Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Off to work we go!

Hello there my lovely readers. Recently I had more problems with going over my bandwidth. Hopefully by making Duffy his own account will help that from happening again. I hope anyway. Making new email accounts are hard. XD All the names are taken and you can't have the "classic" format anymore which confuses me...but yes woohoo for a new account.
 photo Duffygoestowork004_zpscee0ba1f.jpg
Mom says I can come with her to work today. But why am I all dressed up to deliver pizza? I hope my new clothes don't get dirty.
Recently I got a new job which means it was time to take Duffy around and show him the ropes. Or take him everyday as my new job is so much cleaner and I can take my giant bags to work now. But yes here is Duffy in his new professional wear. XD Doesn't he look smart?
 photo Duffygoestowork001_zpsdeaf5375.jpg
Um....this is not pizza? What is this?
 photo Duffygoestowork002_zpse91956c6.jpg
Well....I guess mom no longer works at the pizza place. X___X She works at a dry cleaning place. XO No wonder I am wearing my nice clothes, no flour here.
 photo Duffygoestowork003_zps122562c1.jpg
Weeeee no more pizza. It is a place full of clothes and baskets and tickets. So very different yes? Weeeeee no more delivering pizza, push me around in the cart!
 photo Duffygoestowork005_zps5106b62d.jpg
Dry cleaning doesn't mean throw everything in the same bin and have at it. No no, you got to check pockets and sort them out.
 photo Duffygoestowork006_zps1ed842ce.jpg
HEY! I'm not dirty!
 photo Duffygoestowork007_zps34218ef9.jpg
Time to fill out the clothing ticket.
 photo Duffygoestowork008_zpsd8ac7159.jpg
Um......this looks way more formal than the pizza place....
 photo Duffygoestowork009_zpsa7f1b6b4.jpg
XO What is this? All these buttons? The pizza place was...just a register. This has way too many buttons, lets leave this to mom.
 photo Duffygoestowork010_zps55c49a2b.jpg
Mom's boss told her to not ride this. As in a worker before had ridden this rack of clothes. PSHT who would do that?
 photo Duffygoestowork011_zps44e7fd95.jpg
This bag is full, where would you like it?
 photo Duffygoestowork012_zps62f50c19.jpg
Get in the cart!
 photo Duffygoestowork013_zps7c2a4665.jpg
HMMMM where are all the customers? We need something to do.
 photo Duffygoestowork015_zpsa840f48f.jpg
A pick up order for Duffy the Disney Bear!
 photo Duffygoestowork016_zpsbffff352.jpg
Don't mind me, I am just hanging around.
 photo Duffygoestowork017_zps7630be0b.jpg
Finally something to do. Checking in clothes now. XD
 photo Duffygoestowork018_zps3e241928.jpg
Um now we have too much to do....
 photo Duffygoestowork019_zps102a04f4.jpg
Do you think we will need all of these?
 photo Duffygoestowork020_zpsd36370ac.jpg
After a hard day's work I come home to a package. Build a Bear? What did mom buy me!
 photo Duffygoestowork021_zps77a031a8.jpg
Hurry and open it mom!
 photo Duffygoestowork022_zpsd2614bf0.jpg
What....what is this?! More clothes for Shellie May? SHE IS STILL IN JAPAN!
 photo Duffygoestowork023_zpsf841371d.jpg
Never going to work again. :(

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