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Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya episode 4

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Make a wish!!!
Rarw! I wanted to post all the anime episodes I have ready tonight but it is looking like I have a date with my pillow soon. Rarw. I guess I will have to post more tomorrow before work. Lots to do tomorrow, just got to stay focus. For now have another post. Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya episode 4 to be exact. Spoilers for Illya finally being good at something.
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I think this screenie made the episode.
Episode Summary: At midnight all 4 girls gather at the river to find another Class Card. Luvia seems very sure of herself and Miyu's abilities. Illya keeps looking at Miyu, thinking about her comments earlier. Despite Miyu saying she doesn't want Illya there both magical girls open the Mirror World and off they go. 1 hour later all 4 girls flop on the ground, barely alive. Looking messed up Rin and Luvia try to figure out what went wrong. A long flashback shows the actual battle. When they arrive in the Mirror World the Class Card Castor is in the sky with tons of spells. Illya and Miyu try to attack from the ground but everything is blocked. All these magical circles are protecting Castor despite Miyu doing really well. It takes everything in Ruby and Sapphire's power just to protect the girls from the blasts as Castor attacks and tries to squish them. Back in the present Rin and Luvia (and the wands) talk...a lot of gibberish. All about magic and why whatever the girls were doing wasn't going to work. Very technical. Illya looks confused and Miyu looks disappointed in herself. It is decided that if the girls could fly over the magic circles they would have a chance. That is scoffed at as flying is a high level ability. They look over....and see Illya flying in the sky. How is this possible?! Miyu declares flying impossible and almost has a meltdown. Luvia drags Miyu away, saying Miyu WILL learn to fly. Rin and Illya sorta just...stand there. The next day Illya has decided to train separately. She is great at flying because that is what magical girls do. Duh. She attempts to train with the Archer card but doesn't work. She and Ruby train normally as Miyu is tortured. Luvia has decided Miyu will learn how to being shoved out of a plane with no parachute. Sapphire is against this idea and Illya watches as Miyu crashes to the ground. Sapphire used magic to protect her but Miyu's pride in injured.
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Um I am here to kick your asses? Pay attention.
Illya offers to teach the girl how to fly. It turns out Illya is the worst teacher on the planet. Sapphire says it is not Illya's fault, that Miyu can't picture in her head what being a magical girl is all about. Eager to help Illya takes Miyu home to show her the vass information she has on magical girls: Anime. Miyu has a mental breakdown, listing why FLYING is impossible. Ruby is like Illya is the better magical girl because she is dumb. Miyu thanks Illya for her help and staggers home to read a math book. Illya and Ruby see this as an improvement. That night Rin and Luvia give Illya and Miyu a game plan. Illya is bait, Miyu will fire away. Off they go into the Mirror World again. Miyu is able to walk on mana in the air but not fly. Illya whooshes around, away from Castor as Miyu tries attacking. What happens? Miyu and Illya follow the plan but it turns out Castor can teleport. Miyu is nearly splatted but Illya saves her just in time. Rin is upset when Illya takes on a more offensive role but it stops Castor long enough for Miyu to do some serious damage. Rin and Luvia finish off Castor on the ground while Illya rejoices. Sapphire tells Miyu that she and Illya work well together. Miyu is still upset that she can't fly when SURPRISE Castor isn't dead. Miyu makes the mistake of charging, realizing she won't make it in time. Suddenly Illya fires a massive beam so Miyu can ride on it and destroy Castor for good. Rejoice again. Another Class Card has been captured as Illya goes to celebrate this magical girl moment. Rin and Luvia, the apparent Dragon Pokemon trainer, are nearly blown to bits. Um hello there Saber, how are you? THE END!
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I would use magic to make it rain at 3 am in the morning only. Yes indeed.
XO it has been raining nonstop today (the day this was typed up). Why I wrote that entire summary with only two interruptions! A miracle. Maybe I won't be bone tired today after it Disney time yet?
 photo illyaepisode413_zps90ed7662.jpg
Having a break down for not being the best after 3 days.....poor Miyu.
This show is going so fast. Probably because there is a time crunch in terms of collecting the cards. Two weeks Illya. That's all you get in terms of being a magical girl. You better get it out of your system now because Ruby and Sapphire will leave you soon. I guess that means Illya needs to get on the ball and make friends with Miyu fast. Bring some coffee for those long all nighters.
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We aren't supposed to be super toast yet!
I like how Rin and Luvia mentioned how this was out of the norm, the pacing of this episode. Like um the enemy shouldn't be this hard yet, what is going on? A little tongue and cheek humor. I myself thought the enemy was going to be hard and wouldn't get defeated until the next episode. Not until Illya and Miyu had some bonding time or training. Something anyway.
 photo illyaepisode45_zpsb92ef816.jpg
The face of a winner.
But yeah they got their asses kicked quite hard yes? 1 hour later and everyone is almost toast. know....because Illya and Miyu has had no training whatesoever? Like here is your magical talking stick, have at it. As annoying as the two girls are together Rin and Luvia seem to have collective knowledge about magic and strategies. It seems as if things should be harder than imagining an attack and have at it. Well later Rin and Luvia almost made my head explode with all that barrier and blah nonsense. Um okay. Castor was stronger and smarter than them. Got it.
 photo illyaepisode48_zpsa19a90a4.jpg
Poor sad Illya in the background.
