Friday, July 5, 2013

Suiseu no Gargantia episode 13 FINAL EPISODE!

Hello there my lovely readers!! I think when I was out of work for three weeks I left my house...three times. Now that I have been employed for two weeks now (WOOHOO!) I have been all over the place! Zoo trip, 3 movie dates, 3 dinner/lunch get togethers, and an all day St. Augustine 4th of July celebration. My has suffered so. SO LONELY! If anything I told my husband I didn't want to go anywhere on Sunday. Hopefully that can be a day of much catching up.
 photo gargantiaepisode133_zpsd26de197.jpg
Understatement of the year.
Not that I will have much to catch up on. Animes are ending left and right! Take this one for example. Suisei no Gargantia. Episode 13. All finished for....well....fluff.
 photo gargantiaepisode139_zps62052b96.jpg
This is Pinion learning his lesson....
Episode Summary: After Ledo relives Kugel's head falling into his lap he turns his eye on Striker, the unit. Since Ledo is having problems understanding Chamber explains that they were talking to Striker the whole time. Striker then explains that it was operating under Kugel's actions to better the humans on Earth, implying that Kugel had been around long enough to start the cult and Striker to have enough info to carry on. Ledo gets upset and Chamber disagrees with Striker's reasoning. Striker has turned the people into zombies. Since these units exist to help humans and not rule them as Striker has done. Chamber deems this all crazy and Striker is the enemy. Strike once more asks Ledo to follow it and pit away the notion of making decisions for himself. Ledo is like EFF that and the fight goes on. Ledo realizes the Alliance was wrong and this civilization will be harmed if Striker continues. On the ground the battle continues with Pinion firing and Rackage leading her troops. Flange is sensing defeat soon but presses on, trying to rescue the nonfighters. Pinion's super weapon needs charging and Pinions deems everyone worthless, sending them away to guard his treasure. Everyone knows that Pinion is staying behind to protect them so they leave in tears. Pinion tries to act like a bad ass, saying that no one is going to touch his treasure. In the sky the battle between Ledo and Striker continues. Chamber notes that Striker is way more agile. Ledo proposes doing some sort of neuro link. Chamber says no as Ledo will probably not survive. Ledo explains that he and Chamber should die to get rid of Striker and protect this world. Chamber agrees and they link up.....just as Amy flies up. It is shown Ridget used her Commander key to unlock some secret weapon. It has a powerful lazer beam and Amy is shown being the beacon to guide the missiles. Ledo is shocked at this new development as is Pinion and Flange.
 photo gargantiaepisode137_zps8a183a00.jpg
THE TREASURE! Because then none of this would have been worth it!
As Ridget keeps on firing the Cult People realize they are super losing. They try to take over Pinion's portion of the ship. He was planning on blowing up the entire tower with him inside but Rackage insists on saving his ass. With Gargantia firing away Striker decides to fight them instead of Ledo. Ledo and his neuro linked self goes after Striker but it becomes clear even with this extra power it won't be enough. Ledo decides he is going to do before this is done. He accepts this fate but still cries as he wishes he could have seen Amy one more time. Chamber notes the tears and decides to strip Ledo of duty. Ledo is launched off the suit as Chamber explains it is his duty to make sure Ledo reaches his potential. Chamber no longer has to watch over Ledo as he has grown so much. Striker says Chamber is the broken one as Chamber is like go to hell. Chamber self destructs taking out Striker and himself. Ledo cries but the battle is now over. A short time later everyone and I mean EVERYONE is happy. Pinion is in the middle of a love triangle, Ridget allows Flange back into the fleet while also accepting Rackage's people and the CultRUs. Chamber is at the bottom of the damn ocean with Hideauze babies on his surface. Ledo has become a Hideauze whisperer as he searches the bottom of the ocean for HELPFUL treasure. He greets Amy warmly after a long days worth of work and they are happy with their matching flying squirrels. THE END!
 photo gargantiaepisode1311_zpse7080278.jpg
Don't worry, Ledo gets better.
OFFICIAL! The sugar. All of my teeth have rotted out with this batch of animes. Be prepared to read this exact same paragraph again. XD
 photo gargantiaepisode132_zps799dbf9b.jpg
Take a moment Ledo. And by a moment I mean 5 seconds while I talk to Striker.
