Humanoid Titans looking...well different from the Derpy humans, and Armin GETTING things. Why would the Female Titan spare ANYONE? Why is Armin getting things so fast?

I might be a little too cautious but I just don't want to spoil things for people who might not be looking at every little detail. I do want to know why the Female Titans has some of boobies when that clearly is unnecessary. I mean lets make this monster with weird face skin problems sexy? Um no.

Eternia said...

She doesn't have nipples, though. Because having nipples and vulva are too mainstream.

Christina said...

Eternia- It looks like she had all her skin ripped off. Probably took the nipples along with it. Good thing too since those things would have been huge! Would have made the censor bars go into overtime!

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