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Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi episode 6

Hello there my lovely readers! I have not fallen off the face of the planet. A three day funtastic trip to Disney put me behind on blogging. Then I returned and it was work and chores. Oh and my computer decided that it no longer wanted to download anime. It was super frustrating. It would get to 50 or 90 percent and then say OPPIES can't read source. Rage against the computer!
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So....she has to be covered up all the time because...
The husband has seemed to fix the problem for now...sorta anyway. And I spent a lot of time this weekend catching up on tons of episodes. Ready for lots of posts? WEEE almost caught up I think too. Up first is Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi episode 6. Spoilers for Ai's friendship love conquering all I suppose.
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Forget about how insane this is and look how cute I am!
Episode Summary: After a flashback is shown of the living people and how they will be killed Ai runs off to tell Ulla because she is alive and surely doesn't know about this. Only to Ai's shock Ulla is running the show. Kiriko takes off all her band aids and she looks over the crowd. Some kind of sparkly dust leaves her body and everyone seems to have a bloody heart attack and dies. Ai looks on in horror but everyone “wakes” up happy that they are dead. Ai makes a noise which causes Ulla to look her way. Yuri pulls her out of the way before she is squished. He explains that Mr. Lion Mask just informed him of Ulla's powers. Mr. Lion Mask explains this is what he meant by the dark side of the city. Mr. Lion Mask (who seriously has no name) says he went through this last year. Apparently when people migrate to this city people under 15 stay alive until they make the decision to die or leave. Mr. Lion Mask says it was his dream to make masks so...he stayed. He claims Ulla was born with this power and blah. Ai is upset but then decides Ulla doesn't KNOW she has been killing people. With no facts Ai is like Ulla is like me and everything is a lie. Yuri is like what the hell but Kiriko pops up and is like so you figured it out? Kiriko says it was his job to teach Ulla all these lies, from when she was a little girl. That everyone works hard here and Ai's village was doomed no matter what. Ai points out Ulla will eventually be the only alive person aging here and she will be so lonely. Kiriko says it's better than the horror reality. Ai says she is going to tell Ulla the truth and Kiriko asks AI if she is happy that she knows the truth.
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I guess in the zombie apocalypse of slowness you need to make friends fast...
Ai still goes to the castle with some of the Rex/Fox people to talk to Ulla. Ai calmly explains the insanity to Ulla. She takes it well and Kiriko shows up to grovel. Ulla (and some sparkly backgrounds) explains she THOUGHT something was up when she was bounded and tied and blindfolded. And that maybe people falling down with blood whooshing around them was a bit suspicious. But Ulla didn't ask since everyone was making a grand attempt to protect her. She claims to not be mad at Kiriko but is sad she can't touch or look at Ai. She asks Ai if what she (Ulla) is doing is wrong. Ai says she doesn't know which makes sense to Ulla as Ai is on an adventure to see what this world is all about. But Ulla is okay with her powers and being a caged Princess if she gets to be with Kiriko. Everyone declares themselves the best of friends and Kiriko hugs Ai is Ulla's place. Ai goes to leave but sees Yuri helping Scar walk which apparently is a bug deal. Scar still hears a voice and Kiriko apparently knows what is happening. Ulla and Kiriko take the living people to some place that houses a single baby. Ulla explains this is her twin sister. Apparently when the world went to shit their mom didn't react well to life on the road/run so she had a lot of anger in her heart. When she was dying giving birth to the twins her words were DIE HUMANS. Ulla took on that wish quite literally into her body while the sister rejected it and apparently froze her own time. Because that is what babies do. Scare takes the baby and POOF the spell is broken as she was calling out to Scar. Scar declares this her baby and Ulla asks her to take care of her sister. Ulla and Kiriko watch as the living leave the city as they are stuck there. THE END!
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There are rules when it comes to kill people. RULES!
….This show is insanity. That's all there is to it. I have no idea who thought this show up or what their messed up problems are but X___X. Also the pacing is so weird. But maybe that is how things roll in the manga....
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Recaps for all animes until the end of time!
More recaps!!! Always the recaps!!! To be fair it was a dramatic way to end an episode. And it was only a recap of the last few minutes of the previous episode. Still those are minutes that could be used on.. oh I don't know...THE END?! The end that was X___X and the most shocking part of the episode yet only got 5 seconds of screen time? Down with unnecessary recaps.
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Is the blood really there or is that for us to see?
Ulla killed all those people. Just poof poof. I like how it was almost violent but peaceful at the same time. How does that even work? Like was that for the audience's benefit? Like you can't see it but really Ulla is exploding their hearts. See, we will give the impression of blood. I mean...putting them all to sleep and drowning them would be painless too but this was way cooler.