So.... how about that dead Kugel? Ledo has been going through a lot lately. Maybe he didn't feel as if he had the time to spend going NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO when he found out that Kugel was dead. That or Ledo has been broken into tiny little pieces and this is all par for the course now. Like haha bring it on bitches how can it get any worse?!?!? Hopefully Ledo's soldier mentality is holding hims together and later he can cry about all this insanity after the fact.
 photo gargantiaepisode135_zpsd71d8265.jpg
Yo momma!
Was I understanding right? Kugel did make it to Earth? Just a lot sooner than Ledo did obviously. Because Striker wasn't right out saying how it happened. But that is what I am understanding. That Kugel ruled these people long enough for Striker to get what was to be expected. That would explain the high level of crazy that was happening on ShipRInsane. No way Kugel landed yesterday like Ledo did and people accepted this shit.
 photo gargantiaepisode136_zps33faf8e6.jpg
Translation: It is hard to follow the order of the human inside you if said human is dead.
Yet when Chamber was talking there were doubts in my mind. He said that Striker misunderstood what Kugel wanted. That Kugel was D.O.A on arrival and Striker went through with how the Alliance was set up. Of course Kugel could have had a less insane way of leading and Strike took it upon itself to redefine the rules. Chamber seems to be putting a lot of the blame on Striker when I think it was Kugel and Striker just continued long (LONG?!) after he was gone.
 photo gargantiaepisode134_zps08aacceb.jpg
Are you a god?!
I guess in the end it doesn't matter. Striker was acting like a god. Chamber said time and again he was to support humans. Without a human riding around in Striker I guess Chamber assumed that Striker should shut down. Or assist the humans on the Cult Ship. Not lead them. So it was battle time. While the robots were talking and very intelligently I might add it really did boil down to them arguing about which of them was breaking the rules most. No you suck. NO YOU BIG MEANIE!!!!!!!! It was kinda amusing. But this is not a time for jokes! It is time for Ledo to take a stand for the first time in his life. No more sheepie for Ledo!
 photo gargantiaepisode138_zpsad1cdbd2.jpg
This is Pionion's caring face. Don't blink folks.
While this fight in the sky is going on there is plenty of drama still below with the ships. Pinion. Pinion....what can I say about this world class turd? It is too late for me to accept any redemption. He was helping out with his firing o the lazer beams. And I guess it can be said he was trying to protect his people. By insulting them. Because that is how manly men do it. They can't just say how much of an honor it was serving with these brave people but an asshole goes down with his treasure. Look at all the tears!
 photo gargantiaepisode1314_zps54074bd0.jpg
Can't you just date Bellows instead? RARW!
For the record Pinion does not die. I was thinking with how things were going there was only going to be minor casualties and that Pinion would be one of them. He did cause a great deal of this mess and I don't think he really has learned his lesson. Without the others in his ear I think he could have skipped around a lot longer with the Cult people with his treasure. But Rackage is like um I would like a love triangle with Pinion and Bellows later and had to save his ass. Curses!!!!!!
 photo gargantiaepisode1310_zps2c05df11.jpg
Suicide? Sign Ledo up!
When it became obvious that Chamber was outgunned/maneuvered by Striker I didn't think it would end well for Ledo. Like hmmm how can they make Chamber evenly matched with Strike. I didn't think it was going to be a neuro link even if I am used to shows with that concept. I thought Chamber was going to cut down vital systems that would end up hurting Ledo but not this. Of course it wasn't any better. This seems to be a last resort type of move. But like all Last Resort moves in Pokemon it causes damage to the user. Like well you are probably going to die anyway so you might as well use this and take out a few more Hideauze while you can. Doubt it gets used that much. And while this show is mainly about Ledo learning how to become human it is clear Chamber is learning that lesson too. He is there to help his pilot grow and take orders from him. Yet Chamber hesitated.
 photo gargantiaepisode1312_zpse75712f1.jpg
Oh snap! Amy is here?! Time to die!
