Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Kiniro Mosaic episode 2

Hello there my lovely readers! Yesterday we had so much scary rain. Most of it took place when I was driving to work. A lot of rain. A LOT. Lets just say the words hydroplane, fast, furious, and 180 turn describe my drive to work. I am all okay now but yesterday I was super bugged out and could only manage one anime post. X_____X Stupid rain. Stupid car. Sunshine state my ass!
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Is this a trick question?
All recovered and full of Steak and Shake, time for some more anime posts weee! Up now is Kiniro Mosaic episode 2. Spoilers for Alice loving everything!
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The explanation of moe....
Episode Summary: Shinobu and Alice wake up early in the morning and smile at each other....then nearly pass out as they must have spent all night talking. Alice explains that she has spent the past few weeks in Japan and it has been magical. Alice still gets excited about every little thing and describes Shinobu as the perfect picture of a Japanese woman. Shinobu has a sister named Isami who is a model and looks nothing like Shinobu. After breakfast and cuteness it is time for school. Alice is still shy around strangers and doesn't like the neighborhood dog. Youko has gone on to school as she was the on duty person but Aya has waited for the girls. Alice explains Aya is smart and reliable but a bit...special. She forgot to wear tights today.#end of the world. They get to class and Alice describes Youko as fun and outgoing. Alice seems to be getting along great in class. She seems to want to be like Shinobu but gets a little jealous that Alice really likes their homeroom teacher/English Teacher Ms. Sakura. Alice goes out of her way to either get Alice's attention or Ms. Sakura's attention. Either way Alice gets stuck teaching the rest of the class which is amazing. REAL ENGLISH! All 4 girls go out on Sunday where Aya gives Youko a hard time for being late but worries over Alice and Shinobu. When the two girls arrive Aya and Youko are like X___X at Youko's outfit. She looks like she is cosplaying a maid but she claims to be a foreigner. Despite Aya and Youko thinking this is weird the girls have a great day eating treats, going to arcades, and helping people lost on the mean streets of Japan. Later the topic of Alice's beautiful blond hair comes up. Shinobu would like to dye her hair blond one day after graduation. Aya and Youko try to point out that idea is a very bad one in a super nice way. Alice is like um no that would be awful. Aya and Youko are shocked by the honesty but then facepalm when Alice says Shinobu's getup the other day was great.
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Um that is you hommie!
What else what else? Oh Alice was confused about nicknames as she is not a native Japanese speaker. She gets super excited when she can call Shinobu Shino and runs to tell Ms. Sakura the great news. The class then gets the “Future Forms” in which everyone has to think about what they want to do with their lives. Alice becomes concerned as she has never thought about it before. Ms. Sakura is vague with her answer while Shinobu thinks this is a personality test. Youko teases Aya as she probably put down something silly like being a bride. Aya did write that but then it gets weird with Aya thinking Youko is the groom. Shinobu wants to be a translator for foreigners. She proves she can't do any of that when Alice acts like a foreigner. Which she is but you know what I mean. Later Aya, Youko, and Shinobu see Alice looking out at the sky and assume she is missing England and being all sad. The girls then decide to do everything possible to help Alice out...which makes Alice feel a little weary. When it is her turn on duty the girls sorta go crazy with the helping but Alice still escapes from the girls to turn in the folder to Ms. Sakura. Ms. Sakura says that is is good that Alice has made so many friends which makes Alice wonder if they are her friends or if they feel bad for her. So Alice runs in to ask the Shinobu about her feelings. It makes Shinobu think that this is a confession and turns her down gently, saying they are just friends. Aya and Youko say they are friends too and all seems rabbits...or cats. Whatever the pet for the room will be. Oh and somewhere in between all of that the girls talk about being short or having no boobies. THE END!
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Yeah! Act serious!
HMMMMM. This show might be hard to blog. Reminds me of A-Channel a lot. Which I guess makes sense. Cute girls doing cute things with some resemblance of a plot? I mean all of the scenes in this show could chronological go in order. But they also could be taken out and place in another episode you know? The scenes are almost....self standing. A few moments went together into other moments but I can see this just being snippets of fun. Which is fine. Because if a “complicated plot” needs recaps at every turn and an entire recap episode.....bring on the fluffy and slice of life. Super slice of life it seems.
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Too much fun!!!!
First things first....welcome to Japan!!!! Alice is so cute and excited. Maybe I think she is so cute because I lost my mind when I went to Japan. Everything was so interesting and new. Like everything is the best thing ever even if we had similar products or customs back at home. So I don't think Alice was being over the top. Just super excited. Perhaps Alice should have been missing home a bit, especially the breakfast part. Traditional Japanese breakfast hurts my soul. Also Alice, you aren't surrounded by foreigners...you are one!
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Womanly virtue.....
I like how in her excitement Alice took the time to describe everyone. Like it felt slightly more natural than randomly going down the list even though people should know each other as they were friends for years. Alice has a reason to describe these people. I am not sure how much of a role the sister will play in the series. “Model” indeed. I like that Aya is pretty...well rounded I guess I should say. She is the smart one, the flaky one, the maybe...lesbian one, and the serious one. I like people being well rounded and not one dimensional. Youko....she seems like the one who will always have a wise crack to say. The commenter. I likes it. I do think it's funny Alice describes Shinobu as the proper Japanese lady. I always picture those types as middle aged ladies while young girls are mainly into pop, not the old ways.
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The horror!!!!!
Once the characters were “introduced” it was time for the random fun to begin. Alice has been in Japan long enough to get things down pat but still new enough to be confused on how some things work. Which is good. Unlike how Alice learned to speak Japanese at the speed of fast. I did think that more people should have been flocking to Alice. To think that she is interesting. I don't think two weeks is enough time for the “regular” students to get bored. I didn't even see any being friendly with Alice. I know the other students aren't the main characters but still.....show some love to the overseas student!
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What is Alice thinking?
On to the funny parts! Alice and the English lessons. I had a hard time understanding if Alice was jealous that Shinobu liked Ms. Sakura or if Alice liked Ms. Sakura and saw Shinobu as a rival. At times it seemed like both. Either way of course Alice was going to be helping the class and people were going to be impressed. I don't blame Alice for being nervous. I did think it was special that Alice and Youko thought Super Real English was so neat.
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Your woman of virtue!
I did like that Alice had no idea what Shino meant. Because Alice has learned proper Japanese. Or it seems. Like if someone were to learn English they wouldn't know Yo, Lol, and other nonsense. Or if someone were to call me Tina someone might get confused as my name is Christina. So in Japanese where the meaning of names....actually mean something I can see Alice getting confused and then wanting to fit in and use nicknames too. Not sure why she had to tell Ms. Sakura though....
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XO TOO SHORT! The end of the world.
I think one of the reasons I like this style of anime so much is they, the characters, have....normal looking boobies. Especially for flat chested Japan. Seriously why haven't the woman revolted? That all being said girls will be girls and girls can't have positive body images or the Earth would explode. That would be silly. In the land of the shorties Alice is even shorter. I like how the girls tried to make Alice feel better but realized it was doomed. Of course...then there was slight boobie talk. Among girls though. Which is better in my mind, even if most girls want bigger boobies to attract guys and blah blah. At least the girls look proportional, even the ones who “have” boobies.
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And then the world became a dark place.
I love slice of life shows, on the days when the kids have the day off from school. Time to go out and have fun. Plus it is time out of uniforms and you can see more of their personality. Shinobu.....hm.......I am not sure what she was trying to be dressed as. I mean the girl lives in Japan and probably has limited knowledge on how the rest of the world dresses. Like if you watched American TV shows based on high school you think all of our kids looked 25 and were constantly wearing tank tops. So Shinobu....was confused. Maybe that is what the girls in London were wearing 150 years ago. But now it's a maid cosplay outfit and your friends are embarrassed. But have fun not winning plushies, helping foreigners who are lost, and drinking expensive cafe drinks.
 photo mosaicepisode212_zpse0105f81.jpg
Because you don't have blue hair.....
Shinobu and blond hair......hmmmmmm. We all know in animes blond hair is odd. Even in a show with people who have pink hair and blue hair and what not. Because those hair colors are not really there. Everyone actually has black hair and these weird hair colors are actually just to help us understand who people are better. That is why everyone is GASP with blond hair, as it is people who have really dyed their hair. Since I live in the land of the bleach blonds I don't really think Shinobu looked that odd. But friends are supposed to help other friends out when they are making bad fashion choices so...you go girls!
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Why would you do this to the poor aliens?!
I think it was early in the series to have the “what will you be when you grow up” episode. But this wasn't the serious one anyway. They give you this paper every year in Japanese high school yes? So the 1st year it plants seeds into your mind, the 2nd year you think what college you might want to go in the future, and in year 3 well it is time to hunker down. Seriousness is Japan. Aya wants to be Youko's bride AWWW! Alice should have looked a little freaked out as in other countries we don't really have to focus on that until later. We are more of a change your mind and try out a lot of things kind of college. Shinobu....should maybe change her mind. Just maybe.
 photo mosaicepisode214_zps01e0923f.jpg
For real breakfast! And second breakfast!
What else what else....Oh Alice thought the girls were not...treating her as a friend? Like someone who needed help and to be pitted. Alice wants to be equals and the girls just wanted to help out. And of course more misunderstandings had to happen. Alice confessing? The girls going out of their way to make Alice unhomesick? And is the class going to get a pet? HMMMM! This episode was sorta all over the place but Alice likes her new friends and it doesn't look like she is going home anytime soon. Is homegirl staying her entire high school career?! Guess I will find out! XD