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Wooohoo we are dead. Glad that's over!
I think I would have liked it better had some people looked worried. Or upset. Not MOG Madoka upset but still nervous. I mean maybe all the ones who were on the fence about this are still outside and everyone is like nope, I am doing this now. People in the real world are afraid of dying because of the unknown and leaving behind loved ones. Now you can “die” and still be here in the known. Which makes this a weird sort of zombie. Eventually people WILL break down but I guess not living in fear and embracing the insanity is what people want.
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So not dramatic at all. :(
I thought something more dramatic was going to happen to Ai. Like Ulla would catch her eye and Ai would be really hurt or get sick. It would be all sad and dramatic and the power of friendship would be tested. But no, Yuri saved her in time and Ai wasn't hurt. Woe is this super safe zombie Apocalypse. Plus that would have made Ulla feel bad and we can't have too many tragedies in this magical land right?
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This has nothing to do with anything and yet is sad at the same time.
What the hell was the point of Lion Mask dude? All that came from this man was explained later in the episode. All of it. We didn't need his shock factor because Ulla just showed it to Ai. And since he was never named nor did he join the living on their journey it doesn't seem that he mattered. His story was like everyone else's. He was alive, died, and is now here...stating what is now obvious. THE DARK SIDE!!!! I mean....there are statues of Ulla all over the entrance, her legend was told to Ai before she walked in the city, and there is a play about her for goodness sake. I am not sure about this dark side. More like the obvious side, that the living would have to die to stay here. I thought this deep dark secret was going to be awful and amazing and instead we got pointless. Thanks a lot Mr. Mask face.
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Ai is the best guesser ever. Which is amazing considering how sheltered she is.
For some reason Ai is right about everything with little to no facts to back it up. Hampnie is my dad. Ulla is alive. Ulla has no idea she has powers. Why God didn't abandon us...whatever Ai says it what happened. Because what Ai says is gold!!! I could Ulla NOT know what is going on? I don't have to be told what death is to understand it. Or I guess I wouldn't have a word for it but if everyone around me falls down at the sight of me or the sound of me or the touch of me and it DOESN'T happen with anyone else I would wonder. Wonder why no one else grew up or why everyone wears masks or why I can't really do anything. So Ai why are you jumping to this conclusion that Ulla doesn't know what is going on and she is her? Please you must be trippin.
 photo kamisamaepisode611_zpsdfe2a603.jpg
Just slightly noticed....
Or Kiriko can walk up and say everything is true. That Ai is right. That Ulla's brain is made of cheese and she couldn't be bothered to ask any of these questions. To question anything. ANYTHING! Yes I get that if Ulla grew up with this being normal, she might not know what is going on. But Ai assuming that is what was going on was OFF. A wild guess. And like for real. Even if everyone and their falling apart faces was wearing masks why does Ulla have to do everything else? Why not ask why she was the only one getting bigger and everyone else was staying the same? Like Ulla...Ulla....I get that you were all sparkly eyed and love Kiriko but....really?! Also why was the show trolling us? There was no reason for Ulla to be all tied up and what not when Kiriko met with her in private, before Ai left the inn. Making it seem worse than it is. I mean...Ulla should be known by the people since she is dead!
 photo kamisamaepisode612_zps17b468d4.jpg
Isn't that what everyone says?
I am not sure how long Kiriko was going to keep up this lie in regards to Ulla. He said Ai's village was doomed to fail but eventually Ulla was going to die herself or become so much older than everyone else the truth would be obvious. However Kiriko did make some passionate points from the heart. Even if they weren't based on logic. How devastated was Ai when she learned the truth? How would Ulla feel learning it was all a lie? Of course a bit of this was selfishness on Kiriko's part. He just didn't want Ulla to hate him if he was the one who told the truth. But then he wanted Ulla and Ai to be friends and was worried about what would happen to their friendship if Ai told Ulla the truth. Just....some of it was obvious and Kiriko was living a dream. A dream where he was raising and being in love with Ulla while never aging in the world of the dead.
 photo kamisamaepisode616_zps1fce3143.jpg
Half of obvious is still not very good.
Either way Ai was like um no it is my job as Ulla's best friend forever/5 minutes to tell her. Again with the 5 person combo showing up and acting important when really it was devastating to learn Ulla was not the witch and Ai wasn't going to cry bucket of tears knowing even more of her life was a lie. Seriously I was expecting that folks, that the mask was going to be taken off and Ulla was the witch and Kiriko was serving her out of fear while plotting his revenge. But NOOOO Ulla is some innocent girl who sits there quietly while Ai explains all of this. That Ulla's life is a giant lie too.