I know that Illya and Miyu are technically the magical girls and Rin and Luvia are the mages but one would think the two older girls would help. They did at the end but DURING the battle? They both have powers, they just are superfied like Illya and Miyu. But I guess it is more fun to watch other people get their asses kicked. Oh and the Mage's Association is cheap! Why not give them better supplies? Rin keeps mentioning being on a budget. I know technically they are supposed to be using the want and don't need gems but still. Some back up would be nice. Pony up the cash association!
 photo illyaepisode49_zpsdbbf6f8d.jpg
It is all a dream!!!!
Illya can fly! Everyone was talking about how hard it is to fly and it is so advanced. But Illya is like what? Flying? Bitches please. I could fly before I was a magical girl. Why am I not surprised? Well according to Ruby we shouldn't be. Because Illya is the perfect magical girl: Dumb. YAY SAILOR MOON! It is all coming together now. Magical girls have plenty of room in their brains for magic since they can't add. They must get the magical spells imprinted in their minds. And here I thought all this time doopey girls made better magical girls since they have giant caring hearts!
 photo illyaepisode412_zps3f36770d.jpg
You are an awful mentor....
Despite Illya being able to fly she needs to work on actual magic. It's been three whole days, why can't this girl use magic properly yet?!?!?! I like how Rin wasn't there at all to help. No no, this magic just comes from imagination and strong will. And Ruby. Up in the sky Luvia is also practicing...on how to be an asshole. Like really? Throw you out of the nest and hope for the best? I mean if it is good enough for animal it is good enough for humans yes?! Me thinks Luvia wanted the wand back. Fly Miyu fly. Or fall...with magic saving your life.
 photo illyaepisode415_zps5627b4bd.jpg
This is Miyu's face of appreciation.
After Miyu doesn't die Illya seizes the chance to be helpful and friendly. Like look Miyu, we can make a good magical girl pair, I can contribute too! Although Illya is lucky Miyu didn't snap her neck with the first lesson outside. Make noises and do it. But Illya showing her the source material, anime shows, was clever. Good job Illya. Or you were the blight of the world for watching anime, I can't remember.
 photo illyaepisode414_zpsbe156592.jpg
Flying.....this is too much for my smart brain to handle!
Miyu needs to make friends with William Twining. Actually she might be more delusional than him. Talking wands, magic, supernatual cards that are trying to destroy the world? All of that is okay but flying isn't! REALLY?! REALLLLLLLY?! How does that make sense? At least William doesn't believe in any of his nonsense. You can apply science to magic but talking wands and spells out of nowhere? But flying is what you can't wrap your mind around? I see indeed!
 photo illyaepisode416_zps6cb51ac1.jpg
Make questionable fashion choices and you can be like us too.
With both girls not mastering anything new it is time to fight Castor again! Well okay. Illya can fly. Miyu will just attack while Illya acts like bait. Surely this will go better than last time. Surely. Just sit there on the ground and cheer us on Luvia the Dragon Pokemon Master and Rin. I do like that Miyu was able to use magic to get into the air though. Not everyone is good at everything. So if Miyu can't fly she will materialize mana to walk on. Magic=okay. Flying=insanity.
 photo illyaepisode417_zps0b2e2e4f.jpg
Follow the plan!
This anime seems to operate under the principal of you think you can do it and smile while doing have better results than someone who trains and studies. Of course Miyu has been a magical girl just as long.....maybe I don't know how to snarky explain it. Just that Miyu didn't deviate from the battle plan and Illya did. Because is a free spirit and can do what she wants!!! Win Illya win!!! Poor Miyu trying to calculate and such. Let me get you a useless computer like Sailor Mercury had so you can look more studios and underdog like.
 photo illyaepisode43_zps8fa8b03f.jpg
Ruby needs to do a bit more warning and a little less judging.
One would think there wouldn't be any question if the card was defeated or not. is a card. It should appear after all is said and done. So instead of giving us a false happy moment, Illya and Miyu could have had their WOOHOO moment, what a great team we make session, while Rin and Luvia could have had XO faces on, giving a warning at the last second. Oh these silly people.
 photo illyaepisode419_zps81e30b78.jpg
Hey it worked didn't it?!
Not that it matters. Because Illya is on a roll. She can fly, she can save people, and she has the maybe power of friendship backing her up. Like I have confidence now, I can do anything. Of course...she does take a lot of risks. Firing a huge blast like that in hopes that Miyu the non flyer could ride it....might have ended badly for her. But this is a fluffy show, where all risks either result in an OH ILLYA or enough time to correct them that no one dies. But perhaps Miyu needs more credit. She is the one who landed the (final) killing blow. Woohoo teamwork said the talking wand.
 photo illyaepisode4_zps64669301.jpg
Um aren't you a few episodes early?
Instead of another Castor isn't dead fake-out....surprise!! Luvia and Rin time to take a dirt nap! Apparently magic cards that can appear without reason can also move. Rules? What rules?! Saber wants to be known bitches. I guess all the troupes are being broken. Don't they know that the monster of the week should take their turns? Gosh how rude! I predict that Luvia and Rin will be pulled out of the Mirror World by a scared Illya and Miyu. Everyone will be oh shit, the last enemy is going to be hard....bring on the bonding and ice cream! Ruby and Sapphire sorta such at sensing danger don't they?

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