I didn't think that Gargantia was going to help THAT much. I really thought when Amy appeared in the air with her beacon self that she was going to cause Ledo's death. In face I still think that should have happened. Amy was the one directing the amazing Ridget missiles (HAHAH FLANGE YOU SUCK!). Instead of attacking Gargantia Striker could have just attacked Amy. Maybe Striker couldn't finder her in the sky and was just focused on where the missiles were coming from. But yeah I thought that was game over for Amy and Ledo was going to dramatically save her life at the cost of his.
 photo gargantiaepisode1315_zps3f91846d.jpg
I think Ledo and Gareki need to be pen pals. was Chamber!!! Gargantia was trying its best to support Ledo and Striker was on its way to blow up the ships. Ledo was already at his limits with the neuro link. I was expecting Chamber and Ledo to blow up WITH Striker. I was prepared for the boy to die a hero and his stories to be told. The man who came from the sky taught us so much. But Ledo was overcome by those emotions I explained earlier. I'M FEELING!!!! He was prepared to die to protect these people that became like family but it still hurt. Crying and thinking of Amy. Poor Ledo.
 photo gargantiaepisode1317_zps2aa30dfc.jpg
So Chamber is like okay I am the Terminator. Well via movie two. He learns. He learns how to be human. So he found a way to follow his programing and not be like the lame Striker and save Ledo AND everyone. Like Ledo you are unable to continue so WHOOSH you go. I mean Ledo knew what he was doing and Chamber the now human robot knew what he was doing. Go on little grasshopper. I am here to support you and my time is done. Be free. I be back. Well not really. He did tell Striker to go to hell. Funny how Ledo, someone who was barely human himself, was able to teach Chamber how to be human. It was...actually touching. We saw Chamber so much it was sad when he blew up, we felt Ledo's sadness.
 photo gargantiaepisode1318_zpsb5c07dc5.jpg
Make medicine, not war.
And then TADA the show got wrapped up in 2 minutes. No really it did. After Chamber died for Ledo everything was wrapped up in a fluffy bow full of wonder and everyone getting along. Seriously. Flange and Pinion were welcome back with open arms. Like no punishment or anything. And why not? Because Rackage is apart of the crew. Part of the ship part of the crew. Oh and the crazy cult people? The ones who were not blown up were welcome with smiles and rainbows. Free unicorns for everyone. I understand that everyone needs to work together to make this world a better place. Especially when a lot of their resources were just lost in this petty war. But this was a little unbelievable. I think that there needed to be more time making sure everything was on the up and up. Start with some trading and maybe let them on the ships...later. Not now.
 photo gargantiaepisode13_zps17c8ba54.jpg
Let's go start our flying squirrel farm now.
Bloodbath? Nope. But would I call this a trolling? No. I think this show delivered what it said it would in the synopsis. The happy every day life of Earth. With his new pet squirrel and hot squeeze by his side Ledo has turned into the Hideauze whisperer and dives to the floor of the ocean. No longer a soldier but an explorer, learning and see new things. Making a life for himself on this new planet. Things did end a bit sugary for me delivered what the show promised. Only I wish Chamber lived instead of Pinion. :(


Eternia said...

Were you jumping up from your chair and scream "Noooooo, Chamber!!"
I gave this anime a final score of 7/10. While the final battles are exciting, the plot is too unbelievable at times. Didn't that tower size rocket launcher cause mass destruction? A lot of people must have been killed in the process. But they get along in the end. Not going crazy over "Bastard!! You god killed our god!!". But the again, there is no more time left. This anime, with it's setting, could be easily made into more episode...

Anonymous said...

Chamber: "My reply to your conclusion: Go to hell, Tin Can"

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Hahaha, that was epic speech of Chamber. Totally the influence of Pion.
But, really, like you Tenchi, I truly wish Chamber instead of Pion could live......

Christina said...

Eternia- I was like don't go Terminator 2! We were just getting to know you and teach you our ways! Use Pinion as a meat shield. I admit I was a little teary eyed.

I think if the ending would have been a bit more believable the score should be higher. Like everything ended with cupcakes and rainbows when really there were losses on all sides and tons of mistrust. This was just....too easy to swallow.

Anonymous- Pinion not dying was awful. :( I mean with all the damn explosions and ka-booms I thought we get one major character death. Well we did but it was the robot. :( Stupid Pinion gets to live after all that crap? UNFAIR!