 photo kamisamaepisode614_zpsd22a18fe.jpg
Ulla was rather calm about this all, because deep down she thought something was up. REALLY?! REALLY?! You thought SOMETHING was up?! What was your first clue? Maybe I am being slightly harsh but what the hell folks! Perhaps Ulla has been so lied to it would be impossible for her to figure it out. But shouldn't she be asking why some people she can touch and others she can? That when she looks at people they fall on the ground and then get up? I mean...she knew of the Goddess of Murder. She knew of that story. It's not like they kept that a secret from her. So shouldn't she have started putting the pieces together in her own head?
 photo kamisamaepisode617_zpsd98c06e1.jpg
Well a sorta group hug anyway...
Turns out no. No she didn't folks. Because she liked being taken care of. Knowing the truth would have hurt too much. She rather let people take care of her and be around Kiriko for as long as possible. Even though there was glaring evidence that something was totally messed up. Which is why everything was so fine with her, why she wasn't losing her marbles all over the place. I do like that Ulla asked Ai if she was okay with all of this, her opinion on the matter. I don't like that Ai was flip flopping all over the place. Earlier she was like THIS IS WRONG. Maybe she isn't a flip flopper though. Maybe after hearing other people's point of views she realized it wasn't so black and white. That some people really do want a peaceful end and not to worry about things. Group hug! Group hug for these best friends of 5 minutes.
 photo kamisamaepisode618_zps99a8ff87.jpg
I feel as if this should have gotten more coverage!
Now the damn last 30 seconds of the episode were the most important of them all. And it all just got swept under the rug. Like what that's not important, it is more important to see Ulla “talking” in the sparkles. But yes Scar wasn't feeling well because Ulla has a twin sister that stopped her own time...FOR NO REASON. I mean let's put aside the fact that she MAGICALLY stopped her own time. But why the hell did she do it? And why the hell did Ulla take on the wish of her mother? Babies in the uterus don't seem to have a great understanding of what is going on around know...because they are fetuses inside someone else. So why would Ulla take on this wish? Die human?! If that was the mother's wish that should have killed the twins, not given one the power. But let's just say this god or whoever is in charge has an awful sense of human. Ulla has the power. How does that mean that the other twin can just freeze her time. I mean...this is a whole lot of magic to make fetuses aware that their mother is a hater and that it would best to stay in a cocoon and wait for someone to take care of them. Like what the hell, can I get an explanation please?!
 photo kamisamaepisode619_zpsa0a58cb1.jpg
I hope Aya finds out what all this magic wishing stuff is all about because really?!?!?!?
Oh and don't even get me started on the mother herself. I was like okay maybe she is the witch! Yes she is the one who did this to Rex and Diva and the others and made Kiriko and that is why everyone is taking care of Ulla. But NOOO she can't be the witch. No way at all. It seems that the mother was pregnant at the time of the great Sunday leaving of God and got super pissed. I mean...even Lori from the Walking Dead is a better mother than that. It wasn't that long into the nonzombie apocalypse and she got that upset? Shouldn't she be like kill all dead people and not humans? I don't see how people in this zombie apocalypse have to be nomads. Especially at the point in time when the twins were born. If zombies are still people and don't start to lose their reasoning right away there shouldn't be that much danger. Homegirl mom should have been happy she had kids as everyone else was out of luck. But NOOOO Mom wasn't the witch so there must be one out there. Or there is no witch at all and this show is just one long acid trip.
 photo kamisamaepisode6_zps41bed379.jpg
I don't even know what this nonsense is.
The episode ends with Scar magically freeing the baby from it's cocoon. Can someone please explain to me these gravekeepers having no emotions because apparently the baby picked Scar to be its mom based on something. And Scar is like oh this is my daughter I shall raise her. Like what the hell, where are these emotions coming from? Yuri and Ai pack up the van and leave her best friends forever as Ulla is a caged bird and Kiriko is her liar friend that is protecting her from the obvious truth. Maybe one day after Ai dies she can come back and be with them but for now it is time to go and find out more about this world that Ai knows nothing about. And on the horizon...a boy who is on an adventure just like Ai. He must have super sonic hearing or something. Or maybe the “ghost” that is following him told him so. Ghost? In the zombie apocalypse. Good lord this show. Either way time to forget about these friends and focus on a new friend for at least 3 episodes. YAY MAGIC BABIES!!!


Anonymous said...

If you read our replies in the previous eps you should understand........

Christina said...

Anonymous- I know, I have been a huge slacker on comments lately. But I don't think any of the previous episodes would answer my main question about....Ulla being special and not knowing who she was. Or how the most important moment came 30 seconds before the show ended. Or how Mr. Lion Mask was talking about the cruel secret to the city when it was clearly the statues coming in. City of the dead indeed.