Anonymous said...

Hello @Christina

I'm reading your blog on this episode and I'm having a little trouble understanding your thoughts. If you could clarify them more, that would be great! :)

Here we go:

1). What did you mean by, "...show might hard to blog"? Is it because of the similarity to A-Channel? Too cute? Too slice of life?

2). You mentioned that traditional Japanese breakfast hurts your soul. Is it that hard to eat? How is it? Did you have the hotel version while you were Japan?

3). You don't seem to like the concept of "womanly virtue". Out of curiosity, could you explain what you don't like about "womanly virtue"? What are your thoughts on "womanly virtue"?

4). By "woman revolted", are you talking about self image? I don't understand.

5). What "complicated plot" and "recap" are you referring to? Are you talking about the show with the giants? Or something else completely?

Thanks for explaining. Just trying to understand what you mean.

That's all

Eternia said...

Does Alice love Shino and she's jealous of sensei, or she loves sensei and jealous of Shino?
I don't see how could you have this sort of confusion. I guess it must be because you are watching low quality translation off anime streaming website.
I have told you to torrent your anime since long ago. Shino said that the homeroom sensei is her favorite and that's what makes Alice jealous. She said that the sensei's English is not good enough because she wanted to show Shino that she's better than sensei. She's reporting to sensei that she's calling Shinobu by nickname because she wanted to brag that she's closer to her. I hope that clarified things.

I realize this show is a slice of life whose plot is not going anywhere, but I still like it very much out of all currently airing anime. The girls are cute and their friendship is beautiful. I guess this is what people would call 'healing' anime? I am really busy with work and life pressure recently so that it's hard to be happy, but watching this anime makes me happy for their beautiful relationship.

@anonymous: christina was definitely referring Attack on Titan. That show is really an insult to my intelligence. In episode 14, the first minute is totally a replay from episode 13 last minute. A king of recap indeed! What the hell? The anime maker thinks I have forgotten what I saw two weeks ago? Blasphemy! Even goldfish doesn't have such a short memory!

Christina said...

Anonymous- XD Bullet points, I like it.

1. I like slice of life but sometimes you can tell they come from the panel type mangas. Where the entire episode is pieces of fun moments sliced together. That one scene doesn't necessarily build or need the previous scene to be understood. Just a lot going on, pieces of everything.

2. When we were in Japan we bought stuff from the Lawson or 7/11 type shops. The chocolate bread rolls and whatever the husband ate. I think they had custard in them. Here at home I usually eat cereal. Sometimes eggs and waffles. XD Since I hate fish seeing those tiny little bowls of...well lots of stuff just looks odd to me. But it is probably a lot healthier than 99 percent of American breakfast.

3. It's not that I don't like the concept of womanly virtue. I just don't see how it applies to Shinobu. Of course now a few episodes in and I can see Alice is obsessed with Shinobu and is clouded by that.

4. The woman of Japan revolting against how most animes seem to have woman with these giant, impossible boobies. Self image problems indeed.

5. Yes the Titan show. At the beginning of each episode there is at least a 90 second recap of most of the series. And if that wasn't bad enough we had an entire recap episode, most of it pertaining to stuff from the week before. As you can tell me and Eternia are not pleased. XD

Eternia- I DO download my anime now, even if it takes forever. I do see now though that Alice has...a special relationship with Shinobu. That if Shinobu said she loved cats Alice would probably send all the cats of the world to the moon out of jealously. XD

I think every once and a while a feel good show is necessary. While it might not be realistic neither is blasting alien squidwhales or massive Titans. Cute girls doing cute things has to bring a smile to your face yes?

It's like Attack on (by) Titans is trying to outdo the manga by taking so long to get to the point! I mean we don't need 483943 filler episodes like Bleach but dear lord. Add some more anime only info instead of all this recap